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Mens Races

Boonsboro High School Cross Country Course

3 Mile Small School Varsity10:30 AM
3 Mile Small School JV11:30 AM
3 Mile Large School Varsity1:45 PM
3 Mile Large School JV2:45 PM
Womens Races

Boonsboro High School Cross Country Course

3 Mile Small School Varsity10:00 AM
3 Mile Small School JV11:00 AM
3 Mile Large School Varsity1:15 PM
3 Mile Large School JV2:15 PM
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36th Annual Frank Keyser Invitational

Saturday September 28th  


Boonsboro High School is proud to host the oldest running cross-country invitational in the quad state area.  The 36th annual Frank Keyser Invitational will be held on Saturday, September 28th, 2013. Divisions will be determined based on school enrollment numbers.


TEAMS:                     First 40 teams to respond              


COURSE:                 3.0 mostly grass and flat.


AWARDS:                 Trophies –1st and 2nd place Teams and Individuals

                                    Medals –  3rd through 15th place

                                    Medals for Varsity runners (7) on Champion’s Team

                                    Medals—Top 15 in each JV Race

                                    **Just as last year- there will not be an awards ceremony- all awards can be picked up at the awards tent after that events results have been posted**


MEET SCHEDULE- this schedule is NOT finalized- it might be changed:

Course Walk:                                                9:00 a.m.

                        Coaches Meeting:                                       9:15 a.m.

                        Girls Varsity Small School:                         10:00 a.m.

                        Boys Varsity Small School:                                    10:30 a.m.

                        Girls JV Small School:                                11:00 a.m.

                        Boys JV Small School:                               11:30 a.m.


                        3K Open Race                                            12:15 pm

                        Open race will be held in honor of Michaela Grove, a member of the Boonsboro girls soccer and track teams that past away this summer after her heart suddenly stopped. All proceeds will go towards a scholarship fund that has been set up in her honor.


                        Afternoon Course Walk                              12:00 p.m.

                        Afternoon Coaches Meeting                     12:15 p.m.

Girls Varsity Large School:                         1:15 p.m.

                        Boys Varsity Large School:                        1:45 p.m.

                        Girls JV Large School:                                2:15 p.m

                        Boys JV Large School:                               2:45 p.m.

                        Awards to follow


Concession stand will be open and T-shirts will be on sale.

