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Chase Arsenault - 11th Grade
3200 Meters11:10.19aMay 19SCC East Sectional
5000 Meters18:26.76aMay 10Spartan Midnight-Sun..
2k Steeplechase7:16.59aApr 26O Grady Relays
Neeraj Badshah - 9th Grade
High Jump5' 4.00Apr 26O Grady Relays
Triple Jump35' 0.50Apr 26O Grady Relays
Kevin Block - 12th Grade
200 Meters23.53aMay 10Spartan Midnight-Sun..
400 Meters53.04aJun 5CIAC Class LL Champi..
Raphael Britt - 11th Grade
High JumpNHApr 26O Grady Relays
Jamiy Burey - 9th Grade
High Jump5' 6.00Apr 26O Grady Relays
Kyle Capoccitti - 10th Grade
5000 Meters19:50.02aMay 10Spartan Midnight-Sun..
Chris Carew - 11th Grade
Shot Put - 12lb44' 3.25May 10Spartan Midnight-Sun..
Discus - 1.6kg109' 3.00May 19SCC East Sectional
Javelin - 800g134' 11.00Apr 26O Grady Relays
Nikko Cleri - 11th Grade
Shot Put - 12lb32' 8.00Apr 26O Grady Relays
Discus - 1.6kg102' 6.00Apr 26O Grady Relays
Jostin Cobb - 10th Grade
High Jump5' 6.00May 19SCC East Sectional
Long Jump18' 1.00May 19SCC East Sectional
Jake Corriea - 11th Grade
Discus - 1.6kg68' 3.00Apr 26O Grady Relays
Javelin - 800g106' 8.00Apr 26O Grady Relays
Peter Cotto - 12th Grade
Shot Put - 12lb42' 4.00Apr 26O Grady Relays
Discus - 1.6kg165' 6.61Jun 14New England HS Champ..
Lorenzo Dahdal - 11th Grade
Discus - 1.6kg76' 7.00Apr 26O Grady Relays
Vincent D'Angelo - 11th Grade
Javelin - 800g107' 4.00Apr 26O Grady Relays
Joshua Darak - 9th Grade
5000 Meters20:22.75aMay 10Spartan Midnight-Sun..
Connor Diaz - 11th Grade
5000 Meters19:34.05aMay 10Spartan Midnight-Sun..
2k Steeplechase7:59.48aApr 26O Grady Relays
Jack Dorland - 9th Grade
5000 Meters22:18.68aMay 10Spartan Midnight-Sun..
Joseph Edelstein - 11th Grade
3200 Meters9:48.20aMay 19SCC East Sectional
5000 Meters16:01.42aMay 10Spartan Midnight-Sun..
Liam Fama - 12th Grade
800 Meters2:04.30aJun 5CIAC Class LL Champi..
1600 Meters4:48.90aMay 19SCC East Sectional
Zach Ferreira - 10th Grade
5000 Meters19:37.90aMay 10Spartan Midnight-Sun..
Thomas Kane - 12th Grade
100 Meters11.09awMay 19SCC East Sectional
200 Meters23.17aMay 10Spartan Midnight-Sun..
Jigar Kapadia - 9th Grade
5000 Meters22:31.16aMay 10Spartan Midnight-Sun..
Wesley Kocurek - 11th Grade
110m Hurdles - 39"16.12aMay 27SCC Outdoor TF Champ..
300m Hurdles - 36"40.34aMay 27SCC Outdoor TF Champ..
Triple Jump41' 7.00Jun 5CIAC Class LL Champi..
Austin Kothary - 11th Grade
400 Meters53.02aJun 5CIAC Class LL Champi..
Triple Jump41' 6.00May 19SCC East Sectional
Ben LaBaw - 10th Grade
Pole VaultNHApr 26O Grady Relays
Kolbe Laing - 10th Grade
Pole Vault10' 6.00May 27SCC Outdoor TF Champ..
