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2.1 Miles Alumni Run-Time Trial
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Alumni Run/Time Trial Course

2.1 Miles Alumni Run-Time Trial

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2.1 Miles Alumni Run-Time Trial  
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Hypothetical Scores

10.11Haley Nemra12:32Marysville-Pilchuck
15.9Kaylie Kimmell13:14Marysville-Pilchuck
19.12Megan Crenshaw13:54Marysville-Pilchuck
20.10Tyler Wigington14:28Marysville-Pilchuck
21.11Kylie Martonik14:37Marysville-Pilchuck
24.12Amanda Weaver14:50Marysville-Pilchuck
25.11Robin Mueller15:01Marysville-Pilchuck
28.11Amy Torkelson15:25Marysville-Pilchuck
31.12Anna Peterson15:35Marysville-Pilchuck
34.10Adaja Mathis16:57Marysville-Pilchuck
35.10Malia Zurcher18:01Marysville-Pilchuck
37.11Susie Griffiths18:11Marysville-Pilchuck
38.11Prabhjyot Gill18:52Marysville-Pilchuck
39.9Caitlin Scholl20:17Marysville-Pilchuck
41.11Kayla Rice22:26Marysville-Pilchuck
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