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3,000 Meters Middle School 3:45 PM
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3,000 Meters Middle School 3:15 PM

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Mens Results

3,000 Meters Middle School  

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1.8Jesse Wells11:13Siuslaw
2.7Garrett Ramsey11:18Joseph Lane
3.8Bruno Gegenhuber11:33Joseph Lane
4.8Teagan Settelmeyer11:34Lincoln
5.8Jacob Bruhn11:39Lincoln
6.8Manny Romero11:40Lincoln
7.6Mitchell Butler11:47Siuslaw
8.7Andrew Weber12:06Joseph Lane
9.7Kai Seely12:23Joseph Lane
10.8Zack Lupton12:49Siuslaw
11.6Jacob Kirby12:56Siuslaw
12.8Tyler Becherer12:57Joseph Lane
13.6Mack Marbas13:01Siuslaw
14.8Levi Holden13:19Fremont
15.6CJ Ball13:22Joseph Lane
16.7Matt Campbell13:27Siuslaw
17.7Brent Finnell13:31Siuslaw
18.8John Talik13:40Joseph Lane
19.8Ryan Murphy13:45Siuslaw
20.7Bryson Allen13:46Joseph Lane
21.7AJ Anderson13:52Sutherlin
23.7Isaac Kerner13:56Siuslaw
24.7Nate Hansen14:11Joseph Lane
25.8Aaron Costner14:11Fremont
26.6Alec Johnson14:12Joseph Lane
27.6Ryan Fetsch14:28Joseph Lane
28.6David Rodriguez14:29Joseph Lane
29.8Perrin Kaney14:34Fremont
30.8Camren May14:40Fremont
31.7Drew Groshong14:44Joseph Lane
32.7Thorin Tucker14:58Sutherlin
14.6Bryan Bergold15:01Fremont
33.7Devin Caylor15:08Joseph Lane
34.7Justin Blodgett15:10Sutherlin
35.7Jacob Dean15:12Fremont
36.7Zack Moffit15:16Joseph Lane
37.7Daniel Hazen15:42Lincoln
38.6Sean Bowden15:53Joseph Lane
39.6Christian Hanson15:57Joseph Lane
40.8James Queant16:07Fremont
41.8Chris Ryan16:07Siuslaw
42.6Mitchell Stonelake16:08Siuslaw
43.7Nathanial Schmidt16:09Sutherlin
44.7Tristan Wusstig16:14Sutherlin
45.6Ian James16:17Joseph Lane
46.8Robbie Austin16:46Joseph Lane
47.6Jake Mai16:55Joseph Lane
48.7Ryan Smith17:04Sutherlin
49.6Jorden Ford17:07Joseph Lane
50.7Carson Galbreath17:40Lincoln
51.8Patrick Brady17:48Joseph Lane
52.7Micah Helvie18:04Sutherlin
53.8Ethan Frye18:05Joseph Lane
54.8Corey Davis20:56Sutherlin
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