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Mens Results

3 Mile Varsity

12Bradley Wiggs
15:53Quartz Hill
11Jarred Gregory-Gri...
16:11Quartz Hill
9Andrew Mitchell
16:20Quartz Hill
12Justin Vega
16:21San Jacinto
10Travis Cetti
16:22Quartz Hill
11Marcos Guillen
16:30 SRFontana
6.11Hunter Lepla
16:36 PREscondido Charter
10Jacob Branch
16:37Quartz Hill
12Alec Franco
16:41Quartz Hill
11Steven Cabral
17:13San Jacinto
10Michael Knight
17:14Quartz Hill
11Christian Amaya
17:16Quartz Hill
11Dustin Rios
17:17San Jacinto
11Mohamed Al Elew
17:21San Jacinto
12Cody Roslan
17:23Quartz Hill
10Elias Cortez
17:28San Jacinto
11Alex Wada
17:30Quartz Hill
9David Moreno
17:32Quartz Hill
11Brad Sexton
17:35Quartz Hill
9Bryce Butler
17:36Quartz Hill
12Steven Guzman
27.12Andrew Delgado
17:39 PREscondido Charter
10Alex Perez
17:42Quartz Hill
11Emil Ekanayake
18:02Quartz Hill
9Giovanni Gutierrez
18:04San Jacinto
10Brendan McRoberts
18:04Quartz Hill
10Anthony Cortez
18:10San Jacinto
11Evan Ross
18:17Quartz Hill
12Zach Emard
18:18Quartz Hill
9Martin Plascencia
18:24Quartz Hill
11Lucas Trivisonno
18:30Quartz Hill
12Andrew Mann
18:32Quartz Hill
9Taylor Stephenson
18:40Quartz Hill
10Cooper Sessions
18:48Quartz Hill
9Trent Stevens
18:50Quartz Hill
10Duncan Woodford
18:50Quartz Hill
9Dillon Gray
18:51Quartz Hill
10Jordan Gardner
19:00Quartz Hill
10Sam Dinh
19:17Quartz Hill
9Leonardo Garcia
19:33Quartz Hill
10Bradley Morgan
19:33Quartz Hill
11Julio Orellana
19:50Quartz Hill
10Nick Franco
20:03Quartz Hill
11Victor Hernandez
20:38Quartz Hill
9Brock Ruble
20:57Quartz Hill
10Derek Ward
21:03Quartz Hill
9Isaac Ramirez
21:35 PRQuartz Hill
10Conner Lutge
21:47 PRQuartz Hill
9Erick Lopez
21:54Quartz Hill
12Allan Gonzalez
22:01Quartz Hill
10Tim Gordon
22:03Quartz Hill
9Marvaughn Smith
22:59Quartz Hill
9Frankie Perez
23:12Quartz Hill
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3 Mile Junior Varsity

11Alexis Rodriguez
18:30San Jacinto
11Jonathan Junus
18:52San Jacinto
12Marcelo Diaz
18:55San Jacinto
11Sam Harrison
19:38San Jacinto
40.10Kiefer Phelps
20:08 PREscondido Charter
42.9Finley Marlor
20:13 PREscondido Charter
52.11Jordan Perez
21:16 PREscondido Charter
11Anthony Pioquinto
21:17San Jacinto
12Kenny Shields
27:43San Jacinto
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5,000 Meters Frosh/Soph

9Claudio Cortez
18:38 PRSan Jacinto
9Mario Ortega
18:55 PRSan Jacinto
9Abraham Hernandez
19:42 SRSan Jacinto
10Noe Ortega
21:08 PRSan Jacinto
10Christopher Church
22:44 PRSan Jacinto
10Alexi Robles
24:07 PRSan Jacinto
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