Kate Criscitiello

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Hingham HS
2014 Outdoor Season - 11th Grade
100 Meters
13.3V FApr 1Hingham vs. Duxbury
2*12.8V FApr 8Hingham vs. Whitman-Ha...
100m Hurdles - 33"
117.0V FApr 1Hingham vs. Duxbury
2*16.2V FApr 8Hingham vs. Whitman-Ha...
Long Jump
315'3V FApr 1Hingham vs. Duxbury
*16'1.5"V FApr 8Hingham vs. Whitman-Ha...
3*16'1.75"V FApr 17Hingham vs Quincy vs. ...
Triple Jump
232'1.5"V FApr 1Hingham vs. Duxbury
1*35' 8.5"V FApr 8Hingham vs. Whitman-Ha...
234'1.25"V FApr 17Hingham vs Quincy vs. ...
Hingham HS
2014 Indoor Season - 11th Grade
55 Meter Dash
--8.04aV FDec 18Patriot League #1
8*8.02aV FDec 23Patriot League #2
108.07aV FJan 8Patriot League #4
--*7.87aV FFeb 1Patriot League Meet 5 ...
800 Meters
52:53.23aPen FDec 27Holiday Qualifier
55m Hurdles - 33"
49.83aV FDec 18Patriot League #1
2*9.51aV FDec 23Patriot League #2
69.66aPen FDec 27Holiday Qualifier
39.55aV FJan 8Patriot League #4
4*9.35aV FFeb 1Patriot League Meet 5 ...
69.37aV PFeb 15MIAA Div. 3 Championsh...
79.41aV FFeb 15MIAA Div. 3 Championsh...
Shot Put - 4kg
--20-08.50V FDec 23Patriot League #2
11*6.56mPen FDec 27Holiday Qualifier
High Jump
94-05.00V FDec 18Patriot League #1
4*1.47mPen FDec 27Holiday Qualifier
64-05.00V FJan 8Patriot League #4
Long Jump
215-07.00V FDec 18Patriot League #1
614-11.50V FDec 23Patriot League #2
64.61mPen FDec 27Holiday Qualifier
215-03.25V FJan 8Patriot League #4
3*16-01.50V FJan 25Coaches Invitational M...
215-11.50V FFeb 1Patriot League Meet 5 ...
515-10.50V FFeb 15MIAA Div. 3 Championsh...
Long Jump - Relay Split
4.70mV FJan 12State Coaches Indoor R...
Pentathlon Score (Indoor)
52434V FDec 27Holiday Qualifier
Hingham HS
2013 Outdoor Season - 10th Grade
100m Hurdles - 33"
218.1V FApr 2Pembroke vs Hingham
2*17.80aV PApr 13Rt. 228 Fr/So Meet
2*17.35aV FApr 13Rt. 228 Fr/So Meet
1*16.4V FApr 23Hingham vs Duxbury
1*16.3V FApr 30Hingham vs. Whitman-Ha...
516.73aV PMay 4Weston Twilight Invita...
517.05aV FMay 4Weston Twilight Invita...
16.3V FMay 7Hingham Vs. Quincy
2*16.48aV PMay 14Patriot League Champio...
2*16.38aV FMay 14Patriot League Champio...
1*15.95a2.0V PMay 26MIAA D3 EMASS Champion...
216.01a-1.0V FMay 26MIAA D3 EMASS Champion...
13*15.82a3.1V PJun 1Mass All-State Champio...
Long Jump
15'1.5"V FApr 2Pembroke vs Hingham
2*15-03.00V FApr 13Rt. 228 Fr/So Meet
2*16'8.25"V FApr 23Hingham vs Duxbury
1*16'11"V FApr 30Hingham vs. Whitman-Ha...
416-03.00V FMay 4Weston Twilight Invita...
216'2"V FMay 7Hingham Vs. Quincy
316-05.50V FMay 14Patriot League Champio...
