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Jayhawk Cross Country Invitational HS, Collegiate

Friday, October 11, 2013

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Location - Muskegon Community College, Muskegon, MI - Map
Mens Races

Muskegon Community College

8,000 Meters Men2:00 PM
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Women2:45 PM
Last Updated 8:31 AM, Tue, Sep 24

Meet information  (coaches)

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 11th, 2012
1:45 p.m. -- Honor 2012 MCC Cross Country Academic All-Americans and National Anthems
2:00 p.m. -- Men's 8k College Race
2:45 p.m. -- Women's 5k College Race
3:15 p.m. -- Short College Awards Ceremony...Should we do 2nd national anthem here?
3:30 p.m. -- Varsity Girls High School Race
4:10 p.m. -- Varsity Boys High School Race
4:50 p.m. -- Combined JV High School Race
5:30 p.m. -- AWARDS for College and High School Races
Last Updated 5:48 PM, Fri, Jun 28


Time:                 Men - 2:00 pm 8K (triple loop)
                  Women - 2:45 pm 5K (double loop)


Location:          University Park Golf Course, 2100 Marquette

Ave., Muskegon, MI  49442               


Cost:                   $100.00 per team (unlimited)

$200.00 for both men & women
$10.00 for an unattached runner


Contact:            Dan Fishel @ 231-740-1071




Deadline:                    Friday, October 4, 2013

Email questions to Dan Fishel @


Send checks payable to:
MCC Cross Country
 Attn:  Athletics

221 S. Quarterline Rd.

Muskegon, MI  49442

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Mens Results

8,000 Meters Men  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
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Hypothetical Scores

