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NCAA Men's 10,000 Meters

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1.SrStephen Sambu28:06.16aAZArizonaMt. SAC RelaysThu, Apr 19
2.SrCameron Levins28:07.14aUTSouthern UtahNCAA Division I Outdoor Track and Field ChampionshipsWed, Jun 6
3.SrChris Derrick28:17.28aCAStanfordNCAA Division I Outdoor Track and Field ChampionshipsWed, Jun 6
4.SrTyler Pennel28:23.54aCOWestern StateStanford InvitationalSat, Apr 7
5.SrLuke Puskedra28:24.24aOROregonNCAA Division I Outdoor Track and Field ChampionshipsWed, Jun 6
6.JrBill Kogel28:39.54aOKOklahomaStanford InvitationalSat, Apr 7
7.SrDaniel Chenoweth28:46.87aWIWisconsinStanford InvitationalSat, Apr 7
8.SrMiles Unterreiner28:49.15aCAStanfordStanford InvitationalSat, Apr 7
9.SoIsaac Chavez28:49.17aCAChico StateStanford InvitationalSat, Apr 7
10.SrJonathan Peterson28:50.45aCAUC DavisStanford InvitationalSat, Apr 7
11.JrKevin Schwab28:53.70aOKOklahomaStanford InvitationalSat, Apr 7
12.SrBrendan Gregg28:54.41aCAStanfordStanford InvitationalSat, Apr 7
13.SrKyle Dawson28:55.33aPAPenn StateStanford InvitationalSat, Apr 7
14.SrJustus David28:55.69aTNMiddle Tennessee StateStanford InvitationalSat, Apr 7
15.SrLeban Sialo28:57.15aMOCentral MissouriMt. SAC RelaysThu, Apr 19
16.JrMichael Fout28:57.89aFLFlorida StateStanford InvitationalSat, Apr 7
17.SoJared Ward28:59.74aUTBYUNCAA Division I Outdoor Track and Field ChampionshipsWed, Jun 6
18.SoParker Stinson29:00.07aOROregonStanford InvitationalSat, Apr 7
19.SrElliot Krause29:02.89aWIWisconsinNCAA Division I Outdoor Track and Field ChampionshipsWed, Jun 6
20.SoRyan Dohner29:05.11aTXTexasNCAA Division I Outdoor Track and Field ChampionshipsWed, Jun 6
21.JrGabe Proctor29:05.45aCOWestern StateMt. SAC RelaysThu, Apr 19
22.JrTito Medrano29:07.73aNYSyracuseStanford InvitationalSat, Apr 7
23.SrMatt Bond29:08.69aCOAdams StateStanford InvitationalSat, Apr 7
24.SoMartin Coolidge29:08.87aIAIowa StateStanford InvitationalSat, Apr 7
25.SrJames Walmsley29:08.88aCOAir ForceMt. SAC RelaysThu, Apr 19
26.JrSoufiane Bouchikhi29:09.08aKYEastern KentuckyNCAA Division I Outdoor Track and Field ChampionshipsWed, Jun 6
27.SrAlden Bahr29:09.13aUTBYUMt. SAC RelaysThu, Apr 19
28.FrDavid Perry29:09.31aORPortlandMt. SAC RelaysThu, Apr 19
29.SrAlexander Soderberg29:09.35aNYIonaStanford InvitationalSat, Apr 7
30.JrDaniel Mutai29:10.20aLALouisiana-MonroeStanford InvitationalSat, Apr 7
31.SoPaul Katam29:10.65aNCNorth Carolina-GreensboroNCAA Division I Outdoor Track and Field ChampionshipsWed, Jun 6
32.FrScott Fauble29:11.96aORPortlandMt. SAC RelaysThu, Apr 19
33.JrCosmas Ayabei29:13.50aMOMissouri-Kansas CityMt. SAC RelaysThu, Apr 19
34.SrChristian Thompson29:13.59aCOColoradoStanford InvitationalSat, Apr 7
