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Mauricio Abrego - 9th Grade
Shot Put - 12lb27' 10.00Apr 30Desert Pines-Sunrise..
Discus - 1.6kg87' 0.00Apr 23Cheyenne-Chaparral-B..
Zack Arave - 11th Grade
100 Meters12.14cMar 14Cheyenne Newcomers
200 Meters24.74cApr 9Mojave-Boulder City-..
300m Hurdles - 36"42.64cApr 23Cheyenne-Chaparral-B..
Chaisson Baggett - 12th Grade
200 Meters25.84cMar 25Desert Pines-Chaparr..
400 Meters54.19aApr 26The Meadows Invitati..
800 Meters2:11.44aApr 11Ron Resler Invitatio..
Carlos Barrios - 11th Grade
800 Meters2:20.30aMay 9BC Invite (D1A, D3, ..
1600 Meters5:05.06aApr 26The Meadows Invitati..
Maurcel Battle - 11th Grade
800 Meters2:14.63aMay 9BC Invite (D1A, D3, ..
1600 Meters5:21.67aApr 5Skyhawk Invitational
Taiwan Braden - 9th Grade
100 Meters12.34cMar 25Desert Pines-Chaparr..
110m Hurdles - 39"19.04cApr 30Desert Pines-Sunrise..
110m Hurdles - 42"22.40aMar 29BG Track Meet
300m Hurdles - 36"46.60aApr 11Ron Resler Invitatio..
Triple Jump36' 8.00Mar 25Desert Pines-Chaparr..
Darrell Brown - 10th Grade
800 Meters2:35.00Apr 9Mojave-Boulder City-..
Warren Clark - 11th Grade
Shot Put - 12lb22' 5.00Apr 30Desert Pines-Sunrise..
Discus - 1.6kg38' 8.00Apr 30Desert Pines-Sunrise..
Ronnie Coleman - 10th Grade
200 Meters26.04cMar 25Desert Pines-Chaparr..
Long Jump18' 7.00May 9BC Invite (D1A, D3, ..
Triple Jump39' 3.50May 3Sunset Frosh-Soph Ch..
Frankie Contreras - 11th Grade
Shot Put - 12lb35' 4.00Apr 9Mojave-Boulder City-..
Discus - 1.6kg90' 11.00May 13S. Nevada D1A/D3/D4 ..
Lamaja Cunningham - 10th Grade
100 MetersNTApr 30Desert Pines-Sunrise..
200 Meters27.14cMar 25Desert Pines-Chaparr..
110m Hurdles - 39"19.64cApr 23Cheyenne-Chaparral-B..
110m Hurdles - 42"19.84aMar 29BG Track Meet
300m Hurdles - 36"46.74cApr 23Cheyenne-Chaparral-B..
Long Jump17' 0.00Mar 29BG Track Meet
Triple JumpNDApr 9Mojave-Boulder City-..
Christopher Ellis - 9th Grade
100 Meters15.24cApr 9Mojave-Boulder City-..
200 Meters29.44cApr 9Mojave-Boulder City-..
800 Meters2:44.10Apr 30Desert Pines-Sunrise..
LaDerek Frezzell - 10th Grade
400 Meters54.98aApr 26The Meadows Invitati..
800 Meters2:10.39aMar 29BG Track Meet
Tyrone Hall - 12th Grade
100 Meters11.61awMay 13S. Nevada D1A/D3/D4 ..
200 Meters23.87aMar 22Heitkotter Invitatio..
400 Meters58.44cMar 25Desert Pines-Chaparr..
Enrique Jimenez - 9th Grade
800 Meters2:24.10Apr 9Mojave-Boulder City-..
1600 Meters4:58.30aApr 5Skyhawk Invitational
3200 Meters10:50.20aMay 9BC Invite (D1A, D3, ..
Kevin Johnson - 9th Grade
100 Meters13.54cApr 9Mojave-Boulder City-..
200 Meters27.64cApr 23Cheyenne-Chaparral-B..
1600 Meters5:44.65aMay 9BC Invite (D1A, D3, ..
300m Hurdles - 36"49.94cApr 30Desert Pines-Sunrise..
Andrew Jones - 9th Grade
800 Meters3:05.12aMay 3Sunset Frosh-Soph Ch..
1600 Meters6:44.00Apr 9Mojave-Boulder City-..
DeRoderick Kilgore - 12th Grade
200 MetersNTMar 29BG Track Meet
400 MetersNTMar 25Desert Pines-Chaparr..
800 MetersNTMar 25Desert Pines-Chaparr..
High Jump6' 0.00Mar 25Desert Pines-Chaparr..
James Mack - 9th Grade
100 Meters12.14cApr 23Cheyenne-Chaparral-B..
200 Meters24.84cApr 30Desert Pines-Sunrise..
400 Meters57.24cApr 30Desert Pines-Sunrise..
High Jump4' 8.00Apr 9Mojave-Boulder City-..