1.Mark List25:26.84unattached
2.SoEthan Barnes25:38.79Grand Valley State
3.FrJohn Trojansek25:48.04St. Clair College
4.FrEsrom Woldemicheal25:56.18Muskegon Community
5.Wuoi Mach25:58.29unattached
6.FrDavid Powell26:04.65Grand Valley State
7.SoJoe Marrah26:16.62Lansing
8.Matt Gree26:20.60unattached
9.FrPeter Tomkiewicz26:22.03Grand Valley State
10.SoJacob Wernet26:26.90Macomb
11.Michael Matusiak26:29.15unattached
12.SoGreg Madendorp26:32.97Grand Valley State
13.SoGrant Webber26:36.56Lansing
14.SrJeremy Wilk26:40.38Grand Valley State
15.JrKousei Yajima26:43.04Grand Valley State
16.FrBryce Bradley26:44.29Grand Valley State
17.Justin Pippel26:44.47unattached
18.SoChris Gantt26:46.77Lansing
19.SrJordan Langridge26:52.47St. Clair College
20.FrStephen Merchant26:58.73Lansing
21.JrTim Simon27:01.41Hope
22.FrJacob Baker27:02.61Muskegon Community
23.SrRollin Cook27:06.33Hope
24.Conrad Schultz27:08.52unattached
25.FrTim Young27:09.53Lansing
26.FrMitchell Tiethof27:10.14Grand Valley State
27.SoKyle Anderson27:11.29Hope
28.SoNoah Litwiller27:12.58Hope
29.Mowgli Crosby27:13.98unattached
30.Austin Horn27:15.71unattached
31.JrGrant Truskowski27:16.55Grand Valley State
32.FrJulian Morrison27:19.62Hope
33.SoTim Hofmeister27:20.55Grand Valley State
34.FrNorman Emineth27:21.55Lansing
35.SoJohn Worthington27:23.04Macomb
36.FrSteven Esders27:28.72Lansing
37.SrTom Smeltzer27:34.88Hope
38.FrKyler VanWormer27:36.09Lansing
39.FrChad Zagacki27:36.52Alpena Community Col...
40.SoTimothy Szymanski27:39.99Macomb
41.Brandon Beckman27:42.27unattached
42.SoAhron Gunn27:45.81Jackson
43.SoAlex Drew27:47.17Muskegon Community
44.SoRyan Boxeth27:49.64Hope
45.FrTony Vermilye27:50.69Lansing
46.FrAustin Rios27:52.53Lansing
47.SoMatthew Rolain27:54.37Hope
48.FrNicholas Salomon27:58.46Hope
49.FrIsayha Davis28:03.52Lansing
50.SoMathias Waterstradt28:04.87Muskegon Community
51.SoFrank Moen28:05.62Hope
52.FrChuck Merrill28:06.47Jackson
53.FrThomas Kean28:11.30Lansing
54.SrErik Gonzalez28:19.28Hope
55.FrKaleb Baublitz28:23.21Lansing
56.FrKaleb Costom28:26.91Lansing
57.SrTim Lewis28:31.61Hope
58.SoPatrick Donovan28:31.85Lansing
59.FrLogan Irey28:33.28Muskegon Community
60.SoDavid VanBergen28:35.85Muskegon Community
61.JrMatt Hughes28:49.31Hope
62.FrMatt Ward-Trymbulak28:50.62St. Clair College
63.SoPatrick Spitler28:51.33Jackson
64.FrTrevor Holmes28:51.59Lansing
65.SoNick Ferris28:56.11Lansing
66.FrJon Fitch28:58.35Alpena Community Col...
67.FrAustin Elliott28:59.96Muskegon Community
68.FrKage Johnson29:02.88Jackson
69.SoLeonard Jackson29:05.20Macomb
70.Zach Mayfield29:08.17unattached
71.FrGreg Trierweiler29:13.29Lansing
72.Ethan Carigon29:23.83unattached
73.SrJosh Kammeraad29:34.36Hope
74.SoDaniel Scarpino29:34.72Algoma
75.SoJacob Lazar29:40.23Hope
76.SoEugene Harvey29:51.33Glen Oaks CC
77.FrTyler Howard29:54.13Lansing
78.FrChris Caddey29:57.31St. Clair College
79.FrEthan Menefee29:59.16Jackson
80.Trevor Sharnas30:06.72unattached
81.FrJake Spaulding30:10.48Alpena Community Col...
82.FrAlex Bliss30:13.64Jackson
83.FrTyler Grove30:29.78Muskegon Community
84.FrBrandon Gibson30:30.05Alpena Community Col...
85.SoKyle Hardy30:37.23Lansing
86.FrPaul Wilbert30:48.09Alpena Community Col...
87.FrChristopher Kreig30:58.78Hope
88.FrCameron Kroening30:59.14Muskegon Community
89.FrSpencer Morse31:07.25Muskegon Community
90.SoJay Witchel31:17.08Lansing
91.Brandon Frank31:21.84unattached
92.FrKyle First31:24.10Glen Oaks CC
93.FrKevin Khim31:32.48Glen Oaks CC
94.FrLuke Spaulding31:35.38Alpena Community Col...
95.FrBrent Heberling31:39.87Alpena Community Col...
96.FrZane Forintos32:05.23Alpena Community Col...
97.FrForest Frair32:38.44St. Clair College
98.FrKerry Vaughn33:07.22Glen Oaks CC
99.SoJoe Kilmer33:08.37Kuyper College
100.SoAndrew Sumerix33:18.28Alpena Community Col...
101.FrJD Niergarth33:34.08Alpena Community Col...
102.SoOmundi Justin33:53.22Wayne CC
103.SoKyle Urban34:15.07Alpena Community Col...
104.FrArron Balizet35:52.05Glen Oaks CC
105.SoZackary Blair36:12.20Glen Oaks CC
106.SoKevin Kruizenga37:51.84Kuyper College
107.FrNick Van Veen38:08.87Kuyper College
108.SoAlan Chupp38:18.86Kuyper College
109.SoCollin VandenBosch49:30.00Kuyper College
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Women  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

