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Devon Allen - Junior
100 Meters10.36aMar 19Willie Williams Classic
200 Meters20.68aApr 15Oregon Relays
110m Hurdles - 39"13.48aApr 15Oregon Relays
110m Hurdles - 42"13.32aMay 14Pac-12 Championships
400m Hurdles - 36"51.32aApr 15Oregon Relays
T.J. Brassil - Senior
Shot Put - 12lb16.46m May 7University of Oregon Twilight ..
Shot Put - 16lb16.46m May 6Oregon Twilight
Drake Brennan - Freshman
Shot Put - 12lb15.66m Apr 15Oregon Relays
Shot Put - 16lb16.29m Mar 19Willie Williams Classic
Discus - 1.6kg56.88m May 7University of Oregon Twilight ..
Discus - 2kg56.88m May 6Oregon Twilight
Chris Brewer - Senior
1500 Meters3:43.97aMay 14Pac-12 Championships
5000 Meters14:52.66aApr 9Pepsi Invitational
Tony Brooks-James - Sophomore
100 Meters10.92aApr 9Pepsi Invitational
Marcus Chambers - Junior
100 Meters10.48aMar 19Willie Williams Classic
200 Meters20.94aApr 15Oregon Relays
400 Meters45.94aMay 14Pac-12 Championships
Edward Cheserek - Junior
3000 Meters7:57.26aMay 6Oregon Twilight
5000 Meters13:50.82aApr 9Pepsi Invitational
10,000 Meters28:58.57aMay 14Pac-12 Championships
Cody Danielson - Junior
Javelin - 800g76.74m Mar 19Willie Williams Classic
Jackson Darland - Junior
1500 Meters3:55.36aApr 9Pepsi Invitational
5000 MetersDNFApr 9Pepsi Invitational
10,000 MetersDNFMay 14Pac-12 Championships
3k Steeplechase9:00.22aMay 6Oregon Twilight
Joe Delgado - Sophomore
100 Meters11.16awApr 15Oregon Relays
400 Meters49.07aMay 7Pac-12 Combined Events Champio..
1500 Meters4:17.49aMay 7Pac-12 Combined Events Champio..
110m Hurdles - 39"15.58aApr 15Oregon Relays
110m Hurdles - 42"15.32aApr 9Pepsi Invitational
Shot Put - 12lb13.04m Apr 15Oregon Relays
Shot Put - 16lb13.37m May 7Pac-12 Combined Events Champio..
Discus - 1.6kg36.98m Apr 15Oregon Relays
Discus - 2kg37.98m May 7Pac-12 Combined Events Champio..
Javelin - 800g51.99m May 14Pac-12 Championships
High Jump1.91m Apr 15Oregon Relays
Pole Vault4.65m Apr 15Oregon Relays
Long Jump6.90m Apr 15Oregon Relays
Decathlon Score7402Apr 15Oregon Relays
Jeramy Elkaim - Senior
1500 Meters3:45.32aMay 1Payton Jordan Invitational
5000 Meters13:47.40aApr 1Stanford Invitational (Day 1)
Alec Fellows - Senior
100 MetersDNFApr 15Oregon Relays
110m Hurdles - 42"15.53aMar 19Willie Williams Classic
Discus - 2kg36.06m Mar 19Willie Williams Classic
High Jump2.06m May 6Oregon Twilight
Pole VaultNHMar 19Willie Williams Classic
Bryan Fernandez - Sophomore
1500 Meters3:55.57aMar 19Lewis & Clark Spring Break Ope..
3000 MetersDNFMay 6Oregon Twilight
5000 Meters14:08.74aMay 14Pac-12 Championships
10,000 Meters29:37.33aApr 1Stanford Invitational (Day 1)
