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Date Info
Fri, Aug 22Info
WBL Team Time Trial
Sat, Aug 30Info
Columbus Marshfield Invitational
Fri, Sep 5Info
Faribault Invitational
Thu, Sep 11Info
Rum River Invitational
Thu, Sep 25Info
Mustang Invite
Sat, Sep 27Info
Roy Griak Invitational
Sat, Oct 4Info
Alexandria Invitational
Tue, Oct 14Info
Suburban East Conference Championship
Sat, Oct 18Info
WBL Team Time Trial
Wed, Oct 22Info
MSHSL Section 4AA Championship
Sat, Nov 1Info
MSHSL Class AA State Cross Country Championships
Date Info
Fri, Aug 16Results
Mile Time Trial
Great effort Bears! We had some outstanding performances. I am excited to see what this team can do this season!
Fri, Aug 23Results
St. Paul Central Open
5,000 Meters V
CHAN - 1st - 35pts
4,000 Meters V
CHAN - 1st - 36pts
WBLA - 2nd - 61pts
Excellent first meet! We are very proud of the team's performance! Almost everyone that ran in this race last year drop a significant amount of time. Keep working hard and keep working together. I am already looking forward to Marshfield! Way to Go Bears!
Sat, Aug 31Results
Marshfield Invite
5,000 Meters V
WAYZ - 1st - 19pts
5,000 Meters JV
WAYZ - 1st - 16pts
3,200 Meters MS
colu - 1st - 37pts
4,000 Meters V
WAYZ - 1st - 23pts
WBLA - 3rd - 72pts
4,000 Meters JV
WAYZ - 1st - 18pts
WBLA - 3rd - 73pts
3,200 Meters MS
cheq - 1st - 56pts
Congratulations on a fabulous meet. Both the varsity and the junior varsity finished 3rd. We were very pleased with your performances. We are getting better every week. What a great trip. Enjoy the long weekend and we will see you Tuesday after school!
Fri, Sep 6Results
Faribault Invite
Way to go Bears! Another great team performance! I know we had many season's best times which is awesome considering the hot weather conditions. Up next is the Rum River Invite in Anoka on Thursday.
Thu, Sep 12Results
Rum River Invite
Congratulations to both the JV and Varsity. JV finished first with 56 points and 37 seconds between runners 1-5! Wow! Varsity finished 2nd in a strong field. We closed the gaps between our runners. If we can keep closing that gap we will be tough to beat!
Sat, Sep 21Results
Milaca Mega Meet
5,000 Meters JV
STAR - 1st - 26pts
WBLA - 2nd - 96pts
4,000 Meters V AAAA
ERID - 1st - 55pts
4,000 Meters JV
MAGR - 1st - 57pts
Fri, Sep 27Results
Mustang Invite
5,000 Meters Gold
WAYZ - 1st - 17pts
5,000 Meters Green
WAYZ - 1st - 21pts
2,500 Meters MS
wace - 1st - 16pts
4,000 Meters Gold
PACE - 1st - 63pts
WBLA - 7th - 234pts
4,000 Meters Green
BISM - 1st - 32pts
WBLA - 3rd - 81pts
2,000 Meters MS
dowc - 1st - 15pts
It was a very good day for the Bears! The Gold team finished 7th overall in a filed of 25 teams. We finished 3rd in both the middle school and Green race. Wow! We had 7 season's best performances! We are very proud of the way you competed!
Sat, Sep 28Results
Roy Griak Invite
5,000 Meters V Gold
WAYZ - 1st - 116pts
5,000 Meters V Maroon
WHS - 1st - 126pts
5,000 Meters V Gold
WAYZ - 1st - 61pts
WBLA - 13th - 460pts
5,000 Meters V Maroon
NODA - 1st - 169pts
Wow!! We finished 13th in a field of 50 teams! We were only 5 points behind state ranked Mounds View and Bemidji! If we can close the gap from 4-5 and get Emily Z healthy then we can compete with the best teams in the state! Great job today!
Sat, Oct 5Results
Alexandria Invite
4,000 Meters V
BEMI - 1st - 124pts
WBLA - 6th - 173pts
4,000 Meters JV
CHAN - 1st - 51pts
WBLA - 6th - 161pts
Solid team performances by both our varsity and junior varsity teams. We had 13 season bests time on a wet and challenging course! Great job. Our best races are ahead of us!
Tue, Oct 15Results
SEC Championship
4,000 Meters V
ERID - 1st - 31pts
WBLA - 4th - 100pts
4,000 Meters JV
ROSE - 1st - 42pts
WBLA - 2nd - 53pts
We had 30 out of 33 season's best times!! That is truly amazing! Junior Varsity had a great day finishing 2nd and only a few points behind Roseville. The Varsity had a very good day also finishing 4th in a very competitve conference! One race left!
Wed, Oct 23Results