3*17-06.00V FMay 26MIAA D3 EMASS Champion...
316-10.00-.6V FJun 1Mass All-State Champio...
1216-10.25V FJun 8New Englands
Triple Jump
233'4"V FApr 2Pembroke vs Hingham
31'7.5"V FApr 9Silver Lake vs. Hingha...
332-11.50V FApr 13Rt. 228 Fr/So Meet
1*34'9"V FApr 23Hingham vs Duxbury
1*34'10.5"V FApr 30Hingham vs. Whitman-Ha...
4*34-11.00V FMay 4Weston Twilight Invita...
1*35'6"V FMay 7Hingham Vs. Quincy
234-09.50V FMay 14Patriot League Champio...
634-09.75V FMay 26MIAA D3 EMASS Champion...
4x100 Relay
1 52.1 V FApr 2Pembroke vs Hingham
Gabriella Candeleri
Olivia Cundari
Kate Criscitiello
Jane Freda
Hingham HS
2013 Indoor Season - 10th Grade
55 Meter Dash
--8.13aV FJan 3Patriot League #4
15*8.11aV FJan 9Patriot League #5
55m Hurdles - 33"
19.81aV FDec 6Patriot League #1
3*9.58aV FDec 11Patriot League #2
1*9.54aV FDec 19Patriot League #3
3610.74aV PDec 29Holiday Challenge
2*9.53aV FJan 3Patriot League #4
3*9.46aV PJan 5Auerbach Frosh/Soph - ...
3*9.37aV FJan 5Auerbach Frosh/Soph - ...
29.65aV FJan 9Patriot League #5
7*9.30aV PJan 26Coaches Invitational M...
79.36aV FJan 26Coaches Invitational M...
6*9.28aV PFeb 14MIAA Divi III Champs
7*9.15aV FFeb 14MIAA Divi III Champs
High Jump
34-09.00V FDec 6Patriot League #1
54-09.00V FDec 11Patriot League #2
54-07.00V FDec 19Patriot League #3
64-07.00V FJan 3Patriot League #4
104-05.00V FJan 9Patriot League #5
Long Jump
215-05.00V FDec 6Patriot League #1
1*16-02.00V FDec 11Patriot League #2
214-08.00V FDec 19Patriot League #3
715-11.00V FDec 29Holiday Challenge
115-01.75V FJan 3Patriot League #4
315-07.50V FJan 5Auerbach Frosh/Soph - ...
215-01.00V FJan 9Patriot League #5
1416-01.50V FJan 27Coaches Elite Meet
64.86mV FFeb 14MIAA Divi III Champs
2115-04.00V FFeb 23MIAA Auerbach All Stat...
4x200 Relay
2 1:49.64a V FDec 29Holiday Challenge
Gabriella Candeleri
Kate Criscitiello
Olivia Cundari
Sierra Irvin
4x50 Shuttle Hurdles
1 31.29a V FJan 20State Coaches Relays D...
Amy Kirk
Kate Criscitiello
Margot Criscitiello
Jessie Doyle
Hingham HS
2012 Outdoor Season - 9th Grade
100 Meters
13.8V FMay 1Middleboro vs. Hingham
200 Meters
829.3V FApr 10Hingham vs Silver Lake
100m Hurdles - 33"
219.5V FApr 3Duxbury vs Hingham
2*18.3V FApr 10Hingham vs Silver Lake
18.8V FApr 12Higham vs Hanover
7*18.33aFS PApr 14Rte. 228 Freshman/Soph...
8*18.12aFS FApr 14Rte. 228 Freshman/Soph...
18.6V FApr 24Hingham vs Quincy
3*17.2V FMay 9Whitman-Hanson vs Hing...
4518.45aV PMay 12Coaches Invitational
1618.50aV PMay 19Last Chance Meet
12*17.40aV PMay 26MIAA Div III State Cha...
High Jump
4-6V FApr 3Duxbury vs Hingham
34-4.00V FApr 12Higham vs Hanover