Jack Galpin - Senior
200 Meters21.73aApr 15Oregon Relays
400 Meters48.70aMay 6Oregon Twilight
Ryan Gil - Senior
3k Steeplechase9:02.05aApr 9Pepsi Invitational
Grant Grosvenor - Senior
400 Meters48.57aApr 30Oregon State Outdoor High Perf..
800 Meters1:47.72aMay 14Pac-12 Championships
1500 MetersDNFApr 15Oregon Relays
Blake Haney - Sophomore
1500 Meters3:40.46aMay 1Payton Jordan Invitational
Matt Hidalgo - Senior
Pole Vault5.17m May 6Oregon Twilight
Jhet Janis - Sophomore
Javelin - 800g62.03m Apr 9Pepsi Invitational
Blake Kemp - Senior
100 Meters11.18awApr 15Oregon Relays
400 Meters52.11aApr 15Oregon Relays
1500 Meters5:08.52aApr 15Oregon Relays
110m Hurdles - 39"15.96aApr 15Oregon Relays
110m Hurdles - 42"16.10aApr 9Pepsi Invitational
Shot Put - 12lb12.25m Apr 15Oregon Relays
Shot Put - 16lb12.23m Apr 9Pepsi Invitational
Discus - 1.6kg32.69m Apr 15Oregon Relays
Javelin - 800g51.62m Apr 15Oregon Relays
High Jump1.91m Apr 15Oregon Relays
Pole Vault4.70m May 6Oregon Twilight
Long Jump6.70m Apr 15Oregon Relays
Decathlon Score6813Apr 15Oregon Relays
Bradley Laubacher - Senior
High Jump2.10m Mar 19Willie Williams Classic
Triple Jump13.27m Apr 9Pepsi Invitational
Jake Leingang - Sophomore
1500 Meters3:47.40aApr 15Oregon Relays
5000 Meters13:43.04aMay 14Pac-12 Championships
Kyle Levermore - Freshman
1500 Meters3:51.06aApr 15Oregon Relays
5000 MetersDNFApr 15Oregon Relays
3k Steeplechase9:21.94aApr 30Oregon State Outdoor High Perf..
Matthew Melancon - Senior
1500 Meters3:58.47aMar 19Lewis & Clark Spring Break Ope..
3000 MetersDNFMay 6Oregon Twilight
5000 Meters14:21.19aApr 15Oregon Relays
10,000 Meters29:05.34aApr 1Stanford Invitational (Day 1)
Kirk Merritt - Freshman
100 Meters10.60awMay 6Oregon Twilight
Ben Milligan - Freshman
High Jump2.14m Apr 28Titan Twilight
Mitch Modin - Junior
100 Meters10.89awApr 15Oregon Relays
400 Meters48.10aMay 7Pac-12 Combined Events Champio..
1500 Meters4:43.60aMay 7Pac-12 Combined Events Champio..
110m Hurdles - 39"14.67aApr 15Oregon Relays
110m Hurdles - 42"14.75aMay 14Pac-12 Championships
Shot Put - 12lb13.38m Apr 15Oregon Relays
Shot Put - 16lb13.15m May 7Pac-12 Combined Events Champio..
Discus - 1.6kg38.64m Apr 15Oregon Relays
Discus - 2kg38.27m May 7Pac-12 Combined Events Champio..
Javelin - 800g55.05m May 7Pac-12 Combined Events Champio..
High Jump1.97m Apr 15Oregon Relays
Pole Vault4.55m Apr 9Pepsi Invitational
Long Jump7.03m May 14Pac-12 Championships
Decathlon Score7468Apr 15Oregon Relays
Nate Moore - Sophomore
100 MetersDNSMar 19Willie Williams Classic
Triple JumpDNSMar 19Willie Williams Classic
Chris Mulverhill - Junior
1500 MetersDNFApr 15Oregon Relays
3k Steeplechase9:06.88aApr 15Oregon Relays
Travis Neuman - Sophomore
10,000 MetersDNFApr 1Stanford Invitational (Day 1)
John Nizich - Freshman
Javelin - 800g71.89m May 14Pac-12 Championships
Amir Patterson - Freshman
Shot Put - 16lb16.27m Mar 19Willie Williams Classic
Discus - 2kg49.15m Mar 19Willie Williams Classic
Hammer - 16lb46.79m Mar 19Willie Williams Classic
Sam Prakel - Junior
1500 Meters3:40.11aMay 14Pac-12 Championships
Cullen Prena - Sophomore
Discus - 1.6kg53.61m Apr 15Oregon Relays
Discus - 2kg53.70m Apr 28Titan Twilight
Hammer - 16lb58.74m Apr 30Oregon State Outdoor High Perf..
