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Juan Acosta - 12th Grade
100 Meters12.04cApr 15Brophy/Seton/Notre Dame/Xavier
Long Jump18' 0.00Apr 15Brophy/Seton/Notre Dame/Xavier
Miles Adams - 9th Grade
100 Meters13.34cApr 15Brophy/Seton/Notre Dame/Xavier
200 Meters26.05aMar 6Desert Classic Invitational
Long Jump14' 5.00Apr 15Brophy/Seton/Notre Dame/Xavier
Kyle Atkinson - 9th Grade
800 Meters2:47.34aApr 18Rattler Underclassmen Showcase
1600 Meters6:06.87aApr 18Rattler Underclassmen Showcase
R.J Bailey - 12th Grade
100 Meters13.64cMar 4Saguaro Home #1
Luke Bastian - 10th Grade
400 Meters62.24aApr 1Saguaro Home Meet #3
800 Meters2:16.30aApr 22Chandler City Meet
1600 Meters5:13.92aApr 27Southeast Valley Championships
3200 Meters11:23.45aApr 27Southeast Valley Championships
Dalton Beach - 11th Grade
800 Meters2:12.65aApr 27Southeast Valley Championships
1600 Meters5:06.04aApr 18Valley Christian Invitational
3200 Meters12:13.05aMar 18VCHS Early Qualifier
Robert Buessing - 9th Grade
800 Meters3:06.11aMar 18VCHS Early Qualifier
1600 Meters6:42.65aApr 18Rattler Underclassmen Showcase
Quinn Burdick - 9th Grade
400 Meters59.23aApr 1Saguaro Home Meet #3
800 Meters2:20.84aMar 24Barwick Superstition Invitatio..
1600 Meters4:53.11aApr 11Hal Anders Invitational
3200 Meters11:35.98aApr 18Valley Christian Invitational
Patrick Champagne - 11th Grade
Shot Put - 12lb24' 4.00Apr 1Saguaro Home Meet #3
Discus - 1.6kg88' 1.00Apr 15Brophy/Seton/Notre Dame/Xavier
Roman Decaro - 9th Grade
100 Meters13.14cApr 15Brophy/Seton/Notre Dame/Xavier
200 Meters26.99aMar 24Barwick Superstition Invitatio..
400 Meters61.59aMar 28Ram Invitational
110m Hurdles - 39"22.54cMar 4Saguaro Home #1
Nicholas Doroz - 9th Grade
Shot Put - 12lb19' 9.50Apr 18Rattler Underclassmen Showcase
Discus - 1.6kg52' 5.00Apr 18Rattler Underclassmen Showcase
Pole Vault7' 0.00Apr 18Rattler Underclassmen Showcase
Brian Dunn - 9th Grade
100 Meters11.98aApr 22Chandler City Meet
200 Meters26.27aMar 6Desert Classic Invitational
400 MetersNTMar 6Desert Classic Invitational
110m Hurdles - 39"19.37aApr 1Saguaro Home Meet #3
Christopher Eckert - 9th Grade
800 Meters2:38.11aApr 22Chandler City Meet
1600 Meters5:46.58aApr 22Chandler City Meet
3200 Meters12:55.48aApr 11Hal Anders Invitational
Konrad Eze - 12th Grade
110m Hurdles - 39"15.59aMay 8AIA Division III State Champio..
