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Zac Agee - Sophomore
Long Jump5.95m Apr 29Montana Open
Max Axtell - Freshman
100 Meters11.50aMar 19University of Great Falls Invi..
200 Meters22.60aMar 19University of Great Falls Invi..
David Barnett - Junior
Javelin - 800g62.33m May 26NAIA Outdoor Championships
Madison Bolton - Junior
1 Mile5:03.89aApr 14Yellowjacket/Battlin' Bears Op..
Keaton Brady - Sophomore
High JumpNHApr 2Carroll Open
Pole Vault4.30m Mar 19University of Great Falls Invi..
Long Jump5.89m Apr 2Carroll Open
Chase Constantine - Junior
5000 Meters16:06.40aApr 29Montana Open
Derek David - Freshman
100 Meters11.18aApr 2Carroll Open
200 Meters23.16aApr 2Carroll Open
Dakota Dunlap - Freshman
Discus - 2kg39.02m Mar 19University of Great Falls Invi..
Jack Dunley - Sophomore
800 Meters2:00.78aApr 2Carroll Open
Daniel East - Junior
High Jump1.78m Mar 19University of Great Falls Invi..
Chris Emter - Sophomore
Shot Put - 16lb16.57m May 26NAIA Outdoor Championships
Discus - 2kg50.14m May 26NAIA Outdoor Championships
Pierce Fix - Sophomore
1500 Meters4:10.78aApr 29Montana Open
1 Mile4:41.90aApr 14Yellowjacket/Battlin' Bears Op..
Connor Garcia - Junior
5000 Meters16:47.40aApr 2Carroll Open
10,000 Meters34:18.67aApr 14Yellowjacket/Battlin' Bears Op..
Seth Gruber - Sophomore
5000 Meters16:48.66aApr 14Yellowjacket/Battlin' Bears Op..
Darren Hecker - Freshman
400 Meters54.30aApr 2Carroll Open
800 Meters1:58.05aApr 29Montana Open
Gunnar Hilborn - Junior
Pole Vault4.41m Apr 15Oregon Relays
Chance Hyatt - Sophomore
1500 Meters3:53.81aApr 29Montana Open
Keven Kailey - Freshman
110m Hurdles - 42"15.48aApr 2Carroll Open
400m Hurdles - 36"59.39aApr 14Yellowjacket/Battlin' Bears Op..
Kalan Knott - Freshman
Shot Put - 16lb11.12m Apr 14Yellowjacket/Battlin' Bears Op..
Mason Lasich - Freshman
800 Meters2:02.46aApr 29Montana Open
Baird Linke - Junior
5000 Meters15:54.06aApr 2Carroll Open
3k Steeplechase9:59.88aApr 9Northwest Scoring Clash WAR
Sawyer Linke - Freshman
5000 Meters17:04.46aApr 14Yellowjacket/Battlin' Bears Op..
Javelin - 800g52.67m Apr 2Carroll Open
Patrick Miranne - Freshman
1 Mile4:39.09aApr 14Yellowjacket/Battlin' Bears Op..
Kyle Nickol - Sophomore
200 Meters22.68aApr 29Montana Open
400 Meters49.33aApr 29Montana Open
Josiah Osborne - Freshman
100 Meters11.08aApr 2Carroll Open
200 Meters22.79aApr 2Carroll Open
400 Meters52.80aMar 19University of Great Falls Invi..
Daniel Pendergast - Freshman
400 Meters52.30aMar 19University of Great Falls Invi..
110m Hurdles - 42"16.10aMar 19University of Great Falls Invi..
400m Hurdles - 36"DNFApr 2Carroll Open
Lyle Pocha - Senior
1500 Meters3:51.91aApr 15Oregon Relays
Alex Ramm-Hutchinson - Junior
400 Meters52.38aApr 14Yellowjacket/Battlin' Bears Op..
Taylor Smith - Sophomore
800 Meters2:12.04aApr 14Yellowjacket/Battlin' Bears Op..
1 Mile4:36.83aApr 14Yellowjacket/Battlin' Bears Op..
5000 Meters16:49.34aApr 2Carroll Open
3k Steeplechase10:00.98aApr 29Montana Open
David Thor - Sophomore
800 Meters1:54.43aApr 29Montana Open
1500 Meters3:52.77aApr 29Montana Open
Timothy Wyatt - Junior
Discus - 2kg38.22m Apr 2Carroll Open


Jessica Aguirre - Sophomore
400 Meters62.69aApr 29Montana Open
Kara Barth - Junior
400 Meters55.52aApr 29Montana Open
Gabriella Bilyeu - Sophomore
Javelin - 600g36.21m Apr 2Carroll Open
Mikayla Bloyder - Freshman
Pole Vault3.35m Apr 2Carroll Open
Regan Bold - Senior
5000 Meters19:20.28aApr 2Carroll Open
3k Steeplechase10:59.65aMay 26NAIA Outdoor Championships
Teal Bullick - Sophomore
1500 Meters5:11.20aMar 19University of Great Falls Invi..
1 Mile5:35.91aApr 14Yellowjacket/Battlin' Bears Op..
Ally Cole - Sophomore
200 Meters27.72aApr 2Carroll Open
100m Hurdles - 33"17.73aApr 14Yellowjacket/Battlin' Bears Op..
Shot Put - 4kg9.27m Mar 19University of Great Falls Invi..
Javelin - 600g29.27m Apr 14Yellowjacket/Battlin' Bears Op..
