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Lewisville Park

5,000 Meters Varsity11:00 AM
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Lewisville Park

5,000 Meters Varsity11:40 AM
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District Meet Information  (coaches)

District IV 2A Cross Country Championship

Date: Saturday November 2, 2013

Site: Lewisville Park, 26411 NE Lewisville Hwy., Battle Ground, WA 98604


Athlete Entry Information:

Your 7 varsity and 2 alternates need to be entered for this race. All runners must be entered by Monday 10-28-13. Please go to the following web site to enter your runners.


Course Information:

Course map:

Course preview: Course is available for preview, but will not be completely marked until Saturday. There is no parking fee.


Tentative Time Schedule:

November 2, 2013

10:30 Coaches meeting

11:00 2A Boys Race

11:40 2A Girls Race


Coaches may not enter the course during the race.

Team and Individual Awards will be given out after the races.

Please do not have any runners participate who do not intend to run in the State meet if they qualify. This is not fair to the other runners.



Athletes must be in proper school uniform. The cross country uniform consists of a school issued jersey and shorts of the same color and design, which are not objectionable to the referee, and shoes, which may be supplied by the contestant. Any other visible apparel (this does not mean a bra) must be of a single color and worn under the uniform jersey or shorts. When the apparel is worn it shall be the same color for all teammates choosing to wear them. Watches may be worn by the competitors. Encourage your runners to appear at the start line with the proper uniform and NO JEWELRY so that they are not asked to change before running. Games committee and race starter will inspect all uniforms.

The NFHS Track and Field Cross Country Rules Book uniform rule will be enforced. It is the individual athlete and full team’s responsibility to compete in the proper uniform. All contestants must wear their assigned numbers when competing and it shall be worn on the front of the jersey. Bare midriff tops are not allowed. The top must hang below or be tucked into the waistband of the bottom when the competitor is standing erect. This will be enforced by the clerk of the course. Doo-rags, handkerchiefs and hats of any kind are not allowed during competition. Plain head bands, stocking caps and gloves will be acceptable (no logos of any kind are allowed on head gear). Remember that LIVESTRONG bracelets and all bracelets are JEWELRY.



NO JEWELRY but watches are allowed. Only religious or medical medals are allowed (Rule 4-3-7) Note: Watches are not considered jewelry. Remember that LIVESTRONG bracelets and all bracelets are JEWELRY.



Any runner requiring prescription medication must present written authorization from a physician to the meet director prior to the start of the coaches meeting. The release must state: what it is for, must carry while running, and physician signature. Rule: 5-1-9sp Note pg. 23


Qualifying State Teams/ Qualifying Individuals: for 2013

2A Boys 3 teams – 15 individuals

2A Girls 3 teams – 15 individuals



Varsity boys and girls who qualify for State will receive a medal.


Finish Chute:

Coach your athletes to stay in the chute until they have been released. Any runner who leaves the chute prior to being released will be DISQUALIFIED from team and /or individual scoring.


Race Tags:

Each runner will have a race tag pre-printed with their identification that is pinned on the front of their uniform. Finishes will be recorded on Video to insure elimination of placing errors.


Scoring: Computer scoring.


Unsportsmanlike Conduct:

Rule 4-6. Please review these rules with your athletes, especially actions and/or language that will bring disgrace to the sport.



All protests are to be written and handed to a games committee member. If a member can't be found find the meet director. The written protest must state the rule to be believed infracted and the situation that occurred. The games committee will then meet and make a ruling.


Wireless Communication:

Rule 4-6-7E states that it is an unfair act to use wireless communications. However meet personal can use these for the operation of the meet.


Parking: There are many parking lots at Lewisville Park. I have been told that there will not be a fee to enter the park for our event.


Concessions: Because of the length of the race day there will be no concessions.


State Meet Pre-entry:

Be sure to read all items on the WIAA website that pertain to District/State XC. Be aware of the website maintained by Pasco for the State XC.


Allocations/schedules-maps/rules/etc. are all on these sites.

In registering for the district meet, be sure to list 9(nine) runners so that you have alternates for the district meet. They will be your alternates for the state meet. You will register all runners on Both district and state managers will get their list of runners from


Brian Lehner will send the final results to John Crawford on Saturday after the race.

