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Kent-Meridian, Kentwood @ Thomas Jefferson HS

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

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Location - Thomas Jefferson HS, Auburn, WA - Map
Mens Races

Thomas Jefferson HS

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
Womens Races

Thomas Jefferson HS

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.12Derrick Daigre16:20.00Kent Meridian
2.11Danny Lunder16:25.00Kentwood
3.12Chase Braxmeyer16:27.00Thomas Jefferson 09-16:36 17:15
4.11Jacob Thoreson17:13.00Thomas Jefferson 09-18:01 18:23
5.12Will Richmond17:23.00Kentwood
6.12Kasey Hattrup17:29.00Kentwood
7.11Will Johnston17:32.00Kentwood
8.10Varrick Anderson17:41.00Kentwood
9.12Carlos Zaldivar17:43.00Kent Meridian
10.10Dasan Telford17:46.00Kentwood
11.11Eric Jacobson17:54.00Kentwood
12.10Yohan Gebrehiwet17:58.00Thomas Jefferson
13.10Edson Zaldivar18:02.00Kent Meridian
14.11Teddy Besrat18:10.00Kent Meridian
15.9Stewart Kunzelman18:11.00Kent Meridian
16.11Matt Kullberg18:13.00Thomas Jefferson 09-20:05 20:21
17.10Lionel Estrada18:26.00Thomas Jefferson 09-19:03
18.10Issachar Nistrian18:36.00Thomas Jefferson 09-20:23 19:44
19.10Josh Smith18:38.00Kent Meridian
20.12Nikko Austria18:40.00Thomas Jefferson 09-19:02 19:57
21.12Matt Bailey19:36.00Kent Meridian
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.10Galen Kornowske18:49.00Kentwood
2.12Kevin McCullough18:50.00Kent Meridian
3.11Axel Cruz18:51.00Kent Meridian
3.10Eli McMeen18:51.00Kentwood
5.11Matt Kroll19:01.00Kentwood
6.10Mowlid Jigre19:02.00Kent Meridian
6.10Nathan Woo19:02.00Kentwood
8.9Giovanny Lainez19:07.00Thomas Jefferson
9.12Logan Sychtysz19:36.00Kentwood
10.10Drew Cusack19:37.00Kentwood
11.12Kevin Wills19:40.00Thomas Jefferson 09-20:09 20:01 20:02
12.10Scott Miller19:41.00Kentwood
12.9Spencer Turcinec19:41.00Thomas Jefferson
14.12Evan Merrill19:42.00Kent Meridian
15.10Blake LaFreniere19:55.00Thomas Jefferson 09-19:31 19:30
16.9Mohamed Roble19:58.00Kent Meridian
16.11Reece SanLuis19:58.00Thomas Jefferson 09-19:21 20:38 20:28
18.10Joey Walker20:02.00Thomas Jefferson
19.10Abu Kamara20:03.00Kent Meridian
19.11Bryce Doyea20:03.00Thomas Jefferson 09-20:49 20:52
21.12Daniel Gonzales20:11.00Thomas Jefferson 09-20:16 21:53 20:27
22.10Brenton Ausen20:15.00Kentwood
23.10Evan Kraabel20:18.00Thomas Jefferson 09-21:45 22:26
24.10Jonathan Hanson20:19.00Kent Meridian
24.9Hunter Printz20:19.00Thomas Jefferson
26.9Jeff Pinkstaff20:23.00Thomas Jefferson
27.10Nick Tillotson20:40.00Kentwood
28.11Jeff Madsen20:41.00Kentwood
29.11Tyler Horn20:41.50Kentwood
30.10Ryan Turner20:42.00Kentwood
31.11Tucker Smith20:44.00Thomas Jefferson 09-20:57 22:45 22:27
32.11William Brown20:53.00Thomas Jefferson 09-22:11 24:13
33.11Kyle Hadley20:55.00Kentwood
34.10Henry Hammond20:58.00Kent Meridian
35.9AJ Lemoine21:07.00Kentwood
36.12Chris Lindermeier21:10.00Kentwood
37.9Dongyeon Kim21:12.00Thomas Jefferson
38.11Chris Comstock21:20.00Thomas Jefferson
39.10Pablo Arias21:22.00Kent Meridian
40.11Ruvim Marchenko21:28.00Thomas Jefferson
41.11David Watson21:57.00Kent Meridian
41.12Justin Helfen21:57.00Thomas Jefferson 09-22:56 24:53 24:14
43.10Justice Sibomana22:04.00Kent Meridian
44.12Luon Chuong22:07.00Kentwood
45.10Austin Roberts22:14.00Kent Meridian
46.11Byron Gomez22:36.00Kentwood
47.10Clayton McCullough22:54.00Kent Meridian
48.10Hector Aguirre22:55.00Kent Meridian
49.11Dylan Monroe23:05.00Kent Meridian
50.12Darrell Clinton23:11.00Kent Meridian
51.9Ryan Austria23:28.00Thomas Jefferson
52.10Trung Ly23:31.00Kentwood
53.9Aaron Choe24:01.00Thomas Jefferson
54.11Brandon Garcia24:17.00Kent Meridian
55.9Jacob Rosendahl24:20.00Thomas Jefferson
56.10Colin Hauck24:30.00Kentwood
57.11Matt Brumbaugh24:41.00Kentwood
58.9Wesley Duncan25:16.00Thomas Jefferson
59.9Paul Lee25:59.00Thomas Jefferson
60.10William Nguyen26:01.00Kentwood
61.10Alec Moss26:49.00Kent Meridian
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.11Alexia Martin19:35.00Kent Meridian
2.12Kailey Ulland20:05.00Kentwood
3.12Brianna Calveri20:14.00Thomas Jefferson
4.11Leah Kiyohara20:26.00Thomas Jefferson 09-20:40 20:35 21:41
5.9Ruby Virk20:57.00Kent Meridian
6.11Amanda Ditzhazy21:06.00Thomas Jefferson 09-21:53 22:43 21:36
7.11Vanessa Church21:07.00Thomas Jefferson 09-20:56 21:45
8.9Tessa Carlin21:44.00Kentwood
9.9Briann Funk21:47.00Kent Meridian
10.10Lindsey Jackson21:49.00Thomas Jefferson
11.12Alayna Wachter22:45.00Kentwood
12.11Casey Yamasaki22:59.00Thomas Jefferson 09-24:00 27:07 24:53
13.10Megan Lee23:00.00Kentwood
14.9Kelin Doner23:01.00Thomas Jefferson
15.10Olga Pilipchuk23:18.00Thomas Jefferson
16.12Kelsey Beer23:25.00Thomas Jefferson 09-22:53 23:50 22:36
17.9Courtney Walker24:43.00Thomas Jefferson
18.10Beth Parrish25:00.00Kentwood
19.9Cora Cadena25:09.00Kent Meridian
20.9Allyson Reaney25:10.00Kent Meridian
21.12Megan Rawie25:17.00Kentwood
22.9Elizabeth Coleman25:52.00Kentwood
23.11Janaya Rangel27:58.00Kentwood
24.12McKenzie Dwyer28:09.00Kent Meridian
25.10Zoe Rohaly28:32.00Kentwood
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