Long Jump5.10m Apr 2Carroll Open
Heptathlon Score3682Apr 29Montana Open
Delaney Cummings - Freshman
400 Meters68.90aMar 19University of Great Falls Invi..
400m Hurdles - 30"71.23aApr 29Montana Open
Terah Cundith - Sophomore
Pole Vault3.60m Mar 19University of Great Falls Invi..
Lacey Drew - Freshman
Long Jump5.16m Apr 29Montana Open
Triple Jump10.19m Apr 2Carroll Open
Keely Ehmann - Freshman
400 Meters57.57aApr 29Montana Open
Leah Esposito - Junior
800 Meters2:17.26aApr 29Montana Open
1500 Meters4:33.36aApr 15Oregon Relays
Madeline Fey - Senior
800 Meters2:19.35aApr 29Montana Open
Macala Fifield - Junior
1500 Meters5:04.59aApr 2Carroll Open
Celeste Grey - Freshman
Pole Vault2.45m Mar 19University of Great Falls Invi..
Heidi Hennings - Freshman
1500 Meters5:01.25aApr 29Montana Open
1 Mile5:23.50aApr 14Yellowjacket/Battlin' Bears Op..
Emma Hoppes - Freshman
Pole Vault2.90m Mar 19University of Great Falls Invi..
Solenn Jacobson - Freshman
Long Jump5.30m Apr 2Carroll Open
Triple Jump10.45m Apr 14Yellowjacket/Battlin' Bears Op..
Hannah Johnson - Freshman
800 Meters2:31.51aApr 14Yellowjacket/Battlin' Bears Op..
Tessa Krueger - Freshman
Shot Put - 4kg11.86m Mar 19University of Great Falls Invi..
Discus - 1kg38.13m Apr 29Montana Open
Bethany Lacock - Sophomore
200 Meters26.67aApr 2Carroll Open
100m Hurdles - 33"16.35aApr 2Carroll Open
High Jump1.60m Mar 19University of Great Falls Invi..
Long Jump4.54m Apr 14Yellowjacket/Battlin' Bears Op..
Heptathlon Score4175Apr 29Montana Open
Jessica Lewis - Sophomore
Shot Put - 4kg10.75m Mar 19University of Great Falls Invi..
Bailey List - Freshman
200 Meters28.80aApr 2Carroll Open
400 Meters69.80aMar 19University of Great Falls Invi..
Hollee Meek - Freshman
Javelin - 600g35.80m Mar 19University of Great Falls Invi..
Isabella Minudri - Freshman
100 Meters13.42aApr 2Carroll Open
200 Meters28.59aApr 2Carroll Open
Ann Moloney - Freshman
1500 Meters5:22.63aApr 2Carroll Open
Annika Moore - Freshman
Long Jump5.10m Apr 29Montana Open
Triple Jump11.51m Apr 29Montana Open
Samantha Mundel - Freshman
1 Mile5:24.01aApr 14Yellowjacket/Battlin' Bears Op..
5000 Meters18:29.53aApr 29Montana Open
Tori Nickol - Junior
400 Meters63.20aMar 19University of Great Falls Invi..
400m Hurdles - 30"67.50aApr 29Montana Open
Brianna Olson - Sophomore
100 Meters13.40aMar 19University of Great Falls Invi..
200 Meters26.50aMar 19University of Great Falls Invi..
400 Meters56.99aApr 29Montana Open
Taylor Peck - Senior
Javelin - 600g34.57m Apr 29Montana Open
Hannah Porch - Freshman
100 Meters12.12aApr 29Montana Open
200 Meters24.86aApr 29Montana Open
Long Jump5.60m Mar 19University of Great Falls Invi..
Chelsey Rasmussen - Freshman
800 Meters2:43.40aApr 2Carroll Open
Jane Reid - Sophomore
5000 Meters19:07.10aMar 19University of Great Falls Invi..
10,000 Meters38:18.00aApr 29Montana Open
Tylynn Rettig - Freshman
200 Meters27.04aApr 2Carroll Open
100m Hurdles - 33"18.43aApr 2Carroll Open
Long Jump4.92m Apr 2Carroll Open
Heptathlon Score3492Apr 29Montana Open
Sarah Roberts - Sophomore
800 Meters2:52.33aApr 14Yellowjacket/Battlin' Bears Op..
1500 Meters5:32.47aApr 2Carroll Open
1 Mile6:00.32aApr 14Yellowjacket/Battlin' Bears Op..
Mika Robinson - Sophomore
Pole Vault3.60m Apr 2Carroll Open
Marisa Sanchez - Junior
400 Meters57.87aApr 29Montana Open
800 Meters2:23.10aMar 19University of Great Falls Invi..
Crystal Schmidt - Junior
100m Hurdles - 33"19.90aMar 19University of Great Falls Invi..
Shot Put - 4kg11.46m Mar 19University of Great Falls Invi..
Javelin - 600g46.19m May 26NAIA Outdoor Championships
High Jump1.60m Apr 29Montana Open
Heptathlon Score4255Apr 29Montana Open
Kaitlin Stromberg - Freshman
5000 Meters20:36.97aApr 2Carroll Open
Rhiannon Sturgess - Sophomore
100m Hurdles - 33"14.91aApr 2Carroll Open
400m Hurdles - 30"64.76aApr 15Oregon Relays
Sandy Torres - Senior
800 Meters2:10.78aMay 26NAIA Outdoor Championships
Madi Vischer - Sophomore
Pole Vault3.05m Mar 19University of Great Falls Invi..
Monica White - Freshman
400 Meters57.16aApr 29Montana Open