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    Mustangs - Guyton, GA

2015 Season Bests

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2 Mile show... | Show only


1.9Hans Ames11:42Sep 5Clash of The Classes
2.12Bryce Griggs11:45Sep 5Clash of The Classes
3.12Michael McRee12:06Sep 5Clash of The Classes
4.12Thomas Granat12:30Sep 5Clash of The Classes
5.12Michael Nicome13:01Sep 5Clash of The Classes
6.11Ben Magondu13:22Sep 5Clash of The Classes
7.9Tyler Fortner13:29Sep 5Clash of The Classes
8.10Gavin Benbow13:54Sep 5Clash of The Classes
9.9Braden McGrath14:22Sep 5Clash of The Classes
10.9Christian Runkle14:43Sep 5Clash of The Classes
11.9Justin Haskin14:53Sep 5Clash of The Classes
12.9Kameron Campbell21:01Sep 5Clash of The Classes


1.12Pricilla Cartwright13:08Sep 5Clash of The Classes
2.12Rachel Larson14:33Sep 5Clash of The Classes
3.11Ginger Roop15:17Sep 5Clash of The Classes
4.10Chloe Britt16:38Sep 5Clash of The Classes
5.-Kerrington Dowdy18:20Oct 1Savannah Christian
6.10Jaclyn Syms18:52Sep 5Clash of The Classes
7.10Derlysa Williams19:59Sep 5Clash of The Classes
8.9Tara Roop20:01Sep 5Clash of The Classes
9.11Lauren Gordon23:03Sep 5Clash of The Classes

5,000 Meters show... | Show only


1.12Bryce Griggs17:14Oct 22Wayne County
2.9Hans Ames17:15Aug 29Run Dirty
3.12Michael McRee17:56Oct 22Wayne County
4.12Thomas Granat18:49Sep 24Wayne County
5.12Michael Nicome18:50Sep 24Wayne County
6.10Graham Lewis18:59Sep 24Wayne County
7.11Ben Magondu19:16Oct 22Wayne County
8.9Tyler Fortner19:45Aug 29Run Dirty
9.9Braden McGrath19:50Oct 22Wayne County
10.10Gavin Benbow19:52Sep 24Wayne County
11.9Isaac Mitchell19:54Sep 24Wayne County
12.9Christian Runkle20:52Sep 24Wayne County
13.10Cole Morris21:10Sep 24Wayne County
14.10Edwin Garcia22:10Sep 24Wayne County
15.9Daimon Lee23:26Oct 22Wayne County
16.9Justin Haskin23:27Oct 22Wayne County
17.9Chaseton McCoy23:31Sep 3W.W. Mann Center
18.9Kameron Campbell32:33Sep 24Wayne County


1.12Pricilla Cartwright19:03Oct 22Wayne County
2.12Rachel Larson21:22Sep 24Wayne County
3.11Ginger Roop22:29Sep 24Wayne County
4.10Kaileigh Dowdy22:44Aug 29Run Dirty
5.10Jamie Yarbrough22:58Sep 24Wayne County
6.10Zoe Kreyenbuhl23:10Sep 24Wayne County
7.10Derlysa Williams23:11Oct 22Wayne County
8.10Chloe Britt23:39Sep 24Wayne County
9.10Kat McGuire23:54Sep 24Wayne County
10.9Madison Messer23:59Oct 22Wayne County
11.10Jaclyn Syms26:44Sep 24Wayne County
12.9Tara Roop29:55Sep 24Wayne County
13.-Kerrington Dowdy33:17Sep 3W.W. Mann Center
14.9Quinna Eldridge35:10Sep 3W.W. Mann Center
15.11Lauren Gordon37:46Sep 3W.W. Mann Center
16.10Sarah Harrington43:14Sep 3W.W. Mann Center