Shirts will be custom made and can feature various designs, events, names, etc…


Cost:              $150.00 per school

                        $100.00 for one gender only

·         Payment must be received prior to coaches meeting



Enter by emailing Becky Walter, Head Cross Country Coach




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Mens Results

3 Mile Small School Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.12David Dorsey14:50.5 PRCatoctin
2.11Brent Leber15:20.6 PRMiddletown
3.12Kevin Dorsey15:25.3 PRCatoctin
4.12Patrick Boddicker15:38.8 PROakdale
5.11Chad Sussman15:39.0 PRLiberty
6.11Doug Pickett15:48.8 PRSouth Carroll
7.12Brandon Folio15:54.5Middletown
8.11Hal Reichard15:57.3 PRWalkersville
9.12Grant Dell16:03.6 PRNorth Carroll (CLOSE...
10.12Sean Snyder16:06.3 PRBoonsboro
11.12Jacob Staley16:07.9 PROakdale
12.11Zach Gascho16:11.3 SRCatoctin
13.12Patrick Jones16:13.9 PRSt Maria Goretti
14.12Clayton Smith16:21.5 PRWilliamsport
15.12Adam Thornton16:22.1Perryville
16.11Peter Milewski16:24.3 PRLiberty
17.9Evan Kowalk16:27.2 PROakdale
18.12Nick Zielinski16:28.3 PRBoonsboro
19.11Patrick Van Der Cr...16:30.9 PRCatoctin
20.12Adolfo Blassino16:34.1 PRLiberty
21.12Casey Feezle16:35.2 SRHampshire
22.11Brandon Turnbaugh16:36.2 PRBoonsboro
23.11Justin Buck16:44.8 PRSouth Carroll
24.10Brian Cave16:45.8 SRSouth Carroll
25.11Kieran White16:46.6 SRLiberty
26.12Otto Solberg16:48.3 SRBoonsboro
27.11Eric Myers16:50.9 PRCatoctin
28.12Greg Leonhartt16:52.6 PRLiberty
29.10Michael Bair16:53.3 SRBoonsboro
30.12Nathan Coyle16:56.4 PRHampshire
31.11John King17:02.1 PRSouth Carroll
32.11Jody Besaw17:02.9 PRMountain Ridge
33.11Johnny Haizel-Cobb...17:04.8 SRWalkersville
34.12Peter Gammell17:05.1 PRMount Airy Christian...
35.11Jacob Brashears17:05.4 PRHampshire
36.11Tyler McCall17:05.8Perryville
37.11Gunnar Eichler17:07.6 PRNorth Carroll (CLOSE...
38.11Brett Tarzy17:09.0 SROakdale
39.11Brendan Burns17:09.3 SRLiberty
40.10Ethan Connelly17:10.8 PRBoonsboro
41.12John Wiley17:11.3 PROakdale
42.11Ronak Ujla17:18.7 PRLiberty
43.10Devan Hamrick17:20.0 PRSouthern Garrett Co
44.12Matt Meagher17:21.7 PRNorth Carroll (CLOSE...
45.12Carl Thomas17:22.0 PRSaint James
46.12Zak Thomas17:22.3 PRSouthern Garrett Co
47.10Brandon Racine17:22.6 SRWilliamsport
48.10Paul Slotwinski17:23.3 SRCatoctin
49.10Mark Fachler17:23.8 SROakdale
50.11Malcolm Rogers17:25.0 SRSouth Carroll
51.11Reese Whitesell17:25.6 PRMiddletown
52.11Caleb Goodie17:25.9 PRSaint James
53.11Jake Fishkin17:26.9 PRSaint James
54.9William Jones17:31.8 SRSt Maria Goretti
55.12Randy Lohman17:32.4 SRBoonsboro
56.11Michael Messina17:33.2 PRSmithsburg
57.12Shawn Montz17:35.7 PRPerryville
58.12Charles Whiteacre17:36.1 PRHampshire
59.12Dylan Kesner17:36.7 PRHampshire
60.12Justin Harreld17:37.2Perryville
61.11Greyson Messenger17:37.6 PRSouthern Garrett Co
62.12Dan Pastwa17:39.2 PRSmithsburg
63.11Garrett Buckley17:39.5 SRCatoctin
64.10Joey Athey17:41.8 PRMiddletown
65.10Evan Bourdeau17:42.6 SROakdale
66.11Kendall Coles17:45.1 PRWashington
67.10Craig LeCesne17:45.5 PRSaint James
68.12Myles Cooper17:46.4 PRWalkersville
69.10Jordan Bartlett17:48.4 PRSaint James
70.11Kelby Spence17:49.7 SRWalkersville
71.11Jacob Pryor17:50.9 PRSmithsburg
72.11Aaron Rodeheaver17:52.8 PRSouthern Garrett Co
73.12Daryl Griffiths17:56.7 PRMountain Ridge
74.10Kyle Carter17:57.7 PRSouth Carroll
75.12Cody Teets17:58.4 PRSouthern Garrett Co
76.12Jeff Easterday17:59.3 PRNorth Carroll (CLOSE...
77.11Joshua Woolverton18:00.0 SRMount Airy Christian...
78.12Sam Ackerman18:02.7 PRSaint James
79.12Josh Slocum18:03.7 PRHampshire
80.11Patrick Conlon18:04.0 SRSmithsburg
81.10Brady Smith18:04.3 SRMount Airy Christian...
82.10Will Miller18:04.6 PRSmithsburg
83.10Micah Daigneault18:10.4 SRSmithsburg
84.10Blake Capella18:12.9 SRWalkersville
85.11Ethan May18:16.7 PRWashington
86.10Patrick Sacchet18:22.6 PRSt Maria Goretti
87.12Evan C. Wilson18:26.0 SRMiddletown
88.11David Kelsey18:28.1 SRMiddletown
89.10Gabe Woods18:28.3 PRWashington
90.12Brayden Berezney18:29.3 PRSaint James
91.11Braxton Witmer18:30.9 SRWilliamsport
92.11Austin Stoner18:32.5 PRFrancis Scott Key
93.10Ryan Rippeon18:33.0 SRFrancis Scott Key
94.10Adam Fisher18:35.7 PRSt Maria Goretti
95.12Tyler Artice18:36.5 PRSouthern Garrett Co
96.10Steven Duafala18:38.4 PRSouth Carroll
97.11Tyler D'Agati18:39.3 PRNorth Carroll (CLOSE...
98.11Jesse Zito18:48.4 SRNorth Carroll (CLOSE...
99.12David Meck18:49.2 PRHampshire
100.12Hunter Carr18:50.2 PRWashington
101.10Justin Beckley18:52.2 SRWilliamsport
102.11Harry Neidig18:59.3 PRWashington
103.9Reid Buskirk19:02.4 SRMountain Ridge
104.11Ryan Kiger19:05.9Perryville
105.9Garrett Carroll19:10.0 SRMount Airy Christian...
106.11Clayton Searles19:10.2 PRPerryville
107.9Quentin Brown19:21.0 SRWilliamsport
108.10Bryce Scharenbroch19:23.1 SRSmithsburg
109.11Jacob Bartholow19:23.4 PRWalkersville
110.11Aidan Reinke19:30.0 PRFrancis Scott Key
111.9Dalton Sponaugle19:34.7 PRSt Maria Goretti
112.12Taylor Wade19:37.4 PRFrancis Scott Key
113.12Austin Shaffer19:40.4Southern Garrett Co
114.11Taylor Conaway19:48.9 PRFrancis Scott Key
115.9Willis Gammell19:49.2 SRMount Airy Christian...
116.11Ben Hughes19:56.1 SRFrancis Scott Key
117.12Jacob Moore19:57.2 SRFort Hill
118.9James Spinnler19:58.1 PRSt Maria Goretti
119.10Wes Vermuelen20:00.5Clear Spring
120.11Christian Smith20:10.5Clear Spring
121.12Jack Kuhn20:10.7 PRPerryville
122.9Garrett Wiseley20:20.4 SRWilliamsport
123.10Adam Sims20:30.8Walkersville
124.9Ryan Buskirk20:33.9Mountain Ridge
125.11William Thornton20:41.0 SRNorth Carroll (CLOSE...
126.12Tyler Caruso20:41.2 PRSt Maria Goretti
127.11Gabe LeVee20:43.4 SRFrancis Scott Key
128.9Gabe Abreu-Vigil20:48.8 SRWashington
129.9Trey Hose20:54.8 SRFort Hill
130.11Brent Sweigert21:07.2Williamsport
131.11Tim Kofoet21:23.8 SRClear Spring
132.9Leon Golden21:34.3 PRClear Spring
133.10Gage Jacobs21:36.1 SRMountain Ridge
134.10Bryce Griffith21:37.8 PRMountain Ridge
135.12Max VanVlack21:48.5 PRMountain Ridge
136.9Matt Capotosti21:50.6 PRClear Spring
137.10Adam Frampton22:50.9 PRWashington
138.9Darrin Eichelberger23:35.9 PRClear Spring
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3 Mile Small School JV  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Nick Tilson17:42.0 SRLiberty
2.12Timothy Alexander17:50.0 PROakdale
3.12Eric Bell17:58.6 PROakdale
4.10Bill O'Leary18:01.8 PRSaint James
5.11Adam Stinespring18:03.4 PRHampshire
6.9Andrew Miner18:08.5 SRLiberty
7.9Bryce Rogers18:15.5 SRBoonsboro
8.12Beckett Lemley18:15.7 PROakdale
9.10Alex Bacon18:20.3 SROakdale
10.11Mitchell Haines18:28.9 PRHampshire
11.12Roger Foster18:31.1 PRHampshire
12.10Cody Cochran18:34.7 PRHampshire
13.10Paul Rochford18:34.9 SRBoonsboro
14.11Christopher Hiden18:37.4 PROakdale
15.12Zach Sparkman18:38.6 SRCatoctin
16.9Andrew Douwes18:42.4 SRCatoctin
17.9Nicholas Sabatano18:43.1 PRBoonsboro
18.10Donald Shanabarger18:44.6 PRSouth Carroll
19.9Joey Moss18:45.6 SRWalkersville
20.11Chris Burgenson18:49.7 SRMiddletown
21.10Martin Majer18:51.3 PRLiberty
22.10Max Cantor18:52.8 SROakdale
23.11Chris Burns19:07.8 SRLiberty
24.11Gunnar Ingram19:09.4 SRBoonsboro
25.9Andrew Ashley19:10.6 SRWalkersville
26.11James Shiver19:11.0Oakdale
27.11Kyle Burrows19:12.3 SRLiberty
28.11Greg Pierce19:13.7 PRSaint James
29.11Tyler Neff19:15.3 SRLiberty
30.10Caleb Rapp19:15.6 SRMiddletown
31.9Zach Branscome19:17.6 PRNorth Carroll (CLOSE...
32.10Carlos Morales19:19.4 SRWalkersville
33.11Jonas Carbaugh19:21.0 PRMiddletown
34.12Mikhail Abuzov19:21.4 PRFrancis Scott Key
35.12Yanyang Zhao19:22.0 PRSaint James
36.10Evan Michaels19:23.6 SRSouth Carroll
37.10Brad Smink19:26.0 PRNorth Carroll (CLOSE...
38.9Justin Brookhart19:28.6 PRLiberty
39.9Alex Melville19:29.1 PRSouth Carroll
40.12Ben Harrah19:32.9 SRBoonsboro
41.12Jimmy Becker19:33.2 PRSouth Carroll