Long Jump16' 5.00Apr 26O Grady Relays
Kevin Ly - 9th Grade
Triple Jump39' 6.00Apr 26O Grady Relays
Michael Lynders - 11th Grade
800 Meters2:13.08aMay 19SCC East Sectional
5000 Meters21:16.00aMay 10Spartan Midnight-Sun..
Ryan McCarthy - 9th Grade
5000 Meters21:58.93aMay 10Spartan Midnight-Sun..
Kai-Xan McDonald - 11th Grade
400 Meters60.26aMay 19SCC East Sectional
Matthew Minutolo - 11th Grade
Shot Put - 12lb31' 4.00Apr 26O Grady Relays
Brandon Oakes - 11th Grade
Triple Jump40' 4.00Apr 26O Grady Relays
Chris Pereira - 10th Grade
400 Meters55.62aMay 19SCC East Sectional
Wadson Petithomme - 11th Grade
High Jump6' 0.00May 19SCC East Sectional
Long Jump21' 1.00May 19SCC East Sectional
Greg Rogalin - 10th Grade
5000 Meters24:35.36aMay 10Spartan Midnight-Sun..
Anthony Sablone - 11th Grade
Pole VaultNHApr 26O Grady Relays
Seth Shuster - 12th Grade
800 Meters2:02.13aJun 5CIAC Class LL Champi..
William Simics - 10th Grade
5000 Meters19:19.76aMay 10Spartan Midnight-Sun..
2k Steeplechase7:48.64aApr 26O Grady Relays
Matt Skoronski - 11th Grade
110m Hurdles - 39"16.18aMay 19SCC East Sectional
300m Hurdles - 36"42.49aJun 5CIAC Class LL Champi..
Dylan Smith - 11th Grade
800 Meters2:04.90aJun 5CIAC Class LL Champi..
Michael Watt - 9th Grade
300m Hurdles - 36"51.30aApr 26O Grady Relays
Robert Weissenberg - 9th Grade
5000 Meters21:59.79aMay 10Spartan Midnight-Sun..
Matthew Wells - 9th Grade
5000 Meters19:06.07aMay 10Spartan Midnight-Sun..
Joshua Wilson - 9th Grade
5000 Meters17:50.74aMay 10Spartan Midnight-Sun..


Isabella Abissi - 11th Grade
Shot Put - 4kg26' 3.75May 19SCC East Sectional
Discus - 1kg84' 0.00May 19SCC East Sectional
Javelin - 600g52' 4.00May 19SCC East Sectional
Izabela Abissi - 12th Grade
Discus - 1kg92' 9.00Jun 5CIAC Class LL Champi..
Erin Adler - 10th Grade
Long Jump13' 7.50May 19SCC East Sectional
Triple Jump28' 7.25May 19SCC East Sectional
Tanya Adler - 10th Grade
100 Meters14.07awMay 19SCC East Sectional
200 Meters29.51aMay 19SCC East Sectional
Laurel Bailey - 11th Grade
100m Hurdles - 33"16.67aMay 19SCC East Sectional
Pole Vault10' 8.74Jun 14New England HS Champ..
Sammie Bailey - 12th Grade
Shot Put - 4kg39' 5.50Jun 5CIAC Class LL Champi..
Discus - 1kg98' 10.00Apr 26O Grady Relays
Johnna Bakalar - 11th Grade
1600 Meters6:04.09aMay 19SCC East Sectional
Victoria Begley - 12th Grade
Shot Put - 4kg32' 5.50May 27SCC Outdoor TF Champ..
Discus - 1kg95' 5.00May 19SCC East Sectional
Javelin - 600g110' 0.00May 27SCC Outdoor TF Champ..
Toole Colleen - 10th Grade
Discus - 1kg51' 1.00May 19SCC East Sectional
Javelin - 600g49' 9.00May 19SCC East Sectional
High Jump4' 2.00Apr 26O Grady Relays
Margarita Coloma - 12th Grade
Shot Put - 4kg22' 7.25May 19SCC East Sectional
Discus - 1kg40' 8.00May 19SCC East Sectional
Javelin - 600g48' 4.00May 19SCC East Sectional
Victoria Constantino - 9th Grade
300m Hurdles - 30"53.30aApr 26O Grady Relays
Kaitlyn Craft - 9th Grade
Pole Vault7' 0.00May 19SCC East Sectional
Casey Douglas - 12th Grade
800 Meters2:39.84aMay 19SCC East Sectional
Savannah Ferrante - 11th Grade
Long Jump13' 4.50May 19SCC East Sectional
Triple Jump31' 0.50May 10Spartan Midnight-Sun..
Samantha-Jo Hartmayer - 11th Grade
100 Meters13.30awMay 19SCC East Sectional
300m Hurdles - 30"46.87aJun 5CIAC Class LL Champi..
