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Festus - Bowles Invitational MS

Saturday, September 21, 2013

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Meet Host - This Meet Currently Has No Host Listed
Location - West City Park, Festus, MO - Map
Mens Races
1.5 Mile Middle School
Womens Races
1.5 Mile Middle School
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Mens Results

1.5 Mile Middle School  

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5.8Austin WrenArcadia Valley
7.8Graham DunlapOwensville
8.7Darren ReesePotosi
9.8Matt McElrathFarmington
11.-Simon GrassSte. Genevieve
14.8Cameron FriendFarmington
16.7Jesse PinkleySte. Genevieve
17.-Clayton VaethSte. Genevieve
18.8Peyton WhitedArcadia Valley
20.-Dylan WilsonPotosi
21.8Daniel KaiserUnion
22.8Derek FosterUnion
23.8Ian AsherFarmington
25.8Takota JonesArcadia Valley
26.8Ben MilanArcadia Valley
32.8Brannon BrocatoOwensville
33.8Deavon EakinsArcadia Valley
34.8Marcus FudgeOwensville
41.-Logan EemyerPotosi
42.-Max UpchurchSte. Genevieve
44.8Michael LahmeyerOwensville
45.-Mitchell ZophGrandview
47.-Luke HuffPotosi
48.7Devin MoorePotosi
49.7Andy HerreraOwensville
50.8Tatum JonesArcadia Valley
52.8Bryan CandrlOwensville
55.-Drew ToombsSte. Genevieve
58.7Eli VandergriffArcadia Valley
60.8Gene BehrensOwensville
62.8Samuel SmithOwensville
63.8Timmy AbotobikNorth County
65.7Gabe AyersNorth County
67.8Jacob GeidinghagenOwensville
68.8Willaim JefferiesWashington
69.-Landon WadlowArcadia Valley
72.7Tayton HamptonFarmington
73.-Luke SavageArcadia Valley
76.8Dylan AllenFarmington
77.-Jeremiah MooreArcadia Valley
78.8Jacob WallerNorth County
79.8Brendon SandersSt. Clair
80.8Austin AllenmanWashington
81.7Austin MinterWashington
82.8Dalton WilsonSt. Clair
83.8Kyler RiceCrystal City
88.7Martin GuerreroFarmington
89.8Caleb JarvisPotosi
101.7Jessy AmsdenFarmington
107.8Timmy IsomOwensville
108.7Zachary TeemsSt. Clair
110.7Kyle HelmsArcadia Valley
111.-Wyatt BustPotosi
115.8Jason BurnettFarmington
117.8Joe RiceCrystal City
125.-Keaton BacaArcadia Valley
126.8Drew AmsdenFarmington
136.7Seth HinsonSt. Clair
142.-Christian MooreNorth County
144.8Colin BrownSt. Clair
149.7Jeremiah LambkinArcadia Valley
151.-Sean CollinsGrandview
156.-Alex HollenbergJefferson
159.8Zach BarronFarmington
161.7Braden KazmaierWashington
163.8Clayton WagganerFarmington
166.-Lucian MiraArcadia Valley
167.-Joseph CampbellArcadia Valley
169.7Steve MoserWashington
171.7Logan EmsSt. Clair
172.7Isaac CorumUnion
173.7Seth CavenarWashington
174.-Dylan ShanksArcadia Valley
176.7CJ HartFarmington
182.7James RamirezNorth County
185.7Nick KappelmannUnion
189.7Jackson LambArcadia Valley
190.-Tyler HambrickNorth County
193.-David PropstArcadia Valley
194.-Wyatt BrowersArcadia Valley
196.8Austin MinksArcadia Valley
199.7Hagen StoneArcadia Valley
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Womens Results

