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Jarod Moren

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Pitman MS
2014 Outdoor Season - 5th Grade
Discus - 1kg
242' 5.00V FApr 12USATF Meet
Pitman MS
2013 Outdoor Season - 4th Grade
60 Meter Dash
11.04aV FJan 5Los Gatos AC
*10.55aV FJun 20Los Gatos AC
100 Meters
17.41aV FJan 5Los Gatos AC
*16.87aV FJun 20Los Gatos AC
200 Meters
37.61aV FJan 5Los Gatos AC
*34.74cV FMar 30Stanford Invitational
35.71aV FJun 20Los Gatos AC
High Jump
3' 8.00V FJan 5Los Gatos AC
3' 6.00V FFeb 18California Indoor Stat...
73' 8.00V FMay 18USATF Meet
23' 8.00V FMay 25USATF Meet
*3' 10.00V FJun 20Los Gatos AC
3' 8.00V FJun 22Pacific Association (T...
113' 9.25V FJun 29USA Outdoor Championsh...
Pole Vault
4' 6.00V FJan 19Pole Vault Summit
Pitman MS
2012 Outdoor Season - 3rd Grade
60 Meter Dash
10.79aV FJan 28Los Gatos AC
*10.65aV FJun 21Los Gatos AC
100 Meters
17.80aV FJan 28Los Gatos AC
*17.08aV FJun 21Los Gatos AC
2217.21aV FJun 30West Coast Junior Olym...
17.39aV FJul 19Los Gatos AC
200 Meters
35.63aV FMay 19USATF Meet
36.68aV FMay 26USATF Meet
37.00aV FJun 21Los Gatos AC
36.37aV FJul 19Los Gatos AC
High Jump
3' 4.00V FJan 28Los Gatos AC
4*3' 6.00V FMay 19USATF Meet
3' 4.00V FMay 26USATF Meet
3' 4.00V FJun 21Los Gatos AC
43' 6.00V FJun 23Pacific Association (T...
63' 6.00V FJun 30West Coast Junior Olym...
3' 3.00V FJul 19Los Gatos AC
473' 4.00V FJul 31AAU Nationals
Long Jump
10' 7.00V FMay 19USATF Meet
10' 1.25V FMay 26USATF Meet
1110' 4.00V FJun 30West Coast Junior Olym...
Pitman MS
2011 Outdoor Season - 2nd Grade
55 Meter Dash
10.60aV FFeb 27Run for the Dream
60 Meter Dash
11.53aV FJan 8Los Gatos AC
100 Meters
18.19aV FJan 8Los Gatos AC
200 Meters
39.77aV FJan 8Los Gatos AC
400 Meters
Dec92.91aV FJun 18Region 14 Multis - USA...
Shot Put - 6lb
13' 0.00V FMay 14USATF Meet
Dec12' 3.00V FJun 18Region 14 Multis - USA...
High Jump
33' 2.25V FFeb 27Run for the Dream
1*3' 4.00V FApr 2USATF Meet
3' 2.00V FMay 14USATF Meet
Dec2' 8.75V FJun 18Region 14 Multis - USA...
73' 4.00V FJun 25Pacific Association (T...
103' 0.25V FJul 9Region 14 (Top 5) - US...
Long Jump
8' 4.00V FFeb 27Run for the Dream
19*9' 2.00V FJun 25Pacific Association (T...
Triathlon Score
135V FJun 18Region 14 Multis - USA...
Pitman MS
2010 Outdoor Season - 1st Grade
60 Meter Dash
11.94cV FFeb 13Los Gatos AC
*11.64aV FJun 24Los Gatos AC
11.79aV FJul 1Los Gatos AC
100 Meters
19.34cV FFeb 13Los Gatos AC
*19.24cV FMar 27USATF Meet
20.04cV FMay 8Hershey Qualifier
20.07aV FMay 15USATF Meet
*19.12aV FJun 24Los Gatos AC
19.41aV FJul 1Los Gatos AC
200 Meters
42.24cV FFeb 13Los Gatos AC
*41.27aV FMay 1USATF Meet
*41.24aV FJun 12Pacific Youth Champs -...
*39.46aV FJul 1Los Gatos AC
400 Meters
94.51aV FApr 17USATF Meet
97.38aV FMay 22USATF Meet
*90.81aV PJul 9Region 16 (Top 3) - US...
1:40.14cV FJul 24Sub-Bantam Champs - US...
Shot Put - 4lb
12' 10.50V FFeb 13Los Gatos AC
12' 6.00V FMay 31NorCal Throws Champion...
Softball Throw
48' 10.00V FMay 8Hershey Qualifier
Javelin - 300g TJ
30' 9.00V FMar 27USATF Meet
*38' 0.00V FApr 17USATF Meet
30' 8.00V FMay 1USATF Meet
35' 10.00V FMay 15USATF Meet
*42' 3.00V FMay 22USATF Meet
28' 11.00V FMay 31NorCal Throws Champion...
639' 5.00V FJun 12Pacific Youth Champs -...
High Jump
2' 8.00V FJul 1Los Gatos AC
22' 6.25V FJul 9Region 16 (Top 3) - US...
*2' 10.00V FJul 24Sub-Bantam Champs - US...
NHV FJul 27USATF National Junior ...
Long Jump
7' 4.50V FMar 27USATF Meet
*8' 10.25V FApr 17USATF Meet
8' 1.00V FMay 15USATF Meet
7' 9.50V FMay 22USATF Meet
