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Mens Races

Ash Creek Preserve 3K

3,000 Meters Junior Varsity10:55 AM

Ash Creek Preserve 5K

5,000 Meters Varsity11:45 PM
Womens Races

Ash Creek Preserve 3K

3,000 Meters Junior Varsity10:30 AM
3,000 Meters Varsity11:20 PM
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We are edging nearer to the race!

Entry fees are $50 per gender. We will take checks on site. Cash will be accepted, but change cannot be guaranteed.

The time schedule is on the meet homepage here on

Many of you have emailed us with questions regarding the length of the races. What is listed on this page is correct: Varsity boys will run 5000 meters, while every other race will be 3000 meters (Varsity girls included).

Post-event, we will be hosting open 3x500 meter relays for any coach or athlete who wants to test their footspeed on a custom grass track.

Awards will follow, with the top ten finishers in each varsity race receving shirts. Winning varsity teams will also receive commemorative shirts. There is no limit on the number of runners who may run in the varisty race, but winning teams will be limited to ten shirts.

All entries will take place here on We will be compiling results using this site's excel meet manager, so we plan on having final results very shortly after the conclusion of the final race.

The Ash Creek Preserve is Western Oregon's on-campus course, host site of the 2012, 2013, and 2014 Great Northwest Athletic Conference Championship meets. Directions are listed below:

Interstate 5 Northbound:

Take Interstate 5 Exit 228 and follow highway 34 towards Corvallis. After crossing the Willamette River into Corvallis, turn right onto scenic highway 99W at the second light past the bridge. Continue north about 20 miles. Take a left onto Main Street (traffic light). Take a right onto Stadium Drive. Parking will be available in Lot J on the left (near the soccer/softball fields).
Interstate 5 Southbound:
Take exit 260-A (Salem Parkway) and follow into Salem until it merges with Commercial Street. Continue on Commercial to Marion Street, and then turn right and cross the Marion Street bridge. Merge into the left lane and take Highway 22 West. Continue on Highway 22 about 10 miles to exit 16 (Monmouth/McMinnville). Turn right on the overpass, and then turn right again and merge on to Highway 99W. Continue about six miles into Monmouth and turn right on Jackson street. Stay on Jackson past the first entrance to WOU and continue all the way to Stadium Drive. Turn right on Stadium Drive. Parking will be available in Lot J on the left (near the soccer/softball fields)

If you need an invoice for the entry fee in advance or if you have any other inquiries, contact Chris Reed, Assistant Cross Country and Track and Field Coach, at

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Mens Results

3,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
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Official Team Scores

