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KSHSAA Class 4A Regional 2012 HS

Saturday, October 20, 2012

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Meet Host - This Meet Currently Has No Host Listed
Location - Garnett Country Club, Garnett, KS
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Mens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
Womens Races
4,000 Meters Varsity
4,000 Meters Junior Varsity
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

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Official Team Scores

8.Spring Hill177
9.Santa Fe Trail235
12.Anderson County308
13.Prairie View320
1.11Ethan Hartzell17:12.16Baldwin
2.11Tyler Powelson18:08.00Iola
3.10Joe Pierce18:12.78Baldwin
4.12Lane Harris18:16.11Paola
5.11Trent Latta18:23.28Iola
6.10Jonathan Miller18:24.56Eudora
7.11Jeremy Spears18:25.06Iola
8.11Daniel White18:27.09Ottawa
9.9George Letner18:48.69Baldwin
10.10Chandler Summers18:50.15Chanute
11.11Michael Gallagher18:52.96Spring Hill
12.11Hank Cloninger18:53.90Pittsburg
13.11Derrick Zaldivar18:54.84Santa Fe Trail
14.11Jamie Silvers18:56.47Paola
15.10Nick Reynolds18:57.68Spring Hill
16.9Brandon Yates18:59.41Ottawa
17.11Tristin Chapman19:07.96Eudora
18.12Dallas Gloss19:09.65Santa Fe Trail
19.10Sam White19:16.52Ottawa
20.9Israel Gulley19:19.00Paola
21.10Brandon Nanninga19:20.75Ottawa
22.11Kaleb Konitzer19:26.06Prairie View
23.12Dalton Strickell19:26.87Eudora
24.9Zach Smith19:29.37Baldwin
25.12Ryan Colston19:31.18Chanute
26.9Josh Christian19:31.75Ottawa
27.10Michael Hanson19:38.24Spring Hill
28.9Jon Zimmerman19:39.56Girard
29.11Tucker Clark19:43.02Baldwin
30.10Trace Buckle19:47.06Girard
31.12Jeremiah Jones19:49.50Pittsburg
32.10Nate Pawley19:52.00Santa Fe Trail
33.10Aaron Pyle19:54.00Girard
34.11Braden Brown19:55.43Pittsburg
35.12Austin Tuggle19:55.90Eudora
36.9Jayce McQueen19:56.28Eudora
37.10Tanner Myers19:56.78Louisburg
38.9Nevin Dunn20:01.24Baldwin
39.12Colton Horne20:02.08Baldwin
40.11Austin Lowe20:05.12Girard
41.12Cole Hutchins20:05.49Eudora
42.10Vincent Trujillo20:11.28Anderson County
43.12Conner Lair20:14.56Chanute
44.11Michael Wilson20:16.24Iola
45.12Isaac Klugh20:16.96Chanute
46.11Drew Zimmerman20:17.41Girard
47.10Chase Mercer20:18.24Paola
48.11Dalton Land20:21.93Louisburg
49.9Tyler Jumet20:22.78Anderson County
50.12Bobby Allen20:25.00Chanute
51.10Andrew Hartsock20:28.18Spring Hill
52.10Blaine Klubek20:28.50Iola
53.11Giovanni Carrette20:28.91Paola
54.10Logan Glenn20:34.56Louisburg
55.10Louis Brunetti20:36.18Frontenac
56.12Nathan Patterson20:36.52Anderson County
57.12Lane O'Toole20:37.00Girard
58.9Zach St. Claire20:40.84Iola
59.10Drew Birzer20:44.18Ottawa
60.11Doug Kueser20:44.90Osawatomie
61.11Brandon Reese20:46.19Prairie View
62.11Gunnar Norris20:47.02Eudora
63.10Brady Lambeth20:49.21Louisburg
64.9Alex Slawson20:50.90Paola
65.12Sean King20:51.56Paola
66.11Jackson Schlotterb...20:52.15Ottawa
67.9Brendon Chris John20:53.84Osawatomie
68.10Trace McKnight20:55.37Frontenac
69.11Justin Bussell20:55.90Louisburg
70.10Hunter Poage20:57.06Osawatomie
71.10Tanner Forrest20:59.03Frontenac
72.10Bobby Hargis21:04.09Prairie View
73.10Sam Fenton21:06.52Spring Hill
74.12Star Carter21:07.50Anderson County
75.12Nicholas Carman21:08.06Chanute
76.11Nick Lewis21:15.50Osawatomie
77.10Taylor Burton21:24.90Spring Hill
78.12Andy Dennison21:25.40Santa Fe Trail
79.11Trey Tindell21:30.56Frontenac
80.11Tanum Dillion21:31.00Girard
81.9Garrett Tatro21:46.84Fort Scott
82.11Nicholas Lee22:07.37Prairie View
83.10Alex Reynolds22:10.75Spring Hill
84.12Braden Cotton22:11.25Chanute
85.9Tanner Epperson22:29.11Prairie View
86.11Garrett Harmon22:36.75Pittsburg
87.11Ty Spurling22:40.96Frontenac
88.12Blaine Katzer22:45.65Anderson County
89.10Brandon Pace22:49.02Osawatomie
90.10Dillon Brookeshire22:50.68Frontenac
91.11Josh Allmon22:57.50Pittsburg
92.11Chance Jolly22:58.56Osawatomie
93.11Jacob Cooper23:05.31Iola
94.11Ryan Urban23:11.55Louisburg
95.10Jacob Makowski23:30.59Santa Fe Trail
96.12Aaron Troglia23:45.12Frontenac
97.11Riley Wallace24:03.12Santa Fe Trail
98.12Sean Call24:22.02Santa Fe Trail
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Womens Results

