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3.05 Mile Varsity
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3.05 Mile Varsity
3.05 Mile Junior Varsity

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Mens Results

3.05 Mile Varsity  

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Official Team Scores

2.Monomoy Regional66
3.East Bridgewater84
1.12Nick Frazier16:30.79 PREast Bridgewater
2.11Ian Welch16:41.94 PRRockland
3.11Andrew Infascelli16:55.40 PRNorwell
4.10Brett Jutras16:58.55 PREast Bridgewater
5.-Julian Geyer17:04.39 PRCohasset-Hull
6.11Nick Sideropoulos17:05.71 PRAbington
7.10Chris Fairfield17:12.59 PRNorwell
8.11David Sherman17:16.75 PRMonomoy Regional
9.11Ryan Richer17:22.41 PRMonomoy Regional
10.12Sam Estes17:25.56 PRCarver
11.10Max Abbate17:25.96 PRNorwell
12.9Ethan Wu17:26.40 PRNorwell
13.10Matthew Hall17:33.89 PRMonomoy Regional
14.11Owen Scott17:34.76 PRRockland
15.10Cameron Jackson17:39.91 PRMonomoy Regional
16.12Nathaniel Williams17:42.63 PRCarver
17.9Nick Hoffman17:52.95 PRNorwell
18.10Mark Ewell18:12.18 PRRockland
19.11Jared Oullette18:21.40 PRCarver
20.10Mac Ghelfi18:25.33 PREast Bridgewater
21.-Troy Sherman18:36.00 PRMonomoy Regional
22.12Jeremiah Wilson18:43.61 PRNorwell
23.12Jeff Ames18:48.16 PRNorwell
24.11Connor Huck18:54.37 PRMonomoy Regional
25.12Denver Lincoln18:55.63 PRCohasset-Hull
26.9Jake Dexter18:59.86 PRCarver
27.10Justin Schindler19:11.87 PRCarver
28.9Cornell McWilliams19:21.79 PRRockland
29.12Leo Luchetti19:29.13 PREast Bridgewater
30.12Nick Dhimitri19:31.21 PREast Bridgewater
31.11Chris Fanara19:33.74 PRAbington
32.10Jonah Puskar19:34.03 PRCarver
33.11Matt Menice19:38.92 PRCohasset-Hull
34.11Ty Moquin19:50.56East Bridgewater
35.11Pearse McNally20:34.26 PRRockland
36.10Steven Dwyer20:42.17 PRCohasset-Hull
37.11Mike Levitt20:46.73 PRRockland
38.12Harry Helbock21:04.24 PRCohasset-Hull
39.12Mike Woods21:12.87 PREast Bridgewater
40.10Travis Leblanc21:14.34 PRMashpee
41.9Nate Hagerty21:33.29 PRAbington
42.10Andrew Johnson21:54.32 PRAbington
43.9Dan Reilly22:31.40 PRMashpee
44.9Kiernan Leahy22:37.28 PRCohasset-Hull
45.9Paul Ryder22:37.61 PRMashpee
46.9Tim Childs26:37.25 PRMashpee
47.9Ryan Baxter27:30.82 PRAbington
48.12Alexander Sullivan31:31.66 PRMashpee
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Womens Results

3.05 Mile Varsity  

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Official Team Scores

2.East Bridgewater39
5.Monomoy Regional141
1.12Lauren Humphreys19:04.44 PRNorwell
2.12Alicia Cutter19:10.73 PREast Bridgewater
3.12Lexa Grasz19:47.66 PRNorwell
4.9Kelly Burtch19:47.94 PRNorwell
5.11Cheryl Cutter19:54.16 PREast Bridgewater
6.9Anna Fairfield19:54.74 PRNorwell
7.12Ainsley Ryan20:28.01 PRCarver
8.7Jessica Jacobson20:36.79 PREast Bridgewater
9.12Emily Mulloy20:46.74 PREast Bridgewater
10.12Michaela Flaherty20:48.57 PRNorwell
11.9Riley Gilmore21:01.68 PRNorwell
12.12Grace Chisholm21:30.84 PRCarver
13.9Priya Tait21:33.45 PRCarver
14.10Kerri Shields21:37.91 PRNorwell
15.9Vivian Littlejohn22:06.49 PRCohasset-Hull
16.10Steph LeBlanc22:08.37 PREast Bridgewater
17.7Brooke Bassette22:08.86 PREast Bridgewater
18.8Chelsey Pierce22:10.35 PRCarver
19.8Zoe Magnussen22:11.75 PRCarver
20.12Kerry Cullinan22:17.07East Bridgewater
21.8Meagan Yackley22:26.53 PREast Bridgewater
22.11Brooke Pierce22:30.17 PRCarver
23.9Olivia Whalen22:30.67 PRAbington
24.8Carolyn Mooney22:33.23 PREast Bridgewater
25.-Carly Oremus22:34.47 PRCohasset-Hull
26.11Faith Shanley23:03.64 PRCarver
27.-Jenny Jackson23:22.98 PRMonomoy Regional
28.12Lilly Margolis23:43.71 PRRockland
29.11Tea Moulton-Childs23:55.56 PRMashpee
30.12Deahna Shkreli24:31.03 PRMonomoy Regional
31.12Lydia Lambert24:38.96 PRNorwell
32.12Alex Sequin24:40.67 PRMonomoy Regional
33.10Jessica Sullivan24:43.48 PRAbington
34.9Kaitlyn Deschamps24:43.93 PRAbington
35.11Ali Phair24:44.84 PRAbington
36.12Lauren Scott24:47.68 PRRockland
37.11Kristen Asci24:48.12 PRRockland
38.11Samantha Rudnik24:50.99 PRCarver
39.12Anika Bieg24:59.47 PRMashpee
40.-Alex Oremus25:52.29 PRCohasset-Hull
41.Emily Robbins25:53.00 PRCohasset-Hull
42.12Kayla McMahan26:00.08 PRMashpee
43.9Selena Lemus Chava...26:07.52 PRAbington
44.11Heather Gallant26:14.64 PRMonomoy Regional
45.-Abby Burke27:04.89 PRMonomoy Regional
46.10Anna Roderick28:38.61 PRMashpee
47.10Jill McKeon29:21.14 PRAbington
48.11Jillian Mortimier29:50.87 PRAbington
49.11Molly Ferguson29:51.54 PRAbington
50.12Sydney Bissonette32:05.01 PRRockland
51.-Vivian Nguyen32:58.72 PRRockland
52.-Carolina Napoli34:17.96 PRMonomoy Regional
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