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Matthew Braun - Age 11-12
100 Meters15.93aApr 18Phoenix Invitational
200 Meters32.29aMar 28USATF Regulation
Javelin - 300g TJ90' 2.68May 30AZ Association State Champions..
Long Jump11' 9.34May 30AZ Association State Champions..
Tilliman (TJ) Braun - Age 8U
100 Meters24.24aMay 30AZ Association State Champions..
Long JumpFOULMar 14USATF Regulation
Brenton Cassey - Age 15-16
100 Meters11.79aJun 13J.O. State Championships
200 Meters23.95aJun 13J.O. State Championships
Kevin Fairchild - Age 13-14
Shot Put - 4kg30' 6.25Apr 18Phoenix Invitational
Javelin - 600g124' 10.00Apr 18Phoenix Invitational
Lonnie Fairchild - Age 13-14
Shot Put - 4kg30' 1.81May 30AZ Association State Champions..
Discus - 1kg109' 5.00Jun 13J.O. State Championships
Javelin - 300g TJ138' 2.00Jul 11Region X Championships
Javelin - 600g137' 4.43May 30AZ Association State Champions..
Marcos Figureroa - Age 15-16
Shot Put - 12lb35' 5.00Jun 13J.O. State Championships
Discus - 1.6kg125' 11.81May 30AZ Association State Champions..
Brandon Flower - Age 17-18
High Jump5' 6.93May 30AZ Association State Champions..
Long Jump17' 11.75May 30AZ Association State Champions..
Samuel Ford - Age 9-10
100 Meters15.52aMay 2USATF Regulation
200 Meters31.93aApr 18Phoenix Invitational
400 Meters70.27aJul 11Region X Championships
Javelin - 300g TJ47' 6.87May 2USATF Regulation
Long Jump9' 6.96Apr 4USATF Regulation
Drew Gilbert - Age 11-12
100 Meters15.41aMar 14USATF Regulation
200 Meters32.84aMar 14USATF Regulation
400 Meters73.49aApr 4USATF Regulation
Seth Hanson - Age 9-10
400 Meters1:35.37aMay 30AZ Association State Champions..
800 Meters3:25.95aMay 2USATF Regulation
Javelin - 300g TJ56' 0.00Jun 13J.O. State Championships
Long Jump10' 1.26May 30AZ Association State Champions..
