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Mens Races

University of Waterloo

5,000 Meters Midget11:30 AM

University of Waterloo

4,000 Meters Coaches12:45 PM

University of Waterloo

6,000 Meters Junior1:15 PM

University of Waterloo

7,000 Meters Senior2:45 PM
Womens Races

University of Waterloo

3,000 Meters Midget11:00 AM

University of Waterloo

4,000 Meters Junior12:15 PM
4,000 Meters Coaches12:45 PM

University of Waterloo

5,000 Meters Senior2:00 PM
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Official Team Results  (coaches)

  Overall Title              
  London Central 36            
Overall Boys       Overall Girls    
1 London Central 21     1 St. Michael Catholic 18  
2 Cameron Heights 16     2 Our Lady of Lourdes 16  
3 St. Michael Catholic 15     3 London Central 15  
MB Team Results pts score   MG Team Results pts score
1 St. James 51 10   1 St. Anne's 43 10
2 St. Michael Catholic 57 9   2 St. Benedict 64 9
3 Cameron Heights 108 8   3 St. Michael Catholic 201 8
4 St. Benedict 130 7   4 Bluevale CI 211 7
5 St. Mary's DCVI 154 6   5 Stratford Central 229 6
6 Centre Wellington 190 5   6 Centennial Collegiate 238 5
7 Kitchener-Waterloo 213 4   7 Cameron Heights 239 4
8 London Central 237 3   8 St. John's College 247 3
9 Waterloo CI 250 2   9 East Northumberland 257 2
10 Resurrection 255 1   10 St. Mary's (Owen Sound) 267 1
JB Team Results       JG Team Results    
1 East Northumberland 64 10   1 St. Michael Catholic 58 10
2 Bluevale CI 74 9   2 St. Mary's (Kitchener) 87 9
3 London Central 82 8   3 London Central 91 8
4 Centennial Collegiate 123 7   4 Our Lady of Lourdes 112 7
5 Erin 128 6   5 Kitchener-Wateloo 140 6
6 St. James 182 5   6 Resurrection 145 5
7 St. Mary's DCVI 193 4   7 St. Anne's 182 4
8 Cameron Heights 209 3   8 East Northumberland 195 3
9 John F. Ross 210 2   9 Cameron Heights 195 2
10 Galt CVI 266 1   10 St. James 213 1
SB Team Results       SG Team Results    
1 London Central 47 10   1 Centre Wellington 52 10
2 Centennial Collegiate 99 9   2 Our Lady of Lourdes 62 9
3 Highland 120 8   3 Centennial Collegiate 65 8
4 Georgian Bay 125 7   4 London Central 79 7
5 St. Michael Catholic 162 6   5 Elmira 166 6
6 Cameron Heights 166 5   6 East Northumberland 168 5
7 East Northumberland 209 4   7 John F. Ross 201 4
8 Galt CVI 231 3   8 St. Mary's (Kitchener) 230 3
9 Bluevale CI 252 2   9 Monsignor Doyle 246 2
10 St. Mary's DCVI 256 1   10 Stratford Central 281 1
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Parking!  (coaches)

A few words about parking:

In 2014 for the OFSAA Championships, we will not have issues with parking as it will be a Saturday date, and the local businesses will be able to spare us their space.  This year, however, we are on a Thursday.  Please note the information below.  Wherever possible, we request that the number of vehicles be limited as you may be frustrated locating parking spaces.

Bus parking in the gravel lot by Columbia Icefield Arena. Sign says "Day Care Only" but the UW parking authorities say we can use it for buses.

83 free spaces provided by Agfa. CHCI will provide students who will monitor when the assigned area is full. If people park anywhere else in the lot, they might be ticketed. People have to go around the 2nd large roundabout on Hagey to enter their lot.

Some free spots provided at the back of SAP, which is also off the large roundabout. Their building is farther away than Agfa, but still fairly close for walking to the running venue.

There are also visitor lots, particularly lot X, which is close, but also lots M and N on the other side of Columbia that are $5-6 for paid parking. UW has not said that we can use these, but parents and others qualify as visitors to the university.

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Meet info  (coaches)

Introducing the 9th Annual

Waterloo County Invitational Race

Come and preview the OFSAA 2014 Course!!!

Join us this year at the University of Waterloo for one of the country’s largest and finest high school cross country running meets on the Thursday before Thanksgiving.  Coaches are encouraged to participate in the Coaches’ Race, which is free to all coaches with athletes competing.  This will be a chip timed event!!!

Location:  Frank Tompa Dr, near Columbia Street W & Hagey Blvd. Waterloo, ON , Waterloo, ON  N2L3G1


Convener: Ian Clancy


.650 Laurelwood Drive

Waterloo, Ontario

N2V 2V1

Phone: 519-880-9979

Fax: 519-880-9718

Online Entry ONLY.

Visit to Register

Registration questions:


Absolutely no entries will be permitted after MIDNIGHT, Monday, October 7th.





Full Team (all runners)            $250

or per Team in each event       $55

or per Individual                         $12

(whichever combination of the above is least amount for your school’s team)


Present a cheque at the registration table for all registered runners

Payable to:  SJAM

Memo:  Waterloo County Invitational Race





The courses will be over grass, hard packed gravel and dirt trail.  If the course is dry, racing flats or spikes with short pins are appropriate.


(Maps available online at registration)

Coaches Meeting

The coaches meeting will take place at 10:30 a.m at the north east corner of the soccer field near the registration area.



Race Times

The courses will be open by 10 a.m.

MG:          11:00 a.m.             JB:    1:15 p.m.

MB:           11:30 a.m.            SG:   2:00 p.m.

JG:             12:15 p.m.            SB:   2:45 p.m.

Coaches:  12:45 p.m.


Be sure all athletes have a chip and return them after the race.  No chip, no time.


1st Overall Boys,      1st Overall Girls

1st Combined boys and girls

Shirts for Top 5 Coaches

Top Ten Champs shirts for first 10 individuals finishers

In each event:  1st place team   

Gold Medallions plus 5 Team Champs shirts

2nd place team   Silver Medallions

3rd  place team   Bronze Medallions






Last Updated 12:02 PM, Wed, Oct 9

Course Map  (coaches)

Last Updated 7:04 PM, Sat, Sep 14

Can I enter athletes without being confirmed?  (coaches)

This meet is an invitational, and we check every few days to see who has registered.

Please enter your athletes, even if you have not been confirmed.  We will review your entries shortly and confirm your team's intent to participate.

Please remember that entry fees are based on number of registrations, not on the number of athletes that end up running.  This is to cover our costs that present as a per-runner variable.

Thanks!!! - Don't leave your registration to the last minute - get them in soon!!!

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Midget  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
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Hypothetical Scores