Long Jump19' 6.00Mar 28Ram Invitational
Sam Flores - 10th Grade
100 Meters12.84cApr 15Brophy/Seton/Notre Dame/Xavier
200 Meters26.14cApr 15Brophy/Seton/Notre Dame/Xavier
300m Hurdles - 36"49.80aMar 28Ram Invitational
Brian Freidhof - 10th Grade
Shot Put - 12lb35' 6.00Apr 22Chandler City Meet
Discus - 1.6kg74' 8.00Mar 4Saguaro Home #1
Eduardo Gamez - 11th Grade
800 Meters2:12.34aApr 22Chandler City Meet
1600 Meters5:00.50aApr 27Southeast Valley Championships
Brandon Garcia - 11th Grade
100 Meters11.84cMar 4Saguaro Home #1
Long Jump19' 10.00Apr 15Brophy/Seton/Notre Dame/Xavier
Triple Jump41' 11.25Apr 18Valley Christian Invitational
Alan Griffieth - 10th Grade
100 Meters13.03aApr 22Chandler City Meet
200 Meters27.02aApr 1Saguaro Home Meet #3
400 MetersNTMar 6Desert Classic Invitational
Anthony Hamrick - 9th Grade
400 MetersNTMar 6Desert Classic Invitational
Cole Hanson - 9th Grade
100 Meters12.72aMar 18VCHS Early Qualifier
400 MetersNTMar 6Desert Classic Invitational
High JumpNHMar 6Desert Classic Invitational
Kaelan Hayes - 12th Grade
800 Meters2:37.38aApr 27Southeast Valley Championships
1600 Meters5:58.47aApr 22Chandler City Meet
3200 Meters13:35.85aMar 18VCHS Early Qualifier
Nicholas Hodges - 12th Grade
100 Meters12.44cApr 15Brophy/Seton/Notre Dame/Xavier
3200 Meters14:05.16aApr 1Saguaro Home Meet #3
110m Hurdles - 39"17.81aApr 22Chandler City Meet
300m Hurdles - 36"45.29aApr 11Hal Anders Invitational
Long Jump15' 8.50Apr 1Saguaro Home Meet #3
Max Hoffman - 9th Grade
100 Meters14.44cMar 4Saguaro Home #1
200 Meters27.34cMar 4Saguaro Home #1
110m Hurdles - 39"19.24cApr 15Brophy/Seton/Notre Dame/Xavier
Long Jump14' 4.00Mar 4Saguaro Home #1
Triple Jump34' 9.00Apr 15Brophy/Seton/Notre Dame/Xavier
Cj Holton - 10th Grade
100 Meters12.14cApr 15Brophy/Seton/Notre Dame/Xavier
200 Meters24.74aApr 27Southeast Valley Championships
400 MetersNTMar 6Desert Classic Invitational
Long Jump19' 3.00Apr 27Southeast Valley Championships
Dominick Johnson - 12th Grade
300m Hurdles - 36"40.90aMay 8AIA Division III State Champio..
High Jump5' 10.00Mar 24Barwick Superstition Invitatio..
