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WVSSAC State AA/A Cross Country Championship HS

Saturday, November 02, 2013

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Meet Host - This Meet Currently Has No Host Listed
Location - Midland XC Course, Ona, WV - Map
Mens Races

Midland XC Course

5,000 Meters Varsity
Womens Races

Midland XC Course

5,000 Meters Varsity
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.12Abe Merinar16:20.05Bridgeport
2.11Brettley Harris16:27.72Webster County
3.10Hayden Harrison16:28.60Buffalo
4.12Matthew Dearth16:30.39Bridgeport
5.12Johnny Hogue16:44.67Ritchie County
6.11Jason Weitzel16:46.43Pikeview
7.12Scott Nesland16:54.26Philip Barbour
8.10Daniel Cooper16:58.86Ritchie County
9.11Glenn McMillan17:01.57Wirt County
10.10Austin Hayes17:13.35Webster County
11.11Josh McClung17:14.03Herbert Hoover
12.11Chandler Antill17:14.97Williamstown
13.11Arryn Tennant17:24.44Bridgeport
14.12Zachary Abbott17:26.80Bridgeport
15.12Zachary Simmons17:33.96Berkeley Springs
16.11Trevor Matko17:37.34Philip Barbour
17.9Steven Shetler17:37.78Berkeley Springs
18.10Caleb Shirey17:38.59Roane County
19.12Pierce Miller17:39.97Keyser
20.10Drew Trefz17:44.62Fairmont Senior
21.12Caden McClanahan17:45.83Charleston Catholic
22.11Troy Pallay17:46.35Bridgeport
23.12Jordan Lawrence17:47.56Keyser
24.10Hunter Deem17:48.11Ritchie County
25.11Tyler Baldwin17:48.82Philip Barbour
26.9Seth Backus17:50.63Braxton County
27.10Ian Frailey17:52.16Bridgeport
28.11Jason Detrick17:52.27Frankfort
29.12Dustin Williams17:52.76Philip Barbour
30.10Jakeb Van Horn17:53.02Fairmont Senior
31.11Michael Duez17:55.64Bridgeport
32.10Jeremy Robertson17:56.01Keyser
33.11Caleb Pell17:58.36Roane County
34.10Zachary Cannday17:59.93Sherman
35.10Gage Clemens18:00.54Fairmont Senior
36.12Blake Williams18:04.96Williamstown
37.11Kyle Humphrey18:05.11Webster County
38.12Zack Linger18:08.44Fairmont Senior
39.12Nathaniel Evans18:08.53Westside
40.11Matt Strand18:13.78Fairmont Senior
41.10Devon Alt18:14.46Frankfort
42.9Dakota Cecil18:19.53Pikeview
43.12Brock Smith18:21.13Oak Glen
44.10Justin Okel18:25.76Fairmont Senior
45.12Philip Mallory18:26.91Charleston Catholic
46.9Travis Pickering18:27.11Ritchie County
47.10Kyle Jewell18:28.08Frankfort
48.11John Bard18:28.24Richwood
49.12Wesley Minshall18:28.93Keyser
50.12Ian Nuzum18:29.99Philip Barbour
51.9Jesse Cannday18:37.86Sherman
52.11Simon Digon18:38.29Frankfort
53.12Danny Morlen18:39.92Frankfort
54.12Conner Lamb18:41.23Buffalo
55.11Austin Hall18:42.08Williamstown
56.9Jackson Reed18:43.30Nicholas County
57.10Greg Hart18:45.30Charleston Catholic
58.11Joshua Carder18:46.12Frankfort
59.10Nathaniel Selbe18:47.27Sherman
60.12Kaleb Hamrick18:48.35Greenbrier West
61.11Matt Christiansen18:48.72Nicholas County
62.12Jacob Dye18:48.88Buffalo
63.10Leland Henderson18:50.38Keyser
