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2016 Results Grid

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Meet List
Aug 27Jim Marshall Invitational
Sep 6St. Charles West 9/10 Invitational
Sep 10Forest Park Cross Country Festival - High School
Sep 17Hazelwood Central/Paul Enke Invitational
Sep 24Hancock Invitational
Oct 1Capital City Cross Country Challenge
Race Distances
13,000 Meters
23,200 Meters
32 Miles
45,000 Meters
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Mens Womens
AthleteAug 27Sep 6Sep 10Sep 17Sep 24Oct 1
10Hannah Albright
10Jenna Bartlein16:04.9315:24.8226:12.6429:41.4428:12.74
10Bailey Bloomfield15:41.4315:53.3225:15.0427:43.8428:12.64
10Josephine Boianoff20:58.7321:51.9231:49.0437:52.2433:34.44
12Mary Bollinger 23:48.7424:24.6422:21.54
9Morgan Carey16:31.5316:01.92 28:12.7426:39.24
-Chloey Connelly16:44.63
10Sydney Dinwiddle 17:04.3226:25.94 26:45.44
12Chasity Farrens20:44.33 37:20.1435:27.34
12Mira Felzien24:14.74 25:36.44
11Katie Fischer24:53.94 25:12.4427:02.7425:24.54
12Alex Grieshaber
11Morgan Hanks17:11.83 26:53.44 27:36.74
9Erin Harrelson18:28.6320:21.52 31:31.14
11Alexa Heck17:38.03 27:19.4429:45.64
12Ashleigh Hixson21:18.23 32:06.0433:38.0431:58.44
9Gretchen Hummel19:43.5319:15.92 32:58.2431:54.44
11Jenny Katambwa 33:28.04 33:42.14
12Kelly Kreder20:32.43 34:04.1431:44.34
9Ashley Maempa26:27.23 45:03.44
11Sara Marciante16:04.53 27:54.04
10Jenna McCrary20:42.3320:21.4231:44.94
10Annabella Mertens17:00.7317:56.5226:26.5430:24.2427:10.74
10Payton Niedringhaus
10Tara Nortman19:40.6318:52.2230:10.6433:32.8431:46.74
11Izzie Obrien 28:21.34
11Isabel O'Brien23:47.64 24:01.04 23:23.74
10Mia O'Brien23:20.1413:55.0224:10.6426:29.5424:13.24
9Mia Orlando17:04.9315:31.82 28:22.5425:49.84
11Claire Pawloski25:56.64 25:04.94
11Grace Puchalski 40:44.44
10Loren Randell 14:40.3224:18.6426:33.04
11Tanner Redel
12Megan Rinkus
11Bailey Roberts
11Jillian Romanowski
11Brooke Rondeau17:09.83 27:30.0430:04.2426:49.64
9Lydia Shack23:51.0413:34.7223:20.2425:15.6424:24.64
9Kaitlyn Skeeters18:36.03 26:00.54
10Olivia Spilker 16:21.42 28:44.54
11Bailey Stewart16:47.63 25:43.7429:49.4426:00.64
12Alanna Stisi24:06.74 23:29.8426:02.6424:03.24
12Madisen Stulce
9Clarissa Thorne20:47.0321:22.12 35:58.3433:33.44
11Brooke Turner16:10.83 25:43.3426:50.7425:45.04
12Jazmin Viel
12Helen Warnecke
10Makayla Weber
12Katie Williams

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