42.9Jacob Zielinski19:34.2 SRBoonsboro
43.10Trevor Moore19:37.4 SRLiberty
44.11Grant Sturm19:37.7 PRSouth Carroll
45.9Jacob Newton19:38.3 PRNorth Carroll (CLOSE...
46.10Atharva Bhat19:39.2 SRMiddletown
47.9Brian Herman19:40.0 PROakdale
48.11Mikey Ewing19:42.0 PRSt Maria Goretti
49.9Remy Mezebish19:43.0 SRSouth Carroll
50.11Connor Mead19:43.9 SRLiberty
51.12Brian Day19:44.6 PRBoonsboro
52.12Patrick Guilday19:46.0 PRCatoctin
53.12Jon Danko19:46.4 PRNorth Carroll (CLOSE...
54.9Nick Adams19:47.4 PRLiberty
55.11Josh Ford19:49.4 SRBoonsboro
56.11Alex Menke19:54.2 PRMiddletown
57.12Sam Smith19:55.5 PRSaint James
58.10Anthony Harris19:55.9 PRMiddletown
59.12Grant Chaconas19:56.8 SRSouth Carroll
60.10Collin Mannix20:00.0 SRBoonsboro
61.10Dillon Denig20:00.3 SRBoonsboro
62.11Chase Snively20:03.4 PRSouth Carroll
63.10Brodie Robison20:05.9 SRSouthern Garrett Co
64.10Bryce Nissel20:13.8 PRMiddletown
65.10Spencer Schading20:14.9 SRWalkersville
66.10Zach Dunning20:15.8 PROakdale
67.10Zackary Levesque20:16.2 SRNorth Carroll (CLOSE...
68.10Trey Moss20:16.6 SRSaint James
69.12Brandon Snyder20:17.1 SRCatoctin
70.10Zach Hull20:29.9 SRBoonsboro
71.12Josh Thomas20:32.5 PRSmithsburg
72.11Matt Wilson20:33.1 PRSmithsburg
73.10Michael Derr20:34.1Middletown
74.9Mark Conway20:34.6 PRLiberty
75.10Aaron Rose20:36.5 PRBoonsboro
76.11Josh Clement20:36.7 SRSouth Carroll
77.11Dylan Reynolds20:38.2 PRSaint James
78.11John Witkowski20:39.3 PRPerryville
79.12Chase Marick20:42.4 PRSmithsburg
80.9Cameron Weikel20:42.9 SRLiberty
81.11Anmol Tewari20:44.0 SRWalkersville
82.-Eric Fishkin20:44.4 SRSaint James
83.10Keith Gasior20:47.1 PRFrancis Scott Key
84.12David Howell20:47.8 PRLiberty
85.12Phil Warnick20:48.8 SRSouthern Garrett Co
86.10Zack Garvey20:52.5 PRSmithsburg
87.9Christian Klem-Evans20:52.9 PRMountain Ridge
88.9P.J. Schading20:53.2 SRWalkersville
89.11West Foster20:54.9 SRWalkersville
90.11Bergren Cliff20:55.3Middletown
91.11Ben Johnson20:58.3 SRWalkersville
92.11Sam Benner20:59.6 SRMiddletown
93.11Hongdi Zhang21:02.2 PRSaint James
94.9Jacob Taylor21:03.1Perryville
95.10Hunter Lupro21:04.1 PRFrancis Scott Key
96.11Kyle Dedmon21:04.8 PRFrancis Scott Key
97.11Zack Rockwood21:05.4 SRCatoctin
98.9Jacob Danko21:05.9 PRNorth Carroll (CLOSE...
99.10Colin Jones21:06.3 SRMiddletown
100.11Jack Allman21:06.8Oakdale
101.11Grant Sherwood21:07.5Boonsboro
102.12Will Foulke21:08.7 PRSouthern Garrett Co
103.9Chris Shanabarger21:09.0 SRSouth Carroll
104.9Alexander Queiroz21:10.4 SROakdale
105.9Justin Walters21:10.7 PRWilliamsport
106.12Geraghty Showe21:11.7 PRWilliamsport
107.9Gabe Cartner21:12.3Middletown
108.10Rob Reilly21:12.8 PRWalkersville
109.11Michael Amadeo21:16.8 SROakdale
110.11Jonas Muegge21:18.3 PRCatoctin
111.12John Bensing21:18.7 SRLiberty
112.9Michael Shaffner21:19.3Oakdale
113.11Keeton Taylor21:23.1 PRSouthern Garrett Co
114.9Zane Poffenberger21:31.9 PRBoonsboro
115.11Trevor Larner21:35.6 SRLiberty
116.9Kyle Thornton21:36.9 SRSouth Carroll
117.12Kevin Harris21:38.2 PRSouthern Garrett Co
118.10Wyatt Ashley21:40.2 SRSouth Carroll
119.9Tommy Carter21:41.3 SRMiddletown
120.9Aaron Johnson21:42.7 SRSmithsburg
121.12Zach Schaeffer21:43.3 PRSmithsburg
122.12Colton Wassell21:43.6 PRSouthern Garrett Co
123.9Sean Vietri21:44.0 SRSt Maria Goretti
124.9Connor Pullaro21:44.3 PRBoonsboro
125.12Cameron Sunkel21:48.7Middletown
126.10Alec Riser21:50.0 PRSaint James
127.11Frank Liao21:53.3 PRBoonsboro
128.10Jeb Hamel21:54.4 PRSouth Carroll
129.9Quinn Tallant21:55.5 SRSt Maria Goretti
130.11Josh King21:58.9 PRSouthern Garrett Co
131.9Joseph Roemer22:00.0 PRSouth Carroll
132.10Sam Hudson22:00.3 SRWilliamsport
133.10Joey Kopp22:04.6 PRMiddletown
134.9Kyle Curtis22:05.7 PRBoonsboro
135.9Sean Cooper22:08.8 SRSt Maria Goretti
136.9Charlie Moy22:13.9 PRBoonsboro
137.12Joseph Allman22:18.5 SROakdale
138.9Cameron Strosnider22:30.2 PRCatoctin
139.9Bryce Davis22:30.7 SRBoonsboro
140.9Jordan Weschler22:32.6 SRWilliamsport
141.9Zaccheus Grabenstein22:39.0 PRMountain Ridge
142.9Joseph Weller22:41.5 SROakdale
143.10Roshan Rao22:45.7 PRWalkersville
144.10Will Johnston22:46.0 SRWalkersville
145.10Justin Crouse22:46.8 SRFrancis Scott Key
146.12Kevin Eun22:48.1 PRSaint James
147.12Hunter Strauch22:55.4 PRSaint James
148.9John Poling22:56.6 SRBoonsboro
149.11Ahmad Rababa22:59.2 PRWilliamsport
150.10Bobby Magaha22:59.8 SRSmithsburg
151.12Wiliam Sires23:01.9 SRMountain Ridge
152.10Cole Douglas23:04.0 PRSaint James
153.10Evan L. Wilson23:05.7Middletown
154.9Jake Burke23:09.5 PRPerryville
155.9Ryan Judge23:10.8 SRSouth Carroll
156.9Luke Bean23:19.0 PRMountain Ridge
157.9Brody Brothers23:19.8 PRFrancis Scott Key
158.10Tom Shaver23:21.8 PRLiberty
159.11Jordy Bowling23:30.9 PRLiberty
160.12Caleb Cardone23:32.3Smithsburg
161.10Michael Miles23:37.8 SRBoonsboro
162.10Cade Dal Collo23:40.4 PRBoonsboro
163.9Brendan Walters23:49.9 PRWilliamsport
164.12Garrett Brake23:50.7 PRSouthern Garrett Co
165.11Elliot Pajer23:54.1 PRSaint James
166.9Cole Simpson23:55.0 PRMountain Ridge
167.11Tim O'Donnell24:20.8 PRSouth Carroll
168.9Martin McGuigan24:24.6 SRSaint James
169.10Colton Weaver24:33.4 PRWilliamsport
170.10Connor Caruso24:39.5 SRSt Maria Goretti
171.10Jason Marinelli24:48.9 SRSt Maria Goretti
172.11Gi Yoon Ohm24:54.6 PRSaint James
173.10Gabe Gonzalez24:58.5 SRPerryville
174.10Joshua Nicholson25:28.5 PRWilliamsport
175.10Elijah Grabenstein25:48.0 PRMountain Ridge
176.10Sam Bizzell26:06.6 SRMiddletown
177.12Zach Gidley26:14.7 PRSouthern Garrett Co
178.9Forest Brice26:43.6 PRSouth Carroll
179.10Nick Andreaccio26:50.2 PRWilliamsport
180.10Nathan Hornbaker27:33.4 PRSaint James
181.10Michael Snider29:37.6 SRMiddletown
182.10Steven Krumbeck31:03.2 SRWilliamsport
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3 Mile Large School Varsity  
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  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Danniel Belay15:16.2 PRGaithersburg
2.12Ben Freed15:20.7 PRGovernor Thomas John...
3.12Louis Levine15:25.8 PRGovernor Thomas John...
4.12Jonaton Baginski15:27.4 PRRockville
5.12Daniel Kosogof15:27.6 PRWalter Johnson
6.11Chris Heydrick15:29.0 PRRiver Hill
7.11Alex Paddison15:31.0 PRTuscarora
8.11Itai Bezherano15:32.3 PRWalter Johnson
9.12Stephen Alexander15:39.4 PRRichard Montgomery
10.11William Kirk15:41.3 PRRockville
11.12Aaqib Syed15:45.9 PRFairfax
12.12Adam Jung15:47.8 PRRichard Montgomery
13.12Troy Shuman15:52.0 PRUrbana
14.11Alex Maguire15:55.7 PRFairfax
15.10Garrett Santis15:57.9 SRUrbana
16.12Marshall Demaree15:58.3 PRRiver Hill
17.12Logan Staley16:02.4 PRGovernor Thomas John...
18.12Jimmy Larkin16:03.2 PRClarksburg
19.11Shane Rigsby16:04.5 PRMusselman
20.11Emmanuel Porquin16:04.9 SRRichard Montgomery
21.12Thomas Trott16:05.2 PRGovernor Thomas John...
22.11Matt Agboola16:10.1 PRRichard Montgomery
23.10Michael Thomas16:11.0 PRClarksburg
24.11Trevor Stepek16:13.8 PRGaithersburg
25.11Mark Moody16:15.7 PRRiver Hill
26.12Michael Spak16:17.0 PRWalter Johnson
27.11Ryan Scott16:17.3 PRWheaton
28.11Nico Johnson16:17.8 PRGovernor Thomas John...
29.10Andree' Di-Reumante16:21.5 PRNorthwood
30.9Jackson Walker16:23.2 PRRichard Montgomery
31.11Jared Conn16:23.4 PRGaithersburg
32.10Brad Arbaugh16:25.5 SRWestminster
33.12Terry Tossman16:26.0 SRRiver Hill
34.12Nick Nobile16:28.3 PRUrbana
35.11Taewoo Kim16:31.6 PRWalter Johnson
36.12Delick Mutabazi16:33.2 PRRichard Montgomery
37.11Alessandro Shapiro16:34.2 PRLangley
38.10Shashank Narayan16:34.5 PRWalter Johnson
39.12Raquon Alli16:34.9 PRClarksburg
40.10Darren Harman16:35.2 SRSouth Hagerstown
41.10Josh Leake16:39.2 PRMusselman
42.11Jesse Parsons16:39.4 SRWestminster
43.10Michael Abebe16:40.9 SRNorthwood
44.11Sam Hayden16:41.6 PRWalter Johnson
45.11Alexander Gomez16:42.8 PRFairfax
46.10Carter May16:43.0 PRWalter Johnson
47.12Austin Jenner16:45.4 PRMusselman