Long Jump
415-3.00V FApr 10Hingham vs Silver Lake
514-07.75FS FApr 14Rte. 228 Freshman/Soph...
15-1.50V FApr 24Hingham vs Quincy
14'1"V FMay 9Whitman-Hanson vs Hing...
31*15-07.50V FMay 12Coaches Invitational
914-03.50V FMay 19Last Chance Meet
Triple Jump
330'V FApr 3Duxbury vs Hingham
3*32-6.00V FApr 10Hingham vs Silver Lake
1030-02.50FS FApr 14Rte. 228 Freshman/Soph...
29-7.00V FApr 24Hingham vs Quincy
32'5.25"V FMay 9Whitman-Hanson vs Hing...
3431-03.00V FMay 12Coaches Invitational
731-07.50V FMay 19Last Chance Meet
2031-06.00V FMay 26MIAA Div III State Cha...
Hingham HS
2012 Indoor Season - 9th Grade
55 Meter Dash
--8.52aV FDec 8Patriot League #1
58.55aV FDec 13Patriot League #2
55m Hurdles - 33"
711.98aV FDec 13Patriot League #2
--*11.75aV FDec 21Patriot League #3
18*11.30aV FJan 4Patriot League #4
--11.68aV FJan 11Patriot League #5
17*11.24aV PJan 14East Coast Champs
12*10.37aV FJan 31Patriot #6
8*9.91aV PFeb 10Patriot League Champio...
--DQV FFeb 10Patriot League Champio...
High Jump
44-07.00V FDec 8Patriot League #1
104-05.00V FDec 13Patriot League #2
154-03.00V FDec 21Patriot League #3
94-05.00V FJan 4Patriot League #4
3*4-09.00V FJan 11Patriot League #5
41.39mV FJan 31Patriot #6
54-06.00V FFeb 10Patriot League Champio...
Long Jump
--FOULV FDec 8Patriot League #1
3*14-06.00V FDec 13Patriot League #2
814-04.50V FDec 21Patriot League #3
1313-08.00V FJan 4Patriot League #4
124.22mV FJan 8MSTCA Fosh/Soph Small ...
1213-03.50V FJan 11Patriot League #5
8*4.57mV FJan 31Patriot #6
6*15-05.75V FFeb 10Patriot League Champio...
1215-00.75V FFeb 17MIAA D3 Championship
4x200 Relay
8 1:59.60a V FJan 8MSTCA Fosh/Soph Small ...
Anna Criscitiello
Kate Criscitiello
Margot Criscitiello
Olivia Cundari

Season Records

55 Meter Dash
2012 Indoor98.52a
2013 Indoor108.11a
2014 Indoor117.87a

100 Meters
2012 Outdoor913.8
2014 Outdoor1112.8

200 Meters
2012 Outdoor929.3

800 Meters
2014 Indoor112:53.23a

55m Hurdles - 33"
2012 Indoor99.91a
2013 Indoor109.15a
2014 Indoor119.35a

100m Hurdles - 33"
2012 Outdoor917.40a
2013 Outdoor1015.82a
2014 Outdoor1116.2

Shot Put - 4kg
2014 Indoor116.56m

High Jump
2012 Indoor94-09.00
2012 Outdoor94-6
2013 Indoor104-09.00
2014 Indoor111.47m

Long Jump
2012 Indoor915-05.75
2012 Outdoor915-07.50
2013 Indoor1016-02.00
2013 Outdoor1017-06.00
2014 Indoor1116-01.50
2014 Outdoor1116'1.75"

Long Jump - Relay Split
2014 Indoor114.70m

Triple Jump
2012 Outdoor932-6.00
2013 Outdoor1035'6"
2014 Outdoor1135' 8.5"

Pentathlon Score (Indoor)
2014 Indoor112434

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