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Athlete's Foot-hills Challenge HS

Friday, October 11, 2013

Meet Info & Blog

Meet Host - Meridian HS
Location - Eagle Sports Complex, Eagle, ID - Map
Mens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity4:30 PM
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity5:00 PM
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Official Team Scores

3.Rocky Mountain87
5.Mountain View (ID)96
1.10Ryan McKinnon17:59Mountain View (ID)
2.12Adam Young18:07Centennial
3.11Daniel Whitfield18:11Eagle
4.11Jake Weedn18:23Centennial
5.11Ammon Christensen18:38Skyview
6.12Stephen Berkheiser18:53Meridian
7.11Darian Wood18:55Eagle
8.12Caleb Kauffman18:58Centennial
9.12Zach Davlin19:00Skyview
10.9Tanner Roark19:05Rocky Mountain
11.12Riley Armstrong19:07Rocky Mountain
12.12Jordan Hurd19:12Centennial
13.10Joseph Ndihokubwayo19:18Centennial
14.10Jake Tadje19:19Eagle
15.10Gavin McCaw19:20Meridian
16.10Brady Yoneda19:22Rocky Mountain
17.9Kalen McNatt19:23Eagle
18.12Luke Seegmiller19:30Mountain View (ID)
19.11Jake Jackson19:46Centennial
20.12Ryan Carlson19:47Centennial
21.9Micah Starita19:48Rocky Mountain
22.12Josh Robinson19:49Meridian
23.12Darian Homer19:49Skyview
24.9Matt Neely19:50Mountain View (ID)
25.9Kaiden Cabinaw19:51Centennial
26.12Justin Blanscett19:56Skyview
27.11Asher Wheelock19:56Mountain View (ID)
28.10George Bowler19:57Mountain View (ID)
29.10Spencer Calley19:59Skyview
30.9Tanner Pollock20:04Rocky Mountain
31.12Alexis Araiza20:05Skyview
32.11Paul Grimsted20:06Eagle
33.12Brody Wheelock20:18Rocky Mountain
34.11John Waters20:22Eagle
35.10Ty Horrocks20:25Centennial
36.11Russell Njilayi20:32Centennial
37.10Ethan Davis20:33Rocky Mountain
38.9Chase Maxfield20:33Centennial
39.11Collin Pattan20:38Mountain View (ID)
40.10Devin Lewis20:43Skyview
41.11Harrison Cleveland20:46Mountain View (ID)
42.10Tylor Clark20:50Rocky Mountain
43.9Francisco Negron20:51Rocky Mountain
44.12Porter Haux20:52Mountain View (ID)
45.10Nathan Hines20:57Mountain View (ID)
46.12Christian Larsen21:01Mountain View (ID)
47.10Zach Brower21:05Centennial
48.10Matt McLaughlin21:06Meridian
49.10Seth Helsey21:09Mountain View (ID)
50.10Jakota Brown21:09Mountain View (ID)
51.12Isaac Skelton21:11Mountain View (ID)
52.12Ryan Murphy21:13Rocky Mountain