1.5 Mile Middle School  

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Official Team Scores

1.Festus Middl97
3.Antonia Middle S156
4.De Soto Junior High156
5.Seckman Middle S160
9.St. Clair220
10.Fox Middle School228
12.Crystal City254
13.Hillsboro Ju270
14.Arcadia Valley325
15.North County340
1.7Sarah Moore09:55.7Ste. Genevieve
2.8Morgan Holdmeyer10:02.7Washington
3.7Jaylyn Woodley10:05.4Farmington
4.8Madison Declue10:05.9Potosi
5.Taylor Guemmer10:11.1De Soto Junior High
6.Maddie Wiskerchen10:11.4Festus Middl
7.Amie Martin10:12.5Fox Middle School
8.7Bailey Seaton10:13.1North County
9.Emily Enghauser10:14.1Senn-Thomas
10.7Emma Shirley10:15.4Crystal City
11.7Skyler Stearns10:20.9Potosi
12.7Anna Heacock10:21.6Jefferson
13.Keara Pieper10:22.4Senn-Thomas
14.Sarah Porter10:23.0Seckman Middle S
15.Nautica Stricklin10:23.5Senn-Thomas
16.8Brooke Robinson10:24.1Washington
17.7Jadyn Fitzgerald10:31.1Arcadia Valley
18.8Adriene Aubuchon10:32.5Owensville
19.Haylie Shipley10:33.1Antonia Middle S
20.8Kennedy Reeser10:34.0Union
21.7Sydney Gerdel10:34.6Union
22.Madilyn Welsh10:44.0Festus Middl
23.Melissa Wolk10:44.5Festus Middl
24.Jenna Oetting10:45.0Festus Middl
25.Madison Goldon10:45.5Hillsboro Ju
26.8Felicia Grgurich10:47.7St. Clair
27.Kristen Galler10:48.2Seckman Middle S
28.7Sophie Machen10:49.1St. Clair
29.Sarah Peoples10:49.7De Soto Junior High
30.7Lexie Black10:53.4Arcadia Valley
31.Alyssa Pearl10:57.1Senn-Thomas
32.Savannah Meyer10:57.5De Soto Junior High
33.7Mia Klein10:58.4Ste. Genevieve
34.Misy Hulen10:59.1Antonia Middle S
35.Elle Hargis11:00.7Seckman Middle S
36.Audrey Maynard11:01.3Festus Middl
37.7Brooklynn Hunt11:02.3Farmington
38.Hannah Duncan11:02.9Fox Middle School
39.Morgan Fowler11:09.9Antonia Middle S
40.Sabrina Martin11:12.3Antonia Middle S
41.Grace Jaskiewicz11:13.1Festus Middl
42.Reagan Short11:20.8Hillsboro Ju
43.Hanna Hulen11:22.5Antonia Middle S
44.Elaina Lewis11:24.1Seckman Middle S
45.-Allison Wakeland11:24.8Grandview
46.Rachel Barbagallo11:25.6Festus Middl
47.8Lauren Candrl11:26.3Union
48.7Jordan Heacock11:26.8Jefferson
49.8Carlee Maune11:27.8Washington
50.7Madison Husereau11:30.3St. Clair
51.Macy Wills11:31.0De Soto Junior High
52.8Gracie Lay11:31.5Crystal City
53.7Abby Movila11:33.8Union
54.8Abbey Holdinghausen11:34.2Crystal City
55.7Hannah Norman11:34.6Farmington
56.7Josie Kleekamp11:34.9Washington
57.Brooke Jones11:35.3Antonia Middle S
58.Mikayla Mohl11:37.4De Soto Junior High
59.Allison Kukendall11:43.1Festus Middl
60.Abby Dishner11:43.5Seckman Middle S
61.Jessica Harris11:44.3Festus Middl
62.-Jenna Kay11:45.3Potosi
63.7Jamie Mays11:45.9St. Clair
64.Brandy Stewart11:48.3Seckman Middle S
65.Allyson Bridges11:48.7Hillsboro Ju
66.8Alexis Marquez11:49.3Owensville
67.8Kim Ramos11:50.0Farmington
68.7Taylor Reynolds11:50.7Crystal City
69.Abby Street11:51.5Fox Middle School
70.Jordyn Melkowski11:52.7Antonia Middle S
71.8Tabitha Davis11:53.7Owensville
72.-Melina Eaker11:54.7Grandview
73.7Sophia White11:55.2Farmington
74.Lindsay Potras11:55.6Fox Middle School
75.Rachel Raub12:00.2Antonia Middle S
