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Trace Armstrong - 9th Grade
400 Meters60.39aMar 289TH/ 10TH Grade Invi..
Long Jump14' 7.00Apr 4Ft. Zumwalt West J.V..
Zach Atchison - 9th Grade
110m Hurdles - 39"21.12aApr 30Troy Trojan J.V. Inv..
300m Hurdles - 36"52.47aApr 30Troy Trojan J.V. Inv..
Austin Boedecker - 12th Grade
110m Hurdles - 39"17.20aApr 20Ft. Zumwalt North In..
300m Hurdles - 36"43.61aMay 12Class 4 District 4
Long Jump17' 0.50Mar 31Holt Invitational
Triple Jump34' 7.00Apr 7Timberland Invitatio..
Matt Brooks - 9th Grade
400 Meters57.97aMar 31Holt Invitational
800 Meters2:22.40aMar 31Holt Invitational
Taylor Carter - 10th Grade
1600 Meters4:58.43aMay 12Class 4 District 4
3200 Meters10:56.10aApr 20Ft. Zumwalt North In..
Shane Collins - 10th Grade
200 Meters26.64aApr 30Troy Trojan J.V. Inv..
Pole Vault11' 0.00Apr 30Troy Trojan J.V. Inv..
Keith Craig - 12th Grade
100 Meters11.75aMar 31Holt Invitational
200 Meters24.42aApr 7Timberland Invitatio..
Williamson Daniel - 9th Grade
Long Jump15' 1.50Apr 4Ft. Zumwalt West J.V..
Kurtis Denny - 11th Grade
High Jump5' 4.00Apr 3FZW Invitational Tra..
Fruend Drew - 12th Grade
400 Meters57.03aApr 24Troy Trojan Invitati..
Austin Dustin - 9th Grade
100 Meters12.64aApr 30Troy Trojan J.V. Inv..
Jeff Fennewald - 11th Grade
Pole Vault11' 0.00Apr 20Ft. Zumwalt North In..
Michael Hazelwonder - 10th Grade
800 Meters2:12.44aMay 12Class 4 District 4
1600 Meters4:53.44aMay 12Class 4 District 4
Jon Hefley - 11th Grade
100 Meters12.12aApr 24Troy Trojan Invitati..
Brown Hunter - 10th Grade
100 Meters13.25aApr 30Troy Trojan J.V. Inv..
200 Meters28.08aApr 7Timberland Invitatio..
Josh Ignotz - 9th Grade
1600 Meters5:28.28aMar 31Holt Invitational
3200 Meters11:19.65aMay 12Class 4 District 4
Cody Johnson - 10th Grade
Shot Put - 12lb36' 1.00Mar 289TH/ 10TH Grade Invi..
Discus - 1.6kg87' 8.00Apr 7Timberland Invitatio..
Ross Jones - 9th Grade
200 Meters25.62aMar 31Holt Invitational
Discus - 1.6kg102' 3.00Apr 30Troy Trojan J.V. Inv..
High Jump4' 10.00Apr 30Troy Trojan J.V. Inv..
Ben Krause - 9th Grade
200 Meters23.02aMay 12Class 4 District 4
Long Jump16' 8.00Apr 7Timberland Invitatio..
Patrick Lacey - 10th Grade
400 Meters56.21aApr 24Troy Trojan Invitati..
800 Meters2:18.30aApr 7Timberland Invitatio..
Tommy Lee - 9th Grade
Discus - 1.6kg71' 2.50Apr 4Ft. Zumwalt West J.V..
Ben Lehmkuhl - 12th Grade
Long Jump21' 4.25May 12Class 4 District 4
Triple Jump44' 6.25May 19Class 4 Sectional 2
Blake Lwson - 9th Grade
800 Meters2:28.76aApr 30Troy Trojan J.V. Inv..
Brooks Matt - 9th Grade
800 Meters2:21.48aApr 24Troy Trojan Invitati..
Tyler Meyer - 12th Grade
Shot Put - 12lb36' 4.00Mar 31Holt Invitational
Discus - 1.6kg148' 6.50Apr 24Troy Trojan Invitati..
Dan Meyers - 9th Grade
800 Meters2:14.27aMay 12Class 4 District 4
1600 Meters5:25.70aApr 24Troy Trojan Invitati..
Pole Vault8' 0.00Apr 30Troy Trojan J.V. Inv..
Cody Miller - 10th Grade
Discus - 1.6kg122' 5.00Apr 30Troy Trojan J.V. Inv..