Nathan Heath - Age 11-12
100 Meters16.68aMay 2USATF Regulation
200 Meters35.45aApr 18Phoenix Invitational
400 Meters84.10aFeb 28USATF Regulation
Long Jump10' 5.59Mar 28USATF Regulation
Mason Hickel - Age 11-12
Shot Put - 6lb32' 2.25Jul 11Region X Championships
Discus - 1kg87' 7.00Jul 11Region X Championships
Torrey Hickel - Age 17-18
Shot Put - 12lb51' 1.50Jul 11Region X Championships
Discus - 1.6kg163' 5.00Jul 11Region X Championships
Hammer - 12lb158' 1.00Jun 13J.O. State Championships
Myles High - Age 13-14
100 Meters12.35aMay 30AZ Association State Champions..
200 Meters25.19aMay 30AZ Association State Champions..
Long Jump16' 4.25Jun 13J.O. State Championships
Ethan Iverson - Age 11-12
100 Meters15.84aMay 2USATF Regulation
200 Meters34.16aFeb 28USATF Regulation
400 Meters73.68aApr 4USATF Regulation
Miles Johnson - Age 9-10
100 Meters18.10aMar 14USATF Regulation
200 Meters33.60aMar 14USATF Regulation
400 Meters1:34.47aApr 4USATF Regulation
Bodin Lay - Age 15-16
100 Meters13.12aMay 16USATF Regulation
200 Meters26.25aJun 13J.O. State Championships
400 Meters57.10aJun 13J.O. State Championships
Rodolfo Lizarraga - Age 9-10
200 Meters39.13aApr 4USATF Regulation
400 Meters1:33.44aMar 28USATF Regulation
800 Meters3:18.83aApr 4USATF Regulation
1500 Meters6:33.60aMay 30AZ Association State Champions..
Drew Longley - Age 9-10
100 Meters17.23aMar 28USATF Regulation
200 Meters37.21aApr 18Phoenix Invitational
Javelin - 300g TJ42' 0.33May 2USATF Regulation
Long Jump8' 11.25Jun 13J.O. State Championships
Gabe Parham - Age 11-12
100 Meters14.45aMar 14USATF Regulation
200 Meters30.81aFeb 28USATF Regulation
400 Meters63.04aApr 4USATF Regulation
800 Meters2:27.79aJul 11Region X Championships
1500 Meters5:22.23aJun 13J.O. State Championships
Markus Quillinan - Age 9-10
400 Meters80.84aApr 18Phoenix Invitational
800 Meters3:07.82aJun 13J.O. State Championships
Noah Raymundo - Age 15-16
200 Meters24.48aJun 13J.O. State Championships
400 Meters54.20aJul 11Region X Championships
Jayleen Reeves - Age 8U
100 Meters21.23aMar 14USATF Regulation
Long Jump5' 10.87May 30AZ Association State Champions..
Jackson Sanders - Age 11-12
100 Meters15.84aMar 14USATF Regulation
200 Meters33.29aMar 28USATF Regulation
400 Meters79.13aFeb 28USATF Regulation
Conall Saxena - Age 15-16
100 Meters12.31aMay 30AZ Association State Champions..
110m Hurdles - 39"17.38aJun 13J.O. State Championships
400m Hurdles - 36"67.95aMay 30AZ Association State Champions..
Neal Saxena - Age 13-14
800 Meters2:46.36aMay 16USATF Regulation
Damian Spencer - Age 8U
100 Meters17.56aMay 2USATF Regulation
200 Meters39.41aMay 30AZ Association State Champions..
Javelin - 300g TJ42' 6.00Jun 13J.O. State Championships
Long Jump10' 0.87May 30AZ Association State Champions..
Edward Suber - Age 15-16
200 Meters27.27aMay 16USATF Regulation
400 Meters56.48aJun 13J.O. State Championships
800 Meters2:17.38aJun 13J.O. State Championships
1500 Meters5:04.56aMay 2USATF Regulation
Jacob Suber - Age 15-16
400 Meters52.88aMay 2USATF Regulation
800 Meters2:05.47aJul 11Region X Championships
1500 Meters4:38.73aJun 13J.O. State Championships
Joshua Suber - Age 17-18
200 Meters23.54aMay 30AZ Association State Champions..
400 Meters51.27aJul 11Region X Championships
Matthew Terwilliger - Age 17-18
200 Meters27.79aMay 30AZ Association State Champions..
Ty Vlaming - Age 17-18
100 Meters12.03aMay 30AZ Association State Champions..
110m Hurdles - 39"16.51aMay 30AZ Association State Champions..
400m Hurdles - 36"60.90aMay 30AZ Association State Champions..
Ethan Wright - Age 15-16
100 Meters12.41aMay 30AZ Association State Champions..
110m Hurdles - 39"16.78aJul 11Region X Championships
400m Hurdles - 36"62.48aJul 11Region X Championships
High Jump5' 7.00Jul 11Region X Championships


Eva Alvillar - Age 9-10
100 Meters16.18aMay 30AZ Association State Champions..
200 Meters34.99aMay 30AZ Association State Champions..
400 Meters88.16aApr 4USATF Regulation
Long Jump10' 5.98May 30AZ Association State Champions..
