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Gilbert, AZ

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Cole Bellamy - Age 15-16
55 Meter Dash7.24aFeb 1623rd Annual Indoor M..
200 Meters25.02aFeb 1623rd Annual Indoor M..
Ryan Bender - Age 15-16
55 Meter Dash6.78aFeb 1623rd Annual Indoor M..
200 Meters23.19aFeb 1USATF Regulation Mee..
400 Meters51.26aFeb 1623rd Annual Indoor M..
Matthew Braun - Age 9-10
100 Meters16.74aMar 15USATF Regulation
200 Meters34.84aFeb 1USATF Regulation Mee..
Long Jump9' 4.20Mar 15USATF Regulation
Steen Buss - Age 15-16
55 Meter Dash8.50aFeb 1USATF Regulation Mee..
200 Meters28.24aFeb 1USATF Regulation Mee..
400 Meters62.00aFeb 1USATF Regulation Mee..
Nate Devore - Age 17-18
55 Meter Dash7.42aFeb 1USATF Regulation Mee..
400 Meters59.98aFeb 1USATF Regulation Mee..
Isaiah Ford - Age 15-16
55 Meter Dash6.71aFeb 1623rd Annual Indoor M..
200 Meters23.14aFeb 1623rd Annual Indoor M..
400 Meters56.77aFeb 1USATF Regulation Mee..
Samuel Ford - Age 9-10
100 Meters17.24awApr 550th Phoenix Invitat..
200 Meters36.96aApr 550th Phoenix Invitat..
Long Jump7' 2.22Mar 15USATF Regulation
Cornell Green - Age 15-16
55 Meter Dash7.24aFeb 1USATF Regulation Mee..
200 Meters25.26aFeb 1USATF Regulation Mee..
400 Meters57.48aFeb 1USATF Regulation Mee..
Christopher Griffith - Age 9-10
55 Meter Dash9.93aFeb 1623rd Annual Indoor M..
100 Meters18.17aApr 550th Phoenix Invitat..
Long JumpNDFeb 1623rd Annual Indoor M..
Tristan Guerinot - Age 9-10
100 Meters16.88aApr 550th Phoenix Invitat..
200 Meters34.97aApr 550th Phoenix Invitat..
Seth Hanson - Age 8U
55 Meter Dash10.80aFeb 1623rd Annual Indoor M..
100 Meters19.33aApr 550th Phoenix Invitat..
Long Jump9' 2.24Mar 29USATF Regulation
Steven Hartshorn-West - Age 17-18
55 Meter Dash7.03aFeb 1USATF Regulation Mee..
Long Jump18' 11.56Feb 1623rd Annual Indoor M..
Triple Jump37' 10.72Feb 1USATF Regulation Mee..
Jaylen Higgins - Age 15-16
200 Meters26.82aFeb 1USATF Regulation Mee..
400 Meters61.52aFeb 1623rd Annual Indoor M..
800 Meters2:26.99aFeb 1USATF Regulation Mee..
Mark Hunter -
55 Meter Dash7.67aFeb 1623rd Annual Indoor M..
High Jump5' 6.93Feb 1623rd Annual Indoor M..
Racellus Johnson - Age 11-12
100 Meters15.24aApr 550th Phoenix Invitat..
200 Meters29.81aApr 550th Phoenix Invitat..
Noah Kaminski - Age 15-16
55 Meter Dash7.23aFeb 1623rd Annual Indoor M..
200 Meters25.60aFeb 1623rd Annual Indoor M..
400 Meters58.28aFeb 1623rd Annual Indoor M..
Andrew Kloner - Age 15-16
55 Meter Dash7.61aFeb 1USATF Regulation Mee..
Zakaria Koudssi -
55 Meter Dash7.81aFeb 1623rd Annual Indoor M..
400 Meters62.63aFeb 1623rd Annual Indoor M..
Long Jump13' 10.14Feb 1623rd Annual Indoor M..
