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Charlie Beck - 6th Grade
100 Meters14.05aMar 20AWTY-LSA DUAL
200 Meters28.79aMar 20AWTY-LSA DUAL
Discus - 1kg48' 8.00Apr 8Panther Invitational
Long Jump12' 4.00Mar 20AWTY-LSA DUAL
Fernanado Bejarano - 8th Grade
400 MetersDNSFeb 27Panther Relays
800 Meters2:57.10aApr 17Junior Maverick Rela..
1600 Meters6:02.90Mar 26GHAC Championship
100m Hurdles - 30"19.62aFeb 27Panther Relays
100m Hurdles - 33"20.44aMar 20AWTY-LSA DUAL
Aaron Casas - 8th Grade
100 Meters15.43aMar 20AWTY-LSA DUAL
200 Meters31.88aApr 17Junior Maverick Rela..
Shot Put - 6lb32' 10.00Mar 20AWTY-LSA DUAL
Shot Put - 8lb34' 0.00Mar 6LSA Triangular Meet
Shot Put - 4kg28' 5.25Apr 15Junior Maverick Rela..
Discus - 1kg82' 5.00Mar 6LSA Triangular Meet
Tylor Davis - 6th Grade
200 MetersDNSFeb 27Panther Relays
800 MetersDNSFeb 27Panther Relays
Patrick Dooley - 8th Grade
100 Meters13.32aMar 20AWTY-LSA DUAL
200 Meters27.45aMar 20AWTY-LSA DUAL
Long Jump14' 9.25Apr 15Junior Maverick Rela..
Triple Jump34' 8.00Apr 8Panther Invitational
Bryan Edwards - 8th Grade
400 Meters65.54cMar 26GHAC Championship
100m Hurdles - 30"19.34aFeb 27Panther Relays
100m Hurdles - 33"18.18aApr 17Junior Maverick Rela..
200m Hurdles - 30"30.48aApr 17Junior Maverick Rela..
200m Hurdles - 36"31.34cApr 9Panther Invitational
Shot Put - 6lb30' 4.00Mar 20AWTY-LSA DUAL
Shot Put - 8lb29' 6.50Apr 8Panther Invitational
Shot Put - 4kg28' 8.00Apr 15Junior Maverick Rela..
Discus - 1kg79' 11.00Mar 6LSA Triangular Meet
Josh Ehrat - 8th Grade
100 Meters14.80aFeb 27Panther Relays
400 Meters72.63aMar 6LSA Triangular Meet
100m Hurdles - 33"21.64cApr 9Panther Invitational
200m Hurdles - 30"35.14cMar 26GHAC Championship
200m Hurdles - 36"36.64cApr 9Panther Invitational
High Jump3' 8.00Mar 6LSA Triangular Meet
Jacob Freeborn - 6th Grade
100 Meters14.89aApr 17Junior Maverick Rela..
200 Meters32.14cApr 9Panther Invitational
Shot Put - 6lb17' 10.50Apr 8Panther Invitational
Long Jump12' 8.50Mar 20AWTY-LSA DUAL
Mark Giugliano - 8th Grade
800 Meters2:49.62aMar 6LSA Triangular Meet
1600 Meters6:18.77aApr 17Junior Maverick Rela..
200m Hurdles - 30"37.54cMar 26GHAC Championship
200m Hurdles - 36"37.54cApr 9Panther Invitational
Zach Giugliano - 6th Grade
1200 Meters5:05.60Mar 26GHAC Championship
80m Hurdles - 30"18.23aApr 17Junior Maverick Rela..
100m Hurdles - 30"22.50aMar 20AWTY-LSA DUAL
200m Hurdles - 30"42.34aApr 17Junior Maverick Rela..
200m Hurdles - 36"43.24cApr 9Panther Invitational
Will Golla - 7th Grade
400 Meters72.84cMar 26GHAC Championship
800 Meters2:40.00Apr 9Panther Invitational
1600 Meters5:57.29aApr 17Junior Maverick Rela..
Cooper Guidry - 8th Grade
100 Meters15.36aMar 20AWTY-LSA DUAL
Shot Put - 6lb30' 6.00Mar 20AWTY-LSA DUAL
Shot Put - 8lb30' 3.00Mar 6LSA Triangular Meet
Shot Put - 4kg24' 1.00Apr 15Junior Maverick Rela..