3.Crescent Valley79
4.Valley Catholic95
1.11Clay Westbrook10:35 PRSandy
2.9Phillip Borlet10:37Valley Catholic
3.11Tyler Thom10:40 PRSandy
4.9Michael Callaway10:53 SRSandy
5.9Zachary Johnson10:55 PRCorvallis
6.10Nick Adams10:56 PRCrescent Valley
7.10Cody Gay10:59 PRElmira
8.11Zach Moore10:59 PRChurchill
9.10Brick Jennings11:00 PRCorvallis
10.12Taylor Megy11:02 PRCrescent Valley
11.10Dmitri Au11:04 SRNewport
12.10Joe Kim11:05 PRCrescent Valley
13.9Ryan Frederickson11:07 PRCorvallis
14.11Sebastian Galvin11:08 PRSandy
15.12Ryan Khalife11:10 PRCorvallis
16.9Brian Cebra11:11 PRCorvallis
17.9Jackson Tegan11:12 PRCorvallis
18.12James Woods11:12 PRCorvallis
19.10Jacob Dicken11:13Valley Catholic
20.9Joey Biever11:15Valley Catholic
21.11Brendan Bullock11:18 PRSandy
22.12Michael Leslie11:18 SRValley Catholic
23.10Austin Brown11:18 SRMcNary
24.12Brett Boys11:19 PRNewport
25.12Aaron Simpson11:20 PRCrescent Valley
26.11Spencer Wilson11:25 PRCrescent Valley
27.11Harley Gilpin11:27 PRElmira
28.11JT Ayers11:28 PRChurchill
29.12Matt Dalthorp11:29 PRCrescent Valley
30.11Matt Sollman11:29 PRLiberty
31.9Warren Elwood11:31 PRCrescent Valley
32.9Seancarlos Gonzalez11:31Valley Catholic
33.9TzeYee Koh11:31 PRCrescent Valley
34.12Jacob Hanna11:33 PRNewport
35.9Patrick Braunger11:34 PRElmira
36.11Ryan Howerton11:36Valley Catholic
37.10Eric Alvarez11:36 SRLiberty
38.12Nathan Bearden11:37 PRNewport
39.11Nick Smith11:37 SRValley Catholic
40.11Trey Hackett11:38 PRElmira
41.9Gregory Murphy11:39 PRCrescent Valley
42.11Connor Campbell11:39 SRNewport
43.12Alex Ward11:42 PRStayton
44.10Finn King11:43 SRElmira
45.11Tyson Adams11:43 PRCrescent Valley
46.12Ryan Lance11:46 PRCrescent Valley
47.11Mohsen Assadi11:47 PRLiberty
48.10Isaac Hadnutt11:47 PRChurchill
49.9James Peterson11:48 PRCorvallis
50.12Daniel Mata-Wakao11:50 PRCrescent Valley
51.10Liam Reardon11:50 PRChurchill
52.10Aaron Beck11:52 PRCrescent Valley
53.10Will Meade11:54 SRLiberty
54.9Braedon Moore-Price11:56 PRCorvallis
55.10Jesse Honeyman11:56 PRMcNary
56.11Gavin Carroll11:58 PRChurchill
57.11Ryan Kuo11:59 PRCrescent Valley
58.9Patrick Higgins12:00 SRLiberty
59.10Hayden Stuckart12:02Stayton
60.10Derrick Tollen12:03 PRChurchill
61.10Fox Avery12:04 SRNewport
62.9Jonah Geist12:05 PRMcNary
63.11Garth Evenson12:06Elmira
64.11Patrik Karlovic12:07 PRLiberty
65.11Nate Schoch12:07 SRLiberty
66.12Micah Morton12:08 PRChurchill
67.11Thomas Howe12:08 SRCorvallis
68.12Clayton Smith12:10Newport
69.9Andrew Rosenbalm12:17 PRCrescent Valley
70.9Henry Hamilton12:18 SRLiberty
71.10Atticus Sullivan12:20Valley Catholic
72.10Tosten Peterson12:20 PRMarist
73.10Andrew Woods12:22 PRCorvallis
