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Peoria Invite HS

Saturday, October 04, 2014

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Meet Host - Centennial HS
Location - Detweiller Park, Peoria, IL - Map
Mens Races
3 Mile Varsity11:15 AM
Womens Races
3 Mile Varsity10:30 AM
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Mens Results

3 Mile Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

27.10Will O'Keefe15:31.94Granite City medal
34.12Caleb Hummer15:37Danville
40.11Ashton Hyatt15:39Champaign (Central)
56.11Carl Way15:48Danville
72.12Tyler Manion15:54.89Granite City
85.11Henry Sills15:58Champaign (Central)
107.11Evan Peirce16:11Centennial Career Best!
121.11Amani Franklin16:16.09Belleville (East)
131.12Isaac Kasten16:20Champaign (Central)
139.12Riley Staab16:22Champaign (Central)
148.12Sam Blisset16:26Centennial Career Best!
153.11Joseph Kraus16:28.99Belleville (East)
162.12Zachary Manion16:35.17Granite City
167.10Carter Ware16:39Centennial Career Best!
169.12Nick Lopez16:40.29Belleville (East)
171.11Jeremiah Cooley16:42Danville
181.10Tyler Huckelberry16:46Danville
194.10William Powell16:53Danville
202.11Zackery MacAdam17:00Champaign (Central)
208.12Xavier Hall17:04.80Belleville (East)
221.11Skyler Huckelberry17:10Danville
223.10Matt Kline17:11.66Granite City
224.12Lucus Bernal17:12.42Belleville (East)
228.12Josh King17:13Danville
229.10Jake Roustio17:14.14Granite City
244.11Hayden Smart17:21Highland
246.10Leo Nikonowicz17:23.72Granite City
248.11David Lee17:25Centennial Career Best!
258.12Grant Riggs17:34Highland
259.12Zach Plocher17:35Highland
273.9Noah Brunson17:41Champaign (Central)
275.12Tom Hubbard17:41Champaign (Central)
293.11Jared Brockmeyer17:56.18Belleville (East)
295.11Patrick Gaul17:57.81Belleville (East)
311.10Joshua Royce18:16.58Granite City
328.12Ethan Lehman18:23Centennial Season Best!
318.12Trevor Langhauser18:43Highland
330.12Zach Chapman19:06Highland
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