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Eric Abdullah - 12th Grade
1600 Meters4:29.90aApr 27SCHSL 4A Region 7
3200 Meters10:18.54aApr 27SCHSL 4A Region 7
Dillon Adams - 10th Grade
3200 Meters10:54.12aApr 27SCHSL 4A Region 7
Ja'Quan Beckett - 12th Grade
100 Meters12.47aApr 16Cane Bay Invitational
High Jump5' 4.00Mar 5Sandlapper Classic
Long Jump20' 6.00Mar 26Bob Jenkins Coaches Classic
Triple Jump40' 9.00Mar 5Sandlapper Classic
Parker Calvert - 10th Grade
1600 Meters5:10.39aApr 12Berkeley County Championship
3200 Meters10:54.65aMar 26Bob Jenkins Coaches Classic
Toriano Deleline - 12th Grade
Shot Put - 12lb47' 6.50Apr 20Tri-County Meet of Champions
Discus - 1.6kg113' 4.00Apr 27SCHSL 4A Region 7
Grant Domingo - 10th Grade
800 Meters2:08.23aApr 27SCHSL 4A Region 7
1600 Meters4:42.27aApr 12Berkeley County Championship
3200 Meters10:47.21aApr 12Berkeley County Championship
Devonte Fuller - 10th Grade
100 Meters10.90aApr 2Father Kelly Classic
200 Meters22.33aApr 2Father Kelly Classic
400 Meters48.28aMay 13SCHSL AAAA State Championships
800 Meters1:53.15aJun 17New Balance Nationals Outdoor
400m Hurdles - 36"57.41aApr 16Cane Bay Invitational
Daniel Gibbs - 11th Grade
100 Meters11.84aApr 27SCHSL 4A Region 7
200 Meters24.29aApr 27SCHSL 4A Region 7
Jamar Goss - 10th Grade
1600 Meters5:13.70aApr 16Cane Bay Invitational
Jd Harrelson - ?
Discus - 1.6kg94' 3.00Mar 12Outback Classic
James Jackson - 11th Grade
400 Meters51.58aMar 26Bob Jenkins Coaches Classic
800 Meters2:00.11aApr 27SCHSL 4A Region 7
Khafre Johnson - ?
Discus - 1.6kg99' 0.00Apr 12Berkeley County Championship
Omari Johnson - 11th Grade
100 Meters10.89aApr 27SCHSL 4A Region 7
200 Meters22.56aApr 12Berkeley County Championship
110m Hurdles - 39"15.85aApr 16Cane Bay Invitational
400m Hurdles - 36"62.41aMar 12Outback Classic
Long Jump18' 4.00Apr 12Berkeley County Championship
William Mack - 10th Grade
Long JumpFOULApr 27SCHSL 4A Region 7
Triple Jump35' 6.50Apr 16Cane Bay Invitational
Amarion Martin - 8th Grade
400 Meters56.19aApr 27SCHSL 4A Region 7
800 Meters2:14.34aApr 16Cane Bay Invitational
Ben McBride - 9th Grade
1600 Meters5:18.31aApr 16Cane Bay Invitational
Sellers McCants - 10th Grade
Discus - 1.6kg128' 10.00Apr 27SCHSL 4A Region 7
Logan Mullins - 12th Grade
Pole Vault12' 6.00Mar 26Bob Jenkins Coaches Classic
Elam Pearson - 10th Grade
110m Hurdles - 39"19.06aApr 16Cane Bay Invitational
Long Jump19' 4.00Mar 12Outback Classic
Triple Jump40' 3.00Mar 5Sandlapper Classic
Brandon Polite - 9th Grade
200 Meters25.14aMar 12Outback Classic
400 Meters54.61aApr 27SCHSL 4A Region 7
High Jump5' 6.00Mar 5Sandlapper Classic
Long Jump19' 11.00Apr 12Berkeley County Championship
Katray Pringle - 10th Grade
Shot Put - 12lb39' 7.00Apr 27SCHSL 4A Region 7
Discus - 1.6kg81' 8.00Apr 27SCHSL 4A Region 7
Sean Pringle - 10th Grade
Pole Vault10' 0.00Apr 27SCHSL 4A Region 7
Shane Reid - 10th Grade
Shot Put - 12lb40' 4.00Apr 12Berkeley County Championship
Andrew Sanborn - 11th Grade
800 Meters2:08.65aApr 27SCHSL 4A Region 7
Andrew Smith - 12th Grade
Pole Vault12' 0.00Apr 27SCHSL 4A Region 7
Cameron Smith - 10th Grade
100 Meters11.60aApr 2Father Kelly Classic
200 Meters23.81aApr 27SCHSL 4A Region 7
400 Meters54.66aApr 16Cane Bay Invitational
110m Hurdles - 39"15.53aApr 12Berkeley County Championship
400m Hurdles - 36"58.64aApr 12Berkeley County Championship
Samuel Stevenson - 11th Grade
Triple Jump36' 4.50Apr 16Cane Bay Invitational
Cody Tipton - 9th Grade
1600 Meters5:31.88aApr 16Cane Bay Invitational
Matt Walsh - ?
