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    Panther - Salt Lake City, UT

2015 Season Bests

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2 Mile show... | Show only


1.12Jacob Colangelo10:38Sep 2Region 2 Pre-Region Me...
2.10Max Sandweiss11:08Sep 2Region 2 Pre-Region Me...
3.9Jonny Vizmeg11:16Sep 2Region 2 Pre-Region Me...
4.12Ben Drown11:20Sep 2Region 2 Pre-Region Me...
5.12Benjamin Baker11:31Sep 2Region 2 Pre-Region Me...
12Leo Stillinger11:31Sep 2Region 2 Pre-Region Me...
7.11Titus Quah11:46Sep 2Region 2 Pre-Region Me...
8.10Alex Fierro11:57Sep 2Region 2 Pre-Region Me...
9.11Ryan Kiernlf12:03Sep 2Region 2 Pre-Region Me...
10Ethan Youngberg12:03Sep 2Region 2 Pre-Region Me...
11.10Jess Baker12:10Sep 2Region 2 Pre-Region Me...
12.12Noah Lobell12:14Aug 29Grass Relays
13.11Kai DeBirk12:17Sep 2Region 2 Pre-Region Me...
14.11Michael Tao12:20Sep 2Region 2 Pre-Region Me...
15.10Brandon Loranca12:22Sep 2Region 2 Pre-Region Me...
10Cooper Zebrack12:22Sep 2Region 2 Pre-Region Me...
17.9Miles Lee12:35Sep 2Region 2 Pre-Region Me...
18.11Atticus Jones12:42Sep 2Region 2 Pre-Region Me...
19.10Calvin Jiricko12:43Sep 2Region 2 Pre-Region Me...
20.11Kevin Hardy12:46Sep 2Region 2 Pre-Region Me...
21.9Sage Nightingale12:54Sep 2Region 2 Pre-Region Me...
22.11Charlie Vandel13:00Sep 2Region 2 Pre-Region Me...
23.9Bobby Morelli13:19Aug 29Grass Relays
24.10Isaiah Poritz13:26Sep 2Region 2 Pre-Region Me...
25.10Vincent Bonacci13:29Sep 2Region 2 Pre-Region Me...
26.10Kenji Aoki13:30Sep 2Region 2 Pre-Region Me...
27.12Don Hurst13:53Sep 2Region 2 Pre-Region Me...
28.9Eric Markewitz14:01Sep 2Region 2 Pre-Region Me...
29.9William Patton14:33Sep 2Region 2 Pre-Region Me...
30.10Sam Lair14:43Sep 2Region 2 Pre-Region Me...
31.12Griffin Taylor15:41Sep 2Region 2 Pre-Region Me...


1.12Isabella James11:30Sep 2Region 2 Pre-Region Me...
2.10Emery Hovermale13:00Sep 2Region 2 Pre-Region Me...
3.12Laura Anderson13:36Sep 2Region 2 Pre-Region Me...
4.12Katherine Morelli13:42Aug 29Grass Relays
5.10Wilhelmina Graff14:25Sep 2Region 2 Pre-Region Me...
10Kate Schulte14:25Sep 2Region 2 Pre-Region Me...
7.9Anya Weglarz14:30Sep 2Region 2 Pre-Region Me...
8.9Mia Horne15:02Sep 2Region 2 Pre-Region Me...
9Chloe Quinn15:02Aug 29Grass Relays
10.11Lily Phillips16:18Aug 29Grass Relays
11.9Ellie Vandal16:19Sep 2Region 2 Pre-Region Me...
12.9Siani Weston16:34Aug 29Grass Relays
13.9Catie Patton18:47Aug 29Grass Relays
14.9Maya Jammulapati19:14Aug 29Grass Relays
15.9Maria Steenburgh19:40Sep 2Region 2 Pre-Region Me...
16.10Aya Sakonju20:13Sep 2Region 2 Pre-Region Me...