Brendan Klein - 9th Grade
High Jump4' 8.00Apr 1Saguaro Home Meet #3
Pole Vault8' 3.00Apr 1Saguaro Home Meet #3
Devin Koszerek - 10th Grade
1600 Meters5:47.00Mar 4Saguaro Home #1
Joe Kouvetakis - 11th Grade
800 Meters2:22.65aApr 22Chandler City Meet
1600 Meters5:37.81aMar 18VCHS Early Qualifier
3200 MetersDNSMar 28Ram Invitational
Kevin Lawlor - 10th Grade
100 Meters12.64cMar 4Saguaro Home #1
200 Meters26.24cMar 4Saguaro Home #1
400 Meters56.51aApr 11Hal Anders Invitational
Long Jump17' 1.75Apr 1Saguaro Home Meet #3
Connor Lee - 11th Grade
800 Meters2:35.26aMar 18VCHS Early Qualifier
1600 Meters5:35.00Mar 4Saguaro Home #1
3200 Meters12:22.20aMar 20NIKE-Chandler Rotary Open
Steven Lopez - 11th Grade
400 Meters55.77aApr 1Saguaro Home Meet #3
800 Meters2:09.40Apr 15Brophy/Seton/Notre Dame/Xavier
1600 Meters4:51.57aApr 11Hal Anders Invitational
3200 Meters11:24.17aApr 1Saguaro Home Meet #3
Cory Manning - 11th Grade
Shot Put - 12lb37' 10.00Apr 15Brophy/Seton/Notre Dame/Xavier
Discus - 1.6kg123' 2.00Apr 27Southeast Valley Championships
Cabriel Martinez - 11th Grade
400 Meters62.82aApr 1Saguaro Home Meet #3
800 Meters2:17.67aApr 27Southeast Valley Championships
1600 Meters5:15.21aApr 22Chandler City Meet
3200 Meters11:59.10aApr 22Chandler City Meet
Robert Mead - 9th Grade
800 Meters2:44.54aApr 18Rattler Underclassmen Showcase
1600 Meters6:08.48aApr 22Chandler City Meet
Josh Mercer - 9th Grade
Shot Put - 12lb30' 3.00Apr 15Brophy/Seton/Notre Dame/Xavier
Discus - 1.6kg66' 11.00Apr 18Rattler Underclassmen Showcase
Haden Meyers - 9th Grade
100 Meters11.44cMar 4Saguaro Home #1
200 Meters24.49aMar 28Ram Invitational
400 Meters58.35aMar 24Barwick Superstition Invitatio..
110m Hurdles - 39"20.94cMar 4Saguaro Home #1
High Jump4' 6.00Mar 4Saguaro Home #1
David Mueller - 9th Grade
100 Meters12.44cApr 15Brophy/Seton/Notre Dame/Xavier
200 Meters26.84cMar 4Saguaro Home #1
400 Meters65.74cApr 15Brophy/Seton/Notre Dame/Xavier
Andrew Poweleit - 10th Grade
Shot Put - 12lb27' 5.00Apr 1Saguaro Home Meet #3
Discus - 1.6kgSCRApr 1Saguaro Home Meet #3
Pole Vault7' 0.00Apr 18Rattler Underclassmen Showcase
Matt Rapier - 12th Grade
400 Meters57.54cMar 4Saguaro Home #1
3200 MetersDNSApr 1Saguaro Home Meet #3
110m Hurdles - 39"21.67aMar 18VCHS Early Qualifier
300m Hurdles - 36"NTMar 6Desert Classic Invitational
Shot Put - 12lb23' 8.00Apr 15Brophy/Seton/Notre Dame/Xavier
High Jump4' 6.00Mar 4Saguaro Home #1
Myles Shelton - 9th Grade
100 Meters13.19aApr 18Rattler Underclassmen Showcase
200 Meters27.94cMar 4Saguaro Home #1
400 Meters65.20aMar 24Barwick Superstition Invitatio..
300m Hurdles - 36"51.64cMar 4Saguaro Home #1
High Jump5' 2.00Apr 22Chandler City Meet
Evan Shewbridge - 10th Grade
Discus - 1.6kg67' 10.00Apr 1Saguaro Home Meet #3
High Jump5' 4.00Apr 27Southeast Valley Championships
Pole Vault10' 7.00Apr 11Hal Anders Invitational
Dillion Shipley - 9th Grade
100 Meters14.08aApr 22Chandler City Meet
200 Meters30.69aApr 18Rattler Underclassmen Showcase
Nate Sullivan - 10th Grade
Shot Put - 12lb32' 6.00Apr 22Chandler City Meet
Discus - 1.6kg97' 9.00Apr 18Valley Christian Invitational
Mason Toyne - 9th Grade
100 Meters11.74cApr 15Brophy/Seton/Notre Dame/Xavier
200 Meters23.64cApr 15Brophy/Seton/Notre Dame/Xavier
400 Meters53.63aApr 18Valley Christian Invitational
Christopher Yassopoulos - 11th Grade
Shot Put - 12lb32' 6.00Apr 27Southeast Valley Championships
Discus - 1.6kg85' 4.00Apr 15Brophy/Seton/Notre Dame/Xavier
Luke Zuluaga - 11th Grade
100 Meters11.18aApr 27Southeast Valley Championships
200 Meters22.54cApr 15Brophy/Seton/Notre Dame/Xavier
400 Meters48.95aApr 11Hal Anders Invitational


Paige Allen - 11th Grade
200 Meters36.69aApr 22Chandler City Meet
100m Hurdles - 33"22.58aApr 1Saguaro Home Meet #3
Axenia Alo - 9th Grade
100 Meters13.84cMar 4Saguaro Home #1
200 Meters33.77aMar 18VCHS Early Qualifier
400 MetersDNSMar 21NIKE-Chandler Rotary Saturday
100m Hurdles - 33"19.42aMar 28Ram Invitational
Joanie Carosello - 11th Grade
800 Meters3:03.31aMar 20NIKE-Chandler Rotary Open
1600 Meters6:45.00Mar 4Saguaro Home #1
3200 Meters15:41.00Mar 4Saguaro Home #1
Maria Chiaradonna - 10th Grade
100 Meters14.54cMar 4Saguaro Home #1
Shot Put - 4kg26' 2.25Mar 24Barwick Superstition Invitatio..