Olivia Bagby - Age 11-12
400 Meters74.11aApr 18Phoenix Invitational
800 Meters2:44.96aJun 13J.O. State Championships
1500 Meters5:39.61aJun 13J.O. State Championships
Taylor Bakke - Age 13-14
100 Meters13.87aMay 2USATF Regulation
200 Meters30.08aMay 2USATF Regulation
Long Jump14' 0.50May 2USATF Regulation
Leah Bonebright - Age 11-12
100 Meters17.03aJun 13J.O. State Championships
800 Meters3:04.51aJun 13J.O. State Championships
80m Hurdles - 30"18.34aMay 2USATF Regulation
Shot Put - 6lb14' 8.50Jun 13J.O. State Championships
High Jump3' 11.25May 16USATF Regulation
Long Jump11' 11.31May 30AZ Association State Champions..
Pentathlon Score (Outdoor)1187Jun 13J.O. State Championships
Samantha Braun - Age 13-14
400 Meters67.90aMay 2USATF Regulation
800 Meters2:35.32aApr 18Phoenix Invitational
3000 Meters11:12.25aApr 18Phoenix Invitational
Clare DeMent - Age 15-16
100 Meters13.46aMay 30AZ Association State Champions..
200 Meters27.54aMay 30AZ Association State Champions..
Long Jump16' 11.94May 30AZ Association State Champions..
Jules Donnelly - Age 11-12
100 Meters16.00aMar 28USATF Regulation
200 Meters33.35aApr 18Phoenix Invitational
400 Meters73.12aMay 2USATF Regulation
1500 Meters6:48.58aMay 2USATF Regulation
Long Jump8' 0.46Apr 4USATF Regulation
Isabella Durazo - Age 8U
100 Meters22.26aJun 13J.O. State Championships
200 Meters50.77aJun 13J.O. State Championships
Long Jump6' 6.75Jun 13J.O. State Championships
Sophia Evans - Age 8U
100 Meters20.83aMay 30AZ Association State Champions..
200 Meters42.26aMay 30AZ Association State Champions..
Oliva Fairchild - Age 17-18
Shot Put - 4kg33' 2.00Jun 13J.O. State Championships
Discus - 1kg74' 5.70May 30AZ Association State Champions..
Javelin - 600g112' 2.00Jun 13J.O. State Championships
Olivia Fairchild - Age 17-18
Shot Put - 4kg32' 5.75Jul 11Region X Championships
Javelin - 600g117' 8.00Jul 11Region X Championships
Emily Fehrenbach - Age 15-16
100 Meters14.40aMay 30AZ Association State Champions..
200 Meters29.78aMay 30AZ Association State Champions..
Jenna Figueroa - Age 15-16
High Jump4' 9.00Jun 13J.O. State Championships
Long Jump14' 4.50Jun 13J.O. State Championships
Triple Jump33' 9.50Jun 13J.O. State Championships
Morgan Foster - Age 15-16
800 Meters2:20.40aFeb 28USATF Regulation
Sarah Gonzalez - Age 9-10
200 Meters40.59aApr 4USATF Regulation
400 Meters87.83aApr 18Phoenix Invitational
800 Meters3:21.87aMar 28USATF Regulation
1500 Meters7:00.36aMay 30AZ Association State Champions..
Olivia Grieve - Age 15-16
1500 Meters5:37.89aMay 30AZ Association State Champions..
Ariana Hankins - Age 13-14
100 Meters13.51aJun 13J.O. State Championships
200 Meters28.65aApr 18Phoenix Invitational
400 Meters70.64aMar 28USATF Regulation
Long Jump14' 8.38May 2USATF Regulation
Triple Jump31' 5.75Jun 13J.O. State Championships
Erica Hoh - Age 13-14
400 Meters71.38aJun 13J.O. State Championships
800 Meters2:48.83aMay 30AZ Association State Champions..
1500 Meters5:56.45aMay 2USATF Regulation
Jordan Hoh - Age 15-16
Long Jump11' 1.46May 30AZ Association State Champions..