74.11Aidan Fashena12:22 PRCorvallis
75.10James Gore12:26 PROakridge
76.11Max Hancock12:26 PRPutnam
77.11Isaac Petersen12:27Elmira
78.9Glenn Petersen12:27 PRCorvallis
79.9Cody Wolkersdorfer12:28Elmira
80.9Sahil Jani12:29 SRLiberty
81.9Blaine Loftis12:31Elmira
82.11Jared Kelson12:31 SRMcNary
83.9Andrew Ziebart12:32 PRMcNary
84.10Max Wirsen12:33 PRNewport
85.10Ryan Barger12:34 PRPutnam
86.9Coby Boeder12:35 PRCorvallis
87.10Trevor Shaw12:36Elmira
88.10Daniel Neuffer12:39 SRCorvallis
89.11Alex Venable12:40Putnam
90.10Caleb Martinez-Lopez12:41 SRNorth Salem
91.9Connor Weller12:44Marist
92.11James Kelson12:45McNary
93.9Carl Bieker12:47 PRChurchill
94.10Jim Benson12:48 PRPutnam
95.10Patrick Haugen12:50 PRChurchill
96.10David Russo12:51Marist
97.9Jackson Ferrara12:57Oakridge
98.10Riley Langdon-Call...13:02 PRCreswell
99.11Connor Reardon13:04 SRChurchill
100.9Payton Lommers13:04 PRCorvallis
101.9Patrick McKillop-Bay13:05 PRCorvallis
102.9Daniel French13:05 SRElmira
103.9Mason Large13:06 PRNorth Salem
104.12Bryce Benson13:10 PRCrescent Valley
105.12Eli Weber13:21 PRCrescent Valley
106.9J.C. Zeigler13:23 SRNorth Salem
107.11Jonathan Salcido13:25 PRMcNary
108.9Isaac Garrison13:25 PRCorvallis
109.12Brett Sonflieth13:26 SRPutnam
110.10Koby Ogan13:27 PROakridge
111.10Riley Jaramillo13:30 PRChurchill
112.12Derek Wolfsturm13:33Creswell
113.9Nolan Kincaid13:36Valley Catholic
114.10Zachary Lee13:43 PRCorvallis
115.12Drew Orlick13:44 PRChurchill
116.9Brandon Drapela13:47 PRCrescent Valley
117.9Adam Blue13:48 SRChurchill
118.11Noah Berling13:51Oakridge
119.12Jonathan Schafer13:53 SRStayton
120.9Riku Nakatsuji13:55Valley Catholic
121.9Dominic McCullah14:00Liberty
122.9Kyle Petchey14:06 SRLiberty
123.9Michael Dugan14:06 PRMcNary
124.9Luke Deuchars14:08 PRPutnam
125.10Dominik Karlovic14:13Liberty
126.9Brooks Peden14:22Valley Catholic
127.12David Martinez14:27Newport
128.10Geoffrey Lytwyn14:45 SRNewport
129.9Beau Taylor14:47 PROak Hill
130.11Steven Parker14:50 SRElmira
131.9Albert Tufillaro15:01 SRCorvallis
132.10Matthew Heskew15:07Stayton
133.9Jonathan Tasa15:17 PRLiberty
134.10Chase Baker15:26 PROakridge
135.10Jackson Golletz15:28 PRCrescent Valley
136.10Niall Meeks15:29 SRLiberty
137.11Alex Herman15:46 SRCorvallis
138.10Logan McOmber15:47Stayton
139.9Jay Maxon16:29 PRCrescent Valley
140.12Tyler Rayas17:03 PRStayton
141.9Travis Sweet17:07Elmira
142.9Ocean French17:15Creswell
143.10Kyle Magness17:53Sheridan
144.12Levi Heinrichs18:46 PRMcNary
145.12Jake Kindsvogal21:27 PRCrescent Valley
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5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Official Team Scores