1.9Alexander Maycock18:23.8Orangeville
2.9Sam Nusselder18:23.9Saugeen
3.9Benton Hayes18:41.5Resurrection
4.9Marcel Scheele18:42.2 PRSt. Mary's DCVI
5.9Nahor Tekle18:55.1 PRLondon Central
6.9Garrett Yost18:58.7 PRSt. Michael Catholic
7.9Gavin Hughes19:06.6St James
8.9Michael Visser19:10.7 PRSt. Michael Catholic
9.9Daniel DiBucchianico19:13.2St James
10.9Mackenzie Berard19:15.8 PRCentral Huron
11.9Nick Preisenhammer19:19.3 PRCentre Wellington
12.9Zack Thomas19:19.4 PRParis
13.9Surien Das-Giwojno19:20.0Cameron Heights
14.9Jake Clarke19:20.4 PRGrey Highlands
15.9Dalton Smith19:21.3 PRSt. Michael Catholic
16.9Alex Tulloch19:26.9Georgian Bay
17.9Nick Pozzobon19:30.5St James
18.9Cameron White19:38.0St James
19.9Wyatt Machan19:38.0 PRWest Hill S.S.
20.9Daniel Robson19:45.5Cameron Heights
21.9Basil Leahy19:48.3Cameron Heights
22.9Angus Cowan19:55.0North Park (Brantford)
23.9Justin Mailhot19:56.6 PRBishop MacDonnell
24.9Kyle Sawyer20:01.3Bluevale Collegiate ...
25.9Scott Foster20:02.9North Park (Brantford)
26.9Ryan Meisner20:03.6St Benedict
27.9Ben Pot20:08.3 PRSt Anne’s
28.9Ashton Stockie20:08.3 PRSt. Michael Catholic
29.9Noah Solinger20:13.6St Mary's (Owen Sound)
30.9Christopher Eybergen20:14.4 PRSt. Michael Catholic
31.9Gianluka Atdandachi20:15.4St Mary's (Kitchener)
32.9Brandon Sellers20:16.9Huron Heights (Kitch...
33.9Jack O'Rourke20:26.2 PRSt. Michael Catholic
34.9Steve Mckinnon20:28.0St Benedict
35.9Ryan Frost20:29.4St Benedict
36.9Luke Olivera20:31.6 PRSt Mary's (Kitchener)
37.9Alex Burns20:42.7Grand River C I
38.9Jacob Lewis20:44.7St Benedict
39.9Tanner Dostal20:45.1 PRNorth Park (Brantford)
40.9Bowen Wyminga20:47.2 PRCentre Wellington
41.9Levi Rice20:48.3 PRSt. Mary's DCVI
42.9Sam Triemstra21:02.9 PRSt. Mary's DCVI
43.9Drew Wilson21:03.3 PRCentre Wellington
44.9Scott Flynn21:07.0Resurrection
45.9Ryan Stahley21:10.5Forest Heights
46.9Eli Hildred21:12.5Our Lady of Lourdes
47.9Jordan Aslanidis21:17.7Waterloo CI
48.9Tung Lam21:19.9St Benedict
49.9Daniel Allen21:22.9Kitchener-Waterloo
50.9Kevin Corrigan21:25.4Kitchener-Waterloo
51.9Justin Leach21:32.1 PRParis
52.9Spencer Mills21:32.7 PRSaunders
53.9Evan Cota21:36.1 PRSaunders
54.9Matt Staffa21:36.9Huron Heights (Kitch...
55.9Bradley Shepherd21:37.2Cameron Heights
56.9Joseph Dick21:41.4 PRCentennial CVI
57.9Cameron Kerr21:44.5Waterloo CI
58.9Aodhan McDonald21:52.2Kitchener-Waterloo
59.9Joseph De Sousa21:54.0Monsignor Doyle
60.9Lucas Johnston21:54.8 PRKitchener-Waterloo
61.9Caleb Manion21:55.5 PRSacred Heart
62.9Andrew Giannokopou...22:01.6 PRSt. Michael Catholic
63.9Eric Tremblay22:02.1Eastwood
64.9Ben Prevost22:02.6 PRLondon Central
65.9Michael Shaw22:03.8St David
66.9Sam Colqhoun22:03.9Kincardine
67.9Kit Ho22:08.5 PRLondon Central
68.9Kyle Jenkinson22:09.3Orangeville
69.9Ke Yuan Wang22:11.6Waterloo CI
70.9James Beck22:15.0West Hill S.S.
71.9Mathew Wrigley22:17.5 PRSt. Mary's DCVI
72.9Cameron Boyd22:21.4 PRKitchener-Waterloo
73.9Nathan Wray22:21.5Brantford Collegiate
74.9Reid Danbrook22:24.0Bluevale Collegiate ...
75.9Thomas Phan22:25.3St Mary's (Kitchener)
76.9Jonathon Heise22:25.7Waterloo-Oxford
77.9Nathan Mansell22:27.7Waterloo-Oxford
78.9Austin Layton-Cole22:28.2 PRCentral Huron
79.9Shawn Van Herk22:28.7 PRSt. Michael Catholic
80.9Dylan Ayala22:35.4 PRGreat Lakes Christia...
81.9Dominic Sharpe22:37.1 PRSt. Michael Catholic
82.9Mitch Borth22:39.4Sacred Heart
83.9Brayden Tuck22:40.9 PREast Northumberland
84.9Haydn Gibson22:51.8 PRSt Anne’s
85.9Harmon Imeson Jorna22:52.5Waterloo CI
86.9Matthew Maurice23:01.0Resurrection
87.9Cameron Kochut23:01.9Bluevale Collegiate ...
88.9Kevin Oliver23:05.8 PRSt. Mary's DCVI
89.9London Donachy-Tay...23:10.1 PRBrantford Collegiate
90.9Khaled Ayad23:12.4Waterloo CI
91.9Nolan Cortes23:13.5 PRElmira
92.9Robbie Dowling23:16.0Huron Heights (Kitch...
93.9Addison Jeffrey23:24.4 PRSt Mary's (Owen Sound)
94.9Liam McCulloch23:24.7Bluevale Collegiate ...
95.9Elijah Proper23:28.7 PRSt Mary's (Owen Sound)
96.9Adam Indycki23:44.3St Benedict
97.9Conner Ibbotson23:47.8 PREast Northumberland
98.9Carter Jones23:48.6St Benedict
99.9Max Aston23:52.8Orangeville
100.9Nickolas Raghunath23:53.8Cameron Heights
101.9Grayson Lachman23:54.4Southwood
102.9Nick Leonardo23:56.4St Benedict
103.9David Peddle24:00.6Our Lady of Lourdes
104.9Evan Krebs24:08.9 PRSt Anne’s
105.9Harry Couling24:11.4 PRCentre Wellington
106.9Zach Herlick24:18.2 PRSt. Michael Catholic
107.9Jonny Martin24:21.6Elmira
108.9Noah Staines24:23.1Centennial CVI
109.9Carson Cass24:31.2St James
110.9Parker Churchward24:32.8 PRParis
111.9Adam Dotzert24:32.9Southwood
112.9Keiran Padgett24:39.2 PROrangeville
113.9Josh Batchelor24:39.4 PRLondon Central
114.9Tyler Snyder24:40.5Huron Heights (Kitch...
115.9Tyko van Vliet24:44.1Cameron Heights
116.9Jacob Davis24:50.1St David
117.9Don Pope24:52.3 PRRockway Mennonite
118.9Csordas Scott24:54.9 PRBrantford Collegiate
119.9Jim Carries24:56.5 PRRockway Mennonite
120.9Josh Held25:01.4 PRCentre Wellington
121.9Cam Eathen25:04.7 PRRockway Mennonite
122.9Haakon Vanderkuur25:05.4 PREast Northumberland
123.9Braedon Pedrosa25:07.2 PRSaunders
124.9Renz Polinar25:12.9Our Lady of Lourdes
125.9Kaelan Manning25:14.4 PROwen Sound Collegiat...
126.9Spencer Bruin25:23.0 PRSt Mary's (Owen Sound)
127.9Ben Yoganathan25:23.2Our Lady of Lourdes
128.9Adam Mederios25:32.3Our Lady of Lourdes
129.9Scott Chisholm25:33.9 PRCentral Huron
130.9Devin Gras25:55.3 PRSt. Michael Catholic
131.9Shaurya Madan25:55.4Cameron Heights
132.9Andrew Fecik25:58.3Great Lakes Christia...
133.9Eric Remillard25:59.2 PRSt Mary's (Kitchener)
134.-Walker Rea26:05.1Wellington Heights
135.9Isaac Colindres26:10.9Jacob Hespeler
136.9William McKinnon26:26.7Jacob Hespeler
137.9Logan Ingallls26:29.6Sir J. A. MacDonald
138.9Brandon Starr26:30.2Resurrection
139.9Michael Heckman26:33.4Waterloo-Oxford
140.9Nefen Vannasap26:40.4 PRSt. Michael Catholic
141.9Matthew Poon26:50.7Centennial CVI
142.9Duncan Manning26:58.4Waterloo CI
143.9Connor Perry26:59.4Southwood
144.9Blake Morton27:10.4Kitchener-Waterloo
145.9Nick Oudejans27:33.7 PRCentennial CVI
146.9Adam Aubin28:16.7Cameron Heights
147.9Benjamin Hohenadel28:20.1 PRBishop MacDonnell
148.9Ameil F Arboledo29:29.1Our Lady of Lourdes
149.9Kyle Li30:05.1Sir J. A. MacDonald
150.9Cameron Beckwith31:25.2Huron Heights (Kitch...
151.9Edward Nguyen31:53.9Bluevale Collegiate ...
152.9Luke Hill32:58.4 PRCentral Huron
153.9Erich Williams41:16.9Our Lady of Lourdes
154.9Noah Aquino2:12:30.2 PRAssumption
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4,000 Meters Coaches  
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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.-Adam Jarrett15:13.4 PRLondon Central
2.-Pete Glaab15:33.3 PRSt James
3.-Brad MacNeill15:42.0 PRGuelph C.V.I.
4.-Jason Erb15:44.1 PRWaterloo-Oxford
5.-Mark Dewan15:45.7 PRSt. Michael Catholic
6.-Thies Scheele16:05.2 PRGlenview Park SS
7.-Rob Berg16:14.4 PROrangeville
8.-Dylan Groves16:15.9 PRResurrection
9.-Ian Cunningham16:23.6 PRMonsignor Doyle
10.-Christopher Grimwood16:30.3 PRCentennial CVI
11.-Ryan Dunne17:45.1 PRSaunders
12.-Scott Kemp18:28.8 PRCameron Heights
13.-Kevin Huinink18:44.9 PRWoodland Christian