Schuller Rettig - Freshman
200 Meters22.95aApr 15Oregon Relays
400m Hurdles - 36"54.50aApr 15Oregon Relays
Greg Skipper - Senior
Discus - 2kg47.64m Apr 9Pepsi Invitational
Hammer - 16lb70.34m May 14Pac-12 Championships
Christian Sourapas - Freshman
100 Meters10.52awApr 30Oregon State Outdoor High Perf..
200 Meters21.51aApr 9Pepsi Invitational
Cameron Stone - Freshman
200 Meters21.71awMay 6Oregon Twilight
400 Meters47.61aMay 14Pac-12 Championships
Tatum Taylor - Sophomore
100 Meters10.50awApr 30Oregon State Outdoor High Perf..
200 Meters21.93aApr 15Oregon Relays
Ben Thiel - Junior
400 MetersDNSMar 19Willie Williams Classic
400m Hurdles - 36"51.80aMay 14Pac-12 Championships
Jackson Van Vuren - Freshman
Javelin - 800g63.26m Apr 9Pepsi Invitational
Cole Walsh - Junior
Pole Vault5.41m Apr 15Oregon Relays
Austin White - Sophomore
Shot Put - 12lb16.23m Apr 15Oregon Relays
Shot Put - 16lb17.10m Apr 9Pepsi Invitational
Travonn White - Sophomore
100 Meters10.60aApr 15Oregon Relays
Long Jump7.51m Apr 15Oregon Relays
Chance Whitehurst - Sophomore
Triple Jump15.17m Apr 15Oregon Relays
Brett Willyard - Sophomore
800 Meters1:56.07aApr 9Pepsi Invitational
1500 Meters3:49.91aApr 30Oregon State Outdoor High Perf..


Emma Abrahamson - Sophomore
1500 Meters4:20.51aMay 6Oregon Twilight
Itoha Aikhionbare - ?