48.10Felix Whipple16:48.3 PRLangley
49.10Nicholas Danner16:50.4 SRUrbana
50.12Ryan Galligan16:51.0 PRGovernor Thomas John...
51.12Ben Arbaugh16:52.0 PRWestminster
52.10Trent Rose16:52.3 SRRiver Hill
53.12Brad Baker16:52.6 PRTuscarora
54.12Andrew Vanderweele16:53.0 PRNorthwood
55.12Isaiah Merrill16:57.2 PRSouth Hagerstown
56.11Christopher Stubbs16:57.6 PRNorthwood
57.11Tim Santosa16:58.4 PRClarksburg
58.11Jonathan Mosquera17:01.3 PRClarksburg
59.10Julian Bandini17:01.6 SRUrbana
60.11Nathan Watson17:02.8 PRFairfax
61.12Devon Papanicolas17:04.1 PRFairfax
62.11Stephen Albert17:04.5 PRFairfax
63.12Randy Verduguez17:04.8 PRWheaton
64.12Alex Mahlandt17:05.2 PRGovernor Thomas John...
65.10Scott Wurtzel17:06.8 PRClarksburg
66.11Daniel Kostelancik17:07.9 PRLangley
67.12Vito Vallone17:08.3 SRGaithersburg
68.12Hunter Hartman17:10.5 PRSouth Hagerstown
69.12Marshall Kayda17:10.9 PRTuscarora
70.12Jordan Wood17:12.0 PRTuscarora
71.11Jason Vargas17:13.2 PRWheaton
72.9Rohann Asfaw17:18.8 SRRichard Montgomery
73.9Jordan Radoll17:19.9 PRFairfax
74.11Anthony Verghese17:21.3 PRLangley
75.12Dominic Mandile17:23.4 PRRiver Hill
76.12Tony Rostek17:26.5 PRSouth Hagerstown
77.12Garret Wong17:27.7 PRCol. Zadok Magruder
78.11Daniel Briggs17:30.8 PRGaithersburg
79.9Jaydn Eakins17:32.2 PRUrbana
80.11Jordan Conn17:33.7 PRGaithersburg
81.12Alex Fuksenko17:35.9 PRCol. Zadok Magruder
82.12Michael Nguyen17:36.2 PRCol. Zadok Magruder
83.9Benjamin Oldhouser17:36.5 SRRiver Hill
84.12Mitch Martin17:36.8 PRWestminster
85.11Matthew Verghese17:38.0 PRLangley
86.11Carson Izer17:41.8North Hagerstown
87.11Jeremy Clink17:42.2 PRClarksburg
88.12Aaron Richards17:42.5 PRNorthwood
89.12Christopher Cherrie17:44.9 PRWheaton
90.10Gavin Prather17:46.1 SRTuscarora
91.10Bradley Moore17:50.6 SRWestminster
92.12Marcus Sowell17:51.8 PRTuscarora
93.10Michael Belay17:53.2 PRGaithersburg
94.12Paul Hefner17:53.7Langley
95.10Raphael Spencer17:53.9 PRWheaton
96.10Adam Sarsony17:56.3 SRRockville
97.9Timothy Witmer18:02.8 SRSouth Hagerstown
98.11Bryant Rodriguez18:04.6 SRWheaton
99.12Ralph Spencer18:07.3 PRWheaton
100.11Aaron Lighter18:08.7 SRSouth Hagerstown
101.11Chagall Coburn18:10.7 PRSouth Hagerstown
102.12Chandler Keck18:13.5 PRWestminster
103.12Eduardo Adum18:13.7 SRCol. Zadok Magruder
104.11Brendon Burkholder...18:20.0 SRNorth Hagerstown
105.12Quincy Band18:25.9 PRMusselman
106.10Jonathon Cornely18:28.3 PRCol. Zadok Magruder
107.12Nick Lolli18:29.1 PRWestminster
108.11Zong Li18:34.2 PRLong Reach
109.12Lucas Almeida18:36.4 SRCol. Zadok Magruder
110.11Leo Yoon18:37.9 SRRockville
111.9Eric Haney18:38.5 PRLong Reach
112.12Saketh Papaiahgari18:41.3 PRLong Reach
113.10Mitchell Monniger18:43.1 SRTuscarora
114.12Kyle Rolain18:51.7 PRNorth Hagerstown
115.9Evan Izer18:54.3 PRNorth Hagerstown
116.10Mark Wicklein19:02.2 SRLong Reach
117.12Nahom Getnet19:02.9 PRNorthwood
118.12Steven Hong19:04.7 PRCol. Zadok Magruder
119.12Jeremy Leierzapf19:07.3 PRLong Reach
120.10Jake Kercheval19:08.2 PRNorth Hagerstown
121.11Manuel Suero19:11.8 SRRockville
122.12Orin Kuehl19:12.3 SRNorth Hagerstown
123.12Gabriel Moses19:13.6 SRNorthwood
124.12Kyle Hoffmaster19:25.3 PRMusselman
125.11Joel Sigal19:31.6 SRRockville
126.12Jacob Leake19:33.4 PRMusselman
127.10Shane Thrailkill19:36.4 PRNorth Hagerstown
128.10Brendan Gage20:26.1 SRRockville
129.9Michael Watcher20:55.3 PRMusselman
130.11Jonas Hurst21:15.5 PRLong Reach
131.11Lewis Park21:50.4 PRLong Reach
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3 Mile Large School JV  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.11Benjamin Resnick16:37.6 PRWalter Johnson
2.12Mathew Straathof16:52.2 PRWalter Johnson
3.11John Patrick Burklow16:59.0 PRWalter Johnson
4.11Clayton Cole17:02.2 SRRichard Montgomery
5.10Patrick Winter17:09.5 SRWalter Johnson
6.12Benjamin Wright17:11.7 PRRichard Montgomery
7.12Brian Harrington17:17.0 SRRichard Montgomery
8.10Matt Masison17:19.0 PRWalter Johnson
9.10Samad Iqbal17:19.2 SRRichard Montgomery
10.12John Matsen17:22.1 PRRichard Montgomery
11.11Tanzer Balimtas17:26.0 PRRiver Hill
12.12Eliot Fenton17:28.4 PRRiver Hill
13.10Samuel Elmaani17:30.3 SRRichard Montgomery
14.11David Silverberg17:32.0 SRRichard Montgomery
15.11Sam Trossman17:32.7 PRRiver Hill
16.10Chris Spiess17:34.9 PRClarksburg
17.11Andrew Mitchell17:35.6Richard Montgomery
18.10Lewis Kerwin17:36.5 PRWalter Johnson
19.11Shema Mugabo17:37.9 PRRichard Montgomery
20.9Peter Bergloff17:39.1 PRLangley
21.12Juan Escobar17:40.2 PRGovernor Thomas John...
22.11Matt Orr17:41.4 PRGovernor Thomas John...
23.12Daniel Johnston17:42.8Richard Montgomery
24.11Darren Kline17:49.5 PRRiver Hill
25.11Alexander Crich17:50.9 PRRiver Hill
26.11Phillip Hilliard17:51.6 PRRiver Hill
27.9Jacob Parker17:52.7 SRRiver Hill
28.12Benjamin Black17:53.1 PRLangley
29.10Mir Pandya17:54.5 PRClarksburg
30.9Kevin Reynolds17:55.2 SRRiver Hill
31.10Thomas Suray17:56.9 SRTuscarora
32.12Zachary Helmold17:57.4 PRTuscarora
33.12Stephen Sponseller17:58.5 PRLangley
34.11Andrew Raab18:01.4 PRWestminster
35.10Mac Morgan18:02.1 SRRichard Montgomery
36.10Clark Smith18:02.4 PRClarksburg
37.9John DeReggi18:02.8 PRClarksburg
38.11Hank McNamara18:03.2 SRRichard Montgomery
39.9Jason Scott18:03.5 SRWheaton
40.12Elias Duthinh18:04.8 PRGovernor Thomas John...
41.10William Rockabrand18:08.8 PRGaithersburg
42.10Liam Coates18:09.2 PRGovernor Thomas John...
43.12Ryan Martin18:10.0 SRUrbana
44.11Eli Kane18:10.3 PRWalter Johnson
45.10Andrew Kwiatkowski18:11.1 PRGaithersburg
46.12Nathan Fredman18:11.5 PRWalter Johnson
47.10Grant Anderson18:12.1 PRWalter Johnson
48.12Josh White18:13.1 PRTuscarora
49.9Stefan Lehman18:14.8 SRWalter Johnson
50.10Daniel Singer18:15.1 SRWalter Johnson
51.10Devin Bennett18:20.5 PRLangley
52.11Alexander Kiess18:21.9 PRLangley
53.10Jared Stolove18:22.2 PRRichard Montgomery
54.9Joseph Danner18:22.5 SRUrbana
55.11Kevin Chatlin18:22.8 PRRichard Montgomery
56.10Joshua Bastian18:24.5 PRGaithersburg
57.11Cyrus Daroowalla18:25.1 SRWestminster
58.11Ryan Romanik-Romano18:25.9 PRRiver Hill
59.10Devin Clark18:27.1 PRGovernor Thomas John...
60.10Dillon Jobes18:29.3 PRWalter Johnson
61.11Trustin Updegrove18:33.4 SRUrbana
62.12Matthew Broberg18:34.0 SRTuscarora
63.12Zach Rodriguez18:34.6 PRWestminster
64.9josaiah Corson18:35.3 PRWalter Johnson
65.9Donald Zimmerman18:36.9 SRRiver Hill
66.11Victor Goldhush18:37.1 PRLangley
67.12Quinn Pittman18:38.5 PRNorthwood
68.9Tim Rivard18:39.9 SRUrbana
69.9Winston Wilkinson18:40.2 PRWalter Johnson
70.9Andrew Tossman18:41.6 PRRiver Hill
71.12Baba Sow18:43.8 PRGaithersburg
72.11Fred Schellhase18:44.7 SRClarksburg
73.9Jimmy Hasemann18:46.2 PRCol. Zadok Magruder
74.10Lorenzo Wilson18:47.6 SRGaithersburg
75.9Devlin Wesolowski18:47.9Langley
76.9Joshua Lebedinsky18:48.4 PRRichard Montgomery
77.9Matthew Fairbanks18:48.8 SRUrbana
78.9Henri Maindidze18:49.7Richard Montgomery
79.12Ji-Min No18:50.1 PRGaithersburg
80.11Dylan Rojas18:51.3 PRClarksburg
81.12Chris Hexter18:52.9 SRGovernor Thomas John...
82.10Michael Riederer18:53.8 SRRichard Montgomery
83.10Daniel Moriarty18:55.5 SRGovernor Thomas John...
84.10Benjamin Chodnicki18:56.1 PRRiver Hill
85.10Kevin O'Leary18:57.8 SRWalter Johnson
86.11Lucas Absolon18:58.4 PRWalter Johnson
87.10Ryan Hayes18:59.2 PRGovernor Thomas John...
88.11Ben Trossman19:01.1 PRRiver Hill
89.11Joseph Opiekun19:01.9 PRClarksburg
90.9Sam Weidman19:02.9 PRWestminster
91.11Sean Kenney19:03.5 PRGovernor Thomas John...
92.9Lucas Pearce19:03.8 SRWestminster
93.10Jacob Friedman19:05.5 SRRiver Hill
94.10Hayden Shupe19:06.8 PRClarksburg
95.10Michael O'Neill19:07.1 PRNorthwood
96.9Parker Schley19:13.4 PRLangley
97.10Qasim Gadiwalla19:14.8 PRRiver Hill
98.9Christopher Young19:15.3 SRRiver Hill
99.9Andrew Farnsworth19:15.7Langley
100.11Tommy Walters19:16.0 PRUrbana
101.10Brendan Coffey19:17.0 SRLangley