Kyle McMillan - 9th Grade
800 MetersDNSMay 3Sunset Frosh-Soph Ch..
1600 Meters5:46.94aApr 26The Meadows Invitati..
Ibn Mills - 9th Grade
800 Meters2:28.80Apr 30Desert Pines-Sunrise..
1600 Meters5:59.60Mar 25Desert Pines-Chaparr..
Adrian Moreno - 9th Grade
1600 Meters5:27.22aMay 9BC Invite (D1A, D3, ..
3200 Meters11:27.24aApr 26The Meadows Invitati..
Christopher Moux - 10th Grade
100 Meters12.51aMar 22Heitkotter Invitatio..
200 MetersNTMar 25Desert Pines-Chaparr..
110m Hurdles - 42"NTMar 29BG Track Meet
High Jump5' 0.00Mar 25Desert Pines-Chaparr..
Long Jump20' 5.00May 13S. Nevada D1A/D3/D4 ..
Triple Jump42' 4.75May 3Sunset Frosh-Soph Ch..
Curtis Noel - 12th Grade
Long Jump18' 2.75Apr 5Skyhawk Invitational
Triple Jump37' 4.00Mar 29BG Track Meet
Don Phillips - 9th Grade
Shot Put - 12lb30' 5.00May 9BC Invite (D1A, D3, ..
Discus - 1.6kg85' 8.00Apr 30Desert Pines-Sunrise..
Xaviar Raphiel - 12th Grade
100 Meters11.14cApr 30Desert Pines-Sunrise..
200 Meters22.84cApr 30Desert Pines-Sunrise..
Long JumpSCRApr 5Skyhawk Invitational
Jaime Reyes - 11th Grade
800 Meters2:28.90Apr 9Mojave-Boulder City-..
1600 Meters5:27.70Apr 23Cheyenne-Chaparral-B..
3200 Meters12:17.42aApr 11Ron Resler Invitatio..
Anthony Shelton - 12th Grade
Shot Put - 12lb32' 5.00Apr 30Desert Pines-Sunrise..
Discus - 1.6kg100' 2.00Apr 26The Meadows Invitati..
Jeremy Sorensen - 9th Grade
100 Meters12.34cApr 30Desert Pines-Sunrise..
200 Meters25.74cApr 30Desert Pines-Sunrise..
400 Meters63.24cMar 25Desert Pines-Chaparr..
Xavier Spaight - 10th Grade
100 Meters12.04cApr 23Cheyenne-Chaparral-B..
200 Meters24.94cApr 9Mojave-Boulder City-..
400 Meters59.64aMar 22Heitkotter Invitatio..
Tyree Steele - 9th Grade
100 Meters12.24cApr 9Mojave-Boulder City-..
200 Meters23.94cApr 30Desert Pines-Sunrise..
400 Meters53.05aApr 26The Meadows Invitati..
800 Meters2:33.50Mar 25Desert Pines-Chaparr..
Malik Tice - 10th Grade
100 Meters12.34cApr 9Mojave-Boulder City-..
200 Meters24.34cApr 9Mojave-Boulder City-..
400 Meters55.02aApr 26The Meadows Invitati..
Brian Villa - 9th Grade
400 MetersNTMar 25Desert Pines-Chaparr..
Shot Put - 12lb26' 4.75Apr 30Desert Pines-Sunrise..
Discus - 1.6kg58' 5.00Apr 23Cheyenne-Chaparral-B..


Kationa Baughman - 11th Grade
400 Meters63.94cApr 30Desert Pines-Sunrise..
800 MetersNTApr 30Desert Pines-Sunrise..
100m Hurdles - 33"16.23aMay 13S. Nevada D1A/D3/D4 ..
300m Hurdles - 30"45.76aMay 24Nevada State Champio..
Mariejo Bellegarde - 10th Grade
100 Meters14.89aMay 3Sunset Frosh-Soph Ch..
200 Meters31.04cApr 9Mojave-Boulder City-..
Long Jump11' 9.00Apr 23Cheyenne-Chaparral-B..
Morgin Dickson - 9th Grade
200 Meters28.14cApr 30Desert Pines-Sunrise..
400 Meters64.64cApr 23Cheyenne-Chaparral-B..
300m Hurdles - 30"NTMar 25Desert Pines-Chaparr..
Tamara Frezzell - 10th Grade
400 Meters62.74cApr 23Cheyenne-Chaparral-B..
800 Meters2:36.64aMay 3Sunset Frosh-Soph Ch..
Keyah Hall - 12th Grade
200 Meters30.64cMar 25Desert Pines-Chaparr..
High Jump4' 8.00Mar 29BG Track Meet
Triple Jump32' 3.00Mar 29BG Track Meet
Kalina Hanson - 12th Grade
800 Meters2:59.60Apr 9Mojave-Boulder City-..
1600 Meters6:36.10Apr 9Mojave-Boulder City-..
3200 Meters14:26.12aMar 29BG Track Meet
Shot Put - 4kg22' 2.50Apr 30Desert Pines-Sunrise..
Discus - 1kg45' 9.00Apr 11Ron Resler Invitatio..
