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Region V Championships HS

Saturday, September 28, 2013

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Meet Host - Sitka HS
Location - Sitka HS, Sitka, AK - Map
Mens Races
5,000 Meters 1A/2A/3A Boys9:00 AM
5,000 Meters 4A Boys9:45 AM
Womens Races
5,000 Meters 1A/2A/3A Girls10:30 AM
5,000 Meters 4A Girls11:15 AM
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters 1A/2A/3A Boys  
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Official Team Scores

2.Mt Edgecumbe91
1.9David Wilcox17:37Sitka
2.12Cole Johnson17:43Mt Edgecumbe
3.10Bryce Gerald17:50Wrangell
4.12Jeremiah Williams18:04Yakutat
5.11Keegan Sundberg18:05Haines
6.9Colin Baciocco18:08Sitka
7.12Sam Rew18:11Klawock
8.12Robbie Marshall18:13Wrangell
9.12Kelsey Trojan18:15Craig
10.10Tucker Hagerman18:17Petersburg
11.10Dominique Foote18:37Skagway
12.12Alec Duncan18:38Sitka
13.9Manny Budke18:41Hoonah
14.12Jason Young18:44Mt Edgecumbe
15.10Joshua James18:58Yakutat
16.9Ethan Goebel19:00Skagway
17.10Jorge Bautista19:02Sitka
18.11Quinn Slayton19:13Thorne Bay
19.12Cole Somerville19:15Petersburg
20.10Wyatt Patten19:16Craig
21.10Trevor Cox19:16Skagway
22.11Gabe Melendrez19:18Craig
23.10James Simeonoff19:21Mt Edgecumbe
24.10Neil Little19:22Haines
25.10Jordan Zellhuber19:24Sitka
26.11Trevor Schoening19:27Sitka
27.12Trevor Creed19:36Mt Edgecumbe
28.9Darren Shilts19:39Wrangell
29.9Nathaniel Lenhard19:45Petersburg
30.10Baldomero Aceveda19:46Kake
31.12Joey Inman19:47Sitka
32.10Tim Tholken19:53Klawock
33.12Andy Karmun19:58Mt Edgecumbe
34.12Nick Bouker20:02Mt Edgecumbe
35.9Dawson Miller20:04Wrangell
36.12Jared Olin-Duncan20:10Mt Edgecumbe
37.11River Quitslund20:12Petersburg
38.12Isaac Wing20:16Haines
39.9Amos Comstock20:18Wrangell
40.12Donovan Henson20:34Skagway
41.9Mason Hoppe20:40Klawock
42.11Kyle Hagerman20:41Petersburg
43.10Seth Packer20:51Craig
44.12Zeke Frank20:51Haines
45.11Devlin Anderstrom20:55Yakutat
46.9Colton Belisle21:05Skagway
47.11Mitchell Reeves21:26Craig
48.9Quinn Newlun21:26Yakutat
49.10Charles Jackson21:29Kake
50.11Torsten Skaflestad21:37Hoonah
51.9Sig Decker21:37Wrangell
52.9Sam Prysunka21:38Wrangell
53.11Benjamen Rockwood21:43Yakutat
54.9Charlie Bower21:45Haines
55.12Chevy Fowler21:52Haines
56.11Jacob Ash21:53Craig
57.12Skylar Copsey21:59Kake
58.-Dawson Evenden22:13Haines
59.11Dylan George22:39Klawock
60.12Jeremiah Jacobson22:45Craig
61.-Andrew Kashevarof22:52Hydaburg
62.9James Normandy24:02Klawock
63.9Austin Martuscelli24:27Hoonah
64.11Garrett Griggs24:41Thorne Bay
65.10Sidney Warren-Eden...24:42Hydaburg
66.12Tairel Edenshaw24:49Hydaburg
67.9James Henderson24:53Metlakatla
68.11Christopher Marsden25:43Metlakatla
69.-William Peele25:51Hydaburg
70.-Alex Ackerman26:15Skagway
71.10Chauncy Sandhofer26:50Petersburg
72.Joe Hydaburg30:27Hydaburg
73.10Alonzo Leisholmn30:55Metlakatla
74.10Johhny Roberts33:57Klawock
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5,000 Meters 4A Boys  
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Official Team Scores