7' 11.00V FJun 12Pacific Youth Champs -...
8' 5.00V FJun 24Los Gatos AC
*9' 2.00V FJul 1Los Gatos AC
19*9' 2.25V FJul 9Region 16 (Top 3) - US...
9' 1.50V FJul 24Sub-Bantam Champs - US...
Standing Long Jump
5' 0.00V FMay 8Hershey Qualifier
Pitman MS
2009 Outdoor Season - 1st Grade
50 Meter Dash
410.74cV FMay 7Hershey Qualifier
60 Meter Dash
12.34cV FJan 17Los Gatos AC
*11.75aV FFeb 21Los Gatos AC
*11.74cV FJun 25Los Gatos AC
11.99aV FJul 23Los Gatos AC
100 Meters
21.77aV FFeb 21Los Gatos AC
*21.14aV FMar 14USATF Meet
*20.14cV FMar 28USATF Meet
320.94cV FMay 7Hershey Qualifier
*19.77aV FMay 30USATF Meet
*19.72aV FJul 23Los Gatos AC
200 Meters
44.37aV FJan 17Los Gatos AC
47.66aV FFeb 21Los Gatos AC
*43.01aV FMay 3USATF Meet
44.59aV FMay 17USATF Meet
*42.51aV FMay 30USATF Meet
44.35aV FJun 25Los Gatos AC
400 Meters
96.48aV FJun 18Dublin AC
Dec99.33aV FJun 21Region 14 Multis - USA...
Dec*92.77aV FJun 30USA Outdoor Championsh...
DecDNFV FJul 29Junior Olympics - USAT...
Shot Put - 4lb
10' 11.5V FFeb 21Los Gatos AC
*12' 0V FMay 25NorCal Throws Champion...
10' 7V FJun 6USATF Meet
10' 9.25V FJul 23Los Gatos AC
Shot Put - 6lb
8' 5V FJun 18Dublin AC
Dec7' 10.5V FJun 21Region 14 Multis - USA...
*9' 3.75V FJun 25Los Gatos AC
Dec8' 4.75V FJun 30USA Outdoor Championsh...
Dec7' 7.5V FJul 29Junior Olympics - USAT...
Javelin - 300g TJ
229' 0V FMar 28USATF Meet
25' 10V FApr 18USATF Meet
*31' 10V FMay 3USATF Meet
24' 0V FJun 6USATF Meet
29' 3V FJun 27Pacific Association (T...
728' 2V FJun 30USA Outdoor Championsh...
High Jump
2' 8V FJun 6USATF Meet
2' 6V FJun 18Dublin AC
Dec*2' 8.25V FJun 21Region 14 Multis - USA...
Dec2' 7.5V FJun 30USA Outdoor Championsh...
Dec2' 7.25V FJul 29Junior Olympics - USAT...
Long Jump
8' 3V FMar 14USATF Meet
7' 2V FMar 28USATF Meet
*8' 9.75V FApr 18USATF Meet
6' 2V FMay 30USATF Meet
*8' 10V FJun 6USATF Meet
Triathlon Score
259V FJun 21Region 14 Multis - USA...
8*62V FJun 30USA Outdoor Championsh...
2549V FJul 29Junior Olympics - USAT...
Pitman MS
2008 Outdoor Season - 1st Grade
60 Meter Dash
12.77aV FJun 19Los Gatos AC
13.34aV FJul 3Los Gatos AC
100 Meters
22.02aV FMar 1USATF Meet
*21.58aV FApr 12USATF Meet
21.93aV FMay 3USATF Meet
*21.30aV PMay 10Modesto Relays
22.44cV FJun 12Merced AC
21.48aV FJun 19Los Gatos AC
22.47aV FJul 3Los Gatos AC
200 Meters
46.82aV FMar 1USATF Meet
*46.34cV FJun 12Merced AC
*46.21aV FJun 19Los Gatos AC
49.56aV FJul 3Los Gatos AC
400 Meters
12109.66aV FJun 7Pacific Youth Champs -...
Javelin - 300g TJ
16' 4V FJun 21Pacific Association (T...
Long Jump
4' 6.75V FMar 1USATF Meet
*6' 0V FMay 3USATF Meet
Pitman MS
2007 Outdoor Season - 1st Grade
60 Meter Dash
14.35aV FAug 2Los Gatos AC
100 Meters
26.94aV FFeb 24Los Gatos AC
27.49aV FMar 24USATF Meet
27.34cV FApr 14USATF Meet
24*25.06aV FMay 5Modesto Relays
*23.67aV FMay 12USATF Meet
23.74cV FMay 19USATF Meet
*23.04cV FJun 20Merced AC
23.31aV FJul 7Sub-Bantam Champs - US...
23.79aV FAug 2Los Gatos AC
200 Meters
56.10aV FMay 12USATF Meet
*51.94cV FJun 9Pacific Youth Champs -...
53.64cV FJun 20Merced AC
*51.84aV FJul 7Sub-Bantam Champs - US...
Long Jump
4' 10V FMar 24USATF Meet
*5' 6.25V FApr 14USATF Meet
4' 9.5V FMay 12USATF Meet
4' 0V FMay 19USATF Meet
4' 10V FJul 7Sub-Bantam Champs - US...
Pitman MS
2006 Outdoor Season - 1st Grade
100 Meters
34.44cV FMar 25USATF Meet
*30.24cV FJul 1Sub-Bantam Champs - US...
Long Jump
3' 3.5V FMar 25USATF Meet
*4' 10V FMay 20USATF Meet
*5' 2V FJul 1Sub-Bantam Champs - US...
Pitman MS
2005 Outdoor Season - 1st Grade
Long Jump
4' 0V FJun 5Sub-Bantam Champs - US...
Season Records