Rodolfo Lizarraga - Age 8U
800 Meters3:26.87aMar 15USATF Regulation
Joshua Martin - Age 15-16
55 Meter Dash7.23aFeb 1USATF Regulation Mee..
200 Meters25.16aFeb 1623rd Annual Indoor M..
400 Meters61.68aFeb 1USATF Regulation Mee..
Gabriel Ontiveros - Age 8U
100 Meters22.35aMar 29USATF Regulation
200 Meters53.11aMar 29USATF Regulation
400 Meters1:49.28aMar 29USATF Regulation
Don Angelo Piasecki - Age 15-16
3000 Meters11:24.59aFeb 1USATF Regulation Mee..
Carter Sokolovic - Age 13-14
3000 Meters11:45.15aFeb 1USATF Regulation Mee..
Askia Stewart -
55 Meter Dash7.31aFeb 1623rd Annual Indoor M..
200 Meters25.70aFeb 1623rd Annual Indoor M..
400 Meters57.96aFeb 1623rd Annual Indoor M..
Cole Tippit - Age 17-18
55 Meter Dash6.98aFeb 1USATF Regulation Mee..
400 Meters54.78aFeb 1USATF Regulation Mee..
Kendon Walker - Age 15-16
55 Meter Dash6.86aFeb 1623rd Annual Indoor M..
200 Meters24.20aFeb 1USATF Regulation Mee..
Connor Watson - Age 17-18
55 Meter Dash6.91aFeb 1623rd Annual Indoor M..
Long Jump20' 8.03Feb 1623rd Annual Indoor M..
Triple Jump42' 8.20Feb 1623rd Annual Indoor M..
Stephon Wells - Age 17-18
55 Meter Dash6.68aFeb 1USATF Regulation Mee..
Long Jump21' 5.87Feb 1623rd Annual Indoor M..
Triple Jump45' 4.09Feb 1USATF Regulation Mee..
Benton Worthen - Age 11-12
800 Meters2:51.34aApr 550th Phoenix Invitat..
Max Worthen - Age 9-10
200 Meters34.66aApr 550th Phoenix Invitat..


Michelle Abunaja - Age 17-18
800 Meters2:42.35aFeb 1USATF Regulation Mee..
Soraya aeHolley - Age 13-14
400 Meters70.73aFeb 1USATF Regulation Mee..
800 Meters2:40.01aJan 25USATF Developmental ..
1500 Meters5:56.54aJan 25USATF Developmental ..
Eva Alvillar - Age 8U
100 Meters17.46aApr 550th Phoenix Invitat..
200 Meters37.23aApr 550th Phoenix Invitat..
Long Jump9' 0.27Apr 550th Phoenix Invitat..
Emma Baker - Age 11-12
400 Meters78.31aApr 550th Phoenix Invitat..
800 Meters3:27.69aMar 1USATF Regulation
Leah Bonebright - Age 11-12
55 Meter Dash10.56aFeb 1623rd Annual Indoor M..
100 Meters19.60aMar 15USATF Regulation
200 Meters38.81aFeb 1623rd Annual Indoor M..
400 Meters85.14aApr 550th Phoenix Invitat..
High Jump3' 1.40Mar 15USATF Regulation
Samantha Braun - Age 11-12
55 Meter Dash9.52aFeb 1USATF Regulation Mee..
200 Meters32.84aFeb 1USATF Regulation Mee..
800 Meters2:48.06aMar 15USATF Regulation
Damali Britton - Age 17-18
55 Meter Dash7.89aFeb 1USATF Regulation Mee..
200 Meters29.26aFeb 1USATF Regulation Mee..
Long Jump16' 6.82Feb 1USATF Regulation Mee..
Triple Jump33' 9.12Feb 1USATF Regulation Mee..
Kalia Cobb -
55m Hurdles - 30"9.76aFeb 1623rd Annual Indoor M..
Long Jump13' 1.87Feb 1623rd Annual Indoor M..
Triple Jump31' 6.74Feb 1623rd Annual Indoor M..
Katherine Cooke - Age 15-16
200 Meters31.37aFeb 1USATF Regulation Mee..
400 Meters76.04aFeb 1USATF Regulation Mee..
Sarah Dennard -
Long Jump14' 9.56Feb 1623rd Annual Indoor M..
Triple Jump32' 8.91Feb 1623rd Annual Indoor M..
Raven Fielding - Age 15-16
55 Meter Dash8.90aFeb 1623rd Annual Indoor M..
200 Meters32.81aFeb 1USATF Regulation Mee..
400 Meters76.12aFeb 1USATF Regulation Mee..
Alexa Foster - Age 17-18
400 Meters69.84aFeb 1USATF Regulation Mee..
800 Meters2:42.43aFeb 1USATF Regulation Mee..
1500 Meters5:39.98aFeb 1623rd Annual Indoor M..
Londyn Garvin - Age 8U
55 Meter Dash11.12aFeb 1USATF Regulation Mee..
100 Meters18.42aApr 550th Phoenix Invitat..
200 Meters40.23aApr 550th Phoenix Invitat..
Long Jump6' 2.41Mar 1USATF Regulation
Sarah Gonzalez - Age 8U
400 Meters88.06aApr 550th Phoenix Invitat..
800 Meters3:13.80aFeb 1623rd Annual Indoor M..
Olivia Grieve - Age 13-14
800 Meters2:53.11aApr 550th Phoenix Invitat..
1500 Meters5:36.40aApr 550th Phoenix Invitat..
Megan Griffith - Age 11-12
55 Meter Dash9.28aFeb 1623rd Annual Indoor M..
100 Meters17.02aMar 15USATF Regulation
80m Hurdles - 30"18.43aApr 550th Phoenix Invitat..