53.10Mitch Jensen21:14Centennial
54.10Jeremy Rueb21:16Mountain View (ID)
55.12Mackay Atkinson21:25Eagle
56.12Josh Eastman21:32Mountain View (ID)
57.11Roman Garza21:37Mountain View (ID)
58.11Ryan Wheeling21:40Centennial
59.11Aaron Capell21:44Mountain View (ID)
60.10Micheal Reinertson21:45Skyview
61.10Alec Kondeff21:46Eagle
62.9Taylor Stewart21:47Eagle
63.11Sam Bennett21:47Mountain View (ID)
64.11Alan Jozwiak21:49Mountain View (ID)
65.9Matt Turner21:51Eagle
66.9Tristin Lords21:52Skyview
67.9Tanner Byington21:55Meridian
68.11Justin Quinn22:07Rocky Mountain
69.12Seth Blaser22:09Centennial
70.12Forrest Nolan22:09Mountain View (ID)
71.9Ashton Link22:10Meridian
72.9Nathan Hebert22:17Mountain View (ID)
73.9Jeff Freeman22:25Skyview
74.12Hunter Baum22:27Centennial
75.9Ian Jackson22:30Rocky Mountain
76.12Jesse Donohue22:30Skyview
77.10Jared Luedtke22:31Mountain View (ID)
78.9Michael Rossow22:32Meridian
79.9Joe Kiehl22:49Mountain View (ID)
80.10Ethan Stubbs22:55Centennial
81.9Mackay Grange22:56Eagle
82.12Taylor Harmon22:57Rocky Mountain
83.9Norrin Shearer22:57Meridian
84.10Jake Miller22:58Meridian
85.9Remington Cleveland23:04Mountain View (ID)
86.12Luke Hardin23:05Meridian
87.9Hayden Figueroa23:07Eagle
88.9Charlie Gurgel23:14Eagle
89.12Jared Petrie23:27Mountain View (ID)
90.10Dellan Zimmerman23:32Centennial
91.9Riley Camerson23:33Eagle
92.10Tristan Wrem23:35Meridian
93.11Nathan Wheeler23:36Rocky Mountain
94.12Mitch Lambert23:38Mountain View (ID)
95.12Thomas Worley23:41Centennial
96.9Kobe Fields23:44Mountain View (ID)
97.11Michael Chase23:49Mountain View (ID)
98.9Joseph Spelliscy23:51Rocky Mountain
99.10Jacob Black23:58Mountain View (ID)
100.9Gavin Carpenter24:13Mountain View (ID)
101.10Matthew Lamp24:15Meridian
102.9Johnny Holm24:16Mountain View (ID)
103.10Marcus Duce24:19Skyview
104.9Dallin Sharrai24:33Skyview
105.10Hunter McOmber24:47Centennial
106.10Griffin Williamson25:15Mountain View (ID)
107.12Hayden Frasier25:28Meridian
108.12Michael Lysy25:34Rocky Mountain
109.12Devin Colton26:37Meridian
110.10Jaiden Schwenson26:41Mountain View (ID)
111.12Chandler Tague26:49Centennial
112.9Austin Fox28:12Mountain View (ID)
113.10David Pugel29:44Centennial
114.9Carter Tague31:19Centennial
115.9Andrew Carlsen32:36Meridian
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Official Team Scores

