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    Raiders - Houston, TX

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Will Allen - 6th Grade
800 Meters2:31.09aMar 27Kinkaid MS Relays
1200 Meters4:06.06aMar 27Kinkaid MS Relays
Pierce Ashby - 6th Grade
Shot Put - 6lb29-04.00Apr 8Junior Maverick Relays
Discus - 1kg63-11Apr 23HJPC Championships
Andrew Barber - 8th Grade
100 Meters14.44aApr 2Presbyterian Track Invitationa..
Triple Jump27-02.00Apr 23HJPC Championships
Patrick Bayouth - 8th Grade
100 Meters13.15aApr 23HJPC Championships
200 Meters28.18aMar 27Kinkaid MS Relays
100m Hurdles - 30"18.94Apr 23HJPC Championships
100m Hurdles - 33"22.98aApr 9Junior Maverick Relays
200m Hurdles - 30"32.07Apr 23HJPC Championships
Shot Put - 6lb36-01.25Mar 27Kinkaid MS Relays
Shot Put - 8lb36-04.75Apr 2Presbyterian Track Invitationa..
Discus - 1kg79-11Apr 23HJPC Championships
Drake Bhatia - 7th Grade
100 Meters13.50aApr 9Junior Maverick Relays
200 Meters28.83aApr 2Presbyterian Track Invitationa..
High Jump4-08.00Apr 2Presbyterian Track Invitationa..
Long Jump13-10.75Apr 8Junior Maverick Relays
Matthew Boling - 8th Grade
200 Meters24.42aApr 23HJPC Championships
400 Meters54.70aApr 23HJPC Championships
High Jump5-08.00Apr 23HJPC Championships
Long Jump18-02.00Apr 8Junior Maverick Relays
Charlie Brennig - 7th Grade
800 Meters2:48.36aApr 23HJPC Championships
1600 MetersSCRApr 23HJPC Championships
Barclay Briggs - 7th Grade
400 Meters1:01.76aMar 27Kinkaid MS Relays
Shot Put - 6lb32-08.00Mar 27Kinkaid MS Relays
Shot Put - 8lb35-08.00Apr 2Presbyterian Track Invitationa..
Discus - 1kg79-09Apr 2Presbyterian Track Invitationa..
Daniel Cai - 8th Grade
100m Hurdles - 30"15.51aMar 27Kinkaid MS Relays
100m Hurdles - 33"14.92aApr 2Presbyterian Track Invitationa..
200m Hurdles - 30"27.33aApr 9Junior Maverick Relays
Triple Jump36-04.00Apr 8Junior Maverick Relays
Colin Crane - 6th Grade
100 Meters13.95aMar 27Kinkaid MS Relays
400 Meters64.46aApr 9Junior Maverick Relays
Shot Put - 6lb32-04.50Apr 23HJPC Championships
Discus - 1kg54-08Mar 27Kinkaid MS Relays
High Jump4-02.00Apr 2Presbyterian Track Invitationa..
Elliot Curry - 7th Grade
400 Meters1:23.18aApr 23HJPC Championships
Noah Daniel - 7th Grade
100 Meters14.25aApr 9Junior Maverick Relays
200 Meters29.35aApr 9Junior Maverick Relays
Jack Dawkins - 8th Grade
800 Meters2:41.98Apr 23HJPC Championships
1600 Meters6:02.68aApr 2Presbyterian Track Invitationa..
Aaron Deutsch - 6th Grade
100 Meters13.51aApr 9Junior Maverick Relays
Alex Deutsch - 8th Grade
100 Meters12.66aApr 23HJPC Championships
200 MetersNTMar 27Kinkaid MS Relays
Discus - 1kg90-08Apr 2Presbyterian Track Invitationa..
Adam Farris - 7th Grade
800 Meters2:26.12aApr 2Presbyterian Track Invitationa..
1600 Meters5:35.87aMar 27Kinkaid MS Relays
Max Finkelstein - 6th Grade
80m Hurdles - 30"16.75aMar 27Kinkaid MS Relays
200m Hurdles - 30"37.60aApr 23HJPC Championships
Cameron Garland - 6th Grade
400 Meters1:22.27aApr 9Junior Maverick Relays
800 Meters2:59.69aApr 9Junior Maverick Relays
1200 Meters4:56.10aApr 23HJPC Championships
Long Jump10-11.75Apr 8Junior Maverick Relays
Austin Glickman - 8th Grade
400 Meters1:09.27aMar 27Kinkaid MS Relays
Evan Godinich - 7th Grade
1600 Meters6:28.56aApr 2Presbyterian Track Invitationa..
Sebastian Graham - 6th Grade
800 Meters2:42.07aApr 9Junior Maverick Relays
1200 Meters4:28.72aApr 9Junior Maverick Relays
Billy Hall - 6th Grade
Shot Put - 6lb32-11.25Apr 23HJPC Championships
Discus - 1kg56-07Apr 2Presbyterian Track Invitationa..
