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Brandon Arnold - Freshman
5000 MetersDNFMar 1749er Classic
10,000 MetersDNFMay 12Summit League Outdoor Champion..
Jeremy Breedlove - Sophomore
5000 Meters14:35.10aApr 14Bryan Clay Invitational (Day 1..
Dejan Davis - Sophomore
High Jump1.88m Mar 19Butler Stan Lyons Outdoor Invi..
Dakota Dubbs - Senior
1500 MetersDNFMar 1749er Classic
5000 Meters14:54.10aMay 12Summit League Outdoor Champion..
10,000 Meters31:20.69aApr 15Mt. SAC Relays (Day 1)
Daniel Hauersperger - Freshman
5000 Meters15:36.92aMar 1749er Classic
Mitch Hubner - Junior
1500 Meters4:00.95aMar 1749er Classic
Kyle Lewis - Freshman
5000 Meters15:19.27aMar 1749er Classic
Griffin Miller - Freshman
5000 Meters15:27.02aMar 1749er Classic
10,000 MetersDNFMay 12Summit League Outdoor Champion..
Abiel Mogos - Junior
5000 Meters15:12.01aMar 1749er Classic
Robert Murphy - Junior
1500 Meters3:48.08aMar 1749er Classic
5000 Meters14:22.25aMar 25Raleigh Relays
3k Steeplechase8:47.87aMay 27NCAA D1 East Regionals Day 2
Damon Pruett - Junior
5000 Meters14:41.61aMar 1749er Classic
10,000 Meters31:21.87aMay 12Summit League Outdoor Champion..
Paul Salee - Freshman
Javelin - 800g42.04m May 12Summit League Outdoor Champion..
High Jump1.98m Mar 19Butler Stan Lyons Outdoor Invi..
Joel Thompson - Freshman
5000 Meters14:59.68aMar 1749er Classic
Isaiah White - Sophomore
1500 Meters4:03.21aMay 12Summit League Outdoor Champion..
5000 Meters15:07.70aMar 1749er Classic
Joey Zielinski - Senior
1500 Meters3:52.78aMar 1749er Classic
5000 Meters14:54.61aMar 25Raleigh Relays
Max Zmija - Junior
5000 Meters14:57.30aMar 1749er Classic
10,000 Meters31:26.12aMay 12Summit League Outdoor Champion..


Leah Brooks - Senior
1500 Meters4:43.01aApr 16Beach Invitational (Day 2)
3000 Meters10:20.94aMar 25Black and Gold Invitational
5000 Meters17:35.03aApr 14Bryan Clay Invitational (Day 1..
Mandy Campbell - Junior
3k Steeplechase11:52.77aApr 28Hillsdale College "GINA" Relay..
Sarah Childs - Freshman
1500 Meters4:49.30aMay 12Summit League Outdoor Champion..
3000 Meters11:30.34aMar 1749er Classic
Amairany Cruz - Freshman
800 Meters2:11.95aApr 16Beach Invitational (Day 2)
1500 Meters4:37.80aApr 28Hillsdale College "GINA" Relay..
Jennifer Emery - Junior
5000 Meters17:36.88aApr 28Hillsdale College "GINA" Relay..
10,000 Meters38:15.75aApr 15Mt. SAC Relays (Day 1)
Valeria Guzman - Junior
1500 Meters4:48.28aMar 25Black and Gold Invitational
5000 Meters18:24.86aMar 1749er Classic
Lexi Hunt - Senior
3000 MetersDNSMar 25Black and Gold Invitational
5000 Meters18:49.79aMar 1749er Classic
3k Steeplechase11:26.09aApr 28Hillsdale College "GINA" Relay..
Zoey Johnson - Freshman
3000 Meters9:58.97aMar 1749er Classic
5000 Meters17:08.07aMar 25Black and Gold Invitational
10,000 Meters35:25.95aApr 15Mt. SAC Relays (Day 1)
Alexis Lewandowski - Freshman
3000 Meters10:31.99aMar 25Black and Gold Invitational
5000 Meters17:46.25aApr 28Hillsdale College "GINA" Relay..
10,000 Meters37:31.33aApr 15Mt. SAC Relays (Day 1)
Lauren Osterhout - Sophomore
800 Meters2:16.73aApr 28Hillsdale College "GINA" Relay..
1500 Meters5:02.83aMar 25Black and Gold Invitational
Julie Riggins - Senior
1500 Meters4:40.81aApr 28Hillsdale College "GINA" Relay..
5000 Meters18:25.15aMar 1749er Classic
Maggie Shields - Freshman
800 Meters2:17.64aMar 25Black and Gold Invitational
Savannah Turner - Junior
1500 Meters4:54.76aMar 1749er Classic
3000 Meters10:30.14aMar 25Black and Gold Invitational
5000 Meters17:44.11aApr 28Hillsdale College "GINA" Relay..
10,000 Meters40:27.62aMay 12Summit League Outdoor Champion..
Kelsey Tyler - Sophomore
1500 Meters4:48.63aMay 12Summit League Outdoor Champion..
3000 Meters10:37.02aMar 25Black and Gold Invitational
5000 Meters18:44.42aMay 12Summit League Outdoor Champion..
Haley Welch - Sophomore
800 Meters2:19.83aApr 28Hillsdale College "GINA" Relay..
1500 Meters4:47.28aApr 28Hillsdale College "GINA" Relay..
5000 Meters18:52.21aMar 1749er Classic
Katie Williams - Junior
800 Meters2:21.75aMar 25Black and Gold Invitational
1500 Meters5:01.77aApr 28Hillsdale College "GINA" Relay..
Allie Wright - Freshman
800 Meters2:15.90aMar 25Black and Gold Invitational
1500 Meters4:35.83aApr 28Hillsdale College "GINA" Relay..
Megan Zajac - Freshman
800 Meters2:20.22aApr 28Hillsdale College "GINA" Relay..
1500 Meters4:54.31aApr 28Hillsdale College "GINA" Relay..