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Meet Info

Mens Races
1.5 Mile Middle School12:00 PM

Lake Osoyoos State Park

3 Mile Varsity 1:00 PM
3 Mile Junior Varsity1:30 PM
Womens Races
1.5 Mile Middle School12:00 PM

Lake Osoyoos State Park

3 Mile Varsity & JV12:30 PM
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Welcome to the 2013 Oroville Invitational

Time Schedule

11:45 Coaches Meeting                  
12:00 Boys & Girls Middle School Race    
12:30 Girls Varsity & JV Race                   
1:00 Boys Varsity  & JV Race                              
Awards As soon as possible                                                 


Race Information

Each runner will wear a race tag marked with their name and school  Tags will be pulled as the runner crosses the finish line. Only the varsity races will be scored, but the rest of the runners will have tags so times can be matched to names.


There will be a trophy for the first place team in each Varsity Race.

 There will be medals for 1st place in the varsity races and ribbons for the 2nd through 10th.  Middle School races will have ribbons for 1st through 10th place,

Entry Fee

There is a $35 entry fee.

Please send to :

Oroville High School

 816 Juniper St.

Oroville, WA 98844

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Mens Results

1.5 Mile Middle School  
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Official Team Scores

3.Liberty Bell48

Hypothetical Scores

1.8Gideon Bolton8:03.89Omak
2.8Eli Nielsen8:04Liberty Bell
3.8Kyle Holborn8:29Omak
4.7Israel Escamilla8:30Omak
5.8Dawson Click9:01Omak
6.7Gunnar Hilderbrandt9:07Republic
7.8Tim Haley9:11Liberty Bell
8.7Taylor Connors9:25Republic
9.8Justin McDonald9:26Tonasket
10.8Samuel Strandberg9:28Tonasket
11.Ryan Rose9:33Republic
12.7Jakob Pyeatt9:53Republic
13.7Brayden White10:04Liberty Bell
14.7Lazo Gitchos10:12Liberty Bell
15.7Caeleb Hardesty10:20Tonasket
16.7Adam Steinshouer10:33Tonasket
17.Cody Kurtz10:49Republic
18.7Andrick Carroll10:50Omak
19.7Ian Hamrick10:53Republic
20.7Zach Strong10:55Liberty Bell
21.7Alex Johns12:04Omak
22.7Braeden O'Dell13:02Omak
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3 Mile Varsity  
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Official Team Scores

1.Liberty Bell36
6.Lake Roosevelt154

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Spencer Elmore16:00Quincy
2.10Ben Klemmeck16:04Liberty Bell
3.12Liam Daily16:06Liberty Bell
4.11Duncan Forsman16:34Republic
5.11Victor Salgado16:43Quincy
6.11Willy Duguay16:52Liberty Bell
7.12Morgan O'Dell16:54Omak
8.11Jimmy Garcia17:09Quincy
9.11Ivan Reyes17:10Chelan
10.10Oren Cox17:14Bridgeport
11.12Morgan Ott17:28Liberty Bell
12.10Spencer Reiss17:33Republic
13.11Gustavo Mendoza17:36Quincy
14.11Josiah Klemmeck17:44Liberty Bell
15.10Julio Vera17:46Chelan
16.10Taylor Campbell17:51Republic
17.11Sam Thomas17:53Manson
18.10Kieran Poore17:57Republic
19.12Samuel Goble17:58Omak
20.10Jag Baines18:01Omak
21.12Miguel Leyva18:03Manson
22.10Luis Alvarez18:13Manson
23.11Ray Yazzie18:24Lake Roosevelt
24.11Thomas vanSinten18:36Omak
25.11Jesus Guzman18:40Quincy
26.11Dominick Cotton18:49Lake Roosevelt
27.9Alfonso Medina19:02Omak
28.10Brair Ivory19:16Chelan
29.9Daniel Cruz19:17Quincy
30.10Luis Orozco19:19Brewster
31.10Robert George19:20Lake Roosevelt
32.12Cameron Leonard19:21Republic
33.9Carter Dornfeld19:22Liberty Bell
34.9Rowan Davis19:23Republic
35.10Nicholas Lopez19:24Quincy
36.12Logan Szafas19:30Liberty Bell
37.10Maricio Reyes19:32Chelan
38.11Marc Martinez19:34Bridgeport
39.11Jasmair Baines19:36Omak
40.10Bryden Hires19:38Tonasket
41.10Victor Chacon19:40Brewster
42.12Diego Santana19:42Oroville
43.11Abe Podkranic19:44Tonasket
44.12Brandon Desautel19:46Lake Roosevelt
45.11Coltin Williams19:48Lake Roosevelt
46.11Smith Condon19:51Tonasket
47.12Tim Jackson20:00Tonasket
48.9Hunter Swanson20:16Tonasket
49.12Cole Chamberlin20:20Republic
50.9Jerry Palmer20:30Lake Roosevelt
51.12Daniel Campobasso20:49Lake Roosevelt
52.9Lloyd Scott20:56Republic
53.11Nahum Garfias20:58Oroville
54.11Juan Garcia21:00Chelan
55.12Ian Kennedy21:04Republic
56.11Edgar Arroyo21:23Brewster
57.10Javier Castillo21:25Oroville
58.11Miguel Garza21:37Bridgeport
59.10n a21:49Oroville
60.10Jose Cabrales21:56Chelan
61.11Jovani Torres22:10Bridgeport
62.11Tyler Czapiewski22:12Republic
63.10Jovani Barrios22:18Brewster
64.9Raul Jimenez22:26Brewster
65.12Jonathan Hernadez23:04Chelan
66.10n a23:20Oroville
67.11Danny Martinez24:09Bridgeport
68.10Allen McHenry24:26Brewster
69.10Dakota Haney24:28Oroville
70.10Dylan Drennan24:56Republic
71.9Liam Chamberlin25:22Republic
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3 Mile Junior Varsity  
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Official Team Scores


