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Matt Adams - 8th Grade
200 Meters28.98Apr 7Colwich/Andale Meet
Long Jump14'1.5"May 11CKL League Meet
Triple Jump29'3"Apr 9Hillsboro Quad
Colter Anderson - 7th Grade
100 Meters16.70Apr 23Hesston MS Quad
200 Meters38.93Apr 23Hesston MS Quad
AJ Bunning - 8th Grade
800 Meters3:34.65Apr 9Hillsboro Quad
Shot Put - 8lb31'7.5"Apr 23Hesston MS Quad
Discus - 1kg104"0May 11CKL League Meet
Jon Burks - 8th Grade
200 Meters28.42Apr 23Hesston MS Quad
Shot Put - 8lb35'1May 11CKL League Meet
Discus - 1kg107'9"Apr 30Hesston MS Invite
Cort Elliott - 8th Grade
200 Meters28.76Apr 23Hesston MS Quad
400 Meters1:05.71Apr 23Hesston MS Quad
75m Hurdles - 30"13.65Apr 7Colwich/Andale Meet
100m Hurdles - 33"17.01May 11CKL League Meet
200m Hurdles - 30"32.64Apr 7Colwich/Andale Meet
High Jump4'4"Apr 7Colwich/Andale Meet
Long Jump14'4"May 5Ellsworth Jr. High
Nathan Grosland - 8th Grade
Shot Put - 8lb35'3"May 11CKL League Meet
Discus - 1kg85'9"Apr 23Hesston MS Quad
Britton Haigh - 7th Grade
1600 Meters5:29May 5Ellsworth Jr. High
Long Jump14'6.75May 5Ellsworth Jr. High
Cody Hoffman - 8th Grade
Pole Vault7'0"Apr 30Hesston MS Invite
Dax Hopp - 7th Grade
400 Meters1:12.94May 11CKL League Meet
Shot Put - 8lb27'1.5"Apr 30Hesston MS Invite
Discus - 1kg91'8"Apr 30Hesston MS Invite
Evan Huff - 8th Grade
Shot Put - 8lb23'8.5"Apr 23Hesston MS Quad
Discus - 1kg68'6"Apr 23Hesston MS Quad
Joe Hunsecker - 8th Grade
800 Meters3:15.24Apr 7Colwich/Andale Meet
1600 Meters7:32.06Apr 23Hesston MS Quad
3200 Meters14:41.18May 11CKL League Meet
Trey Kennedy - 7th Grade
100 Meters14.08Apr 23Hesston MS Quad
75m Hurdles - 30"15.13Apr 7Colwich/Andale Meet
100m Hurdles - 30"21.23Apr 9Hillsboro Quad
Pole Vault7'0"Apr 23Hesston MS Quad
Long Jump12'8.5"Apr 30Hesston MS Invite
Grant Lysell-Alkire - 7th Grade
Shot Put - 8lb25'4.5"Apr 23Hesston MS Quad
Discus - 1kg79'10"Apr 30Hesston MS Invite
Jimmy Mauch - 8th Grade
100 Meters13.73Apr 23Hesston MS Quad
200 Meters28.49Apr 7Colwich/Andale Meet
400 Meters1:03.84Apr 30Hesston MS Invite
Pole Vault7'0"May 5Ellsworth Jr. High
David Orchard - 7th Grade
Shot Put - 8lb21'8.75"Apr 30Hesston MS Invite
Discus - 1kg77'8"Apr 23Hesston MS Quad
Andrew Peters - 7th Grade
100 Meters12.10Apr 9Hillsboro Quad
200 Meters26.31Apr 30Hesston MS Invite
400 Meters56.94May 11CKL League Meet
Pole Vault10'0"May 11CKL League Meet
Josh Peterson - 8th Grade
200 Meters27.49Apr 23Hesston MS Quad
800 Meters2:26.43Apr 30Hesston MS Invite
1600 Meters5:18.58Apr 30Hesston MS Invite
3200 Meters11:22.27May 11CKL League Meet
Pole Vault9'6"Apr 7Colwich/Andale Meet
Chase Pywell - 8th Grade
800 Meters3:13.04May 11CKL League Meet
1600 Meters7:02.05May 11CKL League Meet
Pole Vault5'6"Apr 23Hesston MS Quad
Wyatt Reid - 8th Grade
Shot Put - 8lb23'7.75"Apr 23Hesston MS Quad
Discus - 1kg82'8"Apr 23Hesston MS Quad