102.9Tyler Schley19:17.6 SRLangley
103.11Eduardo Valentin-M...19:17.9 PRTuscarora
104.10Matthew Campbell19:18.2 SRRiver Hill
105.10Kevin Fitzgerald19:23.2 SRRiver Hill
106.12Phil Reiter19:23.7 PRNorth Hagerstown
107.11Patrick Gaegler19:25.3 SRClarksburg
108.10Kirk Frasier19:25.5 PRGaithersburg
109.11Anthony Rutkowski19:25.8 PRCol. Zadok Magruder
110.10Richard Hubert19:26.7 PRGaithersburg
111.9Oliver Budd19:27.4 SRWestminster
112.12David Rennert19:28.1 SRWheaton
113.9Benjamin Xu19:28.5 PRRiver Hill
114.11Brian Quach19:30.2 PRNorthwood
115.10John Lynch II19:31.3Richard Montgomery
116.10Edward Hutchinson19:31.8 PRLangley
117.11Chris Neidhart19:32.1 PRCol. Zadok Magruder
118.9Josh Nichols19:32.4 PRGovernor Thomas John...
119.11William Yendall19:34.6 PRNorthwood
120.9Kenny Curtis19:37.8 PRLangley
121.10Kevin Le19:38.1 SRLangley
122.11Jamal Leonard19:39.1 PRGaithersburg
123.10Ji-Ho No19:40.7 SRGaithersburg
124.10Stephan Knpinsky19:41.3 PRWalter Johnson
125.10Eli Samuelson19:41.9 PRRichard Montgomery
126.11Geoffrey Gacuca19:42.1 SRRichard Montgomery
127.9Joseph Giddings19:43.4 PRLangley
128.9Eric Scott19:44.0 SRWheaton
129.11Jonathan Warehime19:44.9 PRWestminster
130.10Yashwan Kalainesan19:46.7 SRUrbana
131.12Collin Woodruff19:47.3 PRTuscarora
132.10Sadim Khan19:48.9 PRGaithersburg
133.9Matthew Cox19:50.5 SRLangley
134.9Richard Kidder19:50.8 PRCol. Zadok Magruder
135.10Steven Powell19:51.2 PRNorth Hagerstown
136.9Richard Xu19:51.5 PRRiver Hill
137.10Demetrius Sye19:52.6 SRClarksburg
138.10Benjamin Wiersma19:54.8 PRRichard Montgomery
139.9William Broeckaert19:57.1 PRLangley
140.9Nicholas Kruus19:58.2 SRRiver Hill
141.12Patrick Dorsey20:00.5 PRTuscarora
142.9Bailey Ingalla20:01.5 PRClarksburg
143.12Thomas Neugebauer20:03.1 PRTuscarora
144.9Quinn Kelly20:03.5 PRRiver Hill
145.9Andrew Nguyen20:04.0 PRCol. Zadok Magruder
146.12James Garrett20:04.5 PRWalter Johnson
147.11Cody Evans20:04.8 SRWestminster
148.9Connor Mahoney20:05.1 SRWalter Johnson
149.11Max Luo20:06.8Langley
150.11Jermiah Griesemer20:07.5 SRTuscarora
151.12Kevin Hayes20:08.6 SRWestminster
152.12Ryan Mitchell20:14.0 PRRiver Hill
153.9Mekiah James20:14.7 PRNorth Hagerstown
154.9Jacob Tyko20:15.3 PRWalter Johnson
155.11Joe Pandolfi20:15.8 SRSouth Hagerstown
156.11Mark Brkovich20:19.2 SRTuscarora
157.9Kaleb Corbin20:24.9 PRNorth Hagerstown
158.10Darren Florin20:26.1 PRNorthwood
159.11Huw Ball20:30.3 PRUrbana
160.10Daniel Lainez20:31.9 PRGaithersburg
161.10Spencer Collen20:33.3 PRRiver Hill
162.9Theodore Cornwell20:35.6 SRRiver Hill
163.12Michael Shang20:41.0 PRRiver Hill
164.9Joshua Chen20:41.8Richard Montgomery
165.9Connor Lawrence20:43.9 PRRiver Hill
166.11Clark Demaree20:46.2 PRRiver Hill
167.10Jordan Seubert20:46.7 PRClarksburg
168.9James Ma20:48.2 PRRiver Hill
169.10Stoney Fentonmiller20:51.5 PRWalter Johnson
170.11Matt Bradford20:51.9 SRRiver Hill
171.9Ian Shelley20:52.3 PRTuscarora
172.9Jameson Carpenter20:55.3 SRWestminster
173.10Jacob Anderson20:55.8 SRWestminster
174.12Andrew Delmont20:56.3 PRRiver Hill
175.9Davon Bey-Wade20:57.6 SRSouth Hagerstown
176.10Basem Al-Rifai20:58.0 PRGaithersburg
177.10Nicholas Settle20:58.5 SRRiver Hill
178.12Sheldon Mizelle20:59.8 PRNorthwood
179.10Jonah Bol21:00.1 PRLangley
180.11Ben Perkins21:00.7 PRNorth Hagerstown
181.11Keith Cotter21:01.0 SRWalter Johnson
182.9Nic Boyle21:01.4 SRWestminster
183.9Teague Richardson21:04.1 PRWalter Johnson
184.9Tyler James21:04.9 SRTuscarora
185.10Luke Butrum21:05.3 PRRiver Hill
186.9Christopher Messer21:06.2 PRRiver Hill
187.9William Plasket21:07.0 PRGovernor Thomas John...
188.10Josiah Holmes21:07.7 PRGaithersburg
189.9Prateek Swamykumar21:09.0 PRRiver Hill
190.9Andrew Moultrie21:09.7 SRLong Reach
191.9Calvert Yelton21:10.1 PRLong Reach
192.9Andrew Leverenz21:10.5 PRWalter Johnson
193.12Christian Figueroa21:11.9 SRGaithersburg
194.9Howard Crouch21:13.8 PRUrbana
195.10Gianni Montello21:15.0 SRUrbana
196.9Nicholas Lui21:15.3 PRRiver Hill
197.10Tommy Schuilen21:15.9 PRUrbana
198.9Alex Bernstein21:16.2 PRRiver Hill
199.9Javier Diaz21:18.8 PRCol. Zadok Magruder
200.11Rodney House21:19.9 PRLong Reach
201.11Christian Meoli21:21.7 PRLong Reach
202.9Austin Iovine21:22.7 PRRiver Hill
203.12Tyler Sturtz21:23.4 PRWestminster
204.9Raymond Spencer21:26.6 PRWheaton
205.10Chandler Natwick21:28.4 PRWalter Johnson
206.10Shane Shifflett21:29.1 PRWestminster
207.9Quinn Zajicek21:31.0 SRMusselman
208.9Ryan Gunnison21:34.3 PRNorthwood
209.11JT Jirata21:35.1 PRClarksburg
210.10Logan Rojas21:35.8 PRClarksburg
211.9Isaac Montgomery21:39.4 SRSouth Hagerstown
212.10Shayon Shakoorzadeh21:40.3 PRRiver Hill
213.11Nicholas Jungmarker21:45.6 PRNorthwood
214.12Surajsinh Parmar21:48.4 SRRiver Hill
215.9Connor Buckley21:49.2 SRSouth Hagerstown
216.11Daniel Wohlgemuth21:50.8 SRWestminster
217.11Andrew Levin21:52.1 PRRichard Montgomery
218.9Harrison Mesnard21:52.3 PRCol. Zadok Magruder
219.12Kyle Allen21:53.6 PRClarksburg
220.10Nicolas Thornton21:54.7 SRWheaton
221.9Michael Hammaker21:56.2 PRWalter Johnson
222.11Mitchell White21:57.3 SRWestminster
223.11Prince Mills21:58.1 SRUrbana
224.10Alex Sabo21:59.1 SRWestminster
225.9Nick Commander21:59.7 PRGovernor Thomas John...
226.11Ben Ryan22:00.5 SRWestminster
227.10Myron Houngbedji22:02.1 PRGaithersburg
228.9Swapna Vaja22:02.4 PRRiver Hill
229.9Nhan-An Truong22:03.2 PRCol. Zadok Magruder
230.9Carlos Davis22:05.3 PRWestminster
231.9Jeremy Lyons22:08.7 SRRichard Montgomery
232.11Jacob Lozinsky22:09.6 SRRiver Hill
233.12Trad Groover22:12.0 PRGovernor Thomas John...
234.11Brandon Knauff22:13.8 SRRiver Hill
235.10Kidus Solomon22:15.8 PRLong Reach
236.9Ferry John22:20.1 PRWalter Johnson
237.12Frederick Coonradt22:20.8 SRMusselman
238.10Matt Edwards22:26.7 PRWestminster
239.11Robert Smatlak22:29.0 SRTuscarora
240.10Nikal Swamanathan22:31.3 PRWalter Johnson
241.12Vincent Tann22:32.2 PRRiver Hill
242.11Aaron Guerrero22:34.4 PRLong Reach
243.10Sam Weiner22:37.1 PRWalter Johnson
244.9Jonathan Leroy22:38.1 PRRockville
245.12Dylan Smith22:40.8 SRWestminster
246.9Bryan Stopek22:42.0 PRCol. Zadok Magruder
247.9Blake Baderian22:43.1 PRWestminster
248.10Michael Ozgun22:45.5 SRWestminster
249.10Alfred Hurst22:48.8 PRGaithersburg
250.9Joey Bird22:50.5 PRCol. Zadok Magruder
251.10Alex Sappington22:50.7 PRGaithersburg
252.10Justin Smedley22:53.0 SRRiver Hill
253.11William Bravo22:53.9 PRNorthwood
254.9Justin Argauer22:54.4 SRRiver Hill
255.10William Kuehl22:55.2 PRNorth Hagerstown
256.9Michael Pierre23:07.0 SRGaithersburg
257.9Eric Musa23:07.4 SRUrbana
258.12Estaban Piedramartel23:11.6 PRCol. Zadok Magruder
259.12Coleman Mchose23:12.6 PRNorth Hagerstown
260.11Garrett House23:14.4 PRNorth Hagerstown
261.9Matthew Martin23:15.7 PRNorthwood
262.10Justin Moser23:17.1 PRWestminster
263.9Benny Sigler23:19.0 PRNorth Hagerstown
264.9Ethan Fields23:19.4 SRNorth Hagerstown
265.11Magnus Nuako23:20.0 SRNorthwood
266.9Kameron King23:21.5 SRLong Reach
267.9Harrison Hamilton23:21.9 PRSouth Hagerstown
268.9Eric Elliott23:23.7 PRNorth Hagerstown
269.12Steven Monaghan23:26.3 SRNorthwood
270.9James Stell24:00.4 SRSouth Hagerstown
271.11Will Miyashita24:05.1 PRCol. Zadok Magruder
272.9Joo Yoo Song24:07.0 PRCol. Zadok Magruder
273.9Menelik Demissi24:30.3 PRGaithersburg
274.10Cody Barnhart24:36.2 PRSouth Hagerstown
275.11Thomas Van Patten24:44.9 PRCol. Zadok Magruder
276.9Zachary Owens25:24.6 PRNorth Hagerstown
277.9Josh Shin25:50.8 SRClarksburg
278.12Freddy Durham25:59.4 PRNorth Hagerstown
279.9Daniel Abebe25:59.6 PRRockville
280.12Peter Durham26:01.1 PRNorth Hagerstown
281.10Stephen Koda26:13.5 SRGaithersburg
282.9Daniel Culver26:18.8 SRNorth Hagerstown
283.12Gabreil Buchbinder26:19.7 PRWalter Johnson
284.11Jack Lyons26:56.1 SRClarksburg
285.10Chris Tang28:40.7 SRNorthwood
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Womens Results