MSHSL Section 4AA Championships
5,000 Meters V
STAR - 1st - 24pts
WBLA - 2nd - 92pts
5,000 Meters JV
STAR - 1st - 15pts
WBLA - 2nd - 77pts
4,000 Meters V
ERID - 1st - 51pts
WBLA - 3rd - 102pts
4,000 Meters JV
ERID - 1st - 32pts
WBLA - 4th - 99pts
We are very proud of how this team competed! We ran very well and came very close to qualifying for state as a team! This has been a wonderful season. I still can't believe that it is over! Thank you for all your hard work. See you at the Banquet!
Sat, Nov 2Results
MSHSL Class AA State Cross Country Championships
5,000 Meters Class AA
WAYZ - 1st - 53pts
WBLA - 16th - 423pts
4,000 Meters Class AA
WAYZ - 1st - 37pts
Date Info
Fri, Aug 17Results
Mile Time Trial
Fri, Aug 24Results
Central Open
Way To Go Bears! This was a great start to the season. We had many outstanding performances today!
Fri, Aug 31Results
Irish Invitational 2012
2 Mile V
ROSE - 1st - 91pts
WBLA - 2nd - 112pts
2 Meters JV
ROSE - 1st - 22pts
WBLA - 4th - 89pts
2 Mile C Flight
ROSE - 1st - 28pts
WBLA - 3rd - 116pts
2 Mile V
PRLA - 1st - 83pts
2 Mile JV
MINN - 1st - 56pts
2 Mile C Flight
EDIN - 1st - 19pts
Sat, Sep 1Results
Columbus Marshfield Invitational
Great job this weekend Bears! We had a very successful trip. We had lots of fun, we raced hard, and had some outstanding performances!
Fri, Sep 7Results
Faribault Invitational 2012
Wow!Everyone that raced ran a season's best time! That is amazing! Your hard work is paying off! Remember to do your long run on the weekends! Rum River is our next race!
Thu, Sep 13Results
Rum River Invitational 2012
5,000 Meters V
SAMI - 1st - 87pts
5,000 Meters JV
MOVI - 1st - 32pts
4,000 Meters V
MOVI - 1st - 66pts
WBLA - 3rd - 110pts
4,000 Meters JV
MOVI - 1st - 43pts
WBLA - 5th - 128pts
Good meet Bears! We had 7 season's best and a solid team performance by both the varsity and junior varsity. The varsity finished 3rd and the JV finished 5th. We still have too big of a time gap in our top 5 runners. We need to keep working at this!
Fri, Sep 14Results
Lakeville North Applejack Invitational 2012
5,000 Meters V
ROSE - 1st - 85pts
WBLA - 2nd - 97pts
5,000 Meters JV
ROSE - 1st - 49pts
WBLA - 3rd - 70pts
1 Mile Junior High
EDIN - 1st - 21pts
3,200 Meters V C
WBLA - 1st - 49pts
4,000 Meters V
EAGA - 1st - 38pts
4,000 Meters JV
EDIN - 1st - 38pts
1 Mile Junior High
EDIN - 1st - 25pts
3,200 Meters V C
PRLA - 1st - 62pts
Fri, Sep 28Results
Mustang Invitational 2012
Nice work Bears! We had 9 season's best! Congratulations! Both the varsity and junior varsity finished 7th today. A special congratulations to our middle school team in their 2nd place finish!
Sat, Sep 29Results
27th Annual Roy Griak Invitational
5,000 Meters Larry Zirgibel Gold
DOWL - 1st - 124pts
WBLA - 29th - 738pts
5,000 Meters Maroon
MONT - 1st - 207pts
5,000 Meters Maroon
NODA - 1st - 151pts
WBLA - 5th - 293pts
5,000 Meters Gold
NANO - 1st - 151pts
Wow! Congratulations on our 5th place finish in a field of 50 teams! That is amazing. And to we had 3 runners in the top 15. It was so fun to see you on the awards stand. Great job of managing the demands of the race on a tough course and on a hot day!
Thu, Oct 4Results
Blaine invitational 2012
5,000 Meters Blue
SOSE - 1st - 59pts
5,000 Meters JV
CORA - 1st - 69pts
WBLA - 6th - 143pts
1,800 Meters Junior High
HOPK - 1st - 28pts
5,000 Meters White
WHS - 1st - 43pts
4,000 Meters Blue
ERID - 1st - 33pts
4,000 Meters JV
HOPK - 1st - 20pts
1,800 Meters Junior High
HOPK - 1st - 64pts
4,000 Meters White
SAFR - 1st - 59pts
Sat, Oct 6Results
Lions Meet of Champions 2012
5,000 Meters V
STAR - 1st - 28pts
WBLA - 4th - 144pts
5,000 Meters JV
STAR - 1st - 18pts
WBLA - 2nd - 76pts
3,200 Meters Junior High
stil - 1st - 32pts
4,000 Meters V
CHAN - 1st - 118pts
WBLA - 7th - 188pts
4,000 Meters JV
CHAN - 1st - 41pts
WBLA - 10th - 240pts
3,200 Meters Junior High
disc - 1st - 63pts
Tue, Oct 16Results
Suburban East Conference Championship 2012