Discus - 1kg78' 4.00Apr 18Valley Christian Invitational
Dominique DeRose - 9th Grade
100 Meters16.01aApr 18Rattler Underclassmen Showcase
400 MetersDNSApr 1Saguaro Home Meet #3
800 Meters3:12.17aMar 24Barwick Superstition Invitatio..
Kaylen Elkins - 11th Grade
100 Meters14.72aApr 1Saguaro Home Meet #3
100m Hurdles - 33"18.77aApr 22Chandler City Meet
300m Hurdles - 30"53.78aApr 22Chandler City Meet
Chelsey Eze - 12th Grade
100 Meters13.19aApr 27Southeast Valley Championships
200 Meters28.05aMar 28Ram Invitational
Long Jump16' 0.25May 8AIA Division III State Champio..
Cassi Garza - 10th Grade
100 Meters18.14cMar 4Saguaro Home #1
200 Meters33.84cMar 4Saguaro Home #1
400 Meters77.71aMar 18VCHS Early Qualifier
800 Meters2:56.07aApr 27Southeast Valley Championships
Felicia Gass - 10th Grade
100 Meters16.98aApr 1Saguaro Home Meet #3
200 Meters34.97aApr 1Saguaro Home Meet #3
400 Meters79.82aApr 22Chandler City Meet
Pole Vault6' 0.00Apr 15Brophy/Seton/Notre Dame/Xavier
Emma Gillette - 12th Grade
100 Meters13.22aMay 8AIA Division III State Champio..
200 Meters28.53aApr 18Valley Christian Invitational
High Jump5' 2.00Mar 18VCHS Early Qualifier
Sierra Hendershot - 9th Grade
100 Meters17.14cMar 4Saguaro Home #1
200 Meters35.74cMar 4Saguaro Home #1
400 Meters80.15aApr 22Chandler City Meet
300m Hurdles - 30"79.01aMar 24Barwick Superstition Invitatio..
Lexi Hill - 9th Grade
100 Meters15.39aApr 18Rattler Underclassmen Showcase
200 Meters33.44aApr 18Rattler Underclassmen Showcase
400 Meters80.03aApr 22Chandler City Meet
300m Hurdles - 30"69.18aApr 1Saguaro Home Meet #3
Long JumpNDApr 18Rattler Underclassmen Showcase
Rielyn Hoffman - 12th Grade
100 Meters14.54cMar 4Saguaro Home #1
200 Meters27.95aApr 18Valley Christian Invitational
400 Meters64.32aMar 24Barwick Superstition Invitatio..
Elizabeth Holter - 10th Grade
Long Jump15' 10.50Mar 28Ram Invitational
Triple Jump34' 5.00Apr 11Hal Anders Invitational
Kendall Krick - 9th Grade
100 Meters14.16aApr 1Saguaro Home Meet #3
200 Meters29.80aApr 22Chandler City Meet
400 Meters64.25aApr 18Valley Christian Invitational
Wiktoria Latocha - 10th Grade
100 Meters15.64cMar 4Saguaro Home #1
200 Meters31.13aMar 24Barwick Superstition Invitatio..
400 Meters73.14aApr 22Chandler City Meet
Pole VaultNHMar 18VCHS Early Qualifier
Long JumpDNSApr 1Saguaro Home Meet #3
Brianna Lind - 9th Grade
100 Meters16.94cMar 4Saguaro Home #1
200 Meters35.64cMar 4Saguaro Home #1
Pole Vault6' 0.00Mar 28Ram Invitational
Elizabeth Lopez - 9th Grade
400 Meters68.80aApr 1Saguaro Home Meet #3
800 Meters2:38.80Apr 15Brophy/Seton/Notre Dame/Xavier
1600 Meters5:53.21aApr 18Valley Christian Invitational
3200 Meters13:08.59aApr 11Hal Anders Invitational
Erin Mager - 9th Grade
100 Meters15.64cMar 4Saguaro Home #1
200 Meters33.44cMar 4Saguaro Home #1
100m Hurdles - 33"21.95aMar 28Ram Invitational
300m Hurdles - 30"61.84aMar 18VCHS Early Qualifier
Aiden McRobbie-Johnson - 11th Grade
100 Meters15.04cMar 4Saguaro Home #1
400 Meters74.12aMar 18VCHS Early Qualifier
800 Meters2:55.19aApr 11Hal Anders Invitational
1600 Meters7:15.10aMar 28Ram Invitational
300m Hurdles - 30"59.52aMar 24Barwick Superstition Invitatio..