High Jump4-00.00Mar 27Kinkaid MS Relays
Long Jump11-06.00Apr 23HJPC Championships
Lethan Hampton - 8th Grade
400 Meters1:00.39aApr 23HJPC Championships
Long Jump16-04.00Mar 27Kinkaid MS Relays
Triple Jump32-11.50Apr 23HJPC Championships
Thomas Henn - 7th Grade
200m Hurdles - 30"37.91aApr 2Presbyterian Track Invitationa..
Gage Herrold - 6th Grade
200m Hurdles - 30"36.03aApr 9Junior Maverick Relays
High Jump4-02.00Mar 27Kinkaid MS Relays
Long Jump14-02.25Apr 8Junior Maverick Relays
Preston Herrold - 6th Grade
100 Meters14.34aApr 9Junior Maverick Relays
200 Meters30.94aApr 23HJPC Championships
High Jump4-02.00Mar 27Kinkaid MS Relays
Long Jump13-11.25Apr 8Junior Maverick Relays
Parker Honn - 8th Grade
800 Meters2:12.58Apr 23HJPC Championships
1600 Meters5:23.73aApr 9Junior Maverick Relays
Eric Joekel - 7th Grade
Shot Put - 6lb30-10.25Mar 27Kinkaid MS Relays
Shot Put - 8lb30-06.75Apr 2Presbyterian Track Invitationa..
Discus - 1kg63-03Apr 23HJPC Championships
Cooper Kincannon - 6th Grade
400 Meters1:12.90aMar 27Kinkaid MS Relays
Jack McGreevy - 6th Grade
400 Meters1:10.98aApr 23HJPC Championships
Jesse McMillan - 7th Grade
100m Hurdles - 30"19.86aApr 23HJPC Championships
200m Hurdles - 30"33.52aApr 23HJPC Championships
High Jump4-06.00Apr 23HJPC Championships
Long Jump13-06.00Apr 23HJPC Championships
Drake Meiss - 7th Grade
100 Meters14.24aApr 9Junior Maverick Relays
200 MetersNTMar 27Kinkaid MS Relays
High Jump4-10.00Mar 27Kinkaid MS Relays
Long Jump15-00.50Mar 27Kinkaid MS Relays
Austin Miller - 7th Grade
Shot Put - 6lb28-05.00Apr 23HJPC Championships
Shot Put - 8lb26-02.00Apr 8Junior Maverick Relays
Discus - 1kg69-01Mar 27Kinkaid MS Relays
Adam Nelson - 7th Grade
800 Meters2:55.79aApr 9Junior Maverick Relays
1600 Meters6:06.98aApr 23HJPC Championships
Luke Provenzano - 6th Grade
80m Hurdles - 30"18.13aApr 23HJPC Championships
200m Hurdles - 30"43.07aMar 27Kinkaid MS Relays
Parker Rose - 6th Grade
400 Meters1:06.11aApr 23HJPC Championships
800 Meters2:35.33aApr 23HJPC Championships
Andrew Sall - 7th Grade
800 Meters2:38.22aApr 23HJPC Championships
Wilson Sherrill - 7th Grade
400 Meters1:01.07aApr 23HJPC Championships
High Jump4-06.00Apr 23HJPC Championships
Long Jump15-01.25Apr 8Junior Maverick Relays
Keith Sill - 6th Grade
Shot Put - 6lb27-00.00Mar 27Kinkaid MS Relays
Discus - 1kg59-04Apr 23HJPC Championships
Ian Storck - 6th Grade
100 Meters13.27aApr 9Junior Maverick Relays
200 Meters28.05aApr 9Junior Maverick Relays
Will Turlington - 6th Grade
100 Meters14.16aApr 23HJPC Championships
200 Meters30.27aApr 23HJPC Championships
High Jump4-02.00Apr 23HJPC Championships
James Vaughn - 8th Grade
Shot Put - 6lb26-07.00Mar 27Kinkaid MS Relays
Shot Put - 8lb27-08.50Apr 2Presbyterian Track Invitationa..