Hypothetical Scores

1.12Erik Ellis19:49Liberty Bell
2.11Brandon Day19:56Quincy
3.12Ismael Guerrero20:05Quincy
4.10Dylan Baty20:18Quincy
5.12Luis Perez20:32Quincy
6.9Cyril Berndt20:45Quincy
7.10Geza Sukovaty20:47Liberty Bell
8.9Austin Hughes20:55Omak
9.9Cesar Cuevas21:47Quincy
10.12Luis Mota21:58Quincy
11.10Gabe Holz22:05Omak
12.9Gabe Elmore23:24Quincy
13.9Will Friedlander23:27Lake Roosevelt
14.10Octavio Bustos23:28Quincy
15.9Tyler Bergevin-Kru...26:52Liberty Bell
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Womens Results

1.5 Mile Middle School  
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Official Team Scores


Hypothetical Scores

1.Tiffany Byington9:23.8Republic
2.8Camille Wilson9:41Tonasket
3.8Katie Henneman9:44Tonasket
4.8Jennifer O'Dell9:59Omak
5.7Joleen Nush10:08Republic
6.7Kaylee Bobadilla10:10Tonasket
7.8Kailee Rittel10:14Republic
8.8Carlie Rittel10:19Republic
9.7Sage Borgias10:30Liberty Bell
10.8Megan Bolich10:39Tonasket
11.8Morgan Tyus10:52Tonasket
12.7Bethany Davidson11:06Omak
13.Serena Davis11:13Republic
14.7Evangeline Lamb12:08Omak
15.7Noni Alley12:23Tonasket
16.7Katie Rawley12:45Oroville
17.7Morgan Miller12:53Republic
18.7Riata Marchant15:19Omak
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3 Mile Varsity & JV  
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Official Team Scores


Hypothetical Scores

1.12Sierra Speiker17:42Oroville
2.9Shania Graham20:22Republic
3.9Jessica Oules20:36Chelan
4.9Addison Ivory20:49Chelan
5.8Ashley Palmer21:05Lake Roosevelt
6.9Alex O'Dell21:10Omak
7.11Abigail Early21:40Omak
8.10Alexis Walker21:49Republic
9.9Johnna Terris21:53Tonasket
10.12Amber Monroe22:05Tonasket
11.10Diana Montes22:09Omak
12.10Dezarae Westra22:17Quincy
13.10Sarah O'Dell22:22Omak
14.12Francia Orozco22:24Quincy
15.12Rhiannon Easter22:37Pateros
16.12Kennedy Duck23:08Omak
17.12Alexia Hanway23:25Lake Roosevelt
18.12Mary Ann Matheson23:27Lake Roosevelt
19.11Letty Trejo23:33Bridgeport
20.9Kiana Koepke23:41Republic
21.12Raia Belcher23:52Republic
22.12Lilly Schlotzhauer23:54Liberty Bell
23.11Anabel Valdovinos24:02Bridgeport
24.10Melissa Gray24:05Pateros
25.11Lea Berger24:19Tonasket
26.12Mariajose DeAlva24:23Quincy
27.10Jasmine Dodgen24:31Omak
28.12Victoria Carrizales24:46Quincy
29.12Catlin Hunt24:58Chelan
30.11Camille Bolton25:14Omak
31.12Victoria Bolton25:31Omak
32.12Leticia Blancas26:05Quincy
33.12Azusena Guzman26:11Brewster
34.9Phoebe Poynter26:28Oroville
35.11Elsie Valdovinos26:38Bridgeport
36.10Delaney Lester26:43Omak
37.12Clare Castrodale26:47Lake Roosevelt
38.11Estefany Chavarin27:34Quincy
39.11Anai Palacios27:58Bridgeport
40.12Laura Montano28:06Quincy
41.10Maddy Varrelman30:01Bridgeport
42.12Talia Donihue31:14Republic
43.12Kaylee Foster32:39Oroville
44.10Han Luong35:22Quincy
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