3.Valley Catholic99
7.North Marion211
10.Crescent Valley254
12.Klamath Union293
15.North Salem436
1.12Isaac Mitchell16:00 PRSandy
2.12Zach Bellew16:03Creswell
3.12Cooper Roach16:14 PRValley Catholic
4.12Michael Francy16:18Liberty
5.11Ellis Roper16:21 SRCorvallis
6.11Wilder Boyden16:35Valley Catholic
7.12Carlos Camacho16:43Newport
8.12Christian Parr16:47 PRNorth Marion
9.10Theo Gorchels16:50 PRCorvallis
10.12Tristan Mitchell16:52 SRCorvallis
11.10Luke Littleton16:53Marist
12.11Gabe Schoenfeld16:58Corvallis
13.10Ben Davidson16:58Valley Catholic
14.12Placido Salvador17:10 PRWoodburn
15.10Clark Embleton17:11Marist
16.12Alex Brown17:17Churchill
17.11Dominick Marshall17:18Liberty
18.12Evan Rummerfield17:20McNary
19.10Ryan Helbling17:21Marist
20.12Brody White17:24 PRSandy
21.10Sam Scherer17:25Marist
22.12Adrian Fernandez17:27McNary
23.12Colby Hanson17:27Creswell
24.12Sam Harwood17:28Marist
25.11Gannon Jones17:30 SRElmira
26.12Nathan Shaw17:35Corvallis
27.10Ben Douthit17:37 SRElmira
28.11Maclean Panshin17:38Corvallis
29.11Austin Finster17:40Liberty
30.12Jeremy Turner17:41Newport
31.11Will Knowlton17:46Marist
32.10Miguel Silva17:49Klamath Union
33.11Michael Baird17:49Marist
34.12Manuel Castandeda17:50Klamath Union
35.10Colin Barrow17:51North Marion
36.11Taylor Ball17:56Oakridge
37.10Curt Knott17:57Newport
38.9Jacob Godshalk17:57Valley Catholic
39.11Dylan Hubbard17:59 SRCreswell
40.12Ben Hanberg18:00North Marion
41.11Nathaniel Trobough18:02Valley Catholic
42.11Elbert Giron18:02 SRNorth Marion
43.12Ashton Hunger18:05 PRLiberty
44.11Alex Dickinson18:08 SRLiberty
45.11Dylan Doll18:08Newport
46.10Aaron Yakes18:09Newport
47.11Carson Denison18:10Crescent Valley
48.12Victor Ventura18:11Crescent Valley
49.9Abe Mitchell18:14 SRSandy
50.12Eli West18:20Corvallis
51.10Jack Stemm18:21Liberty
52.11Eddie Bravo18:21Woodburn
53.12Lukas Kreuzpeinter18:22 SRChurchill
54.11Duncan Robertson18:23Crescent Valley
55.10Richy Muhammad18:23McNary
56.11Paul Bomber18:24Corvallis
57.10Sam Nelson18:26Marist
58.10Keaton Williams18:34Crescent Valley
59.10Stephen Chenard18:34Crescent Valley
60.10Angel Goemaere18:37McNary
61.9Nicholas Turkisher18:38Crescent Valley
62.10James DeBatty18:38 PRSandy
63.12Logan Anspach18:39Putnam
64.10Timothy Coblentz18:39 PRStayton
65.10Nate Gunesch18:40 SRSandy
66.12Levi Hoff18:40 PRSandy
67.12Joe Venetucci18:41Putnam
68.12Taylor Russell18:41McNary
69.10Jesse Marley18:42Corvallis
70.11David Carrillo18:43 PRWoodburn
71.12Derek Allen18:47Newport
72.10Manny Botello18:47 PRNorth Salem
73.11Graham Van Geem18:53Klamath Union
74.12Darin French18:55Elmira
75.12Erik Gabriel18:56North Salem
76.9Zane Norville18:56Valley Catholic
77.12Kyle Skillingstad18:57 SRCrescent Valley
78.11Shawn Melendy18:58Marist
79.12Eric McDougal18:58Crescent Valley
80.11Ryan Bates19:00Creswell