14.-Jamie Hocken19:07.4 PRErin District
15.-Frank Whittman19:25.8 PRSt Benedict
16.-Martin Clark20:11.0 PROwen Sound Collegiat...
17.-Oliver Clark20:11.9 PROwen Sound Collegiat...
18.-Joel Eidt20:27.0 PRNorwell
19.-Matt Pickett21:01.9 PROwen Sound Collegiat...
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6,000 Meters Junior  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Kyle Madden21:11.7Paris
2.10Sean Luke21:15.8 PRLondon Central
3.10Sandy Freeland21:43.2Bluevale Collegiate ...
4.10Caleb Main21:52.2Preston Secondary
5.10Taylor Cornwall21:55.1 PRSt. Mary's DCVI
6.10Evan Roulston22:09.6 PRStratford Central
7.10Addison Derhak22:22.8Bluevale Collegiate ...
8.10Michael Coccia22:33.6Guelph C.V.I.
9.10Lorenzo DeFinis22:36.6 PRCentre Wellington
10.10Daniel Napier22:38.9Erin District
11.10Nate Scott22:39.2Centre Wellington
12.9Levi Shimer-Whiteh...22:52.5 SRLondon Central
13.10Garret Hynes22:56.6 PREast Northumberland
14.10Isaac Wismer22:59.2Centennial CVI
15.10Jonah Neumann23:02.5Georgian Bay
16.10Graiden Maynard23:03.4 PREast Northumberland
17.10Cole Bond23:09.2 PREast Northumberland
18.10Mitchell Paterson23:19.3 PREast Northumberland
19.10Ian Molenhuis23:24.5 PREast Northumberland
20.10Spencer LeGrand23:25.4St James
21.10Jonathan Krech23:37.9Bluevale Collegiate ...
22.10Nick Morell23:42.6 PRJohn F. Ross
23.10Andrew Brown23:42.9 PREast Northumberland
24.10Fox Mezenberg23:45.5St Mary's (Owen Sound)
25.10Adam Skinner23:52.4 PRStratford Northwestern
26.11Jordan Long23:55.6Cameron Heights
27.10Ben Vanderstam23:59.5John F. Ross
28.9Braydon Clarke23:59.7 SRErin District
29.10Cuinn McGrogan24:03.5Centennial CVI
30.9Nathan Savoy24:05.8 PRErin District
31.10Joseph Hunter24:11.6Resurrection
32.10Nivash Persad Maha...24:21.9Galt CVI
33.10Victor Guziak24:23.7 PRLondon Central
34.10Nikolai Gajic24:28.3Centre Wellington
35.10Gordon McGinn24:28.4Galt CVI
36.10Anthony Winfield24:28.7Waterloo CI
37.10Hunter McIlmurray24:30.9 PRLondon Central
38.10Brendan Bishop24:33.0 PRSt. Mary's DCVI
39.9Cole Hannam24:36.7 SRSt James
40.10Nicholas Xie24:46.5Centennial CVI
41.10Luke Hannam24:46.5St James
42.10Sean Clark24:50.5Woodland Christian
43.10Mark Eichorn24:51.8Centennial CVI
44.10Adam Snyder24:54.2Bluevale Collegiate ...
45.10Aidan Webster24:55.4Forest Heights
46.10Kyle Szabo24:56.1Preston Secondary
47.10Isaiah Timm24:58.7Bluevale Collegiate ...
48.10Aaron Damaren24:59.3Forest Heights
49.10Garret Conquer-Van...25:02.8 SRLondon Central
50.10David VanOmmen25:04.0Guelph C.V.I.
51.10Dylan Gallagher25:07.7St Mary's (Owen Sound)
52.10Brandon Wall25:07.8Waterloo-Oxford
53.10Simon Smith25:11.5West Hill S.S.
54.10Aidan Fitzgerald25:13.7Sir J. A. MacDonald
55.10Dawson Konrad25:14.6Centennial CVI
56.10Jake Finlayson25:16.0 PRCentral Huron
57.10Liam Wilson25:17.1Orangeville
58.10Nasche Loffelmann25:17.8St Mary's (Kitchener)
59.10Caleb Bauman25:18.1Bluevale Collegiate ...
60.10Corey Braithwaite25:18.4Cameron Heights
61.10George Lu25:18.4Waterloo CI
62.9Andrew Gray25:20.8 PRCentennial CVI
63.10Jacob Govier25:27.8 PRCentral Huron
64.10Andrew Xu25:30.8Centennial CVI
65.10Tad Moretti25:37.6 PRLondon Central
66.10Andrew McDonald25:38.8Cameron Heights
67.10Matthew Tondat25:41.3Erin District
68.10Matt Looby25:44.7 PRSt. Michael Catholic
69.10Gage Armstrong25:44.7 PRSt. Michael Catholic
70.10Han Xie25:52.9Cameron Heights
71.10James Milne25:53.7Sir J. A. MacDonald
72.10Daryn Van Herk25:53.9 PRSt. Michael Catholic
73.9Dylan Jamieson25:54.4 SRCentennial CVI
74.10Blake Keen25:55.2 PRStratford Central
75.10Brett Stackhouse26:03.5 PRCentral Huron
76.10Joshua Omar26:03.9Woodland Christian
77.10Julian Renzetti26:14.0 PRJohn F. Ross
78.10Taylor Stewart26:15.4Elmira
79.10David Monteyne26:16.3Bluevale Collegiate ...
80.10Jacob Triemstra26:17.9 PRSt. Mary's DCVI
81.10Luke Redmond26:18.7 PRSacred Heart
82.10Liam Melady26:22.3 PRSt Anne’s
83.10Austin Hillyer26:24.6Walkerton District
84.10Matt Perriman26:26.5Paris
85.10Jack Sebben26:26.6 PRSt. Mary's DCVI
86.10Pride Nkomo26:31.1St Mary's (Kitchener)
87.10Johnathon Nix26:33.5Georgian Bay
88.10Will Clark26:37.0Galt CVI
89.10Daniel Labach26:38.1Waterloo CI
90.10Tyler Cronin26:38.4 PRSt Anne’s
91.9Alex Clelland26:42.2 PRSt James
92.10Brendan Ezekiel27:06.1Glenview Park SS
93.11Arnold Xaykongsa27:07.9Cameron Heights
94.-Keagin Schroeder27:08.4 PRWellington Heights
95.10Hugh Peters27:10.5Glenview Park SS
96.10Brandon Littlejohn27:10.8Glenview Park SS
97.10Jason Bleach27:11.1St Mary's (Kitchener)
98.10Alexander Moroni27:11.8 PRJohn F. Ross
99.10Bryce Faulkner27:12.6Huron Heights (Kitch...
100.10Jacob Yeomans27:14.0 PRSaunders
101.10Devin Frede27:23.9Waterloo CI
102.10Andre McIntyre27:26.7Kitchener-Waterloo
103.10Ethan Nicoll27:39.6Grand River C I
104.10Nicholas Alvarez27:42.0 PRStratford Northwestern
105.9Eric Zabielski27:42.5 PRSt James
106.10Wyatt Jones27:45.4Walkerton District
107.10Daniel Graham27:45.5 PRLondon Central
108.10Colin Rak27:46.4Sir J. A. MacDonald
109.10Pieter Wyminga27:46.6Cameron Heights
110.10Dakota Forshaw27:48.4Preston Secondary
111.11Thomas Canessa27:49.8 PRBrantford Collegiate
112.10Alex Sherman27:56.4Sir J. A. MacDonald
113.10Samuel Thorup28:02.3 PRSt. Mary's DCVI
114.10Sam Hutton28:08.4 PRSt. Mary's DCVI
115.10Benjamin Meyer28:13.7St Mary's (Kitchener)
116.10Riley Turner28:16.4Southwood
117.10Robbie Arndt28:17.8Waterloo CI
118.10Nicholas Tonan28:18.7 PRCentre Dufferin
119.10Cameron Leyser28:19.7 PRSt. Michael Catholic
120.10Isaya DeVries28:22.8 PRSt. Michael Catholic
121.10Aaron Exley28:26.9Forest Heights
122.10Micheal Watterworth28:36.3 PRCentral Huron
123.10Joey Figliomeni28:36.3 PRSt. Michael Catholic
124.10Bradley Cripps28:41.8Erin District
125.10Nick Kramer28:43.7Huron Heights (Kitch...
126.10Michael Heyming28:44.0Paris
127.10Glenn Whitehead28:49.0Sacred Heart
128.10Marcus Friedel28:53.4Waterloo CI
129.10Matt Coombs28:55.1 PRSt. Michael Catholic
130.10Cole Miller29:00.7Paris
131.10Conlin Dubois29:00.8Cameron Heights
132.10Thomas Ma29:05.0 SRWaterloo CI
133.10Dan Scheuerman29:05.7Huron Heights (Kitch...
134.10David Kozbor29:07.0Paris
135.10Dolan Bohnert29:08.2 PRSt. Michael Catholic
136.10Malcolm Ahsan29:09.0Galt CVI
137.10Liam Harrington29:22.2Brantford Collegiate
138.10Daniel VanAcker29:23.6John F. Ross
139.10Peter Vorvis29:36.4Guelph C.V.I.
140.10Sooraj Modi29:51.1Cameron Heights
141.10Connor Goliath29:52.9St Benedict
142.10Alex Helm30:24.1 PRKitchener-Waterloo
143.10Ryan Campbell30:24.3 SRWaterloo CI
144.10Jack Bone30:27.3John F. Ross
145.10De Greef Laurent30:42.2Galt CVI
146.10Jeff Courage30:42.5 PRWest Hill S.S.
147.10Finn Heinrich30:48.7 PRStratford Northwestern
148.10Adnan Hafiz-Zadeh30:49.3Brantford Collegiate
149.10Matthew Domm30:51.6Forest Heights
150.10Wessell Miedema30:51.6 PRCentral Huron
151.10Nick Ruttan31:03.7 PRSt. Michael Catholic
152.10Hawke McMenemy31:14.9Galt CVI
153.10Sidy Ndiongue31:27.0John Diefenbaker
154.10Sean Allen31:34.1Guelph C.V.I.
155.10Andrew Griffiths-B...31:59.8 PRSaunders
156.10Jordan Krueger32:03.0St Benedict
157.10Liam Connolly32:04.0Kitchener-Waterloo
158.10Lucas Hadden32:17.6Kitchener-Waterloo
159.10Jake Redmond32:19.5Grand River C I
160.10Anthony Phan32:33.6St Mary's (Kitchener)