35.SrPatrick Dupont29:14.83aNYSyracuseStanford InvitationalSat, Apr 7
36.SrDeus Rwaherus29:15.06aKYWestern KentuckyMt. SAC RelaysThu, Apr 19
37.JrMax Storms29:15.61aMOMissouriMt. SAC RelaysThu, Apr 19
38.SrDanny Docherty29:16.46aILLoyola-ChicagoStanford InvitationalSat, Apr 7
39.SrEthan Shaw29:17.89aNHDartmouthMt. SAC RelaysThu, Apr 19
40.FrFabian Clarkson29:18.25aOKOklahoma StateStanford InvitationalSat, Apr 7
41.SrChris Berry29:19.72aTNTennessee-ChattanoogaStanford InvitationalSat, Apr 7
42.SrAndy Wacker29:19.95aCOColoradoStanford InvitationalSat, Apr 7
43.SoIsaiah Samoei29:20.11aNMEastern New MexicoMt. SAC RelaysThu, Apr 19
44.SrSam Alexander29:21.06aCTCentral ConnecticutStanford InvitationalSat, Apr 7
45.SrMartin Medina29:21.57aCOColoradoStanford InvitationalSat, Apr 7
46.SoMartin Grady29:21.87aINNotre DameStanford InvitationalSat, Apr 7
47.SrD.J. McMillan29:22.45aGAGeorgia TechStanford InvitationalSat, Apr 7
48.SrGreg Miller29:22.55aWYWyomingMt. SAC RelaysThu, Apr 19
49.SrMichael Schmidt29:23.62aVTMiddleburyStanford InvitationalSat, Apr 7
50.JrBrett Kelly29:24.58aNYCornellStanford InvitationalSat, Apr 7
51.JrMatt Johnsen29:25.70aTXLamarStanford InvitationalSat, Apr 7
52.JrSolomon Gardea29:25.73aTXTexas-El PasoStanford InvitationalSat, Apr 7
53.SrSeth Proctor29:26.09aFLFlorida StateStanford InvitationalSat, Apr 7
54.JrMike Murphy29:26.68aNYColumbiaStanford InvitationalSat, Apr 7
55.SrAaron Sherf29:27.57aOKOklahomaStanford InvitationalSat, Apr 7
56.SrBreandan O'Neill29:28.87aFLFlorida StateStanford InvitationalSat, Apr 7
57.SrT.C. Lumbar29:28.93aDCGeorgetownMt. SAC RelaysThu, Apr 19
58.SrLane Boyer29:29.52aARArkansasMt. SAC RelaysThu, Apr 19
59.SrMatthew Miller29:30.92aCAUC BerkeleyStanford InvitationalSat, Apr 7
60.SrMark Dennin29:30.97aDCGeorgetownNCAA Division I Outdoor Track and Field ChampionshipsWed, Jun 6
61.JrJeremy Drenckhahn29:31.44aCOAir ForceStanford InvitationalSat, Apr 7
62.JrSean Keveren29:31.86aVAVirginiaACC ChampionshipsSat, Apr 21
63.FrRyan Poland29:33.42aOKOklahomaStanford InvitationalSat, Apr 7
64.SrRory Tunningley29:33.66aTXTexasStanford InvitationalSat, Apr 7
SoWill Nation29:33.66aTXTexasStanford InvitationalSat, Apr 7
66.JrEric Fernandez29:34.54aARArkansasSEC Outdoor Track & Field ChampionshipsThu, May 10
67.SrDevin Monson29:37.13aMNHamlineHillsdale College Gina RelaysThu, Apr 26
68.SrAustin Huff29:37.20aCAHumboldt StateStanford InvitationalSat, Apr 7
69.SoSean Gildea29:37.40aCOColorado School of MinesMt. SAC RelaysThu, Apr 19
70.SrCraig Padgett29:38.70aINIndiana StateMt. SAC RelaysThu, Apr 19
71.SrAndrew Brodeur29:39.00aNCDukeACC ChampionshipsSat, Apr 21
72.SrAl Sanabria29:39.38aNENebraska-KearneyMt. SAC RelaysThu, Apr 19