Isaiah Ruble - 8th Grade
200 Meters28.10Apr 7Colwich/Andale Meet
High Jump4'10"Apr 7Colwich/Andale Meet
Long Jump14'4"Apr 7Colwich/Andale Meet
Lane Schrag - 8th Grade
100 Meters12.41Apr 7Colwich/Andale Meet
200 Meters26.73Apr 23Hesston MS Quad
400 Meters59.31Apr 7Colwich/Andale Meet
75m Hurdles - 30"12.31Apr 7Colwich/Andale Meet
100m Hurdles - 33"17.44May 5Ellsworth Jr. High
Geoffrey Tubbs - 8th Grade
1600 Meters6:31.35Apr 23Hesston MS Quad
3200 Meters14:14.51Apr 23Hesston MS Quad
Collin Tucker - 8th Grade
800 Meters2:54.86May 11CKL League Meet
1600 Meters6:24May 5Ellsworth Jr. High
3200 Meters13:25.44Apr 7Colwich/Andale Meet
Devon VanFosson - 7th Grade
100 Meters14.19Apr 30Hesston MS Invite
200 Meters30.43Apr 7Colwich/Andale Meet
Discus - 1kg54'8"Apr 23Hesston MS Quad
Kaidin Venables - 7th Grade
100 Meters13.10Apr 23Hesston MS Quad
200 Meters27.75Apr 23Hesston MS Quad
400 Meters1:06.03May 11CKL League Meet
75m Hurdles - 30"14.84Apr 7Colwich/Andale Meet
100m Hurdles - 30"18.6May 11CKL League Meet
Long Jump13'1Apr 7Colwich/Andale Meet
Ethan Wampler - 8th Grade
Shot Put - 8lb39'8"Apr 7Colwich/Andale Meet
Discus - 1kg125'7"Apr 9Hillsboro Quad
Raleigh Wilson - 7th Grade
100 Meters13.28Apr 23Hesston MS Quad
200 Meters27.75Apr 23Hesston MS Quad
Carson Windholz - 8th Grade
100 Meters12.41Apr 7Colwich/Andale Meet
200 Meters26.04Apr 30Hesston MS Invite
400 Meters57.94May 5Ellsworth Jr. High


Kira Arnold - 7th Grade
100 Meters16.04Apr 23Hesston MS Quad
200 Meters34.66Apr 23Hesston MS Quad
400 Meters1:19.68Apr 30Hesston MS Invite
75m Hurdles - 30"17.25Apr 7Colwich/Andale Meet
100m Hurdles - 30"21.67May 5Ellsworth Jr. High
200m Hurdles - 30"40.20Apr 7Colwich/Andale Meet
Long Jump10'7.5"Apr 23Hesston MS Quad
Lauren Barnes - 7th Grade
100 Meters17.05Apr 23Hesston MS Quad
200 Meters36.54Apr 23Hesston MS Quad
400 Meters1:19.68Apr 30Hesston MS Invite
Ashlyn Bryant - 7th Grade
100 Meters15.08Apr 30Hesston MS Invite
200 Meters31.04Apr 30Hesston MS Invite
400 Meters1:13.62May 11CKL League Meet
Long Jump13'4.5"Apr 30Hesston MS Invite
McKenzie Burks - 7th Grade
100 Meters15.10Apr 23Hesston MS Quad
200 Meters35.01Apr 7Colwich/Andale Meet
Long Jump13'0.5May 5Ellsworth Jr. High
Macie Carlson - 7th Grade
100 Meters14.61Apr 7Colwich/Andale Meet
200 Meters32.71Apr 30Hesston MS Invite
Long Jump11'7.5"Apr 23Hesston MS Quad
Paige Clark - 8th Grade
Shot Put - 6lb21'4"Apr 7Colwich/Andale Meet
Discus - 1kg60'9"May 5Ellsworth Jr. High
Long Jump10'7.5"May 5Ellsworth Jr. High
Saisha Cornett - 7th Grade
100 Meters17.56Apr 23Hesston MS Quad
200 Meters36.38Apr 23Hesston MS Quad
High Jump3'8"Apr 7Colwich/Andale Meet
Long Jump10'2.25"Apr 7Colwich/Andale Meet
Triple Jump20'8.5"May 5Ellsworth Jr. High
Addison Fishback - 7th Grade
800 Meters3:00.12Apr 30Hesston MS Invite
1600 Meters7:17.87Apr 7Colwich/Andale Meet