161.10Branden Bouw32:34.4 PRSt. Michael Catholic
162.10Chanz Batiste32:41.7St Mary's (Kitchener)
163.10Tim Yule32:41.9Galt CVI
164.10Evan Accettola33:08.2 PRNorwell
165.10Charlie Buck33:13.5Southwood
166.10Reve Young33:53.2 PRParis
167.10Jeff Fischer33:53.2Kitchener-Waterloo
168.10Devon Kebick34:27.7Norwell
169.10Cameron Hall35:21.1St Benedict
170.10Calvin Newton35:38.7Owen Sound Collegiat...
171.10Shane Connery35:53.0 PRSt. Michael Catholic
172.10Noah Gomm36:01.8 PRParis
173.10Gabe Strelocke36:20.4Sacred Heart
174.10Connor Van Wyck38:08.7St Mary's (Owen Sound)
175.10Martin Wolfe38:09.7 PRSt. Michael Catholic
176.10Nathan Powless-Lynes39:48.8 PRBrantford Collegiate
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7,000 Meters Senior  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.12Mark Schmidt22:33.4 SRStratford Northwestern
2.12Brandon Thomas23:12.0Paris
3.11Jared Ruest23:14.5Georgian Bay
4.12Craig Klomp23:22.2 SRSt. Michael Catholic
5.12Jack Sheffar23:38.2 SRLondon Central
6.12Caelum Wishart23:45.3 SRStratford Central
7.12Sheldon Budhram23:57.7Bluevale Collegiate ...
8.12Rawle Groothuizen24:02.6Our Lady of Lourdes
9.12Cameron Howes24:09.3 PRLondon Central
10.12Travis Mann24:26.4 SRSt. Mary's DCVI
11.11Simon Wells24:30.0Centennial CVI
12.12Will Litchfield24:30.0 PRLondon Central
13.12Matt Napier24:38.5 PRErin District
14.12Joe Sheridan24:39.5Cameron Heights
15.12Bryan Bartle24:43.9Centennial CVI
16.12Marcus Noble24:55.6 PRSt Benedict
17.12Aaron Lebold24:58.2Elmira
18.11Willem Quosai25:06.0Centennial CVI
19.12Adam Clayton25:10.5Guelph C.V.I.
20.12Nicholas Vachon25:10.8 PREast Northumberland
21.12Jonathan Brooks25:17.2 PRLondon Central
22.12Jed Phillips25:19.4Georgian Bay
23.11Steve Nadjiwan25:22.7 PRPeninsula Shores
24.11Brendan Masters25:28.1Resurrection
25.11Tyler Moore25:29.4North Park (Brantford)
26.11Eric Heidebrecht25:33.7 PRDundas Valley Second...
27.11Cameron Smith25:34.5 PRGalt CVI
28.12Matt McArthur25:40.8Sacred Heart
29.11Connor McDonald25:49.0 PRDundas Valley Second...
30.12Chris Motz25:49.2Waterloo CI
31.11Jack Holmes25:49.3 PRDundas Valley Second...
32.11Dylan Pust25:49.9 SRJohn Diefenbaker
33.11Owen Savory25:50.3Preston Secondary
34.11Owen Fisher25:51.2 PRDundas Valley Second...
35.11Taylor Goodyear25:52.1 PREast Northumberland
36.12Kieran Doherty26:03.1Galt CVI
37.12Austin Solak26:04.9North Park (Brantford)
38.12Franklin Vickers26:06.4Georgian Bay
39.11Tom Manson26:07.5 PRDundas Valley Second...
40.11Josh Zilles26:07.7Kitchener-Waterloo
41.11Ilir Lazoja26:11.1Cameron Heights
42.12Joe Silva26:16.2 PRPreston Secondary
43.12Graham Perry26:16.7Orangeville
44.12Dejen Abraha26:19.5St Mary's (Kitchener)
45.12Riley Alvarez26:28.3St David
46.12Ryan Ruttan26:30.9 SRSt. Michael Catholic
47.12Declan Outhit26:32.9Cameron Heights
48.12Ben Congram26:36.3 PRStratford Northwestern
49.10Noah Tinevez26:37.7 SRBrantford Collegiate
50.12Brandon VanWyck26:39.3 PRBrantford Collegiate
51.11Chance White26:40.1 PREast Northumberland
52.12Mitchell Garlick26:51.4 SRLondon Central
53.11Brad Stewart26:55.7 SRSt. Michael Catholic
54.11Nathan Bauman26:56.1Sir J. A. MacDonald
55.12Elliott Simpson26:57.9 SRLondon Central
56.11Nolan Mullins27:08.2Centennial CVI
57.12Sebastien Jania27:10.3St Mary's (Kitchener)
58.12Garrett Lyons27:13.6Glenview Park SS
59.11Ethan Elka27:14.7Jacob Hespeler
60.12Jeffy Whaling27:24.2 PRSt. Michael Catholic
61.11Drew Neil27:24.7Centennial CVI
62.12Shawn Thompson27:26.9 PRJacob Hespeler
63.12Clinton Ziegler27:37.8Georgian Bay
64.12Qingfan Liu27:39.4 SRLondon Central
65.11Scott Long27:43.0West Hill S.S.
66.11Tanmay Patel27:46.0Cameron Heights
67.11Nehemiah Weldeab27:49.7Orangeville
68.11Nic Wlodek27:50.5Galt CVI
69.12Pete Redekop27:54.7Sir J. A. MacDonald
70.12Josh Bester27:56.3Bluevale Collegiate ...
71.11Joey Heath27:58.7Our Lady of Lourdes
72.11Octavio Harris27:58.7Sir J. A. MacDonald
73.12Jeremy Vandenhelm28:00.4Preston Secondary
74.11Connor McCleary28:00.9Orangeville
75.11Remco Scheele28:03.9 SRSt. Mary's DCVI
76.12Adam Wurzbacher28:06.1Waterloo-Oxford
77.11Yonatan Ahferom28:07.1Cameron Heights
78.12Jordan Arndt28:07.1Bluevale Collegiate ...
79.11Alex McKeigan28:12.9 PRSt James
80.12Calvin Redmond28:21.0Grand River C I
81.12Alex Held28:27.0Centre Wellington
82.11Jordan deBoer28:28.8 SRCentral Huron
83.12Michael Given28:31.8 PRSt Mary's (Owen Sound)
84.12Andrew O'Connell28:35.0 SRSt. Mary's DCVI
85.11Tyler Pirie28:36.9Huron Heights (Kitch...
86.11Robbie Lava28:37.4 PRSaunders
87.12Cabral Calvin28:38.8St Mary's (Kitchener)
88.12Chris Vanderburgh28:40.8 PRSt John's Kilmarnock
89.11Peter Whitley28:43.0Southwood
90.11Ryan Ropp28:44.5 PRSt. Michael Catholic
91.11Alex Kozak28:45.6Cameron Heights
92.11Tom Zhang28:46.2 PRLondon Central
93.12Reed Bell28:47.3Owen Sound Collegiat...
94.12Mathieu Sanderson28:50.3Waterloo-Oxford
95.11Brandon McLeod29:01.1 SRSt. Mary's DCVI
96.11Anthony Burgess29:03.3Orangeville
97.11Rick Pot29:05.6 PRSt Anne’s
98.11Aaron Hudali29:07.6Cameron Heights
99.12Jose Alba29:09.2St Mary's (Kitchener)
100.11Ryan McDonald29:11.4 PRSaunders
101.12Colton Dorion29:13.3St Benedict
102.12Justin Schmidt29:16.0 SRNorwell
103.11Jacob Robinson29:16.0Resurrection
104.12Andrew Miller29:17.0North Park (Brantford)
105.11Campbell Leavitt29:17.9 SRSt. Mary's DCVI
106.11Sean Gagne29:20.0Bluevale Collegiate ...
107.12Dominic Mortimer29:21.9Galt CVI
108.12Jacob Schmidt29:22.5 SREast Northumberland
109.11Kyle Bauman29:22.7Grand River C I
110.11Jesse Graves29:23.8 PRStratford Central
111.12Ravi Patel29:24.0Cameron Heights
112.12Jonathan Denoon29:24.2John F. Ross
113.11Tyler Fassl29:25.7 PRSt Mary's (Owen Sound)
114.12Kiyoaki Omori29:25.7 SRLondon Central
115.12Michael McKague29:25.7Grand River C I
116.11Tyler Fronchak29:28.8Huron Heights (Kitch...
117.12Chance Newell29:29.8St David
118.12Blaise Agane29:31.3 PREastwood
119.12Lucas Dupee29:31.3 SRSt Anne’s
120.11Luca Multari29:32.1 SRSt David
121.12Andrew Jackson29:33.2Cameron Heights
122.11Jaime Gareau29:34.5St John's College
123.11Troy Nechanicky29:36.6Elmira
124.12Benjamin Allen29:37.4Cameron Heights
125.12Scott Corbett29:39.7St Benedict
126.11Nick Wolf29:39.9Georgian Bay
127.12Jonah Clark29:47.5West Hill S.S.
128.11Sean Longinotti29:52.0 PREast Northumberland
129.11Kevin Santolini29:52.0Resurrection
130.12William Richards29:57.8 PRJohn F. Ross
131.12Benjamin Caldwell29:59.6Waterloo CI
132.11Noah MacGillivray29:59.6Our Lady of Lourdes
133.12Ryan Annis30:01.8 SRBluevale Collegiate ...
134.12Jack Hutton30:05.6 PRSt. Mary's DCVI
135.11Matt Woeller30:07.3 PRGalt CVI
136.12Graham Ellingwood30:07.7St Mary's (Owen Sound)
137.11Eric Schwering30:07.8 SRSt. Michael Catholic
138.12Nickolas Johnston30:08.6Preston Secondary
139.11Scott Gillan30:11.0Our Lady of Lourdes
140.12Thomas Zienchuk30:12.9Grand River C I
141.12Daniel Agudelo30:13.1St Mary's (Kitchener)
142.12Kyle Dick30:13.8Guelph C.V.I.
143.10TJ Green30:14.5 SRSouthwood
144.11Michael Prier30:16.0Centennial CVI
145.12MacDonald Justin30:21.7Sir J. A. MacDonald
146.11Eric Steele30:24.8 PRSt Anne’s
147.12Ian Prong30:25.1Waterloo-Oxford
148.12Mike Pavel30:26.9Cameron Heights
149.12Lukus Wolf30:28.8Georgian Bay