Congratulations to the varsity on their 4th place finish! Nice job! A special congratulations to Bethany for setting a new school record and winning the Conference Meet. Also, congratulations to Allison and Sam for their All-Conference performance.
Wed, Oct 24Results
Section 4AA Championship
5,000 Meters V
STAR - 1st - 26pts
WBLA - 2nd - 91pts
4,000 Meters V
ERID - 1st - 53pts
WBLA - 3rd - 115pts
4,000 Meters JV
ERID - 1st - 32pts
WBLA - 5th - 200pts
Great finish to the season! We had 8 season's bests on a wet and soggy course! Congratulations to Bethany and Allison for qualifying for the State Meet. Next year, lets qualify as a team! Start dreaming. Anything is possible with hard work and dedication!
Sat, Nov 3Results
MSHSL State Cross Country Championships
5,000 Meters Div A
PERH - 1st - 37pts
5,000 Meters Div AA
STAR - 1st - 46pts
WBLA - 11th - 276pts
4,000 Meters Div A
ESKO - 1st - 115pts
4,000 Meters Div AA
WAYZ - 1st - 50pts
It's hard to believe, but another season is in the books! Congratulations on another great season. You two are amazing athletes! That was one of the best fields that I have ever seen in my 20 plus years of coaching! Great competition!
Date Info
Fri, Aug 26Results
St. Paul Central Open
Great start to the season! We are ahead of where we were last season and have more potential for improvement. I am already looking forward to Marshfield!!
Sat, Sep 3Results
Columbus Catholic Invite
Wow! Another great meet! We are becoming a better team each and every week! Varsity we met our team goals for the meet! And JV we were very close! Wait until you see your splits!! 80% of the team ran equal or negative splits! Great racing!
Fri, Sep 9Results
Faribault Invite 2011
Great meet performances! Almost all athletes ran equal or negative splits and almost all athletes ran season's best times! Way to go BEARS!!
Fri, Sep 16Results
St. Olaf Showcase
Great effort team! We are a better team than the score showed! We know this was not our best team performance this season, but we learned some very important things for the end of the season. Twelve of you ran season's best on a challenging course!
Fri, Sep 23Results
Mustang Invite 2011
Wow!!! Great meet! 29 out of 30 Season's Bests!! That is amazing! We are getting better and faster each week! Only 3 meets left!! We are almost to Championship time!
Sat, Sep 24Results
Roy Griak Invitational 2011
5,000 Meters GOLD
BISM - 1st - 103pts
WBLA - 10th - 373pts
5,000 Meters MAROON
RIFL - 1st - 126pts
5,000 Meters GOLD
DOWL - 1st - 128pts
WBLA - 26th - 649pts
5,000 Meters MAROON
WAEA - 1st - 204pts
I was very impressed with our team effort!! This race experience will serve you well for the championship part of the season! We were very close on reaching our team goal... we were 1:53 between 1-5! Take what you learned from this meet and use it in Oct!
Sat, Oct 8Results
Lions Cross Country Invitational Meet of Champions
Great meet!! We beat many teams that beat us early this year!! Great team effort! I can hardly wait to see you race at Conference! We are becoming a good team!
Tue, Oct 18Results
Suburban East Conference Championship Meet
Wow!! 33 out of 37 athletes had season best times! We accomplished almost all of our goals. We came up just a bit short, but we will do it next week when it really counts! Congratulations Bears!
Wed, Oct 26Results
Section 4AA
CONGRATULATIONS BEARS!! What a great meet!! Both the varsity and the junior varsity finished 3rd! This was our best overall team performance of the season!! Great job this season! And a special congratulations to Allison & Bethany for qualifying for State
Sat, Nov 5Results
Minnesota AA State Cross Country Championship
Date Info
Fri, Aug 27Results
St. Paul Central Open
Fri, Sep 3Results
Rosemount Invite
Sat, Sep 4Results
Marshfield Invitational
Complete race results can be found at performancetiming website! Great job Bears!! What a great trip!! I am very proud of this team!
Fri, Sep 10Results
Faribault Invitational 2010