Discus - 1kg69-03Apr 8Junior Maverick Relays


Ellie Alban - 6th Grade
80m Hurdles - 30"18.65Apr 23HJPC Championships
200m Hurdles - 30"41.89Apr 23HJPC Championships
Emily Biskamp - 6th Grade
100 Meters13.99Apr 23HJPC Championships
200 Meters29.98Apr 23HJPC Championships
Alexandra Blake - 7th Grade
800 Meters2:42.84Apr 23HJPC Championships
1600 Meters6:05.68Apr 23HJPC Championships
Lila Cary - 6th Grade
800 Meters3:11.03aMar 27Kinkaid MS Relays
1200 Meters5:18.58Apr 23HJPC Championships
Shot Put - 6lb19-05.00Apr 23HJPC Championships
Discus - 1kg42-05Apr 23HJPC Championships
Olivia Fowler - 6th Grade
800 Meters2:43.88Apr 23HJPC Championships
1200 Meters4:26.33aApr 8Junior Maverick Relays
Haley Hammer - 6th Grade
80m Hurdles - 30"16.67aMar 27Kinkaid MS Relays
200m Hurdles - 30"36.23aMar 27Kinkaid MS Relays
Clare Jesulaitis - 7th Grade
100 MetersSCRApr 23HJPC Championships
Mary Louise Mannon - 6th Grade
400 Meters1:27.45aMar 27Kinkaid MS Relays
800 Meters3:20.02aMar 27Kinkaid MS Relays
Kate Martinez - 6th Grade
80m Hurdles - 30"18.43aApr 8Junior Maverick Relays
200m Hurdles - 30"37.69aApr 8Junior Maverick Relays
Ashley Moore - 7th Grade
100 Meters13.68Apr 23HJPC Championships
200 Meters29.26aApr 8Junior Maverick Relays
Long Jump13-00.50Apr 9Junior Maverick Relays
Chandler Onyekwelu - 8th Grade
Shot Put - 6lb29-07.50Apr 23HJPC Championships
Shot Put - 8lb25-07.00Apr 2Presbyterian Track Invitationa..
Discus - 1kg37-02Apr 9Junior Maverick Relays
Lena Provenzano - 8th Grade
100m Hurdles - 30"18.76Apr 23HJPC Championships
200m Hurdles - 30"33.44aApr 8Junior Maverick Relays
Julia Rae - 6th Grade
400 Meters1:10.77Apr 23HJPC Championships
Shot Put - 6lb23-07.00Apr 23HJPC Championships
Discus - 1kg46-06Apr 23HJPC Championships
Liberty Robson - 6th Grade
400 MetersSCRApr 23HJPC Championships
Discus - 1kg42-03Apr 2Presbyterian Track Invitationa..
High Jump3-10.00Apr 23HJPC Championships
Long Jump9-04.75Apr 9Junior Maverick Relays
Charlotte Schaeffer - 7th Grade
100 Meters13.59aMar 27Kinkaid MS Relays
200 Meters28.12aMar 27Kinkaid MS Relays
400 Meters65.65aApr 8Junior Maverick Relays
High Jump5-00.00Mar 27Kinkaid MS Relays
Long Jump15-07.50Mar 27Kinkaid MS Relays
Megan Smith - 6th Grade
100 Meters14.00Apr 23HJPC Championships
200 Meters29.75aApr 8Junior Maverick Relays
High Jump4-02.00Apr 23HJPC Championships
Long Jump13-03.00Apr 23HJPC Championships
Kate Vlasek - 6th Grade
80m Hurdles - 30"14.32Apr 23HJPC Championships
200m Hurdles - 30"33.40aApr 8Junior Maverick Relays
High Jump4-00.00Apr 9Junior Maverick Relays
Long Jump13-08.25Apr 9Junior Maverick Relays
Alex Williams - 6th Grade
Shot Put - 6lb25-11.00Apr 23HJPC Championships
Mimi Wilson - 6th Grade
100 Meters15.67aApr 8Junior Maverick Relays
Long Jump11-01.00Apr 23HJPC Championships
Laine Woelfel - 7th Grade
400 Meters1:13.89Apr 23HJPC Championships
Helen Xiu - 7th Grade
80m Hurdles - 30"13.57Apr 23HJPC Championships
200m Hurdles - 30"32.07aApr 8Junior Maverick Relays
Long Jump14-02.00Apr 23HJPC Championships
Sophia Young - 6th Grade
200 Meters32.62Apr 23HJPC Championships
400 Meters1:11.30Apr 23HJPC Championships
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