150.12Angus Thacker30:31.7Cameron Heights
151.11Brent Vink30:32.7 PRSt. Mary's DCVI
152.11Spencer Kelly30:34.0 PRKitchener-Waterloo
153.12Austin Hatcher30:34.5St Mary's (Owen Sound)
154.12Brandon Shrigley30:34.7 SRKitchener-Waterloo
155.11Jonah Beers30:36.5 PRKitchener-Waterloo
156.11Giacomo Passarelli30:39.9 PRSt. Mary's DCVI
157.11Alex Boshart30:40.2Huron Heights (Kitch...
158.12Liam Kelly30:42.2 SRKitchener-Waterloo
159.11Peter Hentschel30:43.1 PRKitchener-Waterloo
160.11Dawson Wright30:43.3 PRErin District
161.11Colin Griffioen30:46.6St Mary's (Kitchener)
162.11Kevin Suppiah30:47.7Grand River C I
163.11Dan Pennington30:48.9 PRSouthwood
164.12Max Pajunen30:51.0Grand River C I
165.12Ivan Edgeworth30:55.5 PRAssumption
166.11Dermott Shephard30:57.2 SRSt. Mary's DCVI
167.12Ryan Jamula30:57.5 PRBrantford Collegiate
168.10Owen Babcock30:58.2Resurrection
169.11Theo Gegu30:58.5Southwood
170.12Rhett Figliuzzi31:00.8Our Lady of Lourdes
171.11Joshua Cartmell31:02.5Orangeville
172.12Travis Hyatt31:04.8Orangeville
173.11Michael Elop31:06.1Bluevale Collegiate ...
174.11Matt Vandenberg31:07.8 PRSacred Heart
175.11Anan Al Moallim31:08.8Bluevale Collegiate ...
176.12Nihar Patel31:09.5Galt CVI
177.12Alec Elliot31:11.1Cameron Heights
178.11Connor Faiczak31:16.3Bluevale Collegiate ...
179.11Jack McFarlane31:20.1Southwood
180.11Jacob Drung31:20.2Cameron Heights
181.12Riley Mills31:29.0Waterloo-Oxford
182.11Andrew Misener31:32.2St Benedict
183.12Zenen Treadwell31:34.8Preston Secondary
184.12Tyler Beatty31:37.2Monsignor Doyle
185.11Darren Russo31:37.6St Benedict
186.11Scott Fraser31:37.7St Mary's (Kitchener)
187.11Paul Hewson31:43.7St David
188.12Ciarin Buckley31:45.1 PRSt. Michael Catholic
189.12Michael Burgess31:47.2St Benedict
190.11Austin Brown31:47.8Huron Heights (Kitch...
191.12Daniel Treadway31:51.5 SRSt. Mary's DCVI
192.12Ryan Briones31:54.1St Benedict
193.11Will Mederios31:56.8Our Lady of Lourdes
194.11Ryan Lumgair31:58.3 PRElmira
195.12Zachary Branan32:00.6Woodland Christian
196.11Jarna Miedema32:01.8 PRCentral Huron
197.11Tyler Turnbull32:02.3Southwood
198.12Paul Bootsma32:03.2St Mary's (Kitchener)
199.12Alex Robson32:05.9Cameron Heights
200.11Raif Abdallah32:06.7 PRCameron Heights
201.11Jacob Williams32:07.4 PRWest Hill S.S.
202.12Ben McMillan32:09.3North Park (Brantford)
203.12Ben Squicciarini32:10.0St Benedict
204.12Ryan Tennant32:13.2Grand River C I
205.11Daniel Sobers32:14.1Jacob Hespeler
206.11Paul Bertrand32:15.4Galt CVI
207.11Paul Croswell32:16.9North Park (Brantford)
208.10Jahaziel Siri32:18.7St David
209.11Brennan Koopman32:19.6Huron Heights (Kitch...
210.12Brent Kingcott32:28.5Centennial CVI
211.12Ross Edwards32:29.6 PRStratford Central
212.12Elijah Cameron32:31.0Woodland Christian
213.12Sean Canham32:32.0Huron Heights (Kitch...
214.12Isaac Boersma32:32.3 PRSacred Heart
215.11Mason Mueller32:34.1 PRSt. Mary's DCVI
216.11Dan Walcott32:34.2Erin District
217.12Angel Betancur32:40.2Huron Heights (Kitch...
218.12Adam Koch32:40.3John F. Ross
219.11Nathan Chaytor32:50.5Cameron Heights
220.12Ian McCurdy32:59.9Waterloo-Oxford
221.11Clayton Peterek32:59.9Huron Heights (Kitch...
222.12Clayton Rolston33:00.3 PRCentre Dufferin
223.11Lars Chen33:09.6Cameron Heights
224.11Jeff Mason33:10.7 SRSacred Heart
225.11Ryan Le33:11.7Cameron Heights
226.12Joe Metzger33:12.0 PRCentral Huron
227.11Jacob Asma33:12.4Cameron Heights
228.11Dennis Coffey33:18.3St James
229.12Andrew Kukor33:28.5Cameron Heights
230.11Joel Klassen33:29.6Rockway Mennonite
231.12Gordon Ford33:29.9Southwood
232.11Mitch Randell33:30.1Huron Heights (Kitch...
233.12Sam Silvestro33:33.3 SRHuron Heights (Kitch...
234.11Madison Phanthavong33:34.8Bluevale Collegiate ...
235.11Liam Mcgarry33:36.4Southwood
236.11Dominic Dotzert33:38.5 PRSouthwood
237.12Stuart Hamilton33:39.1North Park (Brantford)
238.12Graeme Campbell33:41.8 SRParis
239.11Andrew MacNeil33:43.8 SRResurrection
240.12Neelis Meuller-Mar...33:47.6Rockway Mennonite
241.12Dylan Walton33:51.6 PRCentral Huron
242.11Lucas Pitre33:53.9Cameron Heights
243.11Jeremy Locke34:00.2Bluevale Collegiate ...
244.12Reid Nantes34:01.6 SRSt Mary's (Kitchener)
245.12Anton Levy34:02.0Orangeville
246.11Spencer Descharnais34:03.8Galt CVI
247.11Taylor Hehn34:08.1St Mary's (Kitchener)
248.11Paul Hiff34:12.1St Benedict
249.12Joseph Ferr34:20.2Eastwood
250.11Mark Keir34:29.3 PRSt James
251.12Kyle Junghans34:29.5 PRErin District
252.12John Lee34:37.4Cameron Heights
253.12Senay Leakemariam34:40.9 PREastwood
254.11Landen Power34:45.0Grand River C I
255.-Liam Abbott34:46.2Centennial CVI
256.12Matt Csordas34:53.9 PRBrantford Collegiate
257.12Prabh Sandhu34:58.9 PRHuron Heights (Kitch...
258.11Tanner Kimpel34:59.5Galt CVI
259.12Alex Baranovsky35:15.3Cameron Heights
260.11Garnett Devries35:18.2 PRSt Mary's (Owen Sound)
261.11Alex Leach35:19.6Walkerton District
262.12Eric Woods35:21.3John F. Ross
263.11Peter Spenler35:35.6 SRCameron Heights
264.11Mitchell Peck35:52.4Erin District
265.11Christian Agnew35:59.7St David
266.11Kroeker Ben36:13.4Southwood
267.12Craig Lyons36:22.8Resurrection
268.12Jarret Melfi36:23.6North Park (Brantford)
269.11Isaac Beech36:24.2Rockway Mennonite
270.11Nathan Comin36:27.0Cameron Heights
271.12Daniel Deen36:28.5Woodland Christian
272.11Aaron Kruck36:31.2 PRSouthwood
273.12Andrew Ellis36:58.5John F. Ross
274.11Jonathan Klassen37:07.7Rockway Mennonite
275.12Thomas Vaillancourt37:17.5Galt CVI
276.12Charles Boo37:22.2Waterloo CI
277.12Aaron Shantz37:31.2Huron Heights (Kitch...
278.11Trent Blackwell37:37.1Erin District
279.11Andrew Ding37:44.8 PRCameron Heights
280.12Daniel Brooks37:47.8Bluevale Collegiate ...
281.11Arjun Fernando37:50.9 PRAssumption
282.11Brock Dubicki37:55.5 PRSt John's College
283.11Jeff Green38:10.4Southwood
284.12Ethan Main38:21.4Galt CVI
285.12Danny Giang38:22.1Huron Heights (Kitch...
286.12Alex Boland38:31.0Sir J. A. MacDonald
287.11Jesse The38:31.8Waterloo CI
288.11Bartlett Konrad38:37.9 PRBrantford Collegiate
289.11Colin Enns38:39.6Southwood
290.11Anuj Opal38:43.3Cameron Heights
291.10Charlie Woods38:43.8Guelph C.V.I.
292.11Anthony Naranjo38:48.4St Mary's (Kitchener)
293.11Laurentiu Medlicott38:50.8Cameron Heights
294.11Aaron Miedema38:57.6St Mary's (Kitchener)
295.11Thomas Graham-Bink...39:14.6Woodland Christian
296.12Brad Drexler39:21.0Waterloo-Oxford
297.11Adam Laranjeiro39:32.6St Benedict
298.11Griffin Goerzen39:55.3Forest Heights
299.11Jim Wu40:07.4Cameron Heights
300.11Aaron Silver40:46.3St Benedict
301.11Usman Zubair40:48.8Cameron Heights
302.11Cal Janik-Jones41:01.2 PRCameron Heights
303.12Brandon Sun41:10.8Huron Heights (Kitch...
304.12Drew Mcmurtry41:26.8 SRRockway Mennonite
305.12Daniel McArthur42:02.4St Benedict
306.12Kevin Zhang42:05.5Huron Heights (Kitch...
307.11Qingda Zou42:13.5Cameron Heights
308.11Scott Bootsma42:17.1St Mary's (Kitchener)
309.11Mike Bostioca42:58.9Huron Heights (Kitch...
310.12Zach Roote43:25.7St Mary's (Owen Sound)
311.11Gurveer Lali43:45.6Huron Heights (Kitch...
312.12Taylor Walls44:04.8 SRSaunders
313.12Matt Walker44:06.6Southwood
314.11Richard Raghunath44:26.8Cameron Heights
315.11Fan Zhao PRSt Benedict
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Womens Results