Candace Harris - 12th Grade
100 Meters13.94cApr 30Desert Pines-Sunrise..
200 Meters31.24cApr 30Desert Pines-Sunrise..
100m Hurdles - 33"17.45awMay 13S. Nevada D1A/D3/D4 ..
300m Hurdles - 30"54.44cApr 23Cheyenne-Chaparral-B..
Triple JumpNDMar 22Heitkotter Invitatio..
Monica Hernandez - 9th Grade
Shot Put - 4kg15' 9.50May 3Sunset Frosh-Soph Ch..
Discus - 1kg37' 5.00Apr 11Ron Resler Invitatio..
Jaquisha Isaac - 9th Grade
100 Meters15.34cApr 9Mojave-Boulder City-..
200 Meters34.04cApr 30Desert Pines-Sunrise..
Dilyn Johnson - 12th Grade
100 Meters14.84cApr 23Cheyenne-Chaparral-B..
200 Meters29.04cApr 30Desert Pines-Sunrise..
400 Meters66.94cApr 23Cheyenne-Chaparral-B..
Christina LeMay - 12th Grade
100 Meters13.54cApr 30Desert Pines-Sunrise..
200 Meters28.84cApr 30Desert Pines-Sunrise..
400 Meters71.08aApr 26The Meadows Invitati..
Janay Lewis - 12th Grade
100 Meters13.94cApr 30Desert Pines-Sunrise..
200 Meters28.44cApr 30Desert Pines-Sunrise..
400 Meters72.44cApr 9Mojave-Boulder City-..
100m Hurdles - 33"16.64awMay 13S. Nevada D1A/D3/D4 ..
300m Hurdles - 30"53.64cMar 25Desert Pines-Chaparr..
Long Jump15' 6.00Apr 26The Meadows Invitati..
Kristi Liston - 11th Grade
100 Meters17.04cMar 14Cheyenne Newcomers
200 Meters35.64cApr 9Mojave-Boulder City-..
400 Meters76.14cApr 23Cheyenne-Chaparral-B..
Jasleen Miramontes - 9th Grade
Shot Put - 4kg15' 9.00Apr 26The Meadows Invitati..
Discus - 1kg35' 3.00Apr 30Desert Pines-Sunrise..
Karlie Omer - 10th Grade
800 Meters3:01.00Apr 30Desert Pines-Sunrise..
1600 Meters6:26.34aMar 29BG Track Meet
3200 Meters16:20.76aMar 29BG Track Meet
Shyanne Orton - 10th Grade
100 MetersNTMar 25Desert Pines-Chaparr..
Shot Put - 4kg27' 6.50Apr 30Desert Pines-Sunrise..
Discus - 1kg76' 8.00May 9BC Invite (D1A, D3, ..
Amani Parker - 12th Grade
100 Meters12.99awMay 13S. Nevada D1A/D3/D4 ..
200 Meters28.61aApr 26The Meadows Invitati..
400 Meters70.24cMar 25Desert Pines-Chaparr..
Long JumpNDApr 9Mojave-Boulder City-..
Jesika Smith - 9th Grade
200 Meters30.64cApr 9Mojave-Boulder City-..
400 Meters71.54aMay 3Sunset Frosh-Soph Ch..
800 Meters2:47.44aApr 5Skyhawk Invitational
100m Hurdles - 33"21.24cApr 30Desert Pines-Sunrise..
300m Hurdles - 30"54.24aMay 9BC Invite (D1A, D3, ..
Sandra Stowell - 12th Grade
200 Meters29.04cMar 25Desert Pines-Chaparr..
400 Meters66.52aMar 22Heitkotter Invitatio..
800 Meters2:44.60Apr 9Mojave-Boulder City-..
Saundra Stowell - 12th Grade
100 Meters14.04cApr 30Desert Pines-Sunrise..
200 Meters29.24cApr 30Desert Pines-Sunrise..
400 Meters71.24cApr 30Desert Pines-Sunrise..
100m Hurdles - 33"20.24cApr 9Mojave-Boulder City-..
300m Hurdles - 30"52.96aMay 13S. Nevada D1A/D3/D4 ..
Kiara Tench - 12th Grade
100 Meters13.33awMay 13S. Nevada D1A/D3/D4 ..
200 Meters28.34cApr 30Desert Pines-Sunrise..
400 Meters68.34cMar 25Desert Pines-Chaparr..
Kazajia Thomas - 10th Grade
100 Meters13.94cApr 30Desert Pines-Sunrise..
200 Meters30.04cApr 23Cheyenne-Chaparral-B..
400 MetersNTMar 25Desert Pines-Chaparr..
Cheyenne Tyars - 11th Grade
100 Meters13.32awMay 13S. Nevada D1A/D3/D4 ..
200 Meters27.62awMay 13S. Nevada D1A/D3/D4 ..
800 MetersNTMar 29BG Track Meet
100m Hurdles - 33"20.24cMar 25Desert Pines-Chaparr..
300m Hurdles - 30"53.04cApr 9Mojave-Boulder City-..
Long Jump14' 9.00May 13S. Nevada D1A/D3/D4 ..
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