Long Jump12' 6.39Apr 550th Phoenix Invitat..
Noamie Guerinot - Age 11-12
100 Meters16.72aApr 550th Phoenix Invitat..
200 Meters34.92aApr 550th Phoenix Invitat..
Ariana Hankins - Age 11-12
55 Meter Dash8.41aFeb 1USATF Regulation Mee..
100 Meters14.16aApr 550th Phoenix Invitat..
200 Meters29.70aApr 550th Phoenix Invitat..
Long Jump12' 1.67Apr 550th Phoenix Invitat..
Sevanna Hanson - Age 13-14
100m Hurdles - 30"19.19aMar 1USATF Regulation
Pole Vault9' 0.27Apr 550th Phoenix Invitat..
Long Jump13' 3.06Mar 29USATF Regulation
Alexis Hartley -
55 Meter Dash8.00aFeb 1623rd Annual Indoor M..
200 Meters28.51aFeb 1623rd Annual Indoor M..
Long Jump13' 11.32Feb 1623rd Annual Indoor M..
Leslie Hermosillo - Age 15-16
200 Meters30.58aFeb 1USATF Regulation Mee..
400 Meters69.04aFeb 1USATF Regulation Mee..
Sarah Hickman - Age 15-16
200 Meters33.80aFeb 1USATF Regulation Mee..
400 Meters80.78aFeb 1USATF Regulation Mee..
Caitlyn Isenberg - Age 15-16
55 Meter Dash8.70aFeb 1USATF Regulation Mee..
200 Meters31.75aFeb 1USATF Regulation Mee..
400 Meters76.64aFeb 1USATF Regulation Mee..
Ashland Johnson - Age 13-14
200 Meters31.82aApr 550th Phoenix Invitat..
400 Meters70.53aApr 550th Phoenix Invitat..
Rikay Johnson - Age 9-10
100 Meters17.30aMar 15USATF Regulation
200 Meters34.84aApr 550th Phoenix Invitat..
Amiya Kaminski - Age 13-14
55 Meter Dash8.71aFeb 1USATF Regulation Mee..
200 Meters33.07aFeb 1USATF Regulation Mee..
55m Hurdles - 30"10.72aFeb 1USATF Regulation Mee..
Jada Krieger - Age 11-12
100 Meters15.61aMar 15USATF Regulation
200 Meters31.82aApr 550th Phoenix Invitat..
400 Meters77.12aFeb 1623rd Annual Indoor M..
Berenice Lizarraga - Age 15-16
200 Meters29.58aFeb 1623rd Annual Indoor M..
800 Meters2:33.10aMar 15USATF Regulation
1500 Meters5:22.76aApr 550th Phoenix Invitat..
Leonela Lizarraga - Age 9-10
1500 Meters5:33.82aApr 550th Phoenix Invitat..
Vera Matouskova - Age 17-18
55 Meter Dash8.00aFeb 1USATF Regulation Mee..
Emma Merritt - Age 13-14
200 Meters34.19aFeb 1623rd Annual Indoor M..
800 Meters2:36.35aApr 550th Phoenix Invitat..
1500 Meters5:23.28aApr 550th Phoenix Invitat..
Daniela Meza - Age 11-12
800 Meters3:19.03aFeb 1623rd Annual Indoor M..
1500 Meters6:25.60aMar 15USATF Regulation
Hannah Pratt -
Pole Vault7' 0.25Feb 1623rd Annual Indoor M..
Cierra Reeves - Age 17-18
55 Meter Dash8.07aFeb 1USATF Regulation Mee..
200 Meters30.79aFeb 1USATF Regulation Mee..
800 Meters2:51.07aFeb 1USATF Regulation Mee..
Reba Reeves - Age 15-16
55 Meter Dash8.18aFeb 1623rd Annual Indoor M..
400 Meters71.30aFeb 1USATF Regulation Mee..
Long Jump12' 6.79Feb 1USATF Regulation Mee..
Triple Jump30' 9.29Feb 1623rd Annual Indoor M..
Tamara Sleem - Age 17-18
55 Meter Dash8.54aFeb 1USATF Regulation Mee..
High JumpNHFeb 1USATF Regulation Mee..
Long Jump13' 5.81Feb 1USATF Regulation Mee..
Triple Jump26' 10.44Feb 1USATF Regulation Mee..
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