4,000 Meters Varsity  

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Official Team Scores

3.Anderson County103
6.Spring Hill145
9.Santa Fe Trail200
1.11Katren Reinbolt15:32.43Fort Scott
2.12Kaitlyn Barnes16:28.68Baldwin
3.10Taylor Jameson16:29.96Frontenac
4.12Amanda Moody16:43.75Anderson County
5.11Christian Provence16:44.59Girard
6.10Maddison Dispensa16:46.15Chanute
7.11Katie Jo Kirk16:47.41Paola
8.11Lauren Frederick16:50.38Paola
9.10Rebecca Wright16:51.50Paola
10.11Sarah Jewett16:52.06Pittsburg
11.9Abigail Taylor16:53.40Iola
12.12Makaela Willis16:57.34Spring Hill
13.9Addie Dick16:59.41Baldwin
14.10Natalie Eppler17:01.96Paola
15.12Danelle Topil17:05.09Eudora
16.9Talia Ramsey17:10.21Chanute
17.10Jessica Wright17:11.66Paola
18.11Libby Verhaeghe17:14.87Baldwin
19.9Isabel Sibley17:20.18Anderson County
20.11Katie Jones17:27.43Baldwin
21.12Jenna Schroeder17:30.52Girard
22.12Sienna Durr17:34.31Baldwin
23.9Fayth Peterson17:34.66Baldwin
24.11Anna Brown17:39.90Eudora
25.9Gwendolyn Sibley17:40.37Anderson County
26.9Paige Scheckel17:41.78Anderson County
27.12Hayden Herlocker17:45.27Girard
28.10Devin DeShazer17:45.78Santa Fe Trail
29.12Melissa Adkins17:47.28Chanute
30.11Kelsey Balluch17:48.87Eudora
31.12Macy Carbajo17:51.15Spring Hill
32.10Cace McDowell17:54.34Paola
33.11Regan Boyer17:55.28Paola
34.10Sharissa Daw17:56.68Ottawa
35.12Julia Schnell17:58.10Spring Hill
36.10Macy Burke18:02.78Spring Hill
37.12Makenzie Herren18:06.75Santa Fe Trail
38.9Chloe Jo Fewins18:11.79Eudora
39.10Tabor Spurling18:20.37Frontenac
40.11Jennifer Hall18:22.62Santa Fe Trail
41.9Hana Coleman18:24.06Frontenac
42.10Bailee Wilson18:25.28Anderson County
43.12Hannah Thomas18:27.00Ottawa
44.10Rachel Manis18:27.65Ottawa
45.10Rena Stair18:30.46Chanute
46.12Brooke Smith18:33.87Spring Hill
47.12Carly Bradshaw18:37.43Girard
48.12Maci Roy18:40.40Prairie View
49.10Eliza Sibley18:40.87Anderson County
50.9Remington Hedges18:41.31Anderson County
51.12Kiersten Metzen18:42.00Santa Fe Trail
52.9Ashlee Beitzinger18:59.28Pittsburg
53.12Michaela Gustafson18:59.68Spring Hill
54.12Alex Crossen19:01.41Ottawa
55.12Madison Smith19:02.14Girard
56.9Madison Lofing19:06.18Osawatomie
57.9Madi Rollins19:08.37Chanute
58.11Kalli Moreland19:14.87Louisburg
59.10Courtney Lemon19:15.31Chanute
60.9Paige Petersen19:22.00Ottawa
61.10Lilly Smith19:33.24Spring Hill
62.10Abby Welcher19:36.72Frontenac
63.12Erika Doty19:41.28Ottawa
64.11Briahna Beckman19:49.71Santa Fe Trail
65.9Karlie Zafuta19:58.93Frontenac
66.11Allie Moody20:07.93Frontenac
67.9Maria Wellman20:16.46Eudora
68.9Grace Willis20:16.90Fort Scott
69.12Lacy Snow20:23.66Prairie View
70.10Sydney Gulley20:26.21Eudora
71.9Bryanna Longacre20:32.68Eudora
72.9Skye Dunnaway20:42.49Santa Fe Trail
73.10Katie Massa20:50.02Girard
74.9Marcella Devalke21:05.12Osawatomie
75.9Abby Pruitt21:34.96Ottawa
76.12Rachael Forrestt21:54.91Santa Fe Trail
77.11Nichole Butcher22:13.96Frontenac
78.9Maddie McDaniel23:18.16Louisburg
79.9Kitana Diediker23:52.31Osawatomie
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