3 Mile Small School Varsity  
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  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Meggan Grams17:36.0 PRBoonsboro
2.10Haley Wright17:53.9 PRBoonsboro
3.11Sarah Rinehart18:08.9 PRLiberty
4.10Molly Offstein18:37.8 PRMountain Ridge
5.12Savannah Steinly18:54.3 PRCatoctin
6.12Madison Offstein18:59.1 PRMountain Ridge
7.10Morgan Roach19:01.2 PRHampshire
8.9Lillie Perella19:02.8 PRCatoctin
9.11Andy Bennett19:24.0 PRMountain Ridge
10.10Jennifer Simmons19:26.2 PRWalkersville
11.12Kortney Cunningham19:29.2 PRBoonsboro
12.11Ashleigh Martin19:33.2 SRHampshire
13.11Molly Janc19:38.2 PRCatoctin
14.12Rachel Lipps19:43.1 PRHampshire
15.10Madelin Foland19:45.4 PRSt Maria Goretti
16.11Mary Feaster19:52.0 PRHampshire
17.12Destiny Harrison19:54.8 SRWashington
18.9Julien Webster19:57.1 SRCatoctin
19.10Summer Bingaman20:07.0 SRSouth Carroll
20.12Tina Graf20:10.2 SRSouth Carroll
21.11Ella Hawkins20:12.5Boonsboro
22.11Catrina Russell20:13.5 PRWashington
23.11Caitlin Smith20:22.2 SRLiberty
24.9Sydney Ruckel20:27.3 PRSouth Carroll
25.10Bella Kreiner20:32.4 SRCatoctin
26.10Madison Poland20:35.7 PRMountain Ridge
27.12Brittney Whitley20:37.6 PRLiberty
28.12Jordan Dodson20:39.4Perryville
29.12Megan Demarais20:40.5 PRCatoctin
30.10Ashley Lahay20:42.9 PRSouthern Garrett Co
31.12Hannah Boudreau20:43.2North Carroll (CLOSE...
32.12Michelle Stoker20:51.0 SRLiberty
33.10Danielle Oyster20:52.7 PRWilliamsport
34.12Alyssa Klein20:53.7 PRFrancis Scott Key
35.10Ana Solberg20:55.0 PRBoonsboro
36.11Erin Ashley20:57.1 PRWalkersville
37.12Melinda Staub21:02.9 SRFrancis Scott Key
38.10Lily Foland21:03.2 PRSt Maria Goretti
39.11Caroline McNary21:08.2 SRLiberty
40.9Maya Shoup21:10.9 PRNorth Carroll (CLOSE...
41.11Isabelle Pickett21:14.3 PRLiberty
42.10Cara Netzer21:14.6 PRWalkersville
43.12Sarah Hayden21:15.2 SRSouth Carroll
44.9Quinn Wandalowski21:18.9 SRSmithsburg
45.11Taylor Whittington21:19.1 SRSouth Carroll
46.11Michala Garrison21:25.6 PRFort Hill
47.10Aleah Losoya21:26.0 SRPerryville
48.12Charity Enix21:29.0 PRWalkersville
49.10Elizabeth Boyko21:30.1 PRSouth Carroll
50.11Haley Hartney21:34.2 PRSmithsburg
51.12Anna Trapane21:42.2 PRCatoctin
52.12Tori Boward21:43.6 SRWilliamsport
53.10Morgan Tosten21:45.4 PRWilliamsport
54.11Sierra Montz21:51.4 SRPerryville
55.12Maryellen Hauver21:51.9 PRWalkersville
56.12Keeley Scott22:00.1 SRSt Maria Goretti
57.11Madison Lawrence22:00.9 PRMountain Ridge
58.11Marley Enfield22:01.9 SRBoonsboro
59.10Shay Tasker22:04.0 PRSouthern Garrett Co
60.9Kirsten Tilden22:08.6 SRSmithsburg
61.11Kori Taber22:12.7 PRSmithsburg
62.10Nakiah Dornbusch22:21.9 SRHampshire
63.10Savanna Davis22:25.2 PRNorth Carroll (CLOSE...
64.9Abby Woolverton22:36.4 PRMount Airy Christian...
65.10Joelle Barnhart22:41.9 SRClear Spring
66.12Kasey Combs22:44.2 SRHampshire
67.12Emily Merritt22:47.3 PRSmithsburg
68.12Anne Marie Sullivan22:50.7 SRSt Maria Goretti
69.11Addy Mallery22:55.6 PRMountain Ridge
70.9Hannah Delaney22:58.3 SRClear Spring
71.9Sam Swift23:00.5 SRSouthern Garrett Co
72.11Elizabeth Lowe23:00.8 SRFort Hill
73.12Taylor Sheely23:03.7 PRNorth Carroll (CLOSE...
74.11Yasmine Rodriguez23:09.0 SRWilliamsport
75.9Didem Akbay23:18.2Perryville
76.9Emma Locarnini23:18.5 PRWashington
77.12Kailey Stracka23:23.1 SRSmithsburg
78.12Jennyfer Osuna23:27.0 SRNorth Carroll (CLOSE...
79.12Emma Whelan23:28.2 PRSt Maria Goretti
80.9Lori Getz23:29.9 PRHampshire
81.11Grace Wiiliams23:31.4 SRPerryville
82.11Jensen Twigg23:40.2 PRFort Hill
83.11Heather Homberg23:41.7Southern Garrett Co
84.12Kyra Griffith23:48.4 SRSouthern Garrett Co
85.12Alexandra Henry23:49.7 SRWilliamsport
86.11Katherine Neilson23:51.9 PRMount Airy Christian...
87.9Kayla Losoya23:54.7Perryville
88.10Liz Lunsford23:56.8 PRWilliamsport
89.10Autumn Weyant24:03.0 PRWilliamsport
90.9Julia Thomas24:03.4 SRSmithsburg
91.9Rose Dever24:11.3 PRSt Maria Goretti
92.10Faith Stone24:11.5 SRWashington
93.10Shaina Deen24:11.7 PRFrancis Scott Key
94.10Naesha Paul24:23.7 PRBoonsboro
95.11Kara Rice24:24.1 SRMount Airy Christian...
96.9Emily Gallagher24:28.7 PRNorth Carroll (CLOSE...
97.11Zoie O'Neal24:30.2 PRClear Spring
98.11Mollie Lipka24:47.3Perryville
99.10Briana Whelan24:56.5 SRSt Maria Goretti
100.10Leslie Zamora25:05.2 SRFrancis Scott Key
101.9Amanda Barrett25:06.3 PRNorth Carroll (CLOSE...
102.11Alexa Holland25:28.6 PRFrancis Scott Key
103.11Jade Harbaugh25:44.3 PRFort Hill
104.10Macy Mower25:54.0Mount Airy Christian...
105.12Kenzie McCauley26:49.4 SRSouthern Garrett Co
106.10Sidney Christman26:53.1 PRFort Hill
107.11Haleigh Carr27:55.3 SRWashington
108.12Brooke Wilson28:26.8Washington
109.11Olivia Peterson29:06.1 SRFrancis Scott Key
110.9Kayla Woodring29:35.8 PRClear Spring
111.12Rebecca Wharton30:29.2 PRFort Hill
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3 Mile Small School JV  
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Official Team Scores