Ty Orf - 9th Grade
400 Meters60.66aApr 30Troy Trojan J.V. Inv..
Johnny Pulliam - 10th Grade
Shot Put - 12lb41' 0.00May 12Class 4 District 4
Logan Rapein - 10th Grade
Long Jump15' 9.25Mar 289TH/ 10TH Grade Invi..
Anthony Ribaudo - 11th Grade
Shot Put - 12lb39' 10.00Apr 24Troy Trojan Invitati..
Nick Rohde - 10th Grade
110m Hurdles - 39"17.64aMay 12Class 4 District 4
300m Hurdles - 36"45.81aApr 20Ft. Zumwalt North In..
Dustin Rucker - 12th Grade
800 Meters2:19.90aApr 20Ft. Zumwalt North In..
Pole Vault11' 6.00Apr 7Timberland Invitatio..
Dylan Schneiderjohn - 9th Grade
100 Meters13.25aMar 289TH/ 10TH Grade Invi..
200 Meters27.17aApr 30Troy Trojan J.V. Inv..
Patrick Schwent - 10th Grade
Shot Put - 12lb30' 6.00Apr 4Ft. Zumwalt West J.V..
Discus - 1.6kg106' 2.00Mar 289TH/ 10TH Grade Invi..
Ronnie Smith - 11th Grade
100 Meters12.35aMar 31Holt Invitational
200 Meters24.36aApr 24Troy Trojan Invitati..
Long Jump19' 7.00May 12Class 4 District 4
Andy Starr - 10th Grade
Shot Put - 12lb42' 0.00Apr 24Troy Trojan Invitati..
Avery Suits - 10th Grade
High JumpDNSMar 289TH/ 10TH Grade Invi..
Triple Jump33' 2.00Apr 30Troy Trojan J.V. Inv..
Ben Vance - 9th Grade
High Jump4' 8.00Apr 30Troy Trojan J.V. Inv..
Cain Vehige - 10th Grade
100 Meters13.61aMar 289TH/ 10TH Grade Invi..
400 Meters56.67aApr 7Timberland Invitatio..
Brandon Westhoff - 10th Grade
High Jump5' 2.00Mar 289TH/ 10TH Grade Invi..
Triple Jump36' 1.00May 12Class 4 District 4
Manny Young - 9th Grade
400 Meters63.16aApr 30Troy Trojan J.V. Inv..
Dakota Zinn - 10th Grade
800 Meters2:34.16aApr 30Troy Trojan J.V. Inv..


Rebecca Ashburn - 9th Grade
800 Meters2:36.84aMay 12Class 4 District 4
3200 Meters13:01.10aApr 20Ft. Zumwalt North In..
Long Jump12' 2.00Apr 11St. Charles West Lad..
Stephanie Barton - 12th Grade
800 Meters2:47.97aApr 11St. Charles West Lad..
1600 Meters6:05.18aApr 3FZW Invitational Tra..
3200 Meters12:42.00aApr 11St. Charles West Lad..
Wendy Benhardt - 9th Grade
200 Meters31.40aMar 289TH/ 10TH Grade Invi..
400 Meters73.44aApr 7Timberland Invitatio..
100m Hurdles - 33"22.94aApr 30Troy Trojan J.V. Inv..
300m Hurdles - 30"57.77aApr 30Troy Trojan J.V. Inv..
Paige Bogert - 12th Grade
100m Hurdles - 33"17.19aApr 24Troy Trojan Invitati..
300m Hurdles - 30"50.27aApr 11St. Charles West Lad..
Alyssa Branson - 9th Grade
200 Meters32.91aApr 11St. Charles West Lad..
400 Meters82.34aApr 30Troy Trojan J.V. Inv..
Long Jump10' 1.50Apr 30Troy Trojan J.V. Inv..
Briley Browning - 9th Grade
Pole Vault6' 0.00Apr 30Troy Trojan J.V. Inv..
Leah Colbert - 10th Grade
Shot Put - 4kg40' 7.00Apr 24Troy Trojan Invitati..
Discus - 1kg135' 11.50Apr 11St. Charles West Lad..
Kelly Crandall - 9th Grade
200 Meters33.22aApr 11St. Charles West Lad..
Jessi Delaney - 9th Grade
Pole Vault6' 0.00Apr 11St. Charles West Lad..
Kimmy Doll - 9th Grade
400 Meters73.59aApr 7Timberland Invitatio..
Shot Put - 4kg22' 3.50Apr 30Troy Trojan J.V. Inv..
Discus - 1kg64' 10.50Apr 4Ft. Zumwalt West J.V..