Grace Milhone - 10th Grade
100 Meters13.64cMar 4Saguaro Home #1
200 Meters30.37aMar 18VCHS Early Qualifier
400 MetersDNSMar 21NIKE-Chandler Rotary Saturday
Danielle Peterson - 10th Grade
100 Meters14.54cMar 4Saguaro Home #1
200 Meters29.61aApr 1Saguaro Home Meet #3
400 Meters69.38aApr 22Chandler City Meet
800 Meters3:14.27aMar 18VCHS Early Qualifier
Pole VaultNHMar 18VCHS Early Qualifier
Long JumpDNSApr 1Saguaro Home Meet #3
Michelle Quezada - 10th Grade
800 Meters2:56.74aApr 22Chandler City Meet
1600 Meters6:32.32aApr 27Southeast Valley Championships
3200 Meters15:56.36aMar 24Barwick Superstition Invitatio..
Loralee Redding - 9th Grade
100 Meters14.00aApr 22Chandler City Meet
200 Meters28.84cMar 4Saguaro Home #1
400 MetersSCRMar 28Ram Invitational
Jacqueline Rodriguez - 9th Grade
800 MetersDNSMar 24Barwick Superstition Invitatio..
Deanna Rusnock - 9th Grade
800 Meters3:11.28aMar 28Ram Invitational
1600 Meters6:36.70aApr 27Southeast Valley Championships
3200 Meters15:34.20Apr 15Brophy/Seton/Notre Dame/Xavier
Discus - 1kg26' 6.00Apr 15Brophy/Seton/Notre Dame/Xavier
Pole Vault5' 4.00Mar 18VCHS Early Qualifier
Sarah Sant - 12th Grade
100 Meters14.74cMar 4Saguaro Home #1
200 Meters31.45aMar 24Barwick Superstition Invitatio..
400 Meters75.76aMar 18VCHS Early Qualifier
Long Jump13' 4.50Mar 4Saguaro Home #1
Abbey Schroeder - 11th Grade
200 Meters33.44cMar 4Saguaro Home #1
400 MetersNTMar 6Desert Classic Invitational
100m Hurdles - 33"22.45aMar 18VCHS Early Qualifier
300m Hurdles - 30"65.44cMar 4Saguaro Home #1
Pole Vault6' 0.00Mar 18VCHS Early Qualifier
Rachel Self - 9th Grade
Discus - 1kg68' 0.00Apr 27Southeast Valley Championships
Pole Vault6' 0.00Apr 27Southeast Valley Championships
Lauren Shapiro - 10th Grade
100 Meters13.86aMar 28Ram Invitational
200 Meters29.67aApr 22Chandler City Meet
100m Hurdles - 33"16.16aMay 8AIA Division III State Champio..
300m Hurdles - 30"47.79aMay 8AIA Division III State Champio..
Jennifer Tavani - 11th Grade
100 Meters14.52aApr 18Valley Christian Invitational
200 Meters30.71aMar 20NIKE-Chandler Rotary Open
100m Hurdles - 33"18.44cMar 4Saguaro Home #1
300m Hurdles - 30"52.72aApr 22Chandler City Meet
High Jump4' 6.00Apr 22Chandler City Meet
Briana Trevino - 11th Grade
800 Meters2:50.54aMar 28Ram Invitational
100m Hurdles - 33"19.64cMar 4Saguaro Home #1
300m Hurdles - 30"58.54cMar 4Saguaro Home #1
Kylie VanArsdale - 11th Grade
400 Meters68.05aApr 27Southeast Valley Championships
800 Meters2:38.93aApr 22Chandler City Meet
Catherine Waypa - 10th Grade
100 Meters15.15aApr 18Rattler Underclassmen Showcase
200 Meters32.35aApr 1Saguaro Home Meet #3
400 Meters79.07aMar 18VCHS Early Qualifier
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