4.South Carroll107

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Keelyn Gallagher21:01.2 PRLiberty
2.10Colleen Joy21:42.6 SRLiberty
3.10Angela Squillaro21:47.0 SRLiberty
4.11Katie Holmes21:50.2 SRLiberty
5.9Grace Griffin21:55.2 PRLiberty
6.12Alison Glazier21:58.7 PRLiberty
7.10Reilly Anderson22:25.3 SRHolton-Arms
8.12Clare Specht22:26.2 SRHolton-Arms
9.12Elena Roman22:39.1 SRLiberty
10.9Rowan Goold22:43.7 PRLiberty
11.12Annabelle Gagnon23:04.7 PRSouth Carroll
12.10Alison Richards23:08.5 PRHolton-Arms
13.9Courtney Orndorff23:22.0 PRCatoctin
14.11Lexi Bane23:22.3 SRBoonsboro
15.12Lashanta Tonsil23:22.9 PRBoonsboro
16.10Amy Donna Bittler23:32.3 PRSouth Carroll
17.10Fiona Zahm23:36.0 PRSmithsburg
18.9Sienna Caselle23:39.4 SRCatoctin
19.10Julia Wiles23:53.9 PRSmithsburg
20.9McKenna King23:59.0 PRSouth Carroll
21.11Madison Churchill23:59.6 SRCatoctin
22.11Alexi Doak24:01.7 SRBoonsboro
23.10Susanna Lertora24:17.5 PRCatoctin
24.11Anna Hamel24:18.6 SRSouth Carroll
25.11Kayla Lucas24:22.0 PRPerryville
26.12Elizabeth Kitt24:26.5 SRHolton-Arms
27.10Allison Cline24:28.3 SRSmithsburg
28.9Faith Bruchey24:29.7 PRWilliamsport
29.10Blerina Ruqi24:29.9 PRWilliamsport
30.10Hanah Romsburg24:33.3 PRCatoctin
31.9Ally Vidal24:34.4 SRSmithsburg
32.12Ashley Holder24:43.0 PRHolton-Arms
33.9Jessica Doyle24:53.3 SRBoonsboro
34.9Kiersten Huelsbeck25:02.0 PRPerryville
35.9Ashleigh Turnbaugh25:06.9 SRBoonsboro
36.9Brooke Doane25:07.2 SRPerryville
37.11Megan Lewis25:07.8 SRSmithsburg
38.9Megan Campbell25:08.5 SRWilliamsport
39.11Marianna Ligon25:10.4 SRBoonsboro
40.12Angelina Stice25:26.5 PRLiberty
41.11Maddie Adams25:30.4 PRCatoctin
42.11Taylor Mazelon25:33.8 SRBoonsboro
43.9Christen Dodson25:35.2 PRPerryville
44.12Emily Rowan25:36.4 PRSmithsburg
45.10Abbie Jones25:43.6Boonsboro
46.12Alexis Jack25:43.9 PRWilliamsport
47.12Kara Vanfleet25:52.0 SRSouth Carroll
48.11Lydia Jernigan25:56.9 PRSmithsburg
49.9Shannon Miller26:01.9 PRSouthern Garrett Co
50.11Cassie Buckalew26:04.2 PRLiberty
51.12Maggie Griffin26:34.1 PRLiberty
52.11Jaime D'Ambrosio26:35.9 SRBoonsboro
53.9Brienna Denham26:41.9 PRSmithsburg
54.12Sarah Thompson26:48.8 SRSmithsburg
55.10Marah Williams26:49.3 SRCatoctin
56.10Erica Ngugi26:49.7 PRSmithsburg
57.10Bethany Doak26:54.3 PRBoonsboro
58.12Julia Byram27:05.7 PRLiberty
59.12Victoria Ferguson27:22.8 SRSmithsburg
60.10Lexi Smith27:34.5 PRSmithsburg
61.12Ashley Brown28:18.0 SRSmithsburg
62.9Shannon Mulholland28:20.6 SRLiberty
63.10Grace Hoffman28:20.9 SRSouthern Garrett Co
64.12Justine Hayward28:25.5 PRHolton-Arms
65.11Marie Mies28:27.3 SRWilliamsport
66.9Payton Snyder28:33.7 SRCatoctin
67.11Katherine Gasior28:34.1 PRFrancis Scott Key
68.12Kayla Thomas28:39.2 PRWilliamsport
69.11Alex Garcia28:40.8 PRBoonsboro
70.11Aili Wade28:58.0 PRFrancis Scott Key
71.12Tori Buchanan29:03.2 PRHolton-Arms
72.12Samantha Tilden29:14.8 SRSmithsburg
73.10Anne-Sophie Fratzs...29:31.1 PRHolton-Arms
74.9Mimi Dart29:55.1 PRCatoctin
75.10Kaila Johnson30:11.2 SRWilliamsport
76.9Bailey Minella30:25.3 PRWilliamsport
77.11Anna Brey31:17.1 PRFrancis Scott Key
78.12Rachael Walters31:47.6 SRWilliamsport
79.9Piper Schenk32:11.8 SRSouthern Garrett Co
80.10Kathryn Marlowe35:06.4 SRNorth Carroll (CLOSE...
81.9Madeline Mathers37:02.2 PRNorth Carroll (CLOSE...
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3 Mile Large School Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.11Emily Mulhern17:30.7 PRUrbana
2.11Allison Krein17:46.8 PRRiver Hill
3.10Maria Carberry18:06.8 PRUrbana
4.12Hailey Johnson18:11.2 PRGovernor Thomas John...
5.11Kiernan Keller18:12.4 PRWalter Johnson
6.11Lucie Noall18:19.1 PRClarksburg
7.12Emily Ward18:26.4 PRNorth Hagerstown
8.12Irina Bukharin18:38.3 PRWalter Johnson
9.10Sophie El-Masry18:43.1Richard Montgomery
10.9Katriane Kirsch18:54.2 PRWalter Johnson
11.10Emily Murphy19:03.7 SRWalter Johnson
12.9Abigail Pinto19:05.4 SRGovernor Thomas John...
13.11Kelly Winklbauer19:06.0 SRUrbana
14.11Claire Daniels19:07.0 PRFairfax
15.11Colleen Kernan19:16.0 SRWestminster
16.11Melanie Cirillo19:20.2 PRWalter Johnson
17.12Becca Andersen19:24.5 PRRiver Hill
18.11Brennis Dulany19:37.4 PRRichard Montgomery
19.11Elizabeth Oldhouser19:42.0 PRRiver Hill
20.10Alexis Doon19:49.7 PRNorthwood
21.9Owen Dannelly19:53.8 SRRiver Hill
22.11Courtney Colosimo19:55.0 PRRiver Hill
23.10Ashley Fleming20:04.2 SRFairfax
24.10Eileen Ying20:06.7 SRRiver Hill
25.11Natasha Freed20:12.4 SRGovernor Thomas John...
26.12Mara Erb20:13.9 PRCol. Zadok Magruder
27.12Brittany Appleby-R...20:14.7 PRNorth Hagerstown
28.10Anna Latzko20:15.4 SRRiver Hill
29.10Holly Mordoff20:17.0 PRClarksburg
30.11Elena Brosnan20:17.3 PRClarksburg
31.9Katie Ellett20:20.4 PRWalter Johnson
32.10Kaylee Ryan20:21.8 SRWestminster
33.9Marina Smith20:24.4 PRLangley
34.10Sarah Flatley20:26.8 PRLangley
35.9Erin Frederick20:28.3 PRLangley
36.10Lucy Knapp20:29.6 PRWalter Johnson
37.9Abby Grabowski20:30.7 PRUrbana
38.9Emma Saunders20:37.8 PRLangley
39.12Carolyn Landry20:39.7 PRRockville
40.11Daniela Quiros20:41.8 SRRichard Montgomery
41.12Kayla Hoffmaster20:49.2 PRMusselman
42.12Alise Montgomery20:51.5 PRGaithersburg
43.10Kara Oneill20:53.5 PRUrbana
44.10Diana Narvaez20:53.8 SRUrbana
45.9Sydney Rigsby20:57.5 PRMusselman
46.12Madelyn Trucks21:02.9 SRMusselman
47.9Mickinzi Clark21:07.8 PRWestminster
48.12Elka Lee-Shapiro21:08.4 SRRichard Montgomery
49.11Maya Tracey21:09.4 PRGaithersburg
50.10Caroline Abel21:09.8 SRUrbana
51.11Eileen Morocho21:11.9 PRRockville
52.10Natalie Strassberger21:15.6 SRSouth Hagerstown
53.9Gabriella Armonda21:21.5 PRNorthwood
54.10Beka Rhodes21:26.3 SRNorth Hagerstown
55.11Sydney Rice21:32.8 PRFairfax
56.10Paola Silva21:35.3 PRCol. Zadok Magruder
57.11Susanna Yeh21:39.4 PRCol. Zadok Magruder
58.9Elizabeth Varnon21:44.2 PRFairfax
59.11Nirosha Beekhuysen21:46.0 PRLangley
60.10Emily Newcombe21:46.7 SRRichard Montgomery
61.10Kathleen Ascrizzi21:49.4 SRLangley
62.9Madeline Cheng21:51.9 PRRichard Montgomery
63.9Jillian Wagner21:53.3 SRWestminster
64.12Amanda Harrast21:54.6 PRSouth Hagerstown
65.10Jessica Miller21:58.6 SRSouth Hagerstown
66.11Allegra James22:01.5 PRNorth Hagerstown
67.10Caroline O'Reilly22:03.0 PRSouth Hagerstown
68.9Annie McCarthy22:07.6 PRFairfax
69.10Leila Thompson22:10.8 PRFairfax
70.12Mara DeTrani22:12.0 PRLangley
71.11Adrianne Jacobs22:14.5 PRTuscarora
72.11Tara Trageser22:16.2 PRGovernor Thomas John...
73.12Brooke Attkisson22:21.0 PRFairfax
74.10Mikaela Vega22:21.3 PRGovernor Thomas John...
75.10Kamilla Haldorsen22:23.4 SRWestminster
76.11Faye Schellhase22:25.6 PRClarksburg
77.10Brody Harkless22:29.7 PRNorthwood
78.10Lauren Brown22:30.5 SRWestminster
79.11Jordan Mann22:34.0Westminster
80.11Ashleigh Seager22:36.6 PRClarksburg
81.10Madeline Canning22:41.4 PRGovernor Thomas John...
82.11Antonia Dunnigan22:49.9 SRMusselman
83.12Hailey Hultquist22:53.8 SRCol. Zadok Magruder
84.10Erin O'Hagan22:56.3 SRGovernor Thomas John...
85.11Sage Brewer22:57.6 SRSouth Hagerstown
86.10Danielle Garth22:57.8 PRNorth Hagerstown
87.11Autumn Gill22:58.3 PRSouth Hagerstown
88.9Sonya Radichkova23:14.3 SRGaithersburg
89.11Ruhi Perez23:19.4 PRCol. Zadok Magruder
90.10Shea McCloskey23:33.9 SRClarksburg
91.11Kirsten Campbell23:34.6Musselman
92.11Tiffany Ramcharan23:36.5 SRTuscarora