Discus - 1kg70' 8.00Mar 6LSA Triangular Meet
Brandon Howe - 7th Grade
100 Meters13.57aMar 6LSA Triangular Meet
200 Meters29.74cFeb 27Panther Relays
400 Meters66.60aFeb 27Panther Relays
Shot Put - 6lb22' 4.00Mar 20AWTY-LSA DUAL
Shot Put - 8lb21' 1.00Mar 6LSA Triangular Meet
Long Jump14' 10.00Mar 20AWTY-LSA DUAL
Mason Jones - 8th Grade
100 MetersDNSMar 6LSA Triangular Meet
200 Meters34.94cMar 26GHAC Championship
800 Meters3:59.21aMar 20AWTY-LSA DUAL
1600 Meters7:54.50Apr 9Panther Invitational
Sean Kerr - 8th Grade
200 Meters29.24aMar 20AWTY-LSA DUAL
400 Meters66.84aMar 20AWTY-LSA DUAL
800 Meters2:44.40aMar 6LSA Triangular Meet
Collin Koza - 7th Grade
100 Meters16.76aApr 17Junior Maverick Rela..
200 Meters35.75aApr 17Junior Maverick Rela..
Shot Put - 6lb15' 4.00Mar 20AWTY-LSA DUAL
Shot Put - 8lb15' 4.50Apr 8Panther Invitational
Andrew Leimkuehler - 8th Grade
200 Meters32.10aApr 17Junior Maverick Rela..
Shot Put - 6lb27' 4.00Mar 20AWTY-LSA DUAL
Shot Put - 8lb29' 1.50Mar 6LSA Triangular Meet
Discus - 1kg96' 0.00Mar 6LSA Triangular Meet
Jacob Leipold - 6th Grade
400 Meters73.55aApr 17Junior Maverick Rela..
Shot Put - 6lb26' 2.50Apr 15Junior Maverick Rela..
Discus - 1kg57' 1.00Apr 15Junior Maverick Rela..
Zach Neal - 7th Grade
100 Meters15.21aMar 6LSA Triangular Meet
200 Meters32.23aMar 6LSA Triangular Meet
Shot Put - 6lb29' 1.00Mar 20AWTY-LSA DUAL
Shot Put - 8lb24' 8.00Mar 25GHAC Championship
Discus - 1kg48' 8.00Apr 15Junior Maverick Rela..
Trent Newton - 8th Grade
100 Meters12.80aMar 20AWTY-LSA DUAL
200 Meters28.64cApr 9Panther Invitational
Tony Patsatzis - 6th Grade
800 Meters3:09.14aApr 17Junior Maverick Rela..
1200 Meters4:56.12aApr 17Junior Maverick Rela..
Ben Rosenblatt - 8th Grade
100 Meters15.64aMar 6LSA Triangular Meet
Shot Put - 8lb24' 6.00Mar 6LSA Triangular Meet
Discus - 1kg62' 10.00Mar 25GHAC Championship
Conor Ruth - 6th Grade
100 Meters15.83aMar 20AWTY-LSA DUAL
200 Meters33.47aApr 17Junior Maverick Rela..
400 Meters78.01aApr 17Junior Maverick Rela..
Ian Schaider - 8th Grade
400 Meters57.73aApr 17Junior Maverick Rela..
800 Meters2:22.89aFeb 27Panther Relays
Long Jump17' 6.75Apr 8Panther Invitational
Triple Jump33' 5.00Apr 8Panther Invitational
Levi Schaider - 6th Grade
400 Meters81.53aMar 6LSA Triangular Meet
800 Meters2:54.37aMar 20AWTY-LSA DUAL
Discus - 1kg44' 5.00Mar 25GHAC Championship
Nick Schultze - 8th Grade
100 Meters14.24cApr 9Panther Invitational
200 Meters28.99aMar 6LSA Triangular Meet
400 Meters68.31aApr 17Junior Maverick Rela..
1600 Meters7:05.82aMar 6LSA Triangular Meet
Long Jump14' 2.50Mar 20AWTY-LSA DUAL
Triple Jump30' 5.50Mar 25GHAC Championship
Chandler Smith - 7th Grade
100 Meters14.86aMar 20AWTY-LSA DUAL
100m Hurdles - 30"19.29aMar 6LSA Triangular Meet
200m Hurdles - 30"34.45aApr 17Junior Maverick Rela..
200m Hurdles - 36"35.14cApr 9Panther Invitational
Long Jump13' 1.00Apr 15Junior Maverick Rela..
Peyton Soderstrom - 7th Grade
200 Meters32.93aMar 20AWTY-LSA DUAL
400 Meters69.75aMar 6LSA Triangular Meet
100m Hurdles - 30"18.52aFeb 27Panther Relays
200m Hurdles - 30"36.10aApr 17Junior Maverick Rela..