3,000 Meters Midget  
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  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Sevanne Ghazarian10:49.5St Benedict
2.9Emily Hrudka12:04.0 PRSt Anne’s
3.9Christine Laurie12:08.3Kitchener-Waterloo
4.9Juliette Davies12:24.3Cameron Heights
5.9Elizabeth Teasell12:32.7Centre Wellington
6.9Sierra Burt12:34.0 PRSt Anne’s
7.9Emily Soares12:41.4St Benedict
8.9Mackenzie Ainsworth12:53.4 PREast Northumberland
9.9Lola Jung12:55.0John Diefenbaker
10.9Emily Simmons13:02.9Waterloo-Oxford
11.9Kennedy Bourque13:06.7St David
12.9Victoria Simms13:07.5Orangeville
13.9Bernadette Holmes13:14.0Paris
14.9Elyssa Murray13:14.9Orangeville
15.9Nicole Tamming13:20.3 PRSt Anne’s
16.9Petra Plat-Dekoter13:23.1 PRLondon Central
17.9Taylor Danks13:23.1St John's College
18.9Abbey Steeneveld13:26.5Bishop MacDonnell
19.9Natalie Dale13:27.5 PRSt. Michael Catholic
20.9Joleen Otten13:28.3 PRSt Anne’s
21.9Elizabeth Anderson13:31.6Erin District
22.9Maddy Kim13:32.4Waterloo CI
23.Assumption Unknown13:35.6Assumption
24.9Lena Robinson13:42.3 PRSt Anne’s
25.9Elyse Benest13:44.8Resurrection
26.9Katelin Ditner13:45.5Bluevale Collegiate ...
27.9Natalie Minnick13:46.0St Benedict
28.9Laura McGregor13:50.0 PRCentral Huron
29.9Sarah Joseph13:50.4St Benedict
30.9Danielle Marshell13:54.7 PRSacred Heart
31.9Hana Vezsenyi13:55.0Resurrection
32.9Tessa Moore13:56.4Waterloo CI
33.9Lily Watt13:56.8Centennial CVI
34.9Jocelyn Ballantyne13:56.9 PRStratford Central
35.9Sophia Slater14:02.1 PRSt. Mary's DCVI
36.9Megan Duchesne14:09.7Centre Wellington
37.9Hannah Judelson-Ke...14:09.9Cameron Heights
38.9Leah Matthews14:14.0 PRStratford Central
39.9Lindsay Wilson14:15.3Monsignor Doyle
40.9Jill Jones14:15.9Southwood
41.9Hailey Wilce14:16.1 PREast Northumberland
42.9Katie Heath14:16.1Our Lady of Lourdes
43.9Allie Nagle14:17.5 PRSt. Mary's DCVI
44.9Kaitlynn Meier-Ross14:20.4Centennial CVI
45.9Madison Porter14:23.8Jacob Hespeler
46.9Mackenzie Annis14:25.9Bluevale Collegiate ...
47.9Gabrielle Starodub14:26.8St Mary's (Kitchener)
48.9Claire Prentice14:27.2West Hill S.S.
49.9Bailey George14:32.4West Hill S.S.
50.9Rachel Hannusch14:33.1 PRSt Mary's (Owen Sound)
51.9Maya Torrie14:33.6St Mary's (Owen Sound)
52.9Alexys Laur14:33.8Monsignor Doyle
53.9Anna Giannokopolous14:34.8 PRSt. Michael Catholic
54.9Ashley Rowe14:35.6 PRSaunders
55.9Leah Ritchie14:37.6St Benedict
56.9Dana Rashotte14:40.1Forest Heights
57.9Belle Wilson14:43.4 PRKincardine
58.9Natalie Breen14:44.0Resurrection
59.9Hannah Beaumont14:44.1Erin District
60.9Marina Street14:46.3 PRSir J. A. MacDonald
61.9Zoey Richards14:48.5Our Lady of Lourdes
62.-Janine Achieson14:50.7Wellington Heights
63.9Mariah Looby14:52.3 PRSt. Michael Catholic
64.9Ashley Bourgeois14:52.5Centennial CVI
65.9Samantha Lawson14:53.1 PRCentral Huron
66.9Laura Chapman14:56.2 PRSt. Michael Catholic
67.9Maddie Friel14:57.5St John's College
68.9Carley Stevenson14:58.9 PRWest Hill S.S.
69.9Cameryn Seibert15:00.1Bluevale Collegiate ...
70.9Maddy Schindler15:01.4Bluevale Collegiate ...
71.9Claire Rice15:01.6 PRSaunders
72.-Blythe Becker15:01.8 PRWellington Heights
73.9Naomi Filiatreault15:01.8 PRCentral Huron
74.9Megan Moorehead15:04.3 PRStratford Central
75.9Linda Luo15:05.5 PRLondon Central
76.9Hannah Worton15:05.5Jacob Hespeler
77.-Shayla Verburg15:12.4St Mary's (Owen Sound)
78.9Rebecca Young15:12.7St John's College
79.9Cassidy Priestap15:16.9Sacred Heart
80.9Jessica Kreugger15:17.6Our Lady of Lourdes
81.9Lauren Denstedt15:18.5 PRSt. Michael Catholic
82.9Charlen Lee15:23.3 PRLondon Central
83.9Vanessa Ortelli15:24.7 PRStratford Central
84.9Brianna Simpson15:25.8Elmira
85.9Skylar Healey15:28.0St John's College
86.9Deanna Mainland15:28.0Waterloo-Oxford
87.9Grace Loder15:28.1Brantford Collegiate
88.9Cassandra Postrozny15:34.9Waterloo-Oxford
89.9Aubrey Ellingwood15:36.4St Mary's (Owen Sound)
90.9Inara Ismail15:37.9Cameron Heights
91.9Mackenzie McIntosh15:39.7Southwood
92.9Julia Duffy15:40.5Bishop MacDonnell
93.9Clelianne Zumbach15:41.3Erin District
94.9Jessika Hardy15:41.9 PREast Northumberland
95.-Assumption Unknown15:42.6 PRAssumption
96.9Christine Cranwill15:43.0Preston Secondary
97.9Alyssa Macmillan-G...15:49.9Centennial CVI
98.9Julia Paquette15:51.5 PRSt Mary's (Owen Sound)
99.9Audrey Gray15:58.6Galt CVI
100.9Molly Varey16:00.4Brantford Collegiate
101.9Larissa Baker16:00.5 PRStratford Northwestern
102.9Lacy Madia16:05.0 PRBrantford Collegiate
103.9Emily Synnott16:11.4Our Lady of Lourdes
104.9Brianna Stenanus16:15.3Elmira
105.9Emily Hayes16:15.7 PRLondon Central
106.9Jessica Scheufen16:17.8West Hill S.S.
107.9Maggie Sutherland16:18.0Waterloo CI
108.9Ally Helgerman16:20.1Cameron Heights
109.9Lauren Anstett16:21.2 PRSt. Michael Catholic
110.9Sydney Rasberry16:23.3Cameron Heights
111.9Chantal Endersby16:28.0Cameron Heights
112.9Delfina Street16:29.3 PRSir J. A. MacDonald
113.9Sarah Fulop Kane16:29.5St Mary's (Kitchener)
114.9Eseosa Nosakhare16:38.8Bluevale Collegiate ...
115.9Monique Rivard16:40.8Monsignor Doyle
116.9Camryn Towers16:43.6 PREast Northumberland
117.-Assumption Unknown16:45.6Assumption
118.9Amber Cowan16:55.0Norwell
119.9Skyler Fougere16:55.2St Mary's (Owen Sound)
120.9Teodora Ristic17:07.1 PRSaunders
121.9Jennifer Liu17:08.2Cameron Heights
122.9Linsey Gunn17:11.6St Mary's (Owen Sound)
123.9Kayla Drapeau17:13.1 PREast Northumberland
124.9Logan Pereira17:20.6St Benedict
125.9Kimberley Pita17:26.0Preston Secondary
126.9Breanna Karst17:32.0Grand River C I
127.9Kate Jensen17:42.1Bluevale Collegiate ...
128.9Bronwyn Saxon17:59.3Cameron Heights
129.9Brooke Cisecki18:01.1Paris
130.9McKaela Coutts18:09.0Cameron Heights
131.9Sylvia Beda18:09.2Cameron Heights
132.9Julia Veber18:30.3St Benedict
133.9Maddison Allen18:43.2Erin District
134.9Erin Bester19:04.4Bluevale Collegiate ...
135.9Alex Hallman19:11.4Waterloo-Oxford
136.9Natalie Verschoor1:38:37.6Assumption
137.9Alison Baxter2:44:25.4 PRAssumption
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4,000 Meters Junior  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.10Jessie Fleming14:43.5 PRLondon Central
2.10Tatiana Desender15:27.3 PRSaunders
3.10Francesca Maltais15:37.0St James
4.10Alex deVries15:38.1North Park (Brantford)
5.10Nicole Hughson16:01.6 PRLondon Central
6.10Natalie Topp16:07.6 PRSt. Mary's DCVI
7.10Megan Dale16:13.7 PRSt. Michael Catholic
8.10Rose Nadjiwan16:24.4 PRPeninsula Shores
9.10Sydney Collins16:29.2St Mary's (Kitchener)
10.10Emily Drake16:40.6 PRSt. Michael Catholic
11.10Christie Downey16:43.6 PRSt Mary's (Kitchener)
12.10Kristin Looby17:08.6 PRSt. Michael Catholic
13.10Anna Mackenzie17:11.8 SRBluevale Collegiate ...
14.10Emily Duhart17:22.2 SRWaterloo-Oxford
15.10Alison Donovan17:25.0Our Lady of Lourdes
16.10Miranda Herbacko17:27.2 PREast Northumberland
17.10Hannah Dobbs17:48.0Kitchener-Waterloo
18.10Carina De Sousa17:49.8St Mary's (Kitchener)
19.10Emma Proud17:51.0Kitchener-Waterloo
20.10Jessica Borgers17:55.1 SRWaterloo CI
21.10Sydney Pattison18:01.7John F. Ross
22.10Samantha Melo18:03.6Resurrection
23.10Nicole Dotson18:07.6Huron Heights (Kitch...
24.10Sarah Yuhasz18:10.7Resurrection
25.10Taylor Heimbecker18:10.9Cameron Heights
26.10Amanda Verbeke18:14.6 PRSt Anne’s
27.10Stephanie Benninger18:14.8Our Lady of Lourdes
28.10Vanessa Small18:19.6St James
29.9Zuzanna Bukala18:19.8 PRSt. Michael Catholic
30.10Cherice Jones18:20.0Huron Heights (Kitch...
31.10Georgia Wilder18:21.7 PRSt Anne’s
32.10Paige Easterbrook18:22.6Woodland Christian
33.10Taylar McKenzie18:24.0Our Lady of Lourdes
34.10Emma Sichewski18:30.4 PRCentral Huron
35.10Jordan Stamper18:31.3 PREastwood
36.10Natasha Bolender18:32.9Huron Heights (Kitch...
37.10Meaghan Smith18:38.7Our Lady of Lourdes
38.10Lizzy Laurie18:38.7Kitchener-Waterloo
39.10Rachel Schultz18:40.1 PRCentral Huron
40.10Josee Kelly18:40.8 PRLondon Central
41.10Holly Laurysson18:40.9St James
42.10Maddy Struthers18:44.5Preston Secondary
43.10Alanna Lawrence18:44.6St Mary's (Owen Sound)
44.10Maddy Kenyon18:53.0 PRCameron Heights
45.10Stephanie Mills18:55.4 PRLondon Central
46.10Chloe Katsademas18:56.7 PRLondon Central
47.10Alex Girardi18:58.2 PRSt John's College
48.10Lauren Philippi19:01.5Resurrection
49.10Maud Galland19:02.7St Mary's (Kitchener)
50.10Sheena Flanagan19:03.0St Mary's (Kitchener)
51.10Andie Sheidow19:04.5 PRLondon Central
52.10Bianca Allain19:06.2Resurrection
53.10Brittany Stephens19:07.1 PRWest Hill S.S.