3.St. Clair College95
6.Muskegon Community124

Hypothetical Scores

1.Rachel Bendewald19:16.35unattached
2.Alex McBride19:23.01unattached
3.Kelly Haubert19:32.95unattached
4.FrKailey Weingartz19:36.91Macomb
5.SoViviana Baca Alami...19:40.67Lansing
6.FrAllison Dible19:48.76Lansing
7.SoTaylor Smith19:53.28Grand Valley State
8.SoNatalie Nelson19:57.24Grand Valley State
9.SoKodi Morgan19:57.47St. Clair College
10.SoJessica D'Haene20:00.07Lansing
11.FrBrooke Owens20:06.29Cornerstone
12.SoKatherine Hauge20:08.96Hope
13.JrKatherine Afton20:13.15Hope
14.SrJulia Windom20:14.71Hope
15.SrDonia Oumesrour20:15.19St. Clair College
16.FrAlyssa Abendroth20:21.51Lansing
17.FrSummer Hussey20:24.43Muskegon Community
18.FrAndrea Lavigne20:25.03Muskegon Community
19.FrAnne Redd20:33.89Grand Valley State
20.SrErin Laplander20:37.32Cornerstone
21.FrChristin Bothe20:39.26Hope
22.FrJessica Cronau20:40.94Hope
23.FrChristy Snelgrove20:42.11Lansing
24.FrKailey Mattarella20:48.04Hope
25.Rhi Cullip20:53.18unattached
26.FrKimberly Wedinger20:53.53Hope
27.FrHannah Kusmierz20:55.49Lansing
28.SoSierra Melling20:56.21Jackson
29.FrAmanda Matthews20:59.34St. Clair College
30.SoKayla Ovokaitys21:01.75Cornerstone
31.FrAmanda Dort21:07.33Hope
32.FrMiranda Ulmer21:08.16Hope
33.FrHayley Schultz21:10.75Hope
34.Melissa Malan21:12.95unattached
35.SoAbby Cottom21:13.78Lansing
36.FrKatelyn Dreyer21:16.23Hope
37.SrCatie Gammon21:20.46Hope
38.SoLauren Zens21:25.31Macomb
39.FrLacey Wojt21:31.87Macomb
40.SrLindsay Timmerman21:36.91Hope
41.Celeste Webber21:45.32unattached
42.FrEmily Ditty21:47.83St. Clair College
43.SrPayton Carty21:49.88Hope
44.JrBrianna Griffiths21:51.26Cornerstone
45.FrSamantha Eely21:51.99Muskegon Community
46.SoCourtney Clark21:52.65Jackson
47.SoAllyson Schnell21:53.27Hope
48.FrJessica Sauber21:54.18Macomb
49.FrGabrielle Labioda21:56.74Lansing
50.SrMonica Lawrence22:01.08Cornerstone
51.FrLarissa Umbleby22:05.30Jackson
52.SoLillia Rheinlander22:06.10Macomb
53.FrCaitlyn Campbell22:13.33Hope
54.FrBailey Brogan22:19.36Cornerstone
55.FrKatie Prevost22:31.08Jackson
56.FrKathleen Gross22:33.01Macomb
57.FrMadeline Johnson22:41.98Lansing
58.SrJulia Slesinski22:47.53Hope
59.FrGabriela Vazquez22:56.75Hope
60.FrAlexa Ouellette23:10.94St. Clair College
61.FrSandra Bellaire23:27.68Glen Oaks CC
62.FrBrielle Johnson23:30.59Muskegon Community
63.FrDanielle Dupuis23:41.15Algoma
64.FrClaudia Melton23:44.43Muskegon Community
65.SoAutumn Baker23:55.34Lansing
66.Brittany S24:00.34unattached
67.FrAlexis Madrigal24:01.98Lansing
68.FrErika Bayak24:18.68Muskegon Community
69.SoBreanne Bishop24:20.14Kuyper College
70.FrRizpah Gray25:07.70Macomb
71.FrMiranda Buckwald26:12.79Muskegon Community
72.SoKatie Brownell26:20.15Alpena Community Col...
73.SoHeidi Avery26:51.89Glen Oaks CC
74.JrLiz Vogt27:20.52Kuyper College
75.FrHannah Mayuiers28:11.60Glen Oaks CC
76.-Deraina Stinson28:31.05Wayne CC
77.SoKarla Velis29:03.84Kuyper College
78.FrErin Wright30:15.00Alpena Community Col...
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