200m Hurdles - 36"36.24cApr 9Panther Invitational
High Jump4' 6.00Mar 6LSA Triangular Meet
Long Jump14' 5.50Mar 6LSA Triangular Meet
Bishoy Soliman - 6th Grade
100 Meters17.50aFeb 27Panther Relays
800 Meters3:09.60aMar 6LSA Triangular Meet
1200 Meters5:10.71aMar 6LSA Triangular Meet
Shot Put - 6lb15' 11.00Mar 6LSA Triangular Meet
Joseph Spencer - 8th Grade
100m Hurdles - 30"17.80aFeb 27Panther Relays
100m Hurdles - 33"17.90aApr 17Junior Maverick Rela..
200m Hurdles - 30"30.32aMar 20AWTY-LSA DUAL
High Jump5' 2.00Mar 25GHAC Championship
Long Jump15' 2.50Mar 20AWTY-LSA DUAL
Triple Jump32' 6.00Apr 15Junior Maverick Rela..
Nick Svec - 6th Grade
100 Meters15.04aApr 17Junior Maverick Rela..
200 Meters34.56aMar 20AWTY-LSA DUAL
400 Meters75.44cMar 26GHAC Championship
Shot Put - 6lb23' 5.00Mar 6LSA Triangular Meet
Long Jump12' 6.50Mar 6LSA Triangular Meet


Mary Catherine Adams - 7th Grade
100 Meters14.41aMar 20AWTY-LSA DUAL
200 Meters29.60aMar 20AWTY-LSA DUAL
400 Meters71.34aApr 15Junior Maverick Rela..
Shot Put - 6lb21' 0.50Apr 17Junior Maverick Rela..
Long Jump13' 9.75Mar 20AWTY-LSA DUAL
Vanessa Alkarra - 6th Grade
100 Meters17.10aMar 20AWTY-LSA DUAL
200 Meters36.53aMar 20AWTY-LSA DUAL
400 Meters1:30.53aMar 6LSA Triangular Meet
80m Hurdles - 30"16.54cApr 8Panther Invitational
100m Hurdles - 30"22.42aMar 20AWTY-LSA DUAL
200m Hurdles - 30"41.64cApr 8Panther Invitational
Shot Put - 6lb16' 4.75Apr 9Panther Invitational
Discus - 1kg39' 8.00Apr 9Panther Invitational
Grace Anderson - 6th Grade
80m Hurdles - 30"15.44cApr 8Panther Invitational
100m Hurdles - 30"20.24aMar 25GHAC Championship
200m Hurdles - 30"37.44cApr 8Panther Invitational
Long Jump11' 7.75Mar 20AWTY-LSA DUAL
Bethany Andress - 7th Grade
200 Meters29.16aMar 6LSA Triangular Meet
400 Meters66.24aApr 15Junior Maverick Rela..
High Jump4' 2.00Apr 17Junior Maverick Rela..
Long Jump14' 5.00Apr 17Junior Maverick Rela..
Carolinn Briers - 7th Grade
100 Meters17.62aMar 20AWTY-LSA DUAL
200 Meters38.74aMar 20AWTY-LSA DUAL
400 Meters1:30.94cApr 8Panther Invitational
Shot Put - 6lb19' 2.00Mar 20AWTY-LSA DUAL
Shot Put - 8lb15' 5.50Mar 6LSA Triangular Meet
Discus - 1kg38' 0.00Apr 9Panther Invitational
Annie Chuoke - 8th Grade
100m Hurdles - 30"17.88aMar 6LSA Triangular Meet
200m Hurdles - 30"33.34cApr 8Panther Invitational
Long Jump13' 9.50Mar 6LSA Triangular Meet
Triple Jump28' 6.25Apr 9Panther Invitational
Annabelle Clark - 7th Grade
800 Meters2:51.52aMar 25GHAC Championship
1200 Meters4:36.51aMar 20AWTY-LSA DUAL
1600 Meters6:07.42aApr 15Junior Maverick Rela..
High Jump4' 10.00Feb 27Panther Relays
Brooke DeHoyos - 8th Grade
100 Meters13.62aMar 20AWTY-LSA DUAL
200 Meters28.42aMar 25GHAC Championship
Shot Put - 6lb29' 0.00Mar 20AWTY-LSA DUAL
Shot Put - 8lb22' 7.00Mar 6LSA Triangular Meet
Discus - 1kg62' 11.00Mar 6LSA Triangular Meet
Laura Demchak - 6th Grade
100 Meters14.66aApr 15Junior Maverick Rela..
200 Meters30.84aApr 15Junior Maverick Rela..
400 Meters71.96aApr 15Junior Maverick Rela..
200m Hurdles - 30"38.43aMar 20AWTY-LSA DUAL
High Jump4' 4.00Apr 17Junior Maverick Rela..