Discus - 1.6kg93' 11.00Apr 12Berkeley County Championship
Gavin Weaver - 8th Grade
400 Meters56.41aApr 2Father Kelly Classic
800 Meters2:15.11aApr 16Cane Bay Invitational
Jaylin West - 12th Grade
100 Meters11.76aMar 12Outback Classic
200 Meters23.32aApr 12Berkeley County Championship
400 Meters53.34aMar 5Sandlapper Classic
400m Hurdles - 36"56.66aApr 20Tri-County Meet of Champions
Long Jump19' 8.25Mar 5Sandlapper Classic
Tucker Wheeler - 10th Grade
Shot Put - 12lb41' 6.50Apr 2Father Kelly Classic
Discus - 1.6kg118' 4.00Apr 27SCHSL 4A Region 7
Wyatt Wittman - 10th Grade
3200 Meters11:02.14aMar 26Bob Jenkins Coaches Classic


Lauren Adams - 10th Grade
1600 Meters5:56.05aMar 5Sandlapper Classic
3200 Meters13:12.03aApr 12Berkeley County Championship
Bailey Ashe - 9th Grade
1600 Meters6:36.06aApr 2Father Kelly Classic
Brittani Barratt - 12th Grade
1600 Meters5:51.09aMar 5Sandlapper Classic
3200 Meters12:38.24aApr 27SCHSL 4A Region 7
Danielle Bougouneau - ?
800 Meters2:52.74aMar 12Outback Classic
Dasia Brown - 12th Grade
Long Jump13' 11.00Apr 2Father Kelly Classic
Dionah Bryant - 11th Grade
400 Meters64.43aApr 16Cane Bay Invitational
800 Meters2:39.99aApr 12Berkeley County Championship
High Jump4' 6.00Mar 5Sandlapper Classic
Alyssa Davis - 8th Grade
100 Meters14.79aApr 16Cane Bay Invitational
200 Meters29.30aApr 27SCHSL 4A Region 7
400 Meters65.69aApr 12Berkeley County Championship
Grace Denton - 10th Grade
1600 Meters6:40.70aApr 2Father Kelly Classic
Aaliyah Deveaux - 11th Grade
Shot Put - 4kg41' 5.50Mar 12Outback Classic
Discus - 1kg128' 8.00Mar 12Outback Classic
Madison Haas - 10th Grade
Long Jump11' 11.00Apr 16Cane Bay Invitational
Aviyona Hosea - 10th Grade
400m Hurdles - 30"74.29aMar 12Outback Classic
Caitlin Mcdade - 9th Grade
800 Meters2:43.73aApr 12Berkeley County Championship
1600 Meters5:52.91aApr 27SCHSL 4A Region 7
3200 Meters13:17.64aMar 12Outback Classic
Bianca McEwen - 12th Grade
100 Meters12.80aApr 2Father Kelly Classic
200 Meters26.46aApr 27SCHSL 4A Region 7
400 Meters61.85aApr 27SCHSL 4A Region 7
Anna Miller - 10th Grade
Shot Put - 4kg29' 7.50Apr 2Father Kelly Classic
Discus - 1kg76' 8.00Apr 12Berkeley County Championship
Jessika Morrison - 11th Grade
Shot Put - 4kg32' 6.00Apr 12Berkeley County Championship
Discus - 1kg93' 3.00Apr 12Berkeley County Championship
Lauren Mustapher - 10th Grade
100 Meters12.79aApr 12Berkeley County Championship
200 Meters26.15aApr 27SCHSL 4A Region 7
400 Meters58.03aMay 13SCHSL AAAA State Championships
800 Meters2:35.99aApr 16Cane Bay Invitational
Abriel Myers - 10th Grade
100 Meters13.63aMar 5Sandlapper Classic
200 Meters26.79aApr 12Berkeley County Championship
400 Meters60.99aMar 12Outback Classic
Danielle Nowlin - 11th Grade
Long Jump14' 4.00Apr 27SCHSL 4A Region 7
Triple Jump28' 9.00Apr 16Cane Bay Invitational
Tatyana Ravenel - 10th Grade
400 Meters61.56aApr 16Cane Bay Invitational
800 Meters2:41.28aMar 5Sandlapper Classic
Peyton Smith - 11th Grade
800 Meters2:48.05aMar 5Sandlapper Classic
1600 Meters6:02.41aApr 12Berkeley County Championship
3200 Meters13:06.05aApr 27SCHSL 4A Region 7
Imani Walters - 8th Grade
Long Jump13' 7.00Apr 12Berkeley County Championship