76.Sydney Penrod12:00.7Antonia Middle S
77.Madison Spiker12:05.2De Soto Junior High
78.Megan Kertz12:07.2Fox Middle School
79.Katelynn Karagiannis12:07.9Seckman Middle S
80.8Autumn Donner12:09.4Union
81.Tori Sheperd12:10.6Festus Middl
82.7Brook Boyd12:11.3North County
83.Hannah Taullie12:11.7Antonia Middle S
84.7Megan Matlock12:12.3North County
85.Destiny Thorn12:12.9Fox Middle School
86.7Devki Patel12:13.4Farmington
87.-Danielle Naeger12:14.1Ste. Genevieve
88.Lauren Stamm12:15.7Seckman Middle S
89.8Taylor Tucker12:16.5Farmington
90.8Gracie Trokey12:17.4Farmington
91.8Jewel Woodcock12:18.0St. Clair
92.Kennedy Martin12:18.8Hillsboro Ju
93.Paige Mason12:24.7Ridgewood
94.Nicole Fluegel12:27.5Ridgewood
95.Maranda Kriese12:30.8Seckman Middle S
96.7Chloe Reeves12:35.5Washington
97.-Madeline Saunders12:36.3Potosi
98.Madison Genge12:36.8Hillsboro Ju
99.Emily Frink12:38.9Seckman Middle S
100.7Addie Davis12:39.3Union
101.Brooke Anthonies12:42.5Antonia Middle S
102.Sammie Heimos12:43.1De Soto Junior High
103.Sierra Fallert12:44.9Seckman Middle S
104.Allison Payne12:51.7Festus Middl
105.7Grace Thompson12:52.2Farmington
106.7Kaitlyn Kearns12:52.9Farmington
107.Madison D'Amico12:53.5Antonia Middle S
108.-Josey Parr12:59.5Jefferson
109.Maddie Hake13:05.6Fox Middle School
110.Macayla Beck13:06.7Hillsboro Ju
111.Gaby Bockoff13:12.3Senn-Thomas
112.Julia Huddleston13:12.9De Soto Junior High
113.Jordan Lear13:13.5Ridgewood
114.Abigail Rinehart13:14.0Hillsboro Ju
115.Beth Mercer13:20.3Antonia Middle S
116.Heather Terzich13:25.0Seckman Middle S
117.Aracely Rios13:26.2Festus Middl
118.Emily Rodgers13:27.9Festus Middl
119.Shelby White13:29.7De Soto Junior High
120.Emma Kruse13:34.3Hillsboro Ju
121.Madison Evans13:38.1Hillsboro Ju
122.7Amber Ortmeyer13:44.4St. Clair
123.Maggie McDowell13:47.6Antonia Middle S
124.Gabbi Kroenung13:51.8Seckman Middle S
125.7Makayla Moise13:53.4Arcadia Valley
126.Charlie Larkin13:59.6Senn-Thomas
127.7Paige Hall14:00.6Washington
128.Summer Brown14:01.4Seckman Middle S
129.Danielle Henry14:01.9Ridgewood
130.7Dae McHawes14:09.0Crystal City
131.Ella Missey14:10.2Ridgewood
132.7Briley Whited14:10.3Arcadia Valley
133.Phoenix Rockwood14:21.8Antonia Middle S
134.Sylvia Shrader14:23.7De Soto Junior High
135.Madeleine Vickery14:24.2Seckman Middle S
136.7Addison White14:24.8Owensville
137.Natalie Horton14:26.4Festus Middl
138.Maryyssa Kaver14:29.1Ridgewood
139.Elizabeth Asher14:30.6Ridgewood
140.-Elizabeth Gadberry14:40.7North County
141.Mikayla Magee14:42.9Seckman Middle S
142.8Alexis Giger14:45.2St. Clair
143.-Bailey Moore14:54.8North County
144.-Peyton Bieser14:55.9Ste. Genevieve
145.Isabel Gutierrez15:02.9Antonia Middle S
146.7Madison Vinson15:06.6Potosi
147.Shauna Lee15:13.5Seckman Middle S
148.7Morgan Arguilez15:16.6St. Clair
149.Sharna Southwick15:33.2Fox Middle School
150.Sierrah Bergland15:33.8Hillsboro Ju
151.7Abbey Musser15:51.4Arcadia Valley
152.Tori Lacey15:54.1Hillsboro Ju
153.Katelyn Calentine15:55.2Hillsboro Ju
154.Sydney Schnabel15:55.8Antonia Middle S
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