4.Rocky Mountain94
5.Mountain View (ID)145
1.12Ashtyn Ellis20:48Eagle
2.11Kaitlyn Schut20:59Eagle
3.12Jocelyn Barber21:16Skyview
4.9Katie Weedn21:27Centennial
5.11Megan Dupree21:33Eagle
6.12Holly Hayes22:19Skyview
7.12Hailey Payne22:37Eagle
8.9Dania Holmberg22:41Eagle
9.10Lindsey Payne22:46Eagle
10.12Erin Shields22:48Rocky Mountain
11.12Madison Wilson22:57Skyview
12.10Abbey Duff22:57Skyview
13.10Tiana Taylor23:01Centennial
14.12Logan Ybarra23:16Eagle
15.12Shelby Lee23:19Centennial
16.9Megan Boals23:22Rocky Mountain
17.9Kaylee Padour23:31Centennial
18.12Rachel McCuistion23:36Centennial
19.12Taylor Davis23:44Centennial
20.10Victoria Madison23:45Centennial
21.12Claire Cameron23:45Eagle
22.12Becca Cole23:48Rocky Mountain
23.9Makenzie Jacobsen23:51Skyview
24.12Noelle Aragon24:05Rocky Mountain
25.11McKenna Lake24:12Eagle
26.9Ella Whitfield24:15Eagle
27.9Hanna Long24:18Rocky Mountain
28.11Hannah Wentland24:28Rocky Mountain
29.11Olivia DeMordaunt24:29Eagle
30.11Savannah Callis24:30Rocky Mountain
31.11Melissa Brown24:31Rocky Mountain
32.9Hannah Landis24:32Mountain View (ID)
33.9Alayna Resse24:32Eagle
34.11Kate Semple24:37Eagle
35.9Sara Stepherson24:43Rocky Mountain
36.11Abby Alexander24:44Mountain View (ID)
37.12Josie Jensen24:58Centennial
38.10Jessica Stastny24:59Mountain View (ID)
39.10Molly Johnson25:16Eagle
40.11Kolbi Sims25:19Eagle
41.12Jenna Fiscus25:27Rocky Mountain
42.10Veronica Grimsted25:32Eagle
43.10Allison Toth25:44Mountain View (ID)
44.11Jordan Bateman25:46Mountain View (ID)
45.11Lexi Grounds25:47Eagle
46.9Emma Rusher25:48Rocky Mountain
47.12London Howell25:49Mountain View (ID)
48.12Blayke Stoker25:50Centennial
49.9Alex Ruxton25:55Rocky Mountain
50.12Riley Hope25:57Centennial
51.10Morgan Hansen25:58Centennial
52.11Marlee Merrill26:10Eagle
53.10Becky Davlin26:12Skyview
54.9Louisa Ford26:18Eagle
55.9Colbie Jensen26:28Rocky Mountain
56.10Rachel Hansen26:44Centennial
57.10Jackie Buckendorf26:50Skyview
58.12Lisa Kendall26:59Mountain View (ID)
59.11Alora Demaree27:00Rocky Mountain
60.9Christina Miller27:07Mountain View (ID)
61.12Kendra Chamberlain27:07Rocky Mountain
62.9Alyssa Molis27:10Mountain View (ID)
63.12Shilo Mason27:14Rocky Mountain
64.11Hannah Ray27:15Skyview
65.9McKinly Gerlach27:19Mountain View (ID)
66.11Kristen` Gruendel27:20Mountain View (ID)
67.12Sydney Carnahan27:24Centennial
68.10Malia White27:29Mountain View (ID)
69.9Mackinzie Howell27:30Mountain View (ID)
70.10Alexis Jurado27:30Mountain View (ID)
71.11Christie Ludeman27:46Centennial
72.11Molly Ashby27:58Rocky Mountain
73.10Sarah Larsen28:07Mountain View (ID)
74.10Julia Larson28:13Rocky Mountain
75.11Blakeley Leach28:16Eagle
76.10Kimberlee Freeman28:30Mountain View (ID)
77.10Ashlin Wigington28:30Meridian
78.9Auja Plaster28:31Meridian
79.10Megan Aschenbrenner28:35Meridian
80.12Jeannett Buckendorf28:36Skyview
81.11Sarah Bruneel28:38Rocky Mountain
82.10Hannah Boren28:41Rocky Mountain
83.9Alex Colberg28:41Rocky Mountain
84.11Linnae Bultez28:43Rocky Mountain
85.9Kyrie Zimmerman28:53Centennial
86.9Karsyn Leach28:58Eagle
87.10Alyssa Brock29:07Rocky Mountain
88.11Rachel Wilker29:42Mountain View (ID)
89.9Ali Millemon-Shaw30:02Mountain View (ID)
90.11Morgan Gillan30:08Rocky Mountain
91.12Rylee Hall30:13Skyview
92.12Sarah Whinery30:16Eagle
93.11Riley McNeil30:44Eagle
94.11Chloe Gurgel30:48Eagle
95.11Shelby Mader31:02Rocky Mountain
96.10Iris Dailey31:05Mountain View (ID)
97.12Stephanie Muir31:08Mountain View (ID)
98.10Mayce Crofts31:18Mountain View (ID)
99.10Maddie Esplin31:54Rocky Mountain
100.9Aurora Rosin32:05Mountain View (ID)
101.11Sarah Chism32:58Eagle
102.11Allie Wasden33:48Rocky Mountain
103.11McKenzie Quest34:20Mountain View (ID)
104.11Kirsten Forster34:38Rocky Mountain
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