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Clash in the Valley XC Invite HS

Friday, October 04, 2013

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Meet Host - Meridian HS
Location - Settlers Park, Meridian, ID - Map
Mens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity5:15 PM
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity4:30 PM
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Official Team Scores

1.Mountain View (ID)20
4.Rocky Mountain93
5.Mountain Home131

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Dwain Stucker16:09Meridian
2.12Jared Capell16:21Mountain View (ID)
3.11Colton Ray16:33Mountain View (ID)
4.10Conner Oswald16:35Mountain View (ID)
5.10Brion Lowry16:35Mountain View (ID)
6.10Jacob Skelton16:36Mountain View (ID)
7.10Adrian Jones16:40Mountain View (ID)
8.10Ryan McKinnon16:42Mountain View (ID)
9.12Everardo Mendoza17:29Caldwell
10.12Stephen Berkheiser17:35Meridian
11.10Gavin McCaw17:49Meridian
12.12Riley Armstrong17:50Rocky Mountain
13.12Henry Fox17:52Caldwell
14.10Tyler Wallentine17:53Mountain View (ID)
15.10Caleb Horsburgh17:58Mountain View (ID)
16.9Matt Neely17:59Mountain View (ID)
17.12Steven Hellman18:06Mountain View (ID)
18.9Anthony DeSantis18:13Mountain Home
19.10Jace DeMond18:13Meridian
20.9Micah Starita18:18Rocky Mountain
21.11Asher Wheelock18:35Mountain View (ID)
22.10Matt McLaughlin18:35Meridian
23.10Chris Stone18:37Caldwell
24.12Josh Robinson18:37Meridian
25.10George Bowler18:40Mountain View (ID)
26.10Ethan Davis18:46Rocky Mountain
27.12Christian Larsen18:50Mountain View (ID)
28.9David Harris18:51Rocky Mountain
29.9Jordan Klein18:57Mountain Home
30.11Roman Garza18:57Mountain View (ID)
31.12Leo Cruz19:01Caldwell
32.10Jakota Brown19:08Mountain View (ID)
33.10Tylor Clark19:09Rocky Mountain
34.12Josh Eastman19:09Mountain View (ID)
35.12Daylon Lewis19:09Rocky Mountain
36.9Francisco Negron19:12Rocky Mountain
37.10Andrew Heikkila19:13Meridian
38.10Koller Lange19:14Mountain View (ID)
39.10Nathan Hines19:18Mountain View (ID)
40.12Cody Sherwin19:24Mountain View (ID)
41.10Adrian Adame19:24Caldwell
42.10Seth Helsley19:28Mountain View (ID)
43.11Brindan Novak19:29Meridian
44.11Harrison Cleveland19:33Mountain View (ID)
45.12Emanuel DeLaPaz19:34Caldwell
46.11Alan Jozwiak19:38Mountain View (ID)
47.9Josh Robinson19:43Mountain Home
48.11Jorge Barajas19:43Caldwell
49.11Nathan Yorgason19:45Rocky Mountain
50.11Sam Bennett19:46Mountain View (ID)
51.11Alex Adeng19:46Meridian
52.12Ryan Murphy19:50Rocky Mountain
53.10Jeremy Rueb19:51Mountain View (ID)
54.12Jared Petrie19:51Mountain View (ID)
55.10Anthony Lopez19:52Caldwell
56.9Ashton Link19:57Meridian
57.11Nolan Pasqualetti20:03Mountain Home
58.12Luke Seegmiller20:03Mountain View (ID)
59.9Michael Piscione20:08Rocky Mountain
60.12Isaac Skelton20:10Mountain View (ID)
61.9Nathan Hebert20:10Mountain View (ID)
62.10Tanner Budge20:14Mountain View (ID)
63.9Tanner Byington20:15Meridian
64.12Forrest Nolan20:18Mountain View (ID)
65.12Taylor Harmon20:20Rocky Mountain
66.10Jared Luedtke20:21Mountain View (ID)
67.9Joe Kiehl20:23Mountain View (ID)
68.10Bridger Howell20:27Mountain View (ID)
69.10Tristan Wrem20:27Meridian
70.11Michael Chase20:37Mountain View (ID)
71.9Remington Cleveland20:38Mountain View (ID)
72.9Michael Rossow20:50Meridian
73.9Norrin Shearer20:51Meridian
74.11Nathan Wheeler20:51Rocky Mountain
75.11Justin Quinn20:55Rocky Mountain
76.12Joseph Kozlowski20:55Rocky Mountain
77.9Kobe Fields20:59Mountain View (ID)
78.11Tobias Santoyo21:01Caldwell
79.9Dallin Westover21:01Mountain View (ID)
80.10Clayton Christensen21:03Meridian
81.10Alexander Levinski21:03Mountain View (ID)
82.9Ian Jackson21:07Rocky Mountain
83.11Nick Rohall21:07Caldwell
84.9Joseph Spelliscy21:11Rocky Mountain
85.11Brent Wissenbach21:21Rocky Mountain
86.12Luke Hardin21:22Meridian
87.11Aaron Capell21:29Mountain View (ID)
88.12Mitch Lambert21:37Mountain View (ID)
89.10Jake Miller21:42Meridian
90.9Johnny Holm21:48Mountain View (ID)
91.10Austin Kelley21:55Mountain View (ID)
92.9Braden Burk21:55Mountain View (ID)
93.10Matthew Lamp22:16Meridian
94.11Gabino Aquilar22:18Caldwell
95.12Devin Colton22:46Meridian
96.10Griffin Williamson22:52Mountain View (ID)
97.10Riley Urquidi23:12Mountain Home
98.12Hayden Frasier23:16Meridian
99.10Isaac Saenz23:26Caldwell
100.12Michael Lysy23:42Rocky Mountain
101.10Jaiden Schwenson23:45Mountain View (ID)
102.10Jonathan Buckles24:57Caldwell
103.10Jose Aquilar25:05Caldwell
104.9Austin Fox25:46Mountain View (ID)
105.9Andrew Carlsen29:03Meridian
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Mountain View (ID)22
4.Rocky Mountain103