54.10Astha Priya19:08.8Cameron Heights
55.10Kacie Potruff19:11.2Paris
56.10Abigal Welch19:11.8Sir J. A. MacDonald
57.10Leah Mitchell19:12.5 PREast Northumberland
58.10Autumn Hayes19:13.4Galt CVI
59.10Raegan Hayter19:15.5 PRSt Anne’s
60.10Cassie Reid19:16.1 PREast Northumberland
61.10Alyssa Biersteker19:16.1St John's College
62.10Chelsea Beyer19:18.7Norwell
63.10Nicole Laarman19:21.4 PRGuelph C.V.I.
64.10Emma Gach19:22.9Centennial CVI
65.10Mary McQuoid19:27.1 PREast Northumberland
66.10Amy Alcock19:27.9 PRCentral Huron
67.10Nicole Shrigley19:29.0Kitchener-Waterloo
68.10Kirsty Howe19:29.2 PRSt Anne’s
69.10Vanessa Morsink19:29.3Woodland Christian
70.10Jade Weir19:29.8St Benedict
71.10Sydney Papadopoulis19:32.1St Benedict
72.10Amanda Thacker19:32.7Jacob Hespeler
73.10Sandra Amaya19:38.8St Mary's (Kitchener)
74.10Leandra Urbanek19:48.1 PRSacred Heart
75.10Sarah Vo19:54.5 PRLondon Central
76.10Miriam Shaftoe20:01.8Cameron Heights
77.10Jodi Winkels20:09.2North Park (Brantford)
78.10Meaghan Voll20:09.2St Mary's (Kitchener)
79.10Leanne Watters20:12.0Jacob Hespeler
80.10Judith Franz20:12.2 PRCameron Heights
81.10Morgan Richmond20:12.9Galt CVI
82.10Sarah Geiger20:13.9Waterloo-Oxford
83.10Serena Naylor20:14.4 PRGalt CVI
84.10Rachel Smith20:15.8Our Lady of Lourdes
85.10Taylor Turnbull20:18.7Jacob Hespeler
86.10Caitlin MacDonald20:19.1 PRSt Anne’s
87.10Caroline Witzel20:20.9Bluevale Collegiate ...
88.10Natalie Carmichael20:21.7Waterloo CI
89.10Alex Laleva20:23.6John F. Ross
90.10Gillian Young20:24.4John F. Ross
91.10Hannah Philchuk20:28.5 PRBrantford Collegiate
92.10Tristyn Wylie20:35.8 PRBrantford Collegiate
93.10Amy Edward20:41.3Brantford Collegiate
94.10Jessica Chhin20:41.7Preston Secondary
95.10Victoria Uribe Perez20:48.8Sir J. A. MacDonald
96.10Chelsea Sprout20:49.7Resurrection
97.10Sabrina Kember20:51.4 PRSaunders
98.10Quinn Wilson20:51.5Norwell
99.10Bonnie Vo20:51.6Preston Secondary
100.10Nikki Ritchie20:57.5Centennial CVI
101.10Hayley Chard20:59.7 PREast Northumberland
102.10Kat Bogerink20:59.8Galt CVI
103.10Keri Patton21:06.8Cameron Heights
104.10Brooklyn Schmidt21:08.2 PRSacred Heart
105.10Paulina Paniche-Ki...21:08.2St David
106.10Claire Kobe21:09.1 PRSt Anne’s
107.10Julia Vizel21:12.2 PRCameron Heights
108.10Amanda Pittao21:16.4 PRSt Anne’s
109.10Amy MacKinlay21:16.5Sir J. A. MacDonald
110.10Stephanie Huang21:18.6Preston Secondary
111.10Emily Mitchell21:26.0 PRCentral Huron
112.10Talia Rampelt21:26.7Bluevale Collegiate ...
113.10Jamie Fournier21:28.7Erin District
114.10Miranda Vanhaarlem21:29.1 PREast Northumberland
115.10Anna-Rose Clarke21:31.2 PRSacred Heart
116.10Abby Ferguson21:36.9St Benedict
117.10Rachel Winchester21:37.4Erin District
118.10Megan Vaneck21:37.9 PRGuelph C.V.I.
119.10Marissa Moran21:38.5 PRSt Mary's (Owen Sound)
120.10Elizabeth Bulsink21:38.7 PRSt Mary's (Owen Sound)
121.10Hannah Boonstra21:39.1Woodland Christian
122.10Arhan Ikram21:50.3 PRWaterloo CI
123.9Hayly Figiluzzi22:05.8Our Lady of Lourdes
124.10Madison McBride22:07.3Brantford Collegiate
125.10Natasha Bustos22:09.2 PREast Northumberland
126.10Jamie Cook22:16.3Jacob Hespeler
127.10Neely Birch22:17.0 PRNorth Park (Brantford)
128.10Chantal Van Schaik22:18.2 PRSt Anne’s
129.10Paige Norman22:19.0 PRSaunders
130.10Aazeen Haroon22:19.7Jacob Hespeler
131.10Emma Perry22:22.9 PROrangeville
132.10Selena Mclauchlan22:26.2St Mary's (Owen Sound)
133.10Chelsea McTaggart22:26.3 PRCentral Huron
134.10Caitlyn Mcgivern22:28.6 SRSt Benedict
135.10Megan Grant22:31.0St David
136.10Emily Hartman22:31.3Preston Secondary
137.9Katrina Reed22:47.2Centennial CVI
138.10Micaela Pirillo22:47.9 PRParis
139.10Tamara Bukva22:52.8Sir J. A. MacDonald
140.10Karol Guayasamin22:57.1Preston Secondary
141.10Taylor Murray23:28.5Erin District
142.10Rachel Kasprzyk23:35.2St Benedict
143.10Kamal Chahal23:36.7Jacob Hespeler
144.10Emily McMillan23:43.9North Park (Brantford)
145.10Kathryn Schroeder23:45.7Sir J. A. MacDonald
146.10Charlotte Plumstead23:46.8 PRParis
147.10Jenny Lawson23:49.8Cameron Heights
148.10Juliet Germann23:51.2Sir J. A. MacDonald
149.10Natalie Vanderheyden23:55.6Paris
150.10Serena Allerdyce23:56.8 PRAssumption
151.10Vanessa Patterson24:13.4Preston Secondary
152.10Charlene Elliott24:15.3Eastwood
153.10Megan Fluit24:31.7Woodland Christian
154.10Joy-Hannah Koudijs24:37.6Woodland Christian
155.10Eileen Barac24:57.1Sir J. A. MacDonald
156.10Sandra Jiao25:04.1 PRSir J. A. MacDonald
157.10Sonya Sowamber25:23.6St Benedict
158.10Claire Melfi25:34.6North Park (Brantford)
159.10Rachel Freeland25:44.5St Mary's (Kitchener)
160.10Courtney Mehnert25:45.7Cameron Heights
161.10Jaime Brush26:00.3St Mary's (Kitchener)
162.10Gillian Fairles26:04.5Bluevale Collegiate ...
163.10Emily Mellors26:53.5North Park (Brantford)
164.10Natalie Oesch27:29.6 PRStratford Central
165.9Kate Glaab27:33.9St James
166.10Emma Shaw27:34.9Centennial CVI
167.10Maria Palermo27:35.7St James
168.10Jo-Anna McCabe27:59.2St James
169.10Savonnae Street28:41.2 PREastwood
170.10Gen Junior28:47.0 PRSir J. A. MacDonald
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4,000 Meters Coaches  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.-Janet Gamble15:22.6 PRWest Hill S.S.
2.-Brenda Dolderman15:53.4 PRCentre Wellington
3.-Kelli Aldis16:48.5 PRSt. Mary's DCVI
4.-Lynne Godkin18:47.1 PRCentral Huron
5.-Cindy Carter19:39.0 PRCentral Huron
6.-Natasha Cordick21:01.2 PROwen Sound Collegiat...
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5,000 Meters Senior  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.11Charlotte Prouse17:49.6 PRLondon Central
2.12Alyssa Bolliger18:24.5Our Lady of Lourdes
3.11Hannah Woodhouse18:40.9Georgian Bay
4.12Sami McGuinness19:19.0 SRSt. Michael Catholic
5.11Sara Hessman19:32.8 PRLondon Central
6.10Carissa Gobbi19:36.3Our Lady of Lourdes
7.11Jessie Nusselder19:46.7Saugeen
8.11Jessica Cuabu19:57.7Centre Wellington
9.12Brianna Dolderman19:58.8 PRCentre Wellington
10.12Maddie Bak19:59.9Our Lady of Lourdes
11.12Sarah Wismer20:17.4Centennial CVI
12.12Jackie Bauman20:17.6 SRCentennial CVI
13.11Leah Brodovsky20:20.5 PRGuelph C.V.I.
14.11Sylvie Carruthers20:24.8Père René de Galinée
15.12Alex Hildebrand20:35.9Elmira
16.11Madison Visscher20:41.4Woodland Christian
17.11Christina Dolderman20:45.4 SRCentre Wellington
18.12Amber Sealey20:48.5Centre Wellington
19.12Monica Sanago20:51.9Centennial CVI
20.11Taya Ambrose21:01.9Monsignor Doyle
21.12Olivia Scagnetto21:02.2St Mary's (Kitchener)
22.12Stephanie Johnston21:02.8Brantford Collegiate
23.11Khushee Bahar21:04.1 PRCentennial CVI
24.12Karlie Dolderman21:04.8Centre Wellington
25.12Joanna Francolini21:05.2 SRLondon Central
26.12Grace Gany21:12.2St Mary's (Kitchener)
27.12Stephanie Shaw21:16.6Centre Wellington
28.12Leslie Carson21:33.2St John's College
29.11Madeline Aarts21:41.4 PRSt. Mary's DCVI
30.11Leah Kittel21:43.5 PRSacred Heart
31.12Amanda Hutchings21:45.1Monsignor Doyle
32.12Julia Hildebrand21:48.9Elmira
33.11Paige Parker21:49.7John F. Ross
34.12Hayley Dick21:54.6Waterloo-Oxford
35.11Samarah Workman21:59.5Centre Wellington
36.11Sarah Welch22:04.4John F. Ross
37.11Marlissa Bevaart22:05.5 PREast Northumberland
38.11Victoria Howard-Th...22:06.4 SRSt Anne’s
39.11Janessa Jobanputra22:12.7Cameron Heights
40.11Judith Murtha-ande...22:18.5 PREast Northumberland
41.12Chloe Middegaal22:22.1 PRSt Anne’s
42.12Roslyn Mainland22:27.7Waterloo-Oxford
43.12Logan Hong22:29.0 SRWest Hill S.S.
44.12Miriam Vanmeurs22:30.9 SRStratford Northwestern
45.12Samara Collin22:32.6 SRAssumption
46.11Grace Nichols22:32.8Our Lady of Lourdes
47.12Beth Stulen22:37.4Paris
48.12Rebekkah Hall22:40.3 PREast Northumberland
49.11Alyssa Yu22:40.6John F. Ross
50.11Sydney Fisher22:42.0 PRLondon Central
51.11Kirsten Crowe22:42.3 PREast Northumberland
52.12Charlotte Case22:48.4Our Lady of Lourdes
53.11Viona Monk22:53.7St James
54.11Julia Ranney22:54.7 PRStratford Central
55.11Jordan Berard22:55.6 PRCentral Huron
56.12Hosker Ashley22:59.2 PRBishop MacDonnell
57.10Taylor Rempel23:01.1 PRElmira
58.12Zoe Zyta23:01.7 SRSt. Michael Catholic
59.12Olivia Smith Rodri...23:04.6 PRLondon Central
60.12Alisha Clancy23:07.0Waterloo CI
61.11Audrey Delaye23:07.9Preston Secondary
62.12Andrea Mennill23:08.2Père René de Galinée
63.11Jessica Martin23:10.6Saugeen
64.12Bianca Teich23:12.6Cameron Heights
65.12Barbara Pfenning23:21.8Waterloo-Oxford
66.10Megan Lovell23:23.1 PRStratford Central