Meika Jean-Baptiste - 9th Grade
100m Hurdles - 33"18.74aMay 19SCC East Sectional
300m Hurdles - 30"57.19aMay 19SCC East Sectional
Danielle Letendre - 12th Grade
100 Meters14.73awMay 19SCC East Sectional
200 Meters32.33aMay 19SCC East Sectional
Elizabeth Lewis - 11th Grade
100 Meters13.80awMay 19SCC East Sectional
200 Meters28.03aMay 10Spartan Midnight-Sun..
Virginia Lewis - 10th Grade
1600 Meters5:43.82aMay 19SCC East Sectional
3200 Meters12:19.90aJun 5CIAC Class LL Champi..
5000 Meters19:58.48aMay 10Spartan Midnight-Sun..
Sarah Lipinski - 10th Grade
Long Jump14' 6.50May 10Spartan Midnight-Sun..
Triple Jump32' 8.75May 10Spartan Midnight-Sun..
Amy Lynders - 9th Grade
400 Meters65.17aMay 10Spartan Midnight-Sun..
High Jump4' 0.00May 19SCC East Sectional
Casey Maffucci - 12th Grade
Shot Put - 4kgFOULMay 19SCC East Sectional
Discus - 1kg65' 6.00May 19SCC East Sectional
Javelin - 600g52' 9.00May 19SCC East Sectional
Skylar Nagy - 11th Grade
High Jump4' 2.00May 19SCC East Sectional
Nicole Norris - 10th Grade
Shot Put - 4kg23' 4.50May 19SCC East Sectional
Discus - 1kg82' 6.00May 27SCC Outdoor TF Champ..
Javelin - 600g56' 2.00May 19SCC East Sectional
Lauren Oakes - 10th Grade
Shot Put - 4kg28' 3.50May 19SCC East Sectional
Discus - 1kg88' 10.00May 27SCC Outdoor TF Champ..
Javelin - 600g114' 0.00May 19SCC East Sectional
Nicole Pingree - 9th Grade
100 Meters14.34aMay 10Spartan Midnight-Sun..
Pole Vault8' 0.00May 10Spartan Midnight-Sun..
Tayliah Quiles-Sisk - 9th Grade
Shot Put - 4kg22' 4.00May 19SCC East Sectional
Discus - 1kg64' 11.00May 19SCC East Sectional
Javelin - 600g62' 7.00May 19SCC East Sectional
Teyri-Teres Reed-Quiles - 9th Grade
100 Meters14.32awMay 19SCC East Sectional
Julia Riccio - 9th Grade
1600 Meters6:02.89aMay 19SCC East Sectional
Courtney Rodrigues - 11th Grade
1600 Meters5:56.09aMay 19SCC East Sectional
Courtney Russo - 10th Grade
1600 Meters6:16.06aMay 19SCC East Sectional
Alexandra Schaible - 9th Grade
400 Meters67.43aMay 19SCC East Sectional
Zaria Siler - 9th Grade
100 Meters14.07awMay 19SCC East Sectional
Sarah Skoronski - 9th Grade
100m Hurdles - 33"19.61aMay 19SCC East Sectional
300m Hurdles - 30"53.24aMay 10Spartan Midnight-Sun..
Samantha Stevens - 9th Grade
Shot Put - 4kg35' 1.00Jun 5CIAC Class LL Champi..
Discus - 1kg83' 8.00May 19SCC East Sectional
Javelin - 600g91' 0.00May 19SCC East Sectional
Sivan Tepper - 11th Grade
Shot Put - 4kg32' 1.50Jun 5CIAC Class LL Champi..
Discus - 1kg78' 4.00May 19SCC East Sectional
Javelin - 600g64' 3.00May 19SCC East Sectional
Grace Tokarski - 9th Grade
High Jump4' 4.00May 19SCC East Sectional
Abigail Turco - 9th Grade
800 Meters2:25.52aJun 5CIAC Class LL Champi..
Maggie Turner - 12th Grade
Shot Put - 4kg21' 11.00May 19SCC East Sectional
Discus - 1kg51' 7.00May 19SCC East Sectional
Javelin - 600g54' 8.00May 19SCC East Sectional
Nicolette Vartuli - 10th Grade
800 Meters2:43.67aMay 19SCC East Sectional
Nadia Wilson - 10th Grade
200 Meters29.18aMay 10Spartan Midnight-Sun..
400 Meters64.26aMay 10Spartan Midnight-Sun..
Alexis Zoppi - 11th Grade
Shot Put - 4kg20' 6.50May 19SCC East Sectional
Discus - 1kg52' 4.00May 19SCC East Sectional
Javelin - 600g71' 0.00May 19SCC East Sectional
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