50 Meter Dash
2009 Outdoor110.74c

55 Meter Dash
2011 Outdoor210.60a

60 Meter Dash
2007 Outdoor114.35a
2008 Outdoor112.77a
2009 Outdoor111.74c
2010 Outdoor111.64a
2011 Outdoor211.53a
2012 Outdoor310.65a
2013 Outdoor410.55a

100 Meters
2006 Outdoor130.24c
2007 Outdoor123.04c
2008 Outdoor121.30a
2009 Outdoor119.72a
2010 Outdoor119.12a
2011 Outdoor218.19a
2012 Outdoor317.08a
2013 Outdoor416.87a

200 Meters
2007 Outdoor151.84a
2008 Outdoor146.21a
2009 Outdoor142.51a
2010 Outdoor139.46a
2011 Outdoor239.77a
2012 Outdoor335.63a
2013 Outdoor434.74c

400 Meters
2008 Outdoor1109.66a
2009 Outdoor192.77a
2010 Outdoor190.81a
2011 Outdoor292.91a

Shot Put - 4lb
2009 Outdoor112' 0
2010 Outdoor112' 10.50

Shot Put - 6lb
2009 Outdoor19' 3.75
2011 Outdoor213' 0.00

Softball Throw
2010 Outdoor148' 10.00

Discus - 1kg
2014 Outdoor542' 5.00

Javelin - 300g TJ
2008 Outdoor116' 4
2009 Outdoor131' 10
2010 Outdoor142' 3.00

High Jump
2009 Outdoor12' 8.25
2010 Outdoor12' 10.00
2011 Outdoor23' 4.00
2012 Outdoor33' 6.00
2013 Outdoor43' 10.00

Pole Vault
2013 Outdoor44' 6.00

Long Jump
2005 Outdoor14' 0
2006 Outdoor15' 2
2007 Outdoor15' 6.25
2008 Outdoor16' 0
2009 Outdoor18' 10
2010 Outdoor19' 2.25
2011 Outdoor29' 2.00
2012 Outdoor310' 7.00

Standing Long Jump
2010 Outdoor15' 0.00

Triathlon Score
2009 Outdoor162
2011 Outdoor2135

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