Mirei Ienaga - Age 13-14
1500 Meters5:39.33aMay 30AZ Association State Champions..
3000 Meters11:52.64aJun 13J.O. State Championships
Kara Iverson - Age 9-10
100 Meters17.79aApr 4USATF Regulation
200 Meters38.96aApr 4USATF Regulation
400 Meters1:31.79aMay 2USATF Regulation
800 Meters3:22.29aMay 2USATF Regulation
Grace Johnson - Age 11-12
100 Meters14.82aApr 18Phoenix Invitational
200 Meters31.40aMay 30AZ Association State Champions..
400 Meters87.17aMar 28USATF Regulation
Long Jump11' 5.01May 30AZ Association State Champions..
Amiya Kaminski - Age 15-16
100 Meters14.41aMay 30AZ Association State Champions..
100m Hurdles - 33"17.22aJul 11Region X Championships
400m Hurdles - 30"73.23aMay 30AZ Association State Champions..
Marissa Kretsch - Age 9-10
100 Meters16.11aMay 2USATF Regulation
200 Meters35.62aApr 18Phoenix Invitational
400 Meters87.71aApr 4USATF Regulation
Berenice Lizarraga - Age 15-16
1500 Meters5:34.93aJun 13J.O. State Championships
Leonela Lizarraga - Age 11-12
400 Meters73.01aApr 4USATF Regulation
800 Meters2:44.08aMar 28USATF Regulation
1500 Meters5:22.19aJun 13J.O. State Championships
Jillian Lombardi - Age 15-16
High Jump4' 9.00Jun 13J.O. State Championships
Long Jump16' 10.00Jun 13J.O. State Championships
Triple Jump35' 4.50Jun 13J.O. State Championships
Osanah Manzo - Age 13-14
100 Meters14.69aMay 16USATF Regulation
200 Meters31.38aMay 30AZ Association State Champions..
Daniela Meza - Age 11-12
400 Meters76.84aApr 4USATF Regulation
800 Meters2:52.87aApr 18Phoenix Invitational
1500 Meters5:39.89aJun 13J.O. State Championships
Ashley Mihailovic - Age 15-16
100 Meters13.95aJun 13J.O. State Championships
200 Meters28.87aJun 13J.O. State Championships
Leilani Nish - Age 11-12
100 Meters16.83aMar 28USATF Regulation
200 Meters37.33aMar 14USATF Regulation
400 Meters1:32.24aFeb 28USATF Regulation
Breanna Poe - Age 15-16
400 Meters61.66aJul 11Region X Championships
800 Meters2:35.80aJun 13J.O. State Championships
Madeline Pressman - Age 15-16
100 Meters14.19aMay 2USATF Regulation
400 Meters75.65aMay 2USATF Regulation
Long Jump12' 4.03May 2USATF Regulation
Hannah Sanders - Age 13-14
100 Meters14.45aMay 30AZ Association State Champions..
200 Meters30.23aMay 30AZ Association State Champions..
100m Hurdles - 30"19.55aMay 30AZ Association State Champions..
Long Jump11' 8.16May 2USATF Regulation
Kylie Sollima - Age 15-16
100 Meters14.96aMay 30AZ Association State Champions..
Olivia Spencer - Age 11-12
100 Meters14.34aMay 30AZ Association State Champions..
200 Meters30.40aJun 13J.O. State Championships
800 Meters3:07.90aJun 13J.O. State Championships
80m Hurdles - 30"18.48aJun 13J.O. State Championships
Shot Put - 6lb27' 1.25Jun 13J.O. State Championships
High Jump4' 3.25Jun 13J.O. State Championships
Long Jump14' 7.59May 30AZ Association State Champions..
Pentathlon Score (Outdoor)1723Jun 13J.O. State Championships
Raven Spencer - Age 8U
100 Meters21.19aMay 30AZ Association State Champions..
Long Jump5' 4.75May 16USATF Regulation
Alanah Tadmas - Age 9-10
100 Meters18.12aMay 16USATF Regulation
200 Meters39.90aMay 16USATF Regulation
400 Meters1:34.59aJun 13J.O. State Championships
800 Meters3:19.74aJun 13J.O. State Championships
Eboni Williams - Age 13-14
100 Meters14.03aMay 2USATF Regulation
200 Meters29.74aMay 2USATF Regulation
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