93.9Leah Ratliff23:38.9 SRMusselman
94.11Mecalia Palmer23:43.0 PRRockville
95.11Erin Johnson23:43.9 PRRockville
96.10Yasmine Boumaiz23:45.7 SRClarksburg
97.12Florence Stevenson23:46.1 SRCol. Zadok Magruder
98.11Kate Milford23:49.1 PRNorth Hagerstown
99.11Laura Goldman23:50.1 PRNorthwood
100.12Vivian Tran23:50.5 PRCol. Zadok Magruder
101.10Paige Kutzera23:52.9 SRNorth Hagerstown
102.11Nicole Manfredo23:57.9 PRTuscarora
103.10VerShonn Majett24:09.4 PRTuscarora
104.10Andrea Duran24:19.4 PRGaithersburg
105.9Bekah Peddicord24:22.9 SRMusselman
106.12Edinam Kumazah24:24.3 PRGaithersburg
107.12Olga Zhigunova24:41.8 PRRockville
108.11Akari Kumagai24:48.9 SRRockville
109.12Jessica Forte24:59.4 PRTuscarora
110.12Olivia Shoop25:06.0South Hagerstown
111.12Sophia Aguierre25:28.6 PRTuscarora
112.12Damaris Tolentino25:40.6 SRRockville
113.9Manpreet Dayal26:01.5 SRNorthwood
114.9Deanna Burke26:23.0 SRTuscarora
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3 Mile Large School JV  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.11Kirsten Kruus20:59.6 PRRiver Hill
2.11Heather McMahon21:03.7 PRRichard Montgomery
3.11Rachel Gold21:10.8 PRRichard Montgomery
4.9Alex Winokur21:17.4 PRUrbana
5.9Amelia Cowan21:20.1 SRRichard Montgomery
6.10Madeline Gefke21:29.6 PRWalter Johnson
7.11Jess Hsu21:33.5 PRLong Reach
8.10Shriya Sharma21:36.6 PRRiver Hill
9.9Emma Cierlitsky21:47.8 PRWestminster
10.11Maayan Albert21:50.2 PRWalter Johnson
11.12Lillian Messer21:55.3 SRRiver Hill
12.10Sabriana Carpenter22:00.8 PRClarksburg
13.11Nicole Young22:02.4 PRRiver Hill
14.11Caroline Wilson22:06.1Langley
15.12Taylor Quesinberry22:07.1 PRWestminster
16.12Kayla Lauer22:07.7 SRWestminster
17.11Emily Hazzard22:08.5 PRRiver Hill
18.10Emma Panullo22:09.0 SRWalter Johnson
19.10Megan Cicerone22:11.6 PRUrbana
20.10Alicia Shread22:14.2 PRRiver Hill
21.9Charlotte Beckford22:25.4 PRRichard Montgomery
22.9Chandra Reiff22:26.3 SRWestminster
23.10Cynthia Kipserem22:28.2 SRRichard Montgomery
24.10Michaela Hepp22:37.7 PRSouth Hagerstown
25.11Laura Kohler22:38.6Richard Montgomery
26.11Brittany Tabora22:38.8 PRRichard Montgomery
27.10Rainie Madsen22:43.8 SRUrbana
28.10Alex Dorsey22:44.1 PRGovernor Thomas John...
29.11Abigail Adamson22:45.1 PRRiver Hill
30.12Alexia Mitchell22:49.8 PRGaithersburg
31.12Laiaunya Coe22:53.3 PRSouth Hagerstown
32.10Caitlin Piemme22:54.9 PRWalter Johnson
33.9Anne Lalor22:56.3Langley
34.9Alyssa Czaban22:57.3 PRLangley
35.11Olivia Mott22:57.6 PRRiver Hill
36.10Grace Chambers22:58.9 PRLangley
37.10Kaitlyn Hennacy23:03.0 PRRiver Hill
38.10Jenna Miller23:03.7 PRSouth Hagerstown
39.12Candace von Hoffman23:05.1 PRLangley
40.12Katherine Meiser23:07.8 PRLangley
41.10Celina Shih23:08.2 PRRiver Hill
42.11Sarah Bank23:10.0 PRRiver Hill
43.11Theresa Menachery23:10.4 SRRiver Hill
44.12Olivia Lynch23:11.2 PRLangley
45.11Bryanna Vacca23:12.5 SRWestminster
46.10Rachel Hodge23:16.3 SRGovernor Thomas John...
47.10Jamie Albaugh23:21.3 PRGovernor Thomas John...
48.10Jessica Landro23:22.8 PRUrbana
49.10Amanda Fortin23:27.3 PRRiver Hill
50.12Ava Shomaker23:28.7 PRLangley
51.10Alice Choe23:29.8 PRRiver Hill
52.10Amanda Iovine23:34.7 PRRiver Hill
53.9Jennifer Hornor23:39.5 SRRiver Hill
54.9Anya Huffman23:40.5 SRLangley
55.10Calie Hemgen23:43.7 SRGovernor Thomas John...
56.10Natalie Pandolfi23:44.7 SRSouth Hagerstown
57.11Elyse Kane23:49.4 PRNorth Hagerstown
58.10Taylor Gauss23:50.0 PRWestminster
59.10Casey Jung23:52.3 PRUrbana
60.12Tori Kushner24:02.0 PRWestminster
61.12Maria Lopez24:06.7 SRLangley
62.11Jackie Smith24:07.1 PRRichard Montgomery
63.9Tahmeia Dingle24:09.3 PRSouth Hagerstown
64.10Elena Kindy24:11.7 PRWalter Johnson
65.10Annie Storck24:15.9 SRCol. Zadok Magruder
66.11Alexandra Parrish24:18.9 SRRichard Montgomery
67.11Alexa Perry24:20.0 SRRichard Montgomery
68.9Helen Hayes24:24.4 SRUrbana
69.10Makenzie Keepers24:26.5 PRGovernor Thomas John...
70.9Madeleine Collen24:26.8 PRRiver Hill
71.9Marianna Mora24:27.2 PRWalter Johnson
72.9Jade Miller24:29.2 PRLong Reach
73.12Maryam Ghaderi-Yeg...24:30.6 SRRichard Montgomery
74.9Allie Forti24:32.6 PRSouth Hagerstown
75.9Paige Caine24:32.9 SRRiver Hill
76.9Margaret Whaley24:36.9 PRRichard Montgomery
77.11Morgan Guzman24:38.3 PRUrbana
78.12Lucy Kanyenda24:42.0 PRRichard Montgomery
79.12Carley Border24:42.5 PRWestminster
80.11Madison Burley24:43.6 PRUrbana
81.9Maria McCollough24:46.1 SRCol. Zadok Magruder
82.12Sophie Ros24:47.7 PRWheaton
83.10Natalie McHale24:48.5 PRNorth Hagerstown
84.10Shyanne Hall24:52.5 PRGaithersburg
85.9Spencer Copeland24:52.7 PRGaithersburg
86.10Nanka Silue24:54.6 PRRichard Montgomery
87.9Paulina Payne24:55.0 PRUrbana
88.10Kajal Parikh24:56.7 PRWestminster
89.10Adrianna Campher25:01.5 SRNorth Hagerstown
90.12Caitlin Stewart-Mo...25:07.4 PRRiver Hill
91.9Victoria Gulas25:09.0 SRRiver Hill
92.11Alison Hawes25:09.8 PRRiver Hill
93.12Theresa Moriarty25:14.5 PRGovernor Thomas John...
94.9Caroline Smith25:20.7 SRRichard Montgomery
95.11Patricia Holmes25:28.5 SRSouth Hagerstown
96.11Maya Lalouani25:29.7 PRWalter Johnson
97.9Natalie Sturtz25:30.1 PRWestminster
98.9Javana Jones25:31.8 PRGaithersburg
99.9Madeleine Ward25:41.4 PRNorth Hagerstown
100.12Amber Lawless25:43.5 PRWestminster
101.12Kelley Calandrelle25:47.9 SRSouth Hagerstown
102.12Katie Wang25:49.9 PRRichard Montgomery
103.11Abby Brady25:53.3 SRUrbana
104.9Eliz Hasbay25:55.9 PRRiver Hill
105.9Nicole Hultquist25:59.7 PRCol. Zadok Magruder
106.11Lauren Baker26:02.1 PRWestminster
107.10Mary Ton26:09.9 PRLong Reach
108.12Stephanie Martin26:17.2 PRRockville
109.10Rebecca Currica26:19.3 PRGaithersburg
110.11Ashlyn Hill26:25.6 PRLong Reach
111.12Vanessa Moreno26:27.0 PRTuscarora
112.9Eda Hasbay26:28.6 PRRiver Hill
113.11Christine Mabry26:33.8 PRGaithersburg
114.12Julia Knapp26:37.4 SRTuscarora
115.9Yamilet Ventura26:37.7 PRTuscarora
116.12Kristian Carroll26:44.9 PRNorth Hagerstown
117.11Angenelle Carrion26:49.0 PRRichard Montgomery
118.11Jayla Jones26:50.1 SRRichard Montgomery
119.9Margaret Brady26:51.5 SRRichard Montgomery
120.9Cara Watkins26:54.7 PRWestminster
121.11Madison Campbell27:04.3 SRTuscarora
122.12Kristen Haupt27:18.6South Hagerstown
123.9Alayna Lightfield27:25.3 PRLong Reach
124.10Zoe Keener27:34.1 PRSouth Hagerstown
125.11Ayanna McDonald27:51.7 SRSouth Hagerstown
126.11Zora Williams27:56.8 PRRockville
127.10Marissa Nardella28:12.2 PRWalter Johnson
128.12Cynthia Zhang28:12.8 SRClarksburg
129.10Kylah Barnes28:19.8 PRNorth Hagerstown
130.10Anna Szymanska28:21.0 PRTuscarora
131.9Skylar Rice28:23.4 SRNorth Hagerstown
132.10Tatyana Benjamin28:26.1 PRRichard Montgomery
133.9Sophie McLeod28:37.5 PRNorthwood
134.9Melissa Gabbidon28:48.3 PRNorth Hagerstown
135.10Monika Venturini28:58.3 SRTuscarora
136.10Ebada Mun29:05.6 PRNorth Hagerstown
137.11Yeleny Rivera-Flores29:16.4 PRNorthwood
138.9Ayana Coe29:37.6 PRSouth Hagerstown
139.11Claire McCutheon29:45.7 SRUrbana
140.9Samantha Tinsley30:14.0 PRTuscarora
141.10Nadia Williams30:23.2 PRGaithersburg
142.9Molly Stewart30:34.7 SRNorth Hagerstown
143.9Fidelia Gaba30:38.0 PRWalter Johnson
144.10Kel VanPelt31:47.3 PRSouth Hagerstown
145.9Kelly Gonzalez31:48.1 PRSouth Hagerstown
146.10Jesse Zacky32:45.0 PRLong Reach
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