1.Juneau Douglas23
2.Thunder Mountain50
1.11Riley Moser17:01Juneau Douglas
2.11Christopher Llanos17:19Ketchikan
3.10Alize Arthur17:25Juneau Douglas
4.11Johnny Elliott17:27Juneau Douglas
5.11Michael Lohrey17:30Thunder Mountain
6.10Brian Holst17:32Juneau Douglas
7.12Nicolas Wright17:32Thunder Mountain
8.12Khalil English17:35Thunder Mountain
9.9Russell Healy17:39Juneau Douglas
10.9Corey Box17:48Juneau Douglas
11.12Jacob Guenther17:49Ketchikan
12.10Luke Paden17:50Thunder Mountain
13.12Alexander Daniels17:56Ketchikan
14.11Frederik Bjergen18:05Ketchikan
15.10Sylvan Blankenship18:12Ketchikan
16.10Leif Svenson18:46Ketchikan
17.10Rudy Pankow18:58Ketchikan
18.11Brendan Pietz19:07Thunder Mountain
19.10Harrison Bibb19:19Juneau Douglas
20.12Torrey Wiebe19:33Thunder Mountain
21.12Rafael Sales19:43Thunder Mountain
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters 1A/2A/3A Girls  
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Official Team Scores

2.Mt Edgecumbe63
1.10Taylee Nyquest18:40Thorne Bay
2.12Grace Weller20:40Petersburg
3.9Aspen Hansen20:56Craig
4.11Sidney Riggs21:10Sitka
5.12Robyn Schwartz21:19Petersburg
6.11Zayla Asquith-Heinz21:22Haines
7.9Jo Zaczkowski21:23Mt Edgecumbe
8.12Diane Murph21:31Petersburg
9.12Crystal Widmier21:41Sitka
10.12Maggie Dinon21:54Craig
11.11Shandel Pingayak22:10Mt Edgecumbe
12.10Ashlyn Luckhurst22:12Mt Edgecumbe
13.10Amy Jenson22:14Thorne Bay
14.9Alecia Barlow22:21Craig
15.12Fran Abbott22:29Petersburg
16.12Nicole Peterson22:40Petersburg
17.10Jasmine Jemewouk22:45Mt Edgecumbe
18.9Hailey Jensen23:00Skagway
19.9Kayleigh Eddy23:05Petersburg
20.11Kimberly Cooper23:05Wrangell
21.9Zoe Krupa23:10Sitka
22.10Hannah Pfundt23:13Petersburg
23.10Ava Parrish23:18Sitka
24.10Sarah Newlun23:19Yakutat
25.10Jordan McLuckie23:37Hoonah
26.12Katie Dinon24:12Craig
27.11Brittany Woods-Orr...24:17Mt Edgecumbe
28.10Kelcie VonScheersc...24:22Sitka
29.12Deirdre Creed24:35Mt Edgecumbe
30.12Libby Jacobson24:43Haines
31.10Jenae Larson24:44Haines
32.12Kayla Hamme24:49Craig
33.-Gabby Grady24:57Mt Edgecumbe
34.9Dora Voltz25:15Wrangell
35.9Claire Waggoner25:16Craig
36.12Serena Badgley25:25Haines
37.9Jewel Blanchard25:32Klawock
38.12Monica Hayward25:34Metlakatla
39.12Kaycie Coleman25:50Sitka
40.12Kasia Adams25:56Yakutat
41.11Ellie Cagle26:01Sitka
42.10Madisyn Janes26:13Metlakatla
43.10Talia Davis26:19Kake
44.11Louise Kadake26:33Kake
45.11Natalia Taylor27:13Haines
46.11Keilani Stockton27:20Klawock
47.11Celia Bower27:34Haines
48.10Al Weber27:40Skagway
49.11Sierra Giebel28:00Klawock
50.12Rebekah Green28:30Haines
51.10Tyra Blandov29:07Metlakatla
52.11Cassie Sappington29:09Yakutat
53.9Amgelina Pink29:17Yakutat
54.9Dainean Teeluk29:27Skagway
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5,000 Meters 4A Girls  
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Official Team Scores

1.Thunder Mountain37
2.Juneau Douglas39
1.11Maddie Hall19:03Thunder Mountain
2.10Naomi Welling20:11Thunder Mountain
3.12Eliza Walker20:48Juneau Douglas
4.10Sarah Cool20:57Ketchikan
5.9Tori Seley20:57Ketchikan
6.10Katline Barrows20:57Juneau Douglas
7.12Estie Dawson21:07Thunder Mountain
8.12Alexis Crellin21:11Ketchikan
9.12Amelia Tamone21:21Juneau Douglas
10.9Jesse Greg21:33Juneau Douglas
11.10Maddy Handley21:37Juneau Douglas
12.9Claire Uchtyl21:41Juneau Douglas
13.10Krysten Mossburg22:06Thunder Mountain
14.10Dunya Hermann22:37Thunder Mountain
15.12Eimy Anzueto-Guzman22:58Ketchikan
16.9Abigail Watts23:21Juneau Douglas
17.11Jessica Landry23:22Thunder Mountain
18.11Gwen Ranniger23:33Ketchikan
19.10Katie Powers24:17Ketchikan
20.11Zoe Smith26:22Ketchikan
21.12Rhys Coffee26:34Thunder Mountain
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