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Mens Races
1.8 Miles Varsity
Womens Races
1.8 Miles Varsity
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The course stays on the smaller loop around the athletic fields. Two full loops, one partial loop, plus the start.

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Mens Results

1.8 Miles Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.11Ryan Kavanaugh9:44Sunset
2.12Armand Reitz9:54Sunset
3.11Arslan Quraishi10:00Sunset
4.9Aaron Back10:17Sunset
5.11Paul Graves10:20Sunset
6.10Sean Reilly10:43Sunset
7.10Charlie Barber10:45Sunset
8.12Bo Mills10:52Sunset
9.9Riley Brogan10:56Sunset
10.12Ryan Meyer10:58Sunset
11.11Nick Kuzma11:02Sunset
12.10Tommy Boyle11:07Sunset
13.12Andrew Howell11:45Sunset
14.12Jeremy Hillyer11:48Sunset
15.11Scott Eames11:50Sunset
16.9Kory Andersen11:51Sunset
17.10Chris Burnett12:04Sunset
18.10Kevin Eames12:10Sunset
19.11David Chiang12:14Sunset
20.9CJ Spisla12:24Sunset
21.10Ben Francis12:32Sunset
22.9Erikkson Baird12:39Sunset
23.9Josh Mazzarella12:39Sunset
24.9Nick Morello13:34Sunset
25.9Kellen Van Pelt14:11Sunset
26.9Aaron Sleasman17:56Sunset
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Womens Results

1.8 Miles Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.11Audrey Botti10:58Sunset
2.12Crissy Foster11:17Sunset
3.12Ellen Lekas11:49Sunset
4.10Alexa Foster12:27Sunset
5.10Iris Craig12:35Sunset
6.10Lindsey Hartung12:37Sunset
7.11Laura Burros12:39Sunset
8.9Jessica Gamroth12:45Sunset
9.10Tiffany White13:01Sunset
10.11Maddie Rousseau13:45Sunset
11.12Andrea Leiken13:50Sunset
12.11Kirsten Gotting14:16Sunset
13.10Susanna Cai14:42Sunset
14.9Becca Buthe14:47Sunset
15.11Stephanie Middleton15:07Sunset
16.11Amber Maheu15:22Sunset
17.9Allisa Williams15:23Sunset
18.11Kelly DeFacci15:25Sunset
19.11Jenna Grabarek15:32Sunset
20.11Samantha Eller15:54Sunset
21.9Emily Braun15:55Sunset
22.9Hannah Friesen16:01Sunset
23.10Grace Ellen Mahoney16:05Sunset
24.9Hailey Steineke16:09Sunset
25.11Liza Joung23:35Sunset
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