State Meet: November 9, 2013 @ Pasco

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Official Team Scores

2.Mark Morris90
5.Black Hills123
7.W F West187
9.R A Long226
12.River Ridge275
1.11Aaron Brumbaugh15:37.54 SRMark Morris
2.12Ben Monk15:39.85 PRCapital
3.12Brent Knutzen16:04.62 PRTumwater
4.10J.P. Guyer16:20.48Black Hills
5.12Dale Broek16:24.75 PRBlack Hills
6.12Dawit Mengistu16:29.79 PRTumwater
7.12Thomas Normandeau16:38.56Washougal
8.11Dustin Nading16:39.75 SRR A Long
9.12Cory Richardson16:52.35Centralia
10.9Kyle Hurd16:54.09 SRAberdeen
11.10Bailey Duncan16:56.78 SRWashougal
12.11Tony Swenson17:03.20 PRW F West
13.12Ryan Knutzen17:03.54 PRCapital
14.9Austin Beasley17:12.15 SRMark Morris
15.10Dustin Williams17:12.70 SRMark Morris
16.12Ethan Johnson17:14.04 PRR A Long
17.11Abishai Thomas17:15.81 PRCapital
18.10Jonah Valler17:18.18Tumwater
19.12Carter Gilmour17:22.79Tumwater
20.10Steven Wallis17:23.78 SRMark Morris
21.11Vanea McDaniel17:27.64 SRRidgefield
22.10Logan Klodt17:31.17 PRHockinson
23.11Nicolas Velardi17:33.67 SRWashougal
24.10Derek Henderson17:33.87 SRHockinson
25.12Kyle Smith17:35.46 SRTumwater
26.10Andrew Dellsite17:40.96Tumwater
27.12Ian Thulin-Gizzi17:44.34Capital
28.12Jack Klodt17:44.56 SRHockinson
29.10Terek Thornburg17:45.10W F West
30.10Nate Wertjes17:45.93 PRTumwater
31.11Benjamin Zora17:50.01 SRHockinson
32.10Conner Roberts17:54.39W F West
33.9Aiden Pullen18:04.89Washougal
34.9Cory Smith18:05.48 SRBlack Hills
35.10Collin Manning18:07.92 SRWashougal
36.11Derick Cutler18:09.03Black Hills
37.10Aaron Martinez18:09.92 PRAberdeen
38.11Jake Crawford18:12.85 PRCapital
39.12Anthony Velardi18:14.43Washougal
40.10Liam Rybar18:16.01 SRMark Morris
41.11Alex Langer18:17.40 PRRidgefield
42.10Luke Belzer18:18.73 SRWashougal
43.12Connor Knaust18:19.15 PRHockinson
44.9Ryan Peters18:19.57 SRBlack Hills
45.10Sam Andersen18:20.06 SRRidgefield
46.10Jace Cotton18:23.21 SRCapital
47.12Wayne Dixon18:24.20 PRRiver Ridge
48.9Jeran Paris18:29.78 SRAberdeen
49.10Liban Ali18:35.04 PRCentralia
50.10Tarik Johnson18:38.35 SRRiver Ridge
51.10Nolan Hawkins18:42.48W F West
52.12Stuart Smith18:45.23Hockinson
53.11Luis Chaires18:49.10Aberdeen
54.11Ricardo Bowen18:50.04 SRRiver Ridge
55.12Victor Egedahl18:50.73Black Hills
56.12Austin Orwig18:52.43 PRCapital
57.12Jacob Thornton18:53.81 PRR A Long
58.10Jacob Piper18:57.26 PRMark Morris
59.10Jordan Larsen18:57.68 PRRiver Ridge
60.10Josh Broek19:03.84Black Hills
61.9Michael Olin19:11.79Hockinson
62.10Diante Spears19:14.53Centralia
63.9Adan Reyes-Apantipan19:14.98 PRW F West
64.10Jacob Martinez19:22.67 PRRidgefield
65.10Collin Dixon19:32.15River Ridge
66.10Kyle Herschberger19:32.54 SRRiver Ridge
67.10Cameron Snyder19:36.64Mark Morris
68.12Gus Penley19:47.89 PRRiver Ridge
69.12Jacob Newell20:02.31 PRRidgefield
70.10Kelly McCarthy20:03.42W F West
71.12Neil Dickerman20:04.67 PRR A Long
72.12Jesse Andersen20:19.82 SRRidgefield
73.12Isaac Quinn20:24.53 SRRidgefield
74.9Ashton Ruiz20:27.14 PRR A Long
75.9Austin Snideman20:45.45Centralia
76.11Damon Lillybridge20:50.21Aberdeen
77.9James Wisby20:58.18Centralia
78.10Alex Schwiesow20:59.31 SRW F West
79.11Samuel Juarez21:03.92Centralia
80.10Anthony Cox21:31.50R A Long
81.10Jake Hopkins21:39.60R A Long
82.10Caleb Biggs21:54.06 PRAberdeen
83.9Caleb Geringer22:20.12Centralia
84.9Cole Malone24:10.48Aberdeen
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Official Team Scores