81.11Grant Blodgette19:01Taft
82.11Spencer Brown19:02 SRLiberty
83.11Ben Foreman19:03Putnam
84.12Eric Bullock19:04Marist
85.12Keven Tegan19:06Corvallis
86.9Jacob Classen19:06 SRStayton
87.12Spencer Jackson19:07 SRKlamath Union
88.9Gustavo Lopez19:13Woodburn
89.10Nathaniel Workman19:13 SRWoodburn
90.10Isaiah Marchant19:15Toledo
91.11Matt O'Brien19:16Putnam
92.9Jesse Wittenborn19:17Creswell
93.11Levi Atkinson19:18Crescent Valley
94.11Chance Clark19:19McNary
95.9Jacob Espinosa19:19Liberty
96.12Jake Stewart19:22Crescent Valley
97.12Stephen Paul19:25Klamath Union
98.11Joe Fine19:25Oakridge
99.12Tristan Briggs19:26McNary
100.11Erik Korsness19:26 SRPutnam
101.10Ronan Rutherford-S...19:27Klamath Union
102.12Grant Barrow19:34North Marion
103.11Klayton Pippert19:37North Marion
104.11Fabian Rodriguez19:39Woodburn
105.9Javier Diaz Osoria19:40 PRNorth Salem
106.11Steven Tang19:42Liberty
107.12Tyler Lulich19:43Woodburn
108.10Shane Orme19:43Elmira
109.12Brennan Lilley19:44 PRMarist
110.10Tanner Fackrell19:45Woodburn
111.9Chance Haun19:46Taft
112.9Benjamin Fookes19:47Liberty
113.12Aleks Khmelev19:49North Salem
114.11Riley Repp19:51 SRMcNary
115.11Ramses Labastida19:51Elmira
116.12Blake Bell19:56Churchill
117.11Kyle Foiles19:57Newport
118.9Alex Steele19:57Marist
119.10Aidan Gillespie20:05Valley Catholic
120.12Chris Weaver20:08 PRMcNary
121.10Kendal Gile20:09Taft
122.12Hunter Bomar20:10McNary
123.9Calvin Tharpe20:11Creswell
124.9Alejandro Madrigal20:14Woodburn
125.11Brandon Loop20:22Oak Hill
126.11Derek Terwilliger20:23 SRNorth Marion
127.12Ryan Read20:26Stayton
128.11Thomas Korsness20:29Putnam
129.11Aiden Thran20:33Putnam
130.11Diego Argueta20:35Liberty
131.11Patrick Budden20:36Klamath Union
132.12Dylan Jackson20:37 PRNorth Marion
133.10Eric Rockwell20:40 PRStayton
134.10Adam Plummer20:41 PRTaft
135.12Justus Davis20:51Toledo
136.9Zach Russell20:56Elmira
137.12Austin Coblentz21:01Stayton
138.11Mason Beebe21:06Elmira
139.12Christopher Strahan21:09Stayton
140.11Chad Hayen21:09Klamath Union
141.11Nick Venetucci21:11Putnam
142.10Kyle Anundi21:23Stayton
143.12Nick Haupt21:37Klamath Union
144.12Lenny Flores21:46North Salem
145.9Phillip Landis22:03 SRToledo
146.9Jesus Rodriguez22:03Woodburn
147.11Payton James22:04Sheridan
148.11Skyler Younger22:08North Marion
149.12David Marthaller22:11Toledo
150.11Troy Tayler22:14 PROakridge
151.11Scott Steele22:19North Marion
152.9Austin Tabor22:26Oakridge
153.9Kody Cabral22:37Oakridge
154.12Devin VanDyne23:29 PRStayton
155.11Trevor Banes24:05Stayton
156.12Ben Hedrick25:52Woodburn
157.12Patrick Mueller26:08Sheridan
158.11Dominic Cary26:35Oak Hill
159.10Daniel Zepeda26:36Woodburn
160.9Shane Hoefer27:28Stayton
161.11Zack Monroe28:24Sheridan
162.12Jesse King29:40Toledo
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Womens Results

