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Delaney Athletic Conference Championships HS

Friday, November 02, 2007

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Meet Host - This Meet Currently Has No Host Listed
Location - Great Meadow Park, The Plains, VA - Map
Mens Races

Great Meadow Course

5,000 Meters Varsity
Womens Races

Great Meadow Course

5,000 Meters Varsity
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

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1.-Raleigh Hazel17:10Fredericksburg Academy
2.-Ian McCool17:59Wakefield Country Day
3.-Brian Hong18:12Fredericksburg Academy
4.-Nicholas Ducharme-...18:31Fredericksburg Academy
5.-Jonathan Lewis18:34Fredericksburg Academy
6.10Kristopher Spicer18:55Quantico
7.-Patrick Reece18:59Highland
8.-Mike Detrane19:00Fredericksburg Academy
9.-Cheyne Vap19:06Quantico
10.-Brenton Lewis19:37Wakefield School
11.-Nate Harry19:45Fredericksburg Academy
12.-John Patton19:47Wakefield School
13.-J. Helmut20:00Randolph-Macon Academy
14.-Logan Martinez20:03Quantico
15.-Griffin Hamilton20:10Fredericksburg Academy
16.-Evan Sullivan20:11Fredericksburg Academy
17.-William Hamilton20:13Fredericksburg Academy
18.-Matthew Adams20:17Quantico
19.-Devin Holladay20:19Fredericksburg Academy
20.-Trent Butterworth20:25Fredericksburg Academy
21.-Sean Goggin20:26Highland
22.-Ross Ozburn20:34Wakefield School
23.-TJ Flanagan20:39Quantico
24.10Joseph Bianca20:41Quantico
25.-Trevor Tafolla20:49Quantico
26.-D Han20:54Randolph-Macon Academy
27.-Thomas Hughes20:57Fredericksburg Academy
28.-Tony Klazer21:05Shanandoah Valley Ch...
29.-S. Richert21:10Randolph-Macon Academy
30.-Ian Martin21:39Wakefield School
31.-Alex Hernandez21:45Wakefield Country Day
32.-Gabriel Ixtlahuac21:46Quantico
33.-Patrick Flanagan21:47Quantico
34.-David Moore21:55Wakefield School
35.-Dustin Millam21:58Wakefield Country Day
36.-Eric Wilson21:59Wakefield School
37.-Jamie Pezza22:00Highland
38.-Ben Lebeau22:10Wakefield Country Day
39.-Nathan Rinard22:25Shanandoah Valley Ch...
40.-Jordan Boland22:31Wakefield School
41.-Ian Kowalski22:32Fredericksburg Academy
42.-Patrick Beer22:33Highland
43.-Emmet Pieper22:45Shanandoah Valley Ch...
44.-Ian Patrick22:56Highland
45.-S. Cho23:06Randolph-Macon Academy
46.-Kyong Jae Park23:07Randolph-Macon Academy
47.-Landon Sachs23:20Fredericksburg Academy
49.-Andrew Penrose23:22Quantico
48.-Seth Massarsky23:29Randolph-Macon Academy
50.-Ted Bajer23:35Randolph-Macon Academy
51.-Alex McElroy23:50Quantico
52.-Alex Floyd24:15Wakefield School
53.-E. Dean24:23Randolph-Macon Academy
54.-Connor Rosa24:26Quantico
55.-Alex Lamb24:31Wakefield School
56.-Brendan Billy25:15Fredericksburg Academy
57.12Jon Henry25:21Highland
58.-Sebastian Wicker25:27Fredericksburg Academy
59.-Ian Fontaine25:41Wakefield School
60.-Nick McElroy25:48Quantico
61.-Fan Mo26:48Randolph-Macon Academy
62.-Reed Carden26:55Randolph-Macon Academy
63.-Ryan Grosskopf27:15Randolph-Macon Academy
64.-Scott Campbell27:50Wakefield Country Day
65.-Robbie Berriz27:54Highland
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