3.R A Long99
6.River Ridge133
7.Black Hills143
8.W F West229
1.11Lauren Pierson18:58.73Capital
2.9Kat Copeland19:05.57Capital
3.10Alex Bonner19:28.36 PRTumwater
4.10Ashli Ayers19:28.95 PRRiver Ridge
5.11Bailey Birch19:29.78 SRRidgefield
6.12Ashlyn Opgrande19:42.40 PRR A Long
7.11Payton McGuin19:43.87 SRCapital
8.10Lauren Ericks19:46.76 SRTumwater
9.12Hannah Hartman19:53.21 SRCapital
10.11Danielle Won19:55.57 PRBlack Hills
11.9Sarah Paquet19:57.82 PRCapital
12.11Serena Wallace20:00.03 PRCentralia
13.11Brooke Cumings20:00.86Tumwater
14.12Nicole Hartman20:05.46Capital
15.10Abby Weiler20:06.59 PRR A Long
16.9Lauryn Gray20:17.43 SRRiver Ridge
17.9Courtney Owens20:20.37 SRWashougal
18.9Tae'lor Johnson20:25.57Capital
19.11Berhanie Knutzen20:46.62 SRTumwater
20.10Emmelyn Affeldt21:01.06Black Hills
21.10Aislynn Hansen21:06.87Tumwater
22.10Meredith Collins21:11.43 PRWashougal
23.11Sadie Dalgleish21:11.75 SRR A Long
24.11Karina Miller21:14.09 PRWashougal
25.9Brooke Hogsed21:18.54 SRMark Morris
26.12Hannah Wright21:20.75 PRWashougal
27.11Cassandra Womelsdo...21:23.11 SRMark Morris
28.10Chloe Lindbo21:33.68Ridgefield
29.12Shae Domine21:47.45 PRRidgefield
30.11Delaney Carleton21:48.15 PRTumwater
31.12Jordyn Jansen21:59.89 PRR A Long
32.12Dani Roberson22:06.53 PRR A Long
33.12Sarah Myers22:13.68Tumwater
34.11Sarah Fox22:19.36Black Hills
35.12Rachel Eshenbaugh22:37.62River Ridge
36.12Tori Weeks22:43.53 SRW F West
37.11Kaylene Brink22:50.56Ridgefield
38.9Olivia Nicholson22:51.87 PRAberdeen
39.12Megan Anderson22:55.43Washougal
40.12Brooke Croeni23:00.67 PRWashougal
41.12Kristen Dwyer23:01.37 PRHockinson
42.9Helena Bockstadter23:04.84 PRRidgefield
43.11Kali Pohle23:10.18 SRHockinson
44.12Sydney Hickey23:11.76Washougal
45.11Savannah Stolen23:16.23 PRAberdeen
46.10Lauren Donley23:41.03 PRRiver Ridge
47.12Noelle Bedford24:01.36W F West
48.12Macy Seidlitz24:15.11Black Hills
49.12Maddy Coombs24:26.84Centralia
50.9Fiona McBride24:40.95 SRBlack Hills
51.11Roshanda Estevez24:46.31 PRRiver Ridge
52.9Grace Shields24:48.67Ridgefield
53.12Cassie Hill24:54.62Ridgefield
54.11Kelsey Swanger25:06.86 PRMark Morris
55.10Jane Cooper25:10.56 SRR A Long
56.12Lina Phan25:13.50Black Hills
57.11Katherine Peterson26:27.17 SRRiver Ridge
58.12Addy Nelson26:31.96 SRR A Long
59.12Tegan Ross27:35.82 PRBlack Hills
60.9Kaity Rieke29:48.12W F West
61.9Emily Horwath31:24.03Centralia
62.11Andee Ekberg31:59.45W F West
63.12Mandie Fagerness32:02.39 SRW F West
64.9Alyssa Linn34:19.14 PRRiver Ridge
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