3,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
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Official Team Scores

2.Crescent Valley44
7.North Salem189
1.9Olivia Helback13:09 PRCorvallis
2.10Maya Armour13:12 PRCorvallis
3.9Pearl Prinslow13:35 PRMcNary
4.10Grace Van De Graaff13:44 PRCrescent Valley
5.9Bailey Sanchez13:47 PRSheridan
6.10Aubrey Whitty13:49 PRCrescent Valley
7.9Michelle Lefton13:50 PRCrescent Valley
8.9Katie Cihak13:51 PRCorvallis
9.10Maya Peterson13:53 SRMarist
10.11Erica Storm13:55 PRCorvallis
11.10Rachael McCdonald14:00 PRCorvallis
12.10Emma Spakoski14:01 PRCorvallis
13.9Josee Pearlson14:03Corvallis
14.10Michelle Esterhuizen14:07 PRCrescent Valley
15.9Anna Rochon14:08 PRMarist
16.12Danica Shepherd14:09 SRMarist
17.12Mary Rose Lusardi14:11 PRCrescent Valley
18.9Kelbi Richardson14:12 PRSandy
19.12Grace Durst14:13 PRNorth Marion
20.12Jenica Neuffer14:17 SRCorvallis
21.12Rachel Hansen14:20 PRSandy
22.9Catelin Rosenbalm14:21 PRCorvallis
23.10Cameron Cummings14:24 PRChurchill
24.11Erin Sargent14:25 PRCrescent Valley
25.9Gabrielle Utz14:25 SRChurchill
26.9Ananda Rittenhouse14:26 SRChurchill
27.11Nicole Barrett14:27 PRCrescent Valley
28.9Annie Weibezahn14:28 PRCrescent Valley
29.11Bella Piccini14:29 SRNorth Salem
30.10Kayla Thomet14:32 PRChurchill
31.12Erin Weinbender14:34Valley Catholic
32.11Krista Jackson14:35 SRSandy
33.12Leif Woodford14:37 PRCorvallis
34.9Malia Allen14:37 PRCorvallis
35.10Helen Eldred14:44 PRCorvallis
36.11Malia Moriguchi14:45 PRChurchill
37.12Taylor Ediger14:47 PRChurchill
38.11Abby Crowell14:49 PRMarist
39.11Paige Smotherman14:50 PRLiberty
40.9Elizabeth Lusardi14:54 PRCrescent Valley
41.12Micaela Willey14:54 PRChurchill
42.11Megan Yordy14:56 PRMcNary
43.11Casey Bell14:57 PRChurchill
44.12Aspen Weller15:00Sandy
45.11Alivia Hermens15:02 PRSheridan
46.9Beulah Russell15:08 SRSandy
47.11Ayla Zeigler15:09 PRNorth Salem
48.11Jackelin Diaz15:13 PRLiberty
49.10Suzanne Joh15:17 PRCrescent Valley
50.10Lacee Cleveland-Ag...15:21Valley Catholic
51.10Alicia Capuchine15:33McNary
52.11Bryanna Smith15:35 PRNorth Salem
53.10Holly Lindberg15:36 PRSandy
54.10Noelle Centeno15:43 SRSandy
55.12Madsen Smith15:48 PRSandy
56.12Carole Boeffard15:51 PRSandy
57.11Madison Gates16:03 PRSandy
58.10Elaina Maki16:09 SRLiberty
59.11Brook Moser16:11Elmira
60.12Ashlee Koenig16:14 PRMcNary
61.12Emily Renken16:31 PRChurchill
62.9Ruchi Agarwal16:32 PRCrescent Valley
63.9Amber Herman16:46Sandy
64.11Chevelle Boyer16:48 PRCrescent Valley
65.10Zoe Grauwen16:49 PRChurchill
66.10Mattie DiMercurio16:54Marist
67.11Hannah Solheim17:02 PRLiberty
68.12Elizabeth Reyes17:06 PRNewport
69.11Julia Engstrom17:08Valley Catholic
70.10Rachel Johnson17:11 SRNewport
71.11Marika Stock17:12 PRCorvallis
72.9Rose McKamey17:18 PRNorth Salem
73.11Jill Nichols17:24 PRSheridan
74.10Hayden Givens17:24Liberty
75.11Bianca Llamas17:27 PRNorth Salem
76.9Jennifer Kitchen17:31Sandy
77.10Biina Ashida17:36 PRSheridan
78.9Serina Tern17:48 PRNorth Salem
79.12Elizabeth Hill17:49 PRChurchill
80.9Amanda Aydelott17:51 PRMcNary
81.9Kendra Hanna17:54 PRNewport
82.12Sarah Stephens17:56 PRCrescent Valley
83.12Emilee Russell18:08Elmira
84.11Laura Garcia18:10Liberty
85.9Trinity Meyer18:19 PRChurchill
86.10Alicia Carone18:52 PRCrescent Valley
87.11Seana Byron-Perry19:07Sandy
88.9Ally Bagenski19:29Creswell
89.12Bryna Cortes19:36 SRNewport
90.9Analisa Urrea19:38 PRNorth Salem
91.9Hannah Fowkes20:16 PROak Hill
92.10Madeline Gunter22:11 PRChurchill
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3,000 Meters Varsity  
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Official Team Scores

