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Vikings - Whitehall, MI

2013 Season Bests

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1.7Solana Witham15:15.0Oct 10Race through the Hills
2.8Nora Mitteer16:15.6Oct 10Race through the Hills
3.7Sierra Reid16:20.1Oct 10Race through the Hills
4.8Allie Elliott17:10.6Oct 10Race through the Hills
5.8Vanessa Heylmun17:22.8Oct 10Race through the Hills
6.8Anneliese Vogler17:53.0Oct 10Race through the Hills
7.8Aubrey Conkright19:19.6Oct 10Race through the Hills
8.7Grace Short20:43.6Oct 10Race through the Hills
9.8Lauren Geiger20:55.7Oct 10Race through the Hills
10.8Emma Ruczickz22:11.2Oct 10Race through the Hills
11.7Leanna Burns22:51.1Oct 10Race through the Hills
12.7Hailey Elders23:25.1Oct 10Race through the Hills
13.7Ryleigh Kennedy26:08.1Oct 10Race through the Hills

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1.8Joshua Gonzalez12:40.20Sep 21Oakridge Invitational
2.7Joseph Gonzalez12:50.32Sep 21Oakridge Invitational
3.7Sam Baustert13:30.30Sep 21Oakridge Invitational
4.7Bryce Sherrell13:38.17Sep 21Oakridge Invitational
5.8Haddan Young13:46.40Sep 21Oakridge Invitational
6.8Alex Chappell13:51.80Sep 21Oakridge Invitational
7.7Liam Johnson14:07.59Sep 21Oakridge Invitational
8.8Antonio Polidori14:13.17Sep 21Oakridge Invitational
9.7Louis Hosticka14:14.76Sep 21Oakridge Invitational
10.8Hunter Bower14:18.63Sep 21Oakridge Invitational
11.8Cameron Berden14:34.59Sep 21Oakridge Invitational
12.7Ian Horning14:34.80Sep 21Oakridge Invitational
13.8Nick Morin14:39.69Sep 21Oakridge Invitational
14.8Kelsen Bluhm14:52.01Sep 21Oakridge Invitational
15.7Michael Heylmun15:03.70Sep 21Oakridge Invitational
16.7Caleb Beeghly17:16.31Sep 21Oakridge Invitational
17.7Patrick Bouman17:21.15Sep 21Oakridge Invitational
18.7Richie Grow18:21.54Sep 21Oakridge Invitational
19.8Andrew Britton18:50.55Sep 21Oakridge Invitational
20.8Mark Terpstra21:19.93Sep 21Oakridge Invitational
21.7Jack Groessl21:35.63Sep 21Oakridge Invitational
22.7Jayson VanDam22:28.14Sep 21Oakridge Invitational


1.7Solana Witham14:15.18Sep 21Oakridge Invitational
2.6Isabelle Uganski14:32.49Sep 21Oakridge Invitational
3.7Sierra Reid14:48.36Sep 21Oakridge Invitational
4.6Rileigh Thommen14:59.92Sep 21Oakridge Invitational
5.8Allie Elliott15:11.91Sep 21Oakridge Invitational
6.8Nora Mitteer15:15.37Sep 21Oakridge Invitational
7.6Avery Christensen15:24.84Sep 21Oakridge Invitational
8.8Vanessa Heylmun15:49.69Sep 21Oakridge Invitational
9.6Ilana Weiler15:54.76Sep 21Oakridge Invitational
10.8Anneliese Vogler16:10.09Sep 21Oakridge Invitational
11.6Vanessa Christensen16:35.90Sep 21Oakridge Invitational
12.8Aubrey Conkright17:03.33Sep 21Oakridge Invitational
13.7Jackie Jacobs17:30.34Sep 21Oakridge Invitational
14.7Grace Short17:33.31Sep 21Oakridge Invitational
15.7Hailey Elders17:42.53Sep 21Oakridge Invitational
16.8Lauren Geiger18:37.86Sep 21Oakridge Invitational
17.7Leanna Burns19:03.96Sep 21Oakridge Invitational
18.7Ryleigh Kennedy19:56.03Sep 21Oakridge Invitational
19.7Shelby Robinson20:11.57Sep 21Oakridge Invitational

