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1B/2B District 5-6 Championships HS

Saturday, November 02, 2013

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Meet Host - Liberty Bell HS
Location - Walla Walla Point Park, Wenatchee, WA - Map
Mens Races
3 Mile Varsity1:45 PM
3 Mile Junior Varsity2:15 PM
Womens Races
3 Mile Varsity1:00 PM
3 Mile Junior Varsity2:15 PM
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Mens Results

3 Mile Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.10Ben Klemmeck16:56.04Liberty Bell
2.11Willy Duguay16:56.6Liberty Bell
3.12Liam Daily16:56.95Liberty Bell
4.12Timothy Celestine17:09.83Yakama Nation Tribal
5.10Troy Roberts17:16.42Bickleton
6.10Oren Cox17:22.25Bridgeport
7.10Ryan Widhalm17:26.22Riverside Christian
8.10Andrew Gannon17:26.95Bickleton
9.10Tarell Manjarrez17:30.45White Swan
10.11Josiah Klemmeck17:31.74Liberty Bell
11.12Morgan Ott17:47.55Liberty Bell
12.11Sam Thomas18:10.26Manson
13.12Miguel Leyva18:14.96Manson
14.11Ray Yazzie18:18.51Lake Roosevelt
15.11Dominick Cotton18:39.34Lake Roosevelt
16.11Joey Cardenas18:48.64Bickleton
17.12Brandon Desautel19:01.77Lake Roosevelt
18.11Coltin Williams19:05.55Lake Roosevelt
19.12Justin Shilow19:11.53Yakama Nation Tribal
20.8Isiah Strom19:21.55Yakama Nation Tribal
21.10Santana Rocha19:23Yakama Nation Tribal
22.9Carter Dornfeld19:37.96Liberty Bell
23.12Diego Santana19:41.8Oroville
24.10Robert George19:59.23Lake Roosevelt
25.12Erik Ellis20:02.28Liberty Bell
26.9Jerry Palmer20:08.81Lake Roosevelt
27.9Kaleb Bradford20:16.21Riverside Christian
28.9Coby Boyd20:33.61Riverside Christian
29.9Joseph Cummings20:33.98Bickleton
30.11Marc Martinez20:48.55Bridgeport
31.12Daniel Campobasso20:57.2Lake Roosevelt
32.10Javier Castillo21:06.07Oroville
33.11Nahum Garfias21:16.98Oroville
34.9Kenny Allenton21:31.28Bickleton
35.11Jovani Torres21:44.95Bridgeport
36.10n a21:49.07Oroville
37.10n a22:36.74Oroville
38.11Danny Martinez22:39.27Bridgeport
39.11Miguel Garza22:50.95Bridgeport
40.10Louden Whalawitsa23:14.2Yakama Nation Tribal
41.12Jeremy Garcia24:19.16Yakama Nation Tribal
42.8Cody Allenton24:58.63Bickleton
43.10Jed Flippin25:06.15Riverside Christian
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3 Mile Junior Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.10Geza Sukovaty21:12.33Liberty Bell
2.9Will Friedlander22:46.81Lake Roosevelt
3.11Zach Erickson23:02.2Lake Roosevelt
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Womens Results

3 Mile Varsity  
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Official Team Scores


Hypothetical Scores

1.12Sierra Speiker17:56.04Oroville
2.8Ashley Palmer21:30.85Lake Roosevelt
3.12Rhiannon Easter22:19.03Pateros
4.12Alexia Hanway22:47.49Lake Roosevelt
5.11Letty Trejo22:48.38Bridgeport
6.12Kaonna Olney22:55.49Yakama Nation Tribal
7.12Lilly Schlotzhauer24:11.72Liberty Bell
8.9Phoebe Poynter25:20.33Oroville
9.11Anabel Valdovinos25:44.54Bridgeport
10.10Melissa Gray26:08.84Pateros
11.11Elsie Valdovinos26:18.75Bridgeport
12.12Clare Castrodale26:25.23Lake Roosevelt
13.11Anai Palacios27:46.92Bridgeport
14.12Annie Miller28:44.77Riverside Christian
15.10Maddy Varrelman29:33.16Bridgeport
16.12Charisse Heath32:20.43Yakama Nation Tribal
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