Morgan Doll - 10th Grade
Shot Put - 4kg26' 1.25Apr 30Troy Trojan J.V. Inv..
Discus - 1kg75' 0.00Apr 4Ft. Zumwalt West J.V..
Elizabeth Edwards - 9th Grade
800 Meters2:39.00aApr 20Ft. Zumwalt North In..
1600 Meters5:45.94aMay 12Class 4 District 4
High Jump4' 2.00Mar 289TH/ 10TH Grade Invi..
Riley Fader - 11th Grade
800 Meters2:32.65aMay 12Class 4 District 4
1600 Meters5:25.50aMay 12Class 4 District 4
Rachel Franck - 12th Grade
300m Hurdles - 30"49.78aMay 12Class 4 District 4
Nikki Haney - 10th Grade
3200 Meters12:42.80aApr 20Ft. Zumwalt North In..
Kristen Hartwig - 10th Grade
400 Meters69.05aMay 12Class 4 District 4
High Jump4' 6.00Apr 24Troy Trojan Invitati..
Jesse Hollenbeck - 10th Grade
200 Meters29.50aApr 11St. Charles West Lad..
Long Jump14' 10.50May 12Class 4 District 4
Triple Jump31' 0.00Apr 24Troy Trojan Invitati..
Alycia Jones - 12th Grade
200 Meters28.01aApr 20Ft. Zumwalt North In..
Tamara Jones - 11th Grade
100 Meters13.10aApr 3FZW Invitational Tra..
Tia Jones - 11th Grade
100 Meters13.21aApr 3FZW Invitational Tra..
Alexia Kramer - 10th Grade
100m Hurdles - 33"19.20aApr 24Troy Trojan Invitati..
300m Hurdles - 30"54.49aApr 7Timberland Invitatio..
Maricela Lingle - 10th Grade
100m Hurdles - 33"21.25aApr 11St. Charles West Lad..
300m Hurdles - 30"63.20aApr 11St. Charles West Lad..
Bri Livingston - 9th Grade
Shot Put - 4kg30' 10.75Apr 20Ft. Zumwalt North In..
Discus - 1kg81' 8.50Apr 4Ft. Zumwalt West J.V..
Allyson Madrid - 12th Grade
Discus - 1kg121' 6.00Apr 24Troy Trojan Invitati..
Kaitlin Marhanka - 9th Grade
Pole VaultNHMar 31Holt Invitational
Mackenzie Mersch - 10th Grade
100 Meters15.80aApr 11St. Charles West Lad..
300m Hurdles - 30"68.44cApr 4Ft. Zumwalt West J.V..
Macy Morhorc - 10th Grade
100m Hurdles - 33"19.98aApr 30Troy Trojan J.V. Inv..
300m Hurdles - 30"65.86aApr 3FZW Invitational Tra..
Long Jump12' 5.50Mar 31Holt Invitational
Shanika Ray - 9th Grade
100 Meters15.19aApr 30Troy Trojan J.V. Inv..
200 Meters32.59aMar 289TH/ 10TH Grade Invi..
Kori Rosemann - 12th Grade
Shot Put - 4kg23' 7.50Apr 3FZW Invitational Tra..
Discus - 1kg80' 2.00Mar 31Holt Invitational
Shelby Saal - 9th Grade
200 Meters31.21aMar 31Holt Invitational
400 Meters77.44aApr 3FZW Invitational Tra..
Pole Vault7' 6.00Apr 24Troy Trojan Invitati..
Nicole Schulte - 10th Grade
400 Meters68.33aApr 24Troy Trojan Invitati..
Long Jump14' 2.75Mar 289TH/ 10TH Grade Invi..
Triple Jump29' 11.00May 12Class 4 District 4
Rachel Sullivan - 10th Grade
200 Meters25.83aMay 12Class 4 District 4
400 Meters57.70aMay 26Class 4 State Champi..
High Jump4' 8.00Apr 24Troy Trojan Invitati..
Kaitlyn Thornton - 9th Grade
100 Meters16.30aMar 289TH/ 10TH Grade Invi..
400 Meters78.63aApr 30Troy Trojan J.V. Inv..
Daisy Walker - 9th Grade
800 Meters2:41.25aApr 7Timberland Invitatio..
Maiya Wilkes - 10th Grade
Long Jump12' 0.00Apr 11St. Charles West Lad..
Taylor Wilson - 9th Grade
Discus - 1kg48' 1.00Apr 30Troy Trojan J.V. Inv..
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