73.SoDustin Fay29:40.01aCAUCLAMt. SAC RelaysThu, Apr 19
74.SrKyle King29:40.08aWAEastern WashingtonMt. SAC RelaysThu, Apr 19
75.FrMark Pinales29:40.34aTXTexasStanford InvitationalSat, Apr 7
76.SrJosh Stein29:40.47aILLoyola-ChicagoStanford InvitationalSat, Apr 7
77.SrCale Allen29:40.53aINPurdueMt. SAC RelaysThu, Apr 19
78.SrAlexander Lundy29:42.29aDCGeorgetownStanford InvitationalSat, Apr 7
79.SrDaniel Kerr29:42.36aMICalvinHillsdale College Gina RelaysThu, Apr 26
80.SrNathan Sellers29:42.63aCOAdams StateMt. SAC RelaysThu, Apr 19
81.JrPatrick Campbell29:43.36aNCNorth Carolina StateACC ChampionshipsSat, Apr 21
82.SoMorsi Rayyan29:43.44aMIMichiganMt. SAC RelaysThu, Apr 19
83.JrZachary Mayhew29:43.79aINIndiana (IN)NCAA Division I Outdoor Track and Field ChampionshipsWed, Jun 6
84.SoChris Frias29:44.14aCACal Poly SLOStanford InvitationalSat, Apr 7
85.JrTrevor Blackman29:44.42aCOWestern StateMt. SAC RelaysThu, Apr 19
86.SrDaniel Wallis29:45.47aCOColorado StateStanford InvitationalSat, Apr 7
87.SrAnthony Witt29:46.24aMIGrand Valley StateMt. SAC RelaysThu, Apr 19
88.JrZach Ornelas29:46.30aMIMichiganMt. SAC RelaysThu, Apr 19
89.SrAnthony Costales29:46.51aCAChico StateStanford InvitationalSat, Apr 7
90.JrSean Stam29:46.65aNMNew MexicoStanford InvitationalSat, Apr 7
91.SrBen Orvold29:47.89aWIWisconsin-ParksideDr. Keeler InvitationalFri, May 11
92.JrAustin Snyder29:48.15aRIBrownStanford InvitationalSat, Apr 7
93.SrColin Mickow29:48.72aILIllinoisDrake Relays 2012Sat, Apr 28
94.SrChris Kwiatkowski29:49.06aOROregonPAC-12 T&F Championships (Day 1)Sat, May 12
95.SrNeal Anderson29:51.07aILSouthern Illinois-CarbondaleMt. SAC RelaysThu, Apr 19
96.SrJosh Izewski29:51.70aFLFloridaMt. SAC RelaysThu, Apr 19
97.JrAndrew Quallio29:51.96aCOAir ForceDrake Relays 2012Sat, Apr 28
98.JrGilbert Kemboi29:52.00SCSouth Carolina UpstateRaleigh RelaysSat, Mar 31
99.JrAlfredo Santana29:52.10aPALa SalleStanford InvitationalSat, Apr 7
SrScott Foley29:52.10aIDBoise StateMt. SAC RelaysThu, Apr 19
101.SrBen Sathre29:52.43aMNSt Thomas (MN)Drake Relays 2012Sat, Apr 28
102.SrBlake Johnson29:52.59aWIMarquetteMt. SAC RelaysThu, Apr 19
103.JrCharlie McDonald29:53.02aORPortlandMt. SAC RelaysThu, Apr 19
104.SrKevin Havel29:53.15aCAStanfordStanford InvitationalSat, Apr 7
105.SrChad Hall29:54.71aCAUC RiversideStanford InvitationalSat, Apr 7
106.SoJovanny Godinez29:55.26aCOAdams StateMt. SAC RelaysThu, Apr 19
107.JrAlbaro Escalera29:55.38aINIndiana StateMt. SAC RelaysThu, Apr 19
108.JrRex Shields29:55.79aUTBYUMt. SAC RelaysThu, Apr 19
109.JrSolomon Haile29:56.04aARArkansasSEC Outdoor Track & Field ChampionshipsThu, May 10
110.SoPaul Yak29:56.98aSDAugustana (SD)Drake Relays 2012Sat, Apr 28

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