Long Jump13' 0.25Mar 6LSA Triangular Meet
Karyn Ford - 7th Grade
100 Meters15.89aMar 25GHAC Championship
Shot Put - 6lb25' 1.00Apr 9Panther Invitational
Shot Put - 8lb21' 5.00Mar 6LSA Triangular Meet
Discus - 1kg44' 8.00Feb 27Panther Relays
Casey Guillot - 8th Grade
Shot Put - 6lb22' 11.75Apr 9Panther Invitational
Shot Put - 8lb19' 4.00Apr 17Junior Maverick Rela..
Discus - 1kg55' 2.00Apr 17Junior Maverick Rela..
Anna Hirth - 6th Grade
800 Meters2:56.91aApr 15Junior Maverick Rela..
1200 Meters4:53.20Apr 8Panther Invitational
Shot Put - 6lb19' 11.50Mar 26GHAC Championship
Discus - 1kg38' 6.00Mar 6LSA Triangular Meet
Annilee Kremling - 7th Grade
80m Hurdles - 30"16.74cApr 8Panther Invitational
100m Hurdles - 30"20.53aMar 20AWTY-LSA DUAL
200m Hurdles - 30"36.64aMar 25GHAC Championship
High Jump4' 2.00Apr 9Panther Invitational
Mikayla Leaverton - 6th Grade
100 Meters16.04cApr 8Panther Invitational
200 Meters34.22aMar 25GHAC Championship
400 Meters84.35aMar 6LSA Triangular Meet
Shot Put - 6lb19' 11.00Mar 26GHAC Championship
Discus - 1kg52' 1.00Apr 9Panther Invitational
Madison Louvier - 7th Grade
100 Meters14.15aMar 20AWTY-LSA DUAL
200 Meters29.34cApr 8Panther Invitational
400 Meters69.47aApr 15Junior Maverick Rela..
Shot Put - 6lb25' 1.00Apr 9Panther Invitational
High Jump3' 10.00Feb 27Panther Relays
Long Jump14' 9.50Mar 26GHAC Championship
Lindsey MacPhail - 6th Grade
100 Meters16.14cApr 8Panther Invitational
200 Meters33.17aApr 15Junior Maverick Rela..
Claire Marshall - 7th Grade
800 Meters3:09.13aMar 20AWTY-LSA DUAL
1200 Meters5:11.72aMar 20AWTY-LSA DUAL
1600 Meters7:06.43aMar 25GHAC Championship
Shot Put - 6lb15' 1.00Feb 27Panther Relays
Shot Put - 8lb14' 11.00Mar 6LSA Triangular Meet
Alyssa Penney - 7th Grade
100 Meters18.71aApr 15Junior Maverick Rela..
400 Meters79.81aMar 20AWTY-LSA DUAL
800 Meters3:12.26aMar 25GHAC Championship
Shot Put - 6lb14' 2.00Mar 20AWTY-LSA DUAL
Skyler Robbins - 6th Grade
100 Meters18.65aMar 6LSA Triangular Meet
400 Meters1:33.79aMar 25GHAC Championship
80m Hurdles - 30"17.04cApr 8Panther Invitational
100m Hurdles - 30"22.30aMar 25GHAC Championship
200m Hurdles - 30"42.94cApr 8Panther Invitational
High Jump4' 0.00Mar 6LSA Triangular Meet
Long Jump10' 3.75Mar 20AWTY-LSA DUAL
Raffaela Scotto - 8th Grade
100 Meters15.11aApr 15Junior Maverick Rela..
Shot Put - 6lb27' 11.00Mar 20AWTY-LSA DUAL
Shot Put - 8lb24' 8.00Apr 17Junior Maverick Rela..
Discus - 1kg46' 11.00Apr 9Panther Invitational
Grace Tagtow - 8th Grade
200 Meters28.22aApr 15Junior Maverick Rela..
400 Meters62.04aApr 15Junior Maverick Rela..
High Jump5' 1.00Mar 6LSA Triangular Meet
Long Jump15' 2.75Mar 20AWTY-LSA DUAL
Triple Jump29' 10.75Apr 17Junior Maverick Rela..
Korbin Terpening - 8th Grade
800 Meters2:47.43aMar 6LSA Triangular Meet
1600 Meters6:33.09aMar 25GHAC Championship
Long Jump11' 7.00Mar 6LSA Triangular Meet
Avery Toomes - 8th Grade
100 Meters16.32aMar 6LSA Triangular Meet
200 Meters33.72aMar 6LSA Triangular Meet
400 MetersDNSMar 25GHAC Championship
Shot Put - 6lb16' 3.50Feb 27Panther Relays
Shot Put - 8lb17' 1.00Mar 6LSA Triangular Meet
Discus - 1kg40' 5.00Mar 6LSA Triangular Meet
Triple JumpNDApr 17Junior Maverick Rela..
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