64.9Justin Cochran18:56.65Westside
65.10Tanner Cantley18:57.94Liberty (Raleigh)
66.10Cody Kelley18:58.02Nicholas County
67.9Chase Uppole19:00.96Williamstown
68.10Joe Yeager19:01.83Nicholas County
69.9John Morrison19:06.67St Joseph Central Ca...
70.12Dylan Stansberry19:08.79Williamstown
71.11Justin Grimmette19:08.82Westside
72.11Christopher Berman19:11.59Williamstown
73.10Bryce McGee19:13.74Philip Barbour
74.12Garett Butler19:15.69Pikeview
75.11Adam Romano19:17.92Webster County
76.12Joseph Cornett19:20.02Greater Beckley Chri...
77.11David Oleary19:21.21Charleston Catholic
78.10Dalton Okel19:21.82Fairmont Senior
79.10Devin Rich19:23.48Buffalo
80.12Jesse Austin19:25.58Philip Barbour
81.12Bradley Leggett19:30.64Ritchie County
82.10Ethan Collins19:32.29Williamstown
83.11Ben Helmandollar19:39.77Westside
84.9Juvenal Perez19:41.57Nicholas County
85.12Thomas Bowles19:42.90Sherman
86.12Chris McBride19:44.63Pikeview
87.11Nicholas Carrier19:44.96Sherman
88.11Justin Snyder19:46.47Charleston Catholic
89.10Jeremiah Schollar19:46.50Westside
90.11Tyler Stephens20:02.47Keyser
91.10Austin Fernatt20:07.21Greater Beckley Chri...
92.12Skylar Canas20:10.88Cameron
93.11Andrew Hayson20:15.31Buffalo
94.9Tyler Ray20:18.84Webster County
95.10Logan Given20:25.83Webster County
96.10Ethen Whitlock20:31.69Keyser
97.10Matthew Evans20:33.04Westside
98.9Ian Parsons20:33.12Buffalo
99.11Austin Hazelwood20:35.52Pikeview
100.11David Wroth20:44.01Charleston Catholic
101.10William Deason20:48.21Pikeview
102.11Elias Hoyer20:51.04Charleston Catholic
103.9Andrew Mahaney21:12.78Ritchie County
104.9Joseph Bisaha21:25.59Pikeview
105.10Blake Nelson21:57.18Sherman
106.10Mason Yarber22:00.55Nicholas County
107.11Jimmy Moreland22:33.48Greater Beckley Chri...
108.12Thomas Elliot22:34.89Ritchie County
109.12Adam Cook23:05.98Greater Beckley Chri...
110.10Wes Carte23:18.56Nicholas County
111.9Wesley Helmandollar23:35.25Westside
112.10John Paul Kessinger23:56.13Greater Beckley Chri...
113.11Philip Smith23:56.72Greater Beckley Chri...
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Alicia Parsons19:03.23Grafton
2.12Kelsey Chambers19:14.26Oak Glen
3.11Kinsey Reed19:20.24Berkeley Springs
4.9Montanna Garrett19:54.55Grafton
5.11Hailey Miller20:06.18Ravenswood
6.12Samantha Stout20:22.44Webster County
7.11Danielle Haynes20:24.49Berkeley Springs
8.9Lavania LeMasters20:26.59Robert C Byrd
9.10Julianna Butcher20:29.47Frankfort
10.11Sheena Chambers20:33.42Scott
11.11Felicity Nolder20:50.91Oak Glen
12.10Aidan Payton20:55.66Nicholas County
13.9Hannah Gacek20:57.65Charleston Catholic
14.12Cami Mosser20:59.24Williamstown
15.12Andrea Chidester21:09.46Williamstown
16.10Amber Watson21:10.03Tyler Consolidated
17.12Marissa Long21:10.74Philip Barbour
18.12Allison Villers21:12.54Philip Barbour
19.11Taylor Treadway21:12.63Ravenswood
20.12Kylie Rutherford21:15.42Wayne