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1.8Joshua Gonzalez12:12.63Sep 24WMC Jamboree #2
2.7Joseph Gonzalez12:28.93Sep 24WMC Jamboree #2
3.7Sam Baustert12:53.74Sep 24WMC Jamboree #2
4.8Hunter Bower13:14.66Sep 24WMC Jamboree #2
5.8Tony Polidori13:32.99Sep 24WMC Jamboree #2
6.8Nick Morin13:34.09Sep 24WMC Jamboree #2
7.8Alex Chappell13:39.36Sep 24WMC Jamboree #2
8.7Louis Hosticka13:42.29Sep 24WMC Jamboree #2
9.8Haddan Young13:42.74Sep 24WMC Jamboree #2
10.7Bryce Sherrell13:49.67Sep 24WMC Jamboree #2
11.7Ian Horning13:53.59Sep 24WMC Jamboree #2
12.7Liam Johnson13:58.78Sep 24WMC Jamboree #2
13.8Cameron Berden14:04.57Sep 24WMC Jamboree #2
14.8Kelsen Bluhm14:11.99Sep 24WMC Jamboree #2
15.7Caleb Beeghly16:31.82Sep 24WMC Jamboree #2
16.7Patrick Bouman16:34.94Sep 24WMC Jamboree #2
17.8Andrew Britton17:25.02Sep 24WMC Jamboree #2
18.7Richie Grow18:05.54Sep 24WMC Jamboree #2
19.7Jack Groessl19:56.90Sep 24WMC Jamboree #2
20.7Jayson VanDam20:28.97Sep 24WMC Jamboree #2
21.8Mark Terpstra20:33.74Sep 24WMC Jamboree #2


1.7Solana Witham14:13.71Sep 24WMC Jamboree #2
2.7Sierra Reid14:19.49Sep 24WMC Jamboree #2
3.8Nora Mitteer14:49.43Sep 24WMC Jamboree #2
4.8Allie Elliott15:00.83Sep 24WMC Jamboree #2
5.8Vanessa Heylmun15:23.55Sep 24WMC Jamboree #2
6.8Anneliese Vogler15:45.95Sep 24WMC Jamboree #2
7.7Jackie Jacobs17:29.05Sep 24WMC Jamboree #2
8.7Grace Short17:31.79Sep 24WMC Jamboree #2
9.8Lauren Geiger18:00.11Sep 24WMC Jamboree #2
10.7Leanna Burns18:04.73Sep 24WMC Jamboree #2
11.8Emma Ruczickz18:54.30Sep 24WMC Jamboree #2
12.8Aubrey Conkright19:18.03Sep 24WMC Jamboree #2
13.7Hailey Elders20:10.61Sep 24WMC Jamboree #2
14.7Ryleigh Kennedy20:27.57Sep 24WMC Jamboree #2

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1.7Joseph Gonzalez13:43.7Oct 10Race through the Hills
2.7Sam Baustert15:09.3Oct 10Race through the Hills
3.7Michael Heylmun15:12.5Oct 10Race through the Hills
4.8Haddan Young15:14.2Oct 10Race through the Hills
5.8Alex Chappell15:21.6Oct 10Race through the Hills
6.7Bryce Sherrell15:22.9Oct 10Race through the Hills
7.7Louis Hosticka15:26.7Oct 10Race through the Hills
8.7Ian Horning15:49.0Oct 10Race through the Hills
9.8Antonio Polidori16:15.5Oct 10Race through the Hills
10.8Kelsen Bluhm16:50.5Oct 10Race through the Hills
11.7Caleb Beeghly19:52.4Oct 10Race through the Hills
12.7Patrick Bouman19:53.3Oct 10Race through the Hills
13.7Richie Grow20:14.8Oct 10Race through the Hills
14.8Andrew Britton22:09.6Oct 10Race through the Hills
15.8Mark Terpstra22:39.1Oct 10Race through the Hills
16.7Jack Groessl24:52.1Oct 10Race through the Hills
17.7Jayson VanDam24:58.0Oct 10Race through the Hills
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