4.Valley Catholic149
5.Crescent Valley153
7.Klamath Union175
10.North Salem269
1.11Olivia Powell10:31 PRCreswell
2.10Rachel Khaw10:31 PRLiberty
3.11Justine Feist10:51 PRCorvallis
4.12Gwyneth McMorris11:05 PRCorvallis
5.10Maria Ingersoll11:07 PRCorvallis
6.9Hope Powell11:11 PRCreswell
7.12Dalen Richardson11:13Sandy
8.12Kindra Gutt11:19 PRCorvallis
9.12Olivia Goodheart11:20 PRChurchill
10.11Cindy Reed11:39 PRKlamath Union
11.12Tiela Roland11:42 PRKlamath Union
12.10Maricela Jaroch11:48Valley Catholic
13.10Emma Kane11:49 PRCorvallis
14.12Georgia Dunn-Hartman11:52 PRCorvallis
15.9Delaney Pietsch11:53 PRCreswell
16.11Zayna Salveter12:01 PRSandy
17.11Anne Yates12:01 PRMarist
18.12Aisha Amaitsa12:03 PRMcNary
19.11Grace Knapp12:05 SRSandy
20.10Bethany Llewellyn12:05 PRCorvallis
21.9Brittni Gibson12:08 PROakridge
22.12Rachel Pearce-Smith12:13 PRCrescent Valley
23.11Morgan Craig12:15Elmira
24.9Terra Uhler12:21 PRSandy
25.9Nessa Meade12:24 PRCrescent Valley
26.10Clea Poklemba12:25 PRCorvallis
27.11Makenna Wood12:26 PRNewport
28.12Grace Mannen12:26 PRValley Catholic
29.10Kymberlin Bush12:27 PRStayton
30.9Christina Hollon12:31 PRCrescent Valley
31.12Annika Holstrom12:36 SRValley Catholic
32.12Daysha Simms-Garcia12:36 SRMcNary
33.11Alexa Wetzel12:36 PRMarist
34.12Kaitlyn Riplinger12:37 PRChurchill
35.10Amber Tollerud12:38 PRChurchill
36.11Annabelle Geisler12:38 PRMarist
37.12Cara Knott12:42Newport
38.12Morgan McDougal12:45 PRValley Catholic
39.12Tabitha Mueller12:45 PRSheridan
40.12Monserrat Martinon12:47 PRPutnam
41.10Kristin Behrends12:48 PRMarist
42.10Vanessa Hufnagel12:49 PRCrescent Valley
43.11Samantha Clark12:51 PRKlamath Union
44.12Emily Klammer12:52 PRCrescent Valley
45.12Hannah Surcamp12:52 PRNorth Marion
46.11Alexanna Fisher12:53 PRLiberty
47.11Annika Gabriel12:53 PRCorvallis
48.12Kaelia Neal12:58 PRNorth Salem
49.12Riley Knebes12:59 PRNorth Salem
50.12Rebekah Fookes13:01 PRLiberty
51.11Hannah Rehm13:02 SRValley Catholic
52.11Emily Vitus13:03 PRMarist
53.11Hannah Hill13:06 PRLiberty
54.10Kyra Hanson13:07 PRCreswell
55.12Kiera Gabaldon13:08 PRNorth Salem
56.12Alexandra Barrett13:15 PRCrescent Valley
57.12Kiley Bonin13:15 PRLiberty
58.11Sarahi Herver13:17 PRTaft
59.11Kourtney Hernandez13:17 PRStayton
60.11Bailey Pimentel13:19 PRKlamath Union
61.9Nicole Bell13:22 PRCrescent Valley
62.11Danielle Barrett13:22 PRCrescent Valley
63.10Rachael Reiter13:23 SRMarist
64.12Kendra Goulter13:24 PRPutnam
65.9Katie Campbell13:24 PRCreswell
66.10Ariana Buchanan13:25 SRMarist
67.11Jenny Jennings13:28 PRKlamath Union
68.10Jillian Davis13:28 PRSandy
69.12Karina Jaroch13:28Valley Catholic
70.12Danielle Jones13:30 SRElmira
71.11Carina Ochoa13:33 PRNorth Salem
72.12Jessica Sand13:40 SRElmira
73.12Megan Rose13:42 PRLiberty
74.12Shelby Van Leuven13:45 PRPutnam
75.12Jessica Ochoa13:48 PRNorth Salem
76.10Sydney Rose13:50 PRLiberty
77.12Kirstyn Groshong13:56 PRElmira
78.12Michaela Squier13:58 PRCrescent Valley
79.11Imilia Hernandez13:59 PRStayton
80.10Sarah Goodheart14:01 PRChurchill
81.11Madeline Curtis14:01 PRElmira
82.11Reina Wrinkle-Rami...14:02 PRCreswell
83.10Megan Groves14:03 PRChurchill
84.10Ashley Luna14:04 SRStayton
85.11Julia Lewis14:06McNary
86.11Abbey Hayes14:07 PRPutnam
87.9Jane Peterson14:09 PRKlamath Union
88.12Ashley Owen14:11 PRChurchill
89.12Bekah Maddox14:12 PRMcNary
90.11Bailey Staley14:16 PRMcNary
91.11Daniela Sanchez-Rios14:23 PRMcNary
92.12Meghan Loftus14:24 PRStayton
93.11Joyce Lim14:24McNary
94.11Marisa McGrath14:26 PRMcNary
95.10Shaina Dohrman14:29 PRMcNary
96.9Illeana Blacketer14:31 SRToledo
97.12Rebecca Bowers14:35 PRCreswell
98.9Olivia Rebich14:37 SRLiberty
99.12Brianne Howarth14:42 PRStayton
100.11Natalie Johnson14:43 PRNorth Salem
101.11Shelby Wilkins14:45 PRStayton
102.12Grieta King14:47 PRElmira
103.12Shoshawna McKinney14:50 PRToledo
104.10Annie Lopez14:51 PRWoodburn
105.9Miranda Harrison15:11 SRElmira
106.11Morgan Aase15:12Liberty
107.10Arianna Hinton15:33 PRNewport
108.10Erika Hernandez15:37 PRWoodburn
109.12Joanna Geiter15:48 SRPutnam
110.10Marlen Molina15:49 PRWoodburn
111.12Olivia Dye15:54 SRNewport
112.11Tatiana Martinez15:58 SRNewport
113.10Bailey Moeller16:14 PRStayton
114.11Chelsea Smith17:25 PRToledo
115.12Alysha Meno17:38 PROak Hill
116.10Emma Rosander18:25 PROak Hill
117.9Elise Berling18:33 PROakridge
118.9Val Kirkes19:09 SRToledo
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