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Sam Mckinnon18:48Mountain View (ID)
2.10McKenzie Refaey20:21Meridian
3.11Erin Hagen20:26Mountain View (ID)
4.11Tamika Russell20:34Caldwell
5.11Holly Ellingson20:38Mountain View (ID)
6.9Reagan Badger20:47Mountain View (ID)
7.12Sam Johnston21:00Mountain View (ID)
8.9Mia Klopfenstein21:01Meridian
9.10Briannah Ramirez21:19Meridian
10.11Mariah Simpson21:25Mountain View (ID)
11.12Rachel Brown21:27Meridian
12.12Domenique Banta21:57Meridian
13.11Abby Alexander22:06Mountain View (ID)
14.10Kori Quick22:11Meridian
15.9Hannah Landis22:38Mountain View (ID)
16.10Jessica Stastny22:39Mountain View (ID)
17.9Elizabeth Stephens22:40Mountain Home
18.9Brynn Pritchard22:50Mountain View (ID)
19.12Noelle Aragon22:57Rocky Mountain
20.10Naomi Gonzalez23:02Caldwell
21.12Kayla Tourville23:03Meridian
22.10Koralee Bower23:03Caldwell
23.9Hanna Long23:05Rocky Mountain
24.12London Howell23:08Mountain View (ID)
25.11Jordan Bateman23:08Mountain View (ID)
26.12Julianne Hunter23:10Caldwell
27.10Jenny Ruiz23:11Caldwell
28.10Shilo Clark23:15Mountain Home
29.10Emily Carrell23:21Meridian
30.9Sara Stepherson23:22Rocky Mountain
31.11Savannah Callis23:51Rocky Mountain
32.9Alex Ruxton24:02Rocky Mountain
33.9Colbie Jensen24:04Rocky Mountain
34.12Mariela Ruiz24:06Caldwell
35.9Christina Miller24:06Mountain View (ID)
36.12Jenna Fiscus24:15Rocky Mountain
37.12Lisa Kendall24:24Mountain View (ID)
38.10Lexi Loveland24:26Mountain View (ID)
39.11Alora Demaree24:28Rocky Mountain
40.12Hannah Uhlenkott24:32Meridian
41.11Riley Mortonson24:37Meridian
42.10Allison Toth24:39Mountain View (ID)
43.12Kendra Chamberlain24:40Rocky Mountain
44.9Mackinzie Howell24:50Mountain View (ID)
45.10Lisette Saenz25:08Caldwell
46.11Rachel Wilker25:09Mountain View (ID)
47.11Kristen` Gruendel25:11Mountain View (ID)
48.10Kimberlee Freeman25:12Mountain View (ID)
49.9McKinly Gerlach25:15Mountain View (ID)
50.10Alyssa Brock25:20Rocky Mountain
51.12Tracie Gordon25:27Mountain Home
52.11Morgan Gillan25:30Rocky Mountain
53.11Natalie Davenport25:32Caldwell
54.11Molly Ashby25:43Rocky Mountain
55.10Hannah Boren25:46Rocky Mountain
56.10Paige Litke25:56Rocky Mountain
57.10Bianca Shrader26:01Mountain Home
58.9Alex Colberg26:02Rocky Mountain
59.10Sarah Larsen26:12Mountain View (ID)
60.10Julia Larson26:28Rocky Mountain
61.9Emiline Nielson26:40Rocky Mountain
62.11Sarah Bruneel26:41Rocky Mountain
63.10Alexis Jurado26:51Mountain View (ID)
64.11Courtney Kelly26:56Mountain View (ID)
65.12Kaylee Bower27:04Caldwell
66.11Jessica Doan27:07Caldwell
67.10Jovanique Navarro27:26Caldwell
68.12Stephanie Muir27:42Mountain View (ID)
69.9Auja Plaster27:44Meridian
70.9Brynn Beal27:45Mountain View (ID)
71.9Maddie Grier27:47Mountain View (ID)
72.10Ashlin Wigington27:50Meridian
73.9Ali Millemon-Shaw27:52Mountain View (ID)
74.10Megan Aschenbrenner27:52Meridian
75.11Linnae Bultez27:53Rocky Mountain
76.10Maddie Esplin28:29Rocky Mountain
77.11Shelby Mader28:30Rocky Mountain
78.9Aurora Rosin28:30Mountain View (ID)
79.10Elizabeth Mosqueda28:49Caldwell
80.11Paige Simpson29:16Rocky Mountain
81.10Mayce Crofts29:23Mountain View (ID)
82.11Allie Wasden30:40Rocky Mountain
83.9Rachael Crawford30:48Meridian
84.11Kirsten Forster31:21Rocky Mountain
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