67.11Jena Hoffman23:28.9Elmira
68.11Julia Hogwood23:30.7Jacob Hespeler
69.12Aiden Strickland23:34.4Sir J. A. MacDonald
70.12Christine White23:34.8 PRLondon Central
71.12Samantha Lanooy23:40.3 PRLondon Central
72.12Aly Pintea23:41.0 SRHuron Heights (Kitch...
73.12Taylor Jarvis23:42.3 SRGuelph C.V.I.
74.12Emma Segato23:43.8Monsignor Doyle
75.12Rachel Whitney23:48.8Kincardine
76.11Caitlin Dermott23:50.2Orangeville
77.12Sonja Andrekovic23:51.3 SRStratford Central
78.11Kristine Boileau23:58.7Père René de Galinée
79.11Laurel Buchanan24:04.3St John's Kilmarnock
80.10Allie Berman24:07.0Jacob Hespeler
81.12Emma Brooks24:15.4 SRLondon Central
82.11Lauren Laing24:17.8 PRSaunders
83.11Claire Bergen24:19.1Bluevale Collegiate ...
84.12Taylor Smith24:22.0Huron Heights (Kitch...
85.12Alyssa Tondat24:24.4Erin District
86.11Kim Alcock24:27.9 SRCentral Huron
87.11Stephanie Goodyear24:30.1Centre Wellington
88.11Fiona Robson24:30.7 SRLondon Central
89.11Molly Richmond24:33.0 PRSaunders
90.12Megan Hoggart24:33.9 SRCentral Huron
91.11Sydney Zonneveld24:35.1Centennial CVI
92.11Jenna Eaton24:42.3St Mary's (Kitchener)
93.12Tanya Haygarth24:43.8Huron Heights (Kitch...
94.12Danielle Blanchette24:50.6Waterloo CI
95.11Sophia Papadedes24:55.1John F. Ross
96.12Tina Richards24:56.7 PRCentre Wellington
97.12Krista Duncan24:57.7 SRSaunders
98.11Brianna Miller24:59.7Glenview Park SS
99.12Courtney Brugger25:00.9Jacob Hespeler
100.11Megan Hasegawa25:03.8 PRStratford Central
101.10Emily Crosby25:06.9 PRPreston Secondary
102.11Nicole Smith25:08.3Galt CVI
103.11Laura Bender25:08.5Centre Wellington
104.11Julia McGill25:09.4Galt CVI
105.11Ally Macdonald25:11.1 SRLondon Central
106.12Tori Sharpe25:12.0 SREast Northumberland
107.11Jovana Yap25:12.3 PREast Northumberland
108.11Avery Moroney25:12.8Centre Wellington
109.11Claudia Sehl25:14.3Resurrection
110.12Barbara Amorim25:18.8St Mary's (Kitchener)
111.11Klaudia Dunne25:19.3St Mary's (Kitchener)
112.12Meghan Karrow25:21.3John Diefenbaker
113.11Briana Schmidt25:25.5 PREast Northumberland
114.12Cailyn Prins25:28.8John Diefenbaker
115.10Miranda Harrington25:30.7Grand River C I
116.12Vanessa Frank25:32.5Resurrection
117.11Alex Clements25:33.3 PRSaunders
118.11Rachel Semenuk25:34.4 SRSt. Mary's DCVI
119.12Lizzy Hughes25:35.3Woodland Christian
120.11Kierra Lahey25:36.1St Benedict
121.12Rebekah Timm25:37.1Woodland Christian
122.11Nikki Tunstall25:38.6Resurrection
123.11Alexandra Rego25:40.2St Benedict
124.12Hunter Rau25:40.6Bluevale Collegiate ...
125.11Sarrah Welch25:41.7 PRSaunders
126.12Beverly Yang25:41.9Waterloo CI
127.11Nicole Mitchell25:49.1Preston Secondary
128.10Harper Schmalz25:49.4Preston Secondary
129.11Meaghan Wunder25:51.0Kitchener-Waterloo
130.12Kassy Doucette25:51.9Bluevale Collegiate ...
131.12Jean Wang25:53.9Bluevale Collegiate ...
132.11Sydney Mills25:57.6 PRSaunders
133.12Alanna Beuermann25:57.6 SRCentral Huron
134.11Sarah Scruton25:58.1 PRSt Anne’s
135.12Melissa Chishom25:58.2 SRCentral Huron
136.11Sylvie Becker25:58.2 PREast Northumberland
137.11Chloe Sichewski25:58.9 PRCentral Huron
138.11Suzanne Kelley25:59.1Paris
139.11Kristina Couto26:00.6Glenview Park SS
140.12Brooke Finlayon26:00.9 SRCentral Huron
141.11Claire Wang26:01.0Cameron Heights
142.12Sarah Drysdale26:01.1 SRParis
143.12Maddy Rivard26:06.7Monsignor Doyle
144.11Haylee Champagne26:08.7Centennial CVI
145.12Marlee Sauder26:11.2 SRSt. Michael Catholic
146.11Megan Stewart- Kemp26:17.4 PRKincardine
147.12Kathy Amorim26:20.7St Mary's (Kitchener)
148.12Robyn Patrick26:23.9Galt CVI
149.11Megan Hutchings26:25.0Southwood
150.12Emily Gillies26:25.8West Hill S.S.
151.12Emily Blacklock26:27.0North Park (Brantford)
152.12Chantel Lieu26:30.8Glenview Park SS
153.12Rachel Lynne-Davies26:35.2 PRSt John's College
154.11Sarah Klujber26:37.0Huron Heights (Kitch...
155.12Taylor Lalonde26:39.6St Mary's (Kitchener)
156.11Kelley Fenwick26:42.8 PRWest Hill S.S.
157.11Bronwyn Berry26:43.8Saugeen
158.11Kaylie Dobson26:46.3 PRCentral Huron
159.11Gillian Frezell26:49.8St Mary's (Kitchener)
160.12Rachel Prine26:52.1Grand River C I
161.11Emma Foster26:53.2Galt CVI
162.12Grace Chung26:53.3 SRCameron Heights
163.11Rylee Schenk27:00.8 PRJohn Diefenbaker
164.11Madison Longshore27:03.9Orangeville
165.12Aimee VanKoughnett27:05.1Bluevale Collegiate ...
166.12Kristen Whitfield27:11.7 PRGreat Lakes Christia...
167.11Melissa Monk27:20.6Erin District
168.12Rachel Di Vito27:25.4Bluevale Collegiate ...
169.11Elizabeth Pfisterer27:26.8Rockway Mennonite
170.11Sylvia Bogdanowicz27:39.8Huron Heights (Kitch...
171.12Samantha Aung27:45.2Cameron Heights
172.11Lindsay Nelson27:46.1John Diefenbaker
173.12Morgan Scott27:51.5 PREast Northumberland
174.11Miranda Chalifoux-...27:54.4Saugeen
175.12Danielle Shantz28:00.4Elmira
176.12Sydney Kerbs28:06.2Forest Heights
177.11Julie Dunleavy28:07.4Centennial CVI
178.12Joissy Borges28:07.6Monsignor Doyle
179.12Sarah Fortuna28:08.5Bluevale Collegiate ...
180.12Caitlin Manderville28:09.9Centennial CVI
181.11Darcy Woods28:14.4Cameron Heights
182.11Breanna Hahn28:17.1Sacred Heart
183.11Charlotte Cahill28:17.7St Mary's (Kitchener)
184.11Heather Heise28:18.8Waterloo-Oxford
185.11Lauren Kerker28:18.8Saugeen
186.12Claire Linner28:22.7 SRWest Hill S.S.
187.12Sarah Canini28:24.0St Mary's (Kitchener)
188.11Donna Allen28:25.1Cameron Heights
189.11Elizabeth Hollander28:26.8Cameron Heights
190.11Cassie Gingerich28:27.1 PRCentral Huron
191.12Alice Lu28:27.8Cameron Heights
192.12Emily Schnurr28:36.6John Diefenbaker
193.12Sidney Gagne28:41.4Bluevale Collegiate ...
194.11Alli Van Bakel28:43.0 PRSt. Michael Catholic
195.12Nicole Gotkowski28:43.9 PRSt John's College
196.11Jinjin Wu28:45.2Cameron Heights
197.12Megan Baek28:46.3Cameron Heights
198.11Kelly Slover28:47.4Kitchener-Waterloo
199.11Katelyn Monk29:09.4Walkerton District
200.12Katy Griffin29:10.9Bluevale Collegiate ...
201.12Rebecca McGinn29:14.6Galt CVI
202.12Hailey Lyons29:17.8Glenview Park SS
203.12Emily Weber29:23.7Bluevale Collegiate ...
204.11Catherine Bandura29:26.9St Mary's (Kitchener)
205.12Jessica Barnard29:26.9 PRBrantford Collegiate
206.11Kyra Mackie29:28.8 PRBrantford Collegiate
207.12Elise Funk29:29.8Waterloo-Oxford
208.12Michelle Sauvé29:33.4Père René de Galinée
209.11Ariel Cherewka29:33.5 PRSt John's College
210.11Rebecca Simpson29:52.9Bishop MacDonnell
211.12Kailey Moffat29:59.3John Diefenbaker
212.12Camera Nabrotzky29:59.7Glenview Park SS
213.12Rachel Morton30:06.0Waterloo-Oxford
214.12Dominique Bruns30:09.6 PRPère René de Galinée
215.12Kelsey Bisch30:16.1Waterloo-Oxford
216.12Julia Frey30:17.7Huron Heights (Kitch...
217.12Victoria Fernandes30:20.6Monsignor Doyle
218.12Becky Connolly30:22.5Glenview Park SS
219.11Lindsay Fuchs30:23.9 PRBrantford Collegiate
220.11Katie Dowling30:35.3Erin District
221.12Melanie Tran30:38.2 PRCameron Heights
222.12Trang Thai30:39.7St Mary's (Kitchener)
223.12Doreta Topan30:40.0Glenview Park SS
224.12Kayla Hurlburt30:41.9Huron Heights (Kitch...
225.11Eva Thorpe30:42.6Paris
226.12Beccy Lee31:08.9Bluevale Collegiate ...
227.12Megan Magier31:09.4 SRGrand River C I
228.11Lauren Knowles31:10.4 PRGrand River C I
229.11Katie Trunks31:13.2 PRGrand River C I
230.12Kelly Johnson31:17.7Owen Sound Collegiat...
231.11Elizabet Alves31:21.5St Mary's (Kitchener)
232.11Jocelyn Tracey31:23.0 PRSt. Michael Catholic
233.12Amelia Dixon31:26.8Centennial CVI
234.11Carina Zuhlsdorf31:34.3Waterloo-Oxford
235.12Jackie Otterbein31:53.3Owen Sound Collegiat...
236.11Emily Jensen32:06.6Bluevale Collegiate ...
237.12Kaelan Ruddick32:14.1Waterloo-Oxford
238.11Aizah Bakhtiyar32:23.4 PRJacob Hespeler
239.11Crystal Archer32:24.2 PRBrantford Collegiate
240.11Amelia Danzinger32:33.3Waterloo CI
241.11Emma Sieling32:44.1Sir J. A. MacDonald
242.12Caitlin Okum32:55.7Bluevale Collegiate ...
243.12Casey Beynon33:02.2Owen Sound Collegiat...
244.11Kayla Kempers33:17.2John Diefenbaker
245.12Valerie Trinh33:30.9Cameron Heights
246.11Andrea Brodrecht33:33.7Waterloo-Oxford
247.12Amy Carapanta33:41.9Monsignor Doyle
248.12Rachel Millar33:42.7Bluevale Collegiate ...
249.11Corie Rooyakkers34:18.6Huron Heights (Kitch...
250.11Maddie Petrie34:38.8Erin District
251.11Inessa Townsend-Fish34:57.4Bishop MacDonnell
252.12Ashley Chaves37:38.2Monsignor Doyle
253.12Emily Pyatt37:53.8Bluevale Collegiate ...
254.11Gen Senior1:27:39.9 PRSir J. A. MacDonald
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