2.9 Mile show... | Show only


1.12Jacob Colangelo16:24.6Aug 20Highland Invitational
2.9Jonny Vizmeg17:36.7Aug 20Highland Invitational
3.10Alex Fierro18:26.3Aug 20Highland Invitational
4.12Ben Drown18:36.6Aug 20Highland Invitational
5.10Max Sandweiss18:37.5Aug 20Highland Invitational
6.11Titus Quah18:42.6Aug 20Highland Invitational
7.11Kai DeBirk18:48.1Aug 20Highland Invitational
8.12Leo Stillinger19:11.5Aug 20Highland Invitational
9.11Ryan Kiernlf19:17.0Aug 20Highland Invitational
10.12Noah Lobell19:31.4Aug 20Highland Invitational
11.11Michael Tao19:43.0Aug 20Highland Invitational
12.10Brandon Loranca19:54.3Aug 20Highland Invitational
13.10Cooper Zebrack19:57.1Aug 20Highland Invitational
14.11Charlie Vandel20:00.1Aug 20Highland Invitational
15.10Ethan Youngberg20:02.5Aug 20Highland Invitational
16.9Sage Nightingale20:50.0Aug 20Highland Invitational
17.9Bobby Morelli20:59.4Aug 20Highland Invitational
18.10Isaiah Poritz21:19.6Aug 20Highland Invitational
19.10Calvin Jiricko21:21.2Aug 20Highland Invitational
20.11Kevin Hardy22:12.3Aug 20Highland Invitational
21.10Kenji Aoki22:52.6Aug 20Highland Invitational
22.10Vincent Bonacci23:19.8Aug 20Highland Invitational
23.10Sam Lair23:51.3Aug 20Highland Invitational
24.9Eric Markewitz24:04.5Aug 20Highland Invitational
25.9Ross Kilpatrick24:43.3Aug 20Highland Invitational
26.12Griffin Taylor25:24.7Aug 20Highland Invitational
27.9William Patton26:48.8Aug 20Highland Invitational


1.12Isabella James17:47.5Aug 20Highland Invitational
2.10Emery Hovermale21:00.3Aug 20Highland Invitational
3.10Wilhelmina Graff22:57.3Aug 20Highland Invitational
4.12Katherine Morelli23:06.3Aug 20Highland Invitational
5.9Chloe Quinn24:21.8Aug 20Highland Invitational
6.9Mia Horne24:33.3Aug 20Highland Invitational
7.9Maya Jammulapati32:10.0Aug 20Highland Invitational
8.9Catie Patton32:30.9Aug 20Highland Invitational
9.9Maria Steenburgh32:48.2Aug 20Highland Invitational
10.10Aya Sakonju33:18.0Aug 20Highland Invitational

3 Mile show... | Show only


1.12Jacob Colangelo16:13Oct 9Region 2 Championship
2.12Leo Stillinger16:30Oct 9Region 2 Championship
3.10Max Sandweiss16:31Oct 9Region 2 Championship
4.9Jonny Vizmeg17:04Oct 9Region 2 Championship
5.12Benjamin Baker17:08Oct 9Region 2 Championship
6.11Titus Quah17:32Oct 9Region 2 Championship
7.11Kai DeBirk17:42Oct 9Region 2 Championship
8.10Ethan Youngberg17:43Oct 9Region 2 Championship
9.10Alex Fierro17:55.4Oct 2Park City Invitational
10.12Noah Lobell18:08Oct 9Region 2 Championship
11.10Calvin Jiricko18:11Oct 9Region 2 Championship
12.10Brandon Loranca18:20.0Oct 2Park City Invitational
11Ryan Kiernlf18:20Oct 9Region 2 Championship
14.10Cooper Zebrack18:31Oct 9Region 2 Championship
15.11Charlie Vandel18:47Oct 9Region 2 Championship
16.9Miles Lee18:50Oct 9Region 2 Championship
17.11Michael Tao18:52Oct 9Region 2 Championship
18.9Sage Nightingale18:57Oct 9Region 2 Championship
19.9Bobby Morelli19:27.0Oct 2Park City Invitational
20.10Isaiah Poritz19:45Oct 9Region 2 Championship
21.10Joshua Speckman19:49Oct 9Region 2 Championship
22.11Atticus Jones19:53Oct 9Region 2 Championship
23.11Kevin Hardy19:55Oct 9Region 2 Championship
24.10Kenji Aoki20:18Oct 9Region 2 Championship
25.10Vincent Bonacci20:30Oct 9Region 2 Championship
26.9Eric Markewitz20:45Oct 9Region 2 Championship
27.12Don Hurst21:49.9Oct 2Park City Invitational
28.9William Patton22:04Oct 9Region 2 Championship
29.9Asher Litchfield22:05Oct 9Region 2 Championship
30.12Griffin Taylor22:11Oct 9Region 2 Championship
10Sam Lair22:11Oct 9Region 2 Championship
32.9Ross Kilpatrick22:12Oct 9Region 2 Championship