Shot Put - 4kg16.30m May 14Pac-12 Championships
Discus - 1kg49.81m May 14Pac-12 Championships
Itohan Aikhionbare - Senior
Shot Put - 4kg16.57m Apr 15Oregon Relays
Discus - 1kg52.02m May 6Oregon Twilight
Hammer - 4kgFOULApr 15Oregon Relays
Danielle Barbian - Senior
100 Meters11.45awApr 15Mt. SAC Relays (Day 1)
200 Meters24.05aApr 9Pepsi Invitational
Sarah Baxter - Freshman
1500 Meters4:34.24aApr 15Oregon Relays
5000 Meters16:40.32aApr 30Oregon State Outdoor High Perf..
Frida Berge - Junior
1500 Meters4:17.80aMay 6Oregon Twilight
3k Steeplechase9:56.79aMay 14Pac-12 Championships
Liz Brenner - Senior
Javelin - 600g45.78m Apr 15Oregon Relays
Lilli Burdon - Freshman
400 Meters61.05aMar 19Willie Williams Classic
800 Meters2:16.88aApr 9Pepsi Invitational
1500 Meters4:18.33aMay 14Pac-12 Championships
Ali Cash - Junior
1500 Meters4:22.58aApr 9Pepsi Invitational
5000 Meters16:00.90aApr 1Stanford Invitational (Day 1)
Lindsay Crevoiserat - Senior
1500 Meters4:38.88aMar 19Lewis & Clark Spring Break Ope..
5000 Meters17:00.37aApr 9Pepsi Invitational
Hannah Cunliffe - Sophomore
100 Meters10.99aApr 15Mt. SAC Relays (Day 1)
200 Meters22.49aMay 14Pac-12 Championships
Brooke Feldmeier - Sophomore
400 Meters55.36aApr 9Pepsi Invitational
800 Meters2:07.50aMay 14Pac-12 Championships
Molly Grabill - Senior
5000 Meters16:00.01aMay 1Payton Jordan Invitational
10,000 Meters33:13.64aApr 1Stanford Invitational (Day 1)
Ashante Horsley - Junior
200 Meters23.96aMay 6Oregon Twilight
400 Meters53.82aMay 14Pac-12 Championships
Khadejah Jackson - Freshman
200 Meters25.59aMay 6Oregon Twilight
400 Meters59.35aMar 19Willie Williams Classic
400m Hurdles - 30"59.97aApr 9Pepsi Invitational
Alaysha Johnson - Freshman
100m Hurdles - 33"13.04awApr 15Mt. SAC Relays (Day 1)
400m Hurdles - 30"59.18aApr 9Pepsi Invitational
Annie Leblanc - Senior
800 Meters2:03.62aMay 14Pac-12 Championships
1500 Meters4:18.70aMay 14Pac-12 Championships
Brittany Mann - Junior
Shot Put - 4kg17.24m May 6Oregon Twilight
Discus - 1kgDNSMar 19Willie Williams Classic
Hammer - 4kg56.97m Mar 19Willie Williams Classic
Ashley Maton - Senior
800 Meters2:09.08aApr 15Oregon Relays
1500 Meters4:20.61aApr 9Pepsi Invitational
Made Middlebrooks - ?
Hammer - 4kg57.73m May 14Pac-12 Championships
Madeline Middlebrooks - Sophomore
Discus - 1kg32.09m Apr 9Pepsi Invitational
Hammer - 4kg56.30m Apr 28Titan Twilight
Brianna Nerud - Junior
1500 Meters4:23.99aMay 6Oregon Twilight
3k Steeplechase10:06.88aMay 14Pac-12 Championships
Raevyn Rogers - Sophomore
400 Meters52.30aMar 19Willie Williams Classic
800 Meters2:02.41aMay 14Pac-12 Championships
Alisha Rowlee - Junior
100 Meters11.60awMay 6Oregon Twilight
200 Meters25.60aApr 30Oregon State Outdoor High Perf..
Maggie Schmaedick - Junior
1500 Meters4:32.25aApr 15Oregon Relays
5000 MetersDNFMay 1Payton Jordan Invitational
10,000 Meters34:06.47aApr 1Stanford Invitational (Day 1)
Deajah Stevens - Sophomore
100 Meters11.19aMay 14Pac-12 Championships
200 Meters22.61aApr 15Mt. SAC Relays (Day 1)
Jasmine Todd - Junior
100 Meters11.20aApr 15Mt. SAC Relays (Day 1)
200 Meters24.27aApr 9Pepsi Invitational
Long Jump6.27m May 14Pac-12 Championships
Madelayne Varela - Junior
100 Meters12.63awApr 30Oregon State Outdoor High Perf..
Long Jump5.69m May 6Oregon Twilight
Triple Jump11.43m Apr 9Pepsi Invitational
Sasha Wallace - Junior
100m Hurdles - 33"13.01aApr 15Mt. SAC Relays (Day 1)
Triple Jump12.96m Apr 9Pepsi Invitational
Ariana Washington - Freshman
100 Meters11.18aMay 14Pac-12 Championships
200 Meters22.97aMay 14Pac-12 Championships
Annie Whitfield - Senior
Javelin - 600g43.18m Mar 19Willie Williams Classic