21.9Megan Carder21:17.41Doddridge County
22.10Amelia Sebok21:20.91Sherman
23.10Hannah Ramirez21:24.07Liberty (Harrison)
24.10Peyton Keener21:27.90Charleston Catholic
25.12Samantha Graffius21:29.59Scott
26.10Marley Dib21:30.68Philip Barbour
27.10Payton Mullen21:36.23Charleston Catholic
28.10Taylor Love21:36.38Ravenswood
29.11Haleigh Fields21:41.98Berkeley Springs
30.9Taylor Trowbridge21:43.57North Marion
31.10Casidy White21:44.88Frankfort
32.11Katelyn Odle21:46.53Pikeview
33.9Brianna Williams21:51.34Philip Barbour
34.9Lia Preston21:55.62Charleston Catholic
35.12Casey Baird21:57.61Oak Glen
36.10Sophie Klein21:58.01Pikeview
37.12Shealee Mosser22:05.11Williamstown
38.12Rachel Fulks22:08.14Bridgeport
39.11Allie Robinson22:13.99Williamstown
40.9Madison Frame22:15.21Richwood
41.12Anna Crockett22:15.23Charleston Catholic
42.9Sarah Cokeley22:17.88Ritchie County
43.9Cara Kirk22:19.41Philip Barbour
44.10Kate Golinsky22:26.37Braxton County
45.9Eliza Caperton22:27.41Berkeley Springs
46.11Haley Truman22:31.60Philip Barbour
47.10Faith Sentelle22:33.30Frankfort
48.12Amelia Miller22:39.19Frankfort
49.11Cameron Dyson22:40.25Frankfort
50.10Josefine Jensen22:47.23Braxton County
51.12Madelin Gardner22:51.82Williamstown
52.10Tori Gregory22:52.46Berkeley Springs
53.11Grace Skidmore22:53.65Braxton County
54.11Alyson Snow22:56.15Oak Glen
55.9Rebecca Sheets23:00.56Pikeview
56.11Keri Shetler23:02.89Berkeley Springs
57.9Bailey Baker23:08.33East Fairmont
58.12Courtney Goodwin23:15.34Scott
59.9Kylee Williams23:15.71Ravenswood
60.12Jasmine Howard23:24.06Ravenswood
61.11India Yates23:25.63Frankfort
62.10Kaylee Coble23:33.06Oak Glen
63.11Sarah Settle23:33.60Williamstown
64.12Ashley Noah23:35.54Frankfort
65.10Sarah Skidmore23:37.47Braxton County
66.9Alexis Sheets23:38.27Pikeview
67.11Lauren Hatfield23:43.00Pikeview
68.12Kaitlyn Fulks23:43.88Williamstown
69.12Katie Mahoney23:48.79Philip Barbour
70.12Mikayla Moore23:52.55East Fairmont
71.9Kimberly Smith23:56.34Oak Glen
72.9Sandra Holmes23:56.91Berkeley Springs
73.11Kaylin Kessenger24:03.77Pikeview
74.11Cierra Kendall24:08.97East Fairmont
75.9Hannah Pride24:11.31East Fairmont
76.9Makayla Pritchard24:13.19Scott
77.10Tiara Hunter24:16.24Braxton County
78.10Lauren Ball24:16.87Scott
79.12Mariah Curry24:22.40Ravenswood
80.11Brianna Longston24:42.31Oak Glen
81.12Rachel Ramage24:46.61East Fairmont
82.12Catherine Casingal24:56.77Charleston Catholic
83.10Kara Lough25:26.01Charleston Catholic
84.10Larissa Hayman25:28.41Ravenswood
85.11Shanley Amick25:54.09Richwood
86.12Samantha Garretson26:05.06Sherman
87.10Macey Nuzum26:21.50East Fairmont
88.9Brandy Powell26:27.14Pikeview
89.10Ruby Rogers26:39.31Richwood
90.10Megan Blankenship26:59.98Scott
91.12Ashley Burgess27:02.64Richwood
92.11Jennifer Shelford27:51.62Richwood
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