1.12Isabella James17:29Oct 9Region 2 Championship
2.10Emery Hovermale19:41Oct 9Region 2 Championship
3.12Laura Anderson20:21Oct 9Region 2 Championship
4.12Katherine Morelli20:53Oct 9Region 2 Championship
5.10Kate Schulte21:19Oct 9Region 2 Championship
6.9Anya Weglarz21:33.0Oct 2Park City Invitational
7.9Mia Horne21:45.2Oct 2Park City Invitational
8.9Chloe Quinn22:29.0Oct 2Park City Invitational
9.12Jonna Ahlstrom22:36Oct 9Region 2 Championship
10.9Siani Weston23:33Oct 9Region 2 Championship
11.9Ellie Vandal23:40Oct 9Region 2 Championship
12.10Wilhelmina Graff23:51.1Oct 2Park City Invitational
13.11Lily Phillips24:43Oct 9Region 2 Championship
14.9Catie Patton26:10Oct 9Region 2 Championship
15.9Maria Steenburgh27:29Oct 9Region 2 Championship
16.10Aya Sakonju27:44Oct 9Region 2 Championship
17.9Maya Jammulapati31:15Oct 9Region 2 Championship
18.12Anna BoyesNTOct 2Park City Invitational

5,000 Meters show... | Show only


1.12Jacob Colangelo17:17.52Sep 26Bob Firman Invitationa...
2.12Leo Stillinger18:24Sep 18All City Meet
3.12Benjamin Baker18:43Sep 18All City Meet
10Max Sandweiss18:43Sep 18All City Meet
5.9Jonny Vizmeg18:54Sep 18All City Meet
6.11Kai DeBirk19:17Sep 18All City Meet
11Titus Quah19:17Sep 18All City Meet
8.12Noah Lobell19:30Sep 18All City Meet
9.12Ben Drown19:33Sep 18All City Meet
10.10Brandon Loranca19:36Sep 18All City Meet
11.10Ethan Youngberg19:44Sep 18All City Meet
12.11Ryan Kiernlf19:48Sep 9Region 2 Tri-Meet - Da...
13.10Alex Fierro20:00Sep 18All City Meet
14.10Jess Baker20:22Sep 9Region 2 Tri-Meet - Da...
15.9Miles Lee20:24Sep 18All City Meet
16.11Michael Tao20:25Sep 18All City Meet
10Calvin Jiricko20:25Sep 18All City Meet
18.9Sage Nightingale20:33Sep 18All City Meet
19.10Cooper Zebrack20:40Sep 18All City Meet
20.9Bobby Morelli21:14Sep 18All City Meet
21.10Kenji Aoki21:45Sep 18All City Meet
22.10Isaiah Poritz21:48Sep 18All City Meet
23.11Kevin Hardy21:50Sep 9Region 2 Tri-Meet - Da...
24.11Atticus Jones22:01Sep 9Region 2 Tri-Meet - Da...
25.10Joshua Speckman22:26Sep 18All City Meet
26.10Vincent Bonacci22:33Sep 18All City Meet
27.9Eric Markewitz22:56Sep 18All City Meet
28.12Don Hurst23:22Sep 18All City Meet
29.9William Patton23:51Sep 18All City Meet
30.12Gavin Clements24:05Sep 9Region 2 Tri-Meet - Da...
31.9Asher Litchfield25:05Sep 18All City Meet
32.10Oscar Serrato25:27Sep 9Region 2 Tri-Meet - Da...
33.10Sam Lair25:40Sep 9Region 2 Tri-Meet - Da...
34.12Griffin Taylor25:41Sep 9Region 2 Tri-Meet - Da...


1.12Isabella James18:12.21Sep 26Bob Firman Invitationa...
2.10Emery Hovermale21:27Sep 18All City Meet
3.12Laura Anderson22:00Sep 18All City Meet
4.10Wilhelmina Graff23:05Sep 18All City Meet
5.10Kate Schulte23:07Sep 18All City Meet
6.9Anya Weglarz23:12Sep 18All City Meet
7.12Katherine Morelli23:13Sep 18All City Meet
8.9Mia Horne23:47Sep 18All City Meet
9.9Chloe Quinn24:49Sep 18All City Meet
10.12Anna Boyes24:55Sep 18All City Meet
11.12Jonna Ahlstrom25:37Sep 18All City Meet
12.9Siani Weston25:48Sep 18All City Meet
13.11Lily Phillips26:31Sep 18All City Meet
14.9Ellie Vandal26:51Sep 18All City Meet
15.11Lucy Borup-douglas28:31Sep 9Region 2 Tri-Meet - Da...
16.9Maria Steenburgh30:26Sep 18All City Meet
17.10Aya Sakonju31:22Sep 18All City Meet
18.9Maya Jammulapati35:27Sep 9Region 2 Tri-Meet - Da...
19.9Catie Patton35:46Sep 9Region 2 Tri-Meet - Da...
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