Long Jump10'7.25"Apr 23Hesston MS Quad
Lindsey Gerlach - 8th Grade
100 Meters15.16Apr 7Colwich/Andale Meet
200 Meters31.41Apr 7Colwich/Andale Meet
400 Meters1:11.90Apr 30Hesston MS Invite
Addison Haiden - 8th Grade
Shot Put - 6lb36'2.5"Apr 7Colwich/Andale Meet
Discus - 1kg99'8"May 11CKL League Meet
Samantha Haun - 8th Grade
100 Meters15.21May 11CKL League Meet
200 Meters31.78Apr 30Hesston MS Invite
Shot Put - 6lb21'0.5"Apr 30Hesston MS Invite
Discus - 1kg48'9"Apr 23Hesston MS Quad
Kennedi Hendricks - 8th Grade
100 Meters14.37Apr 23Hesston MS Quad
200 Meters30.80May 11CKL League Meet
Alyssa Larson - 8th Grade
High Jump4'4"May 11CKL League Meet
Long Jump12'6.5"Apr 7Colwich/Andale Meet
Triple Jump26'10.25"May 11CKL League Meet
Gracie Lott - 8th Grade
1600 Meters6:10.21May 5Ellsworth Jr. High
3200 Meters13:05.23May 11CKL League Meet
Helayna Mader - 7th Grade
1600 Meters6:31.15Apr 23Hesston MS Quad
Long Jump12'5.5"Apr 23Hesston MS Quad
Sylvia Mastin - 7th Grade
100 Meters15.40Apr 23Hesston MS Quad
200 Meters33.45Apr 30Hesston MS Invite
400 Meters1:34.36Apr 9Hillsboro Quad
75m Hurdles - 30"16.09Apr 7Colwich/Andale Meet
100m Hurdles - 30"21.56Apr 30Hesston MS Invite
200m Hurdles - 30"38.93Apr 7Colwich/Andale Meet
Pole Vault6'0"May 11CKL League Meet
Hailey Priddy - 8th Grade
800 Meters2:50.82Apr 23Hesston MS Quad
1600 Meters6:08.73May 11CKL League Meet
Anthea Richert - 7th Grade
100 Meters18.97Apr 23Hesston MS Quad
Shot Put - 6lb14'5"Apr 23Hesston MS Quad
Lydia Rick - 7th Grade
100 Meters15.05Apr 7Colwich/Andale Meet
200 Meters34.03Apr 7Colwich/Andale Meet
Pole VaultNHApr 30Hesston MS Invite
Emily Ryals - 8th Grade
200 Meters32.62Apr 7Colwich/Andale Meet
100m Hurdles - 30"20.87May 11CKL League Meet
Shot Put - 6lb32'11"Apr 7Colwich/Andale Meet
Discus - 1kg76'10"Apr 9Hillsboro Quad
Kaylie Ryan - 7th Grade
100 Meters14.96Apr 30Hesston MS Invite
75m Hurdles - 30"15.88Apr 7Colwich/Andale Meet
100m Hurdles - 30"20.75May 5Ellsworth Jr. High
200m Hurdles - 30"37.53Apr 7Colwich/Andale Meet
Pole Vault6'10"Apr 7Colwich/Andale Meet
Makayla Schrag - 8th Grade
Shot Put - 6lb18'6"May 5Ellsworth Jr. High
Discus - 1kg45'01Apr 23Hesston MS Quad
Ahnya Stambaugh-Tubbs - 7th Grade
100 Meters15.91Apr 23Hesston MS Quad
200 Meters34.67Apr 23Hesston MS Quad
High Jump4'0"Apr 7Colwich/Andale Meet
Long Jump10'5.5"Apr 9Hillsboro Quad
Triple Jump26'10.25"May 5Ellsworth Jr. High
Skyler Venables - 7th Grade
100 Meters17.25Apr 23Hesston MS Quad
200 Meters36.74Apr 23Hesston MS Quad
400 Meters1:24May 5Ellsworth Jr. High
High Jump3'10"Apr 7Colwich/Andale Meet
Long Jump9'6"Apr 23Hesston MS Quad
Triple Jump20'6.5"May 5Ellsworth Jr. High
Kylie Weis - 7th Grade
100 Meters15.80Apr 23Hesston MS Quad
200 Meters35.70Apr 23Hesston MS Quad
Long Jump11'5"Apr 7Colwich/Andale Meet
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