Complete race results can be found at the Raceberryjam website! Wow! Another impressive team performance! Wait until you see the splits this team ran!! Very smart and tenacious racing! We hit all of our goals! Next up is the St. Olaf Invite
Fri, Sep 17Results
St. Olaf Invitational
We had some incredible time drops from last year! That was great to see! Top 10 runners go to the Griak Invite on Saturday. The rest of the team will go to the Mustang Invite on Friday! Do your long run this weekend! RESULTS CAN BE FOUND @ THE END RESULTS
Fri, Sep 24Results
Mustang Invitational 2010
9 Season's best times! Great job of warming up. Not many of you ran a cooldown!! You must do this! We got out a little too fast on this course & faded a little in the last half mile! We want & expect you to take the bus home! This is what teams do!
Sat, Sep 25Results
Roy Griak Invitational
I am very proud of the way this team competed! Smart and tough racing! We finished 19th out of 54 quality teams! That is impressive! Nice to see our 4,5,6, and 7 runners closer together. Now we need to move closer to our number 3 runner!
Sat, Sep 25Results
Roy Griak Invite 2010
Sat, Sep 25Results
Milaca Mega Meet
Tue, Oct 5Results
Blaine Invitational
Thu, Oct 7Results
Blaine Invite
Solid performances today!! We had 13 season's best times! All 3 teams competed well; varsity was 4th, junior varsity was 6th and middle school was 3rd! Way to go Bears!
Tue, Oct 19Results
Suburban East Conference Championships
Congratulations!! We had 30 out of 31 racers with season's best performances and 20 all time personal bests! I am so proud of how this team competed! Great effort! Sections next meet!
Wed, Oct 27Results
MSHSL Section 4AA Championships
Congratulations on a GREAT season!! Great team performance! I am so proud of how hard this team battled! We came a long ways this season! The entire team performed very well! Thanks for such a memorable season! I can hardly wait until next season!
Sat, Nov 6Results
MSHSL State Cross Country Championship
Date Info
Fri, Sep 25Results
Mustang Invitational
Sat, Sep 26Results
Roy Griak Invite
Sat, Sep 26Results
Milaca Mega Meet
Sat, Nov 7Results
MSHSL State Cross Country Championship
Date Info
Sat, Nov 6Results
MSHL Championships
5,000 Meters A
ME - 1st - 82pts
5,000 Meters AA
WAYZ - 1st - 83pts
WBLA - 3rd - 112pts
3,200 Meters A
CANB - 1st - 102pts
3,200 Meters AA
EAST - 1st - 45pts
Date Info
Sat, Nov 7Results
5,000 Meters AA
WAYZ - 1st - 56pts
WBLA - 3rd - 159pts
5,000 Meters A
SPS - 1st - 89pts
3,200 Meters AA
EAST - 1st - 64pts
3,200 Meters A
INFA - 1st - 104pts
Date Info
Sat, Nov 9Results
5,000 Meters Class A
SPS - 1st - 89pts
5,000 Meters Class AA
SOUT - 1st - 29pts
WBLA - 10th - 233pts
3,200 Meters Class A
HAWL - 1st - 82pts
3,200 Meters Class AA
MINN - 1st - 99pts
WBLA - 8th - 183pts
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Summer Endurance Program 2014



Summer Endurance Program 2014


Increase your endurance and overall fitness this summer by joining the White Bear Lake Summer Endurance Program. This program will prepare you for your fall sports season.

The program begins on Monday, June 9th and will end on Wednesday, July 30th.  We will meet at South Campus on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 8:00 – 10:00 am. We will not meet the week of June 30th  – July 4h.

Training will consist of interval training, hill training, long distance runs, running drills, agility drills, strength and flexibility exercises.

Each participant of the summer endurance program will receive a “White Bear Lake Summer Endurance Program” t-shirt.

Any 7th – 12th grader can participate. Please fill out registration form and return to Patti Percival (Central), Sue Wurl (North Campus), Shannon Grant (North Campus) or Karen Larson (South Campus Athletic Office). The cost is $75.

White Bear Lake Cross Country Coaches Patti Percival, Sue Wurl and Shannon Grant will coach the Summer Endurance Program.

Questions or concerns:

                                 651-407-7600(ext #5139)






JUNE 9th  – JULY 30th


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