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Division III Men's 1600 Meters

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1.12Juan Wells4:15.33aAZMingus UnionArizona Meet of ChampionsWed, May 16
2.12Tyler Stamp4:22.68aAZSabinoMario Castro InvitationalFri, Apr 20
3.12Cruz Rodriguez4:23.29aAZEmpireArizona Meet of ChampionsWed, May 16
4.11Jake Wynn4:25.12aAZSaguaroBrophy AMDGThu, Mar 8
5.11Searle Tracy4:28.67aAZChinleDivision III State Championship MeetSat, May 12
6.12Luis Yanez4:28.79aAZRound ValleyDivision III State Championship MeetSat, May 12
7.12Jonathan Yazzie4:29.20aAZChinle80th Annual Winslow Track & Field ClassicFri, Apr 27
8.12Criston Hyett4:31.74aAZWickenburgScottsdale Distance ClassicFri, Mar 30
9.12Chavis Curley4:32.07aAZPageDivision III State Championship MeetSat, May 12
10.9Jeffery Miller4:32.22aAZPageDivision III State Championship MeetSat, May 12
11.12John Rodriquez4:33.31aAZSnowflakeDivision III State Championship MeetSat, May 12
12.11Robert Contreras4:34.39aAZRio RicoChandler Rotary InvitationalSat, Mar 24
13.11Braulio Lopez4:34.45aAZRio RicoWillie Williams InvitationalSat, Mar 17
14.12Michael Russell4:34.56aAZPageLions InviteSat, Mar 10
15.10Brennen Barfuss4:35.25aAZHigleyDivision III State Championship MeetSat, May 12
16.12Brandon Snickers4:35.30aAZSedona Red RockMingus InvitationalFri, Apr 20
17.12Rosendo Gonzalez4:36.24aAZYoungkerDivision III State Championship MeetSat, May 12
18.12Chris Ortiz4:36.90aAZMingus UnionYavapai County ChampionshipsFri, Apr 27
19.12Michael Julian4:37.95aAZBlue RidgeLupe Acevedo RelaysWed, Apr 25
20.11Lee Jones4:38.38aAZRio RicoChandler Rotary InvitationalSat, Mar 24
21.12Dominic Sinquah4:39.07aAZHopiMVHS Last Chance MeetWed, Apr 25
22.11Lucas May4:39.90aAZCoronadoScottsdale Distance ClassicFri, Mar 30
23.10Ben Noriega4:40.66aAZRio RicoChandler Rotary InvitationalSat, Mar 24
24.11Lucas Rydberg4:41.62aAZBlue Ridge2012 NPA Skydome ClassicWed, Mar 7
25.10Juan Cortes4:42.66aAZSaguaroDivision III State Championship MeetSat, May 12
26.9Oscar Amaya4:42.70aAZRio RicoWillie Williams InvitationalThu, Mar 15
27.10Travis Okie4:43.14aAZSedona Red RockYavapai County ChampionshipsFri, Apr 27
28.9Julian Cly4:43.42aAZMonument ValleyPage MultipleFri, Mar 16
29.11Sergio Cordova4:44.62aAZSanta RitaSabino InvitationalThu, Apr 26
30.11Cameron Glass4:44.76aAZFountain HillsScottsdale Distance ClassicFri, Mar 30
31.10Eddie Loughran4:44.97aAZTuba CityMVHS Last Chance MeetWed, Apr 25
32.12McCray Huma4:45.11aAZHopi80th Annual Winslow Track & Field ClassicFri, Apr 27
33.10Francisco Contreras4:45.17aAZWickenburg62nd Glendale InvitationalSat, Apr 21
34.10Emilio Ybarra4:45.57aAZYoungkerBuffalo StampedeFri, Apr 20
35.12Reese McSpadden4:45.83aAZSabinoChandler Rotary InvitationalSat, Mar 24
36.12Joseph Locaspino4:46.31aAZGanadoMVHS Last Chance MeetWed, Apr 25
37.10Gustavo Banks4:46.54aAZMingus UnionScottsdale Distance ClassicFri, Mar 30
38.12Kyran Brown4:47.47aAZPagePage Last ChanceFri, May 4
39.11Wil Gilbreath4:47.64aAZSaguaroNorth East Valley ChampionshipTue, May 1
40.12Josue Rosas4:47.94aAZRio RicoQueen Creek InvitationalSat, Apr 21
41.12Charles Manymules4:48.13aAZChinleMVHS Sunset MeetWed, Mar 28
42.12Danny Kimball4:48.53aAZSaguaroScottsdale Distance ClassicFri, Mar 30
43.9Mohamed Adan4:48.59aAZCatalinaFlowing Wells/Catalina/Pusch RidgeWed, Apr 11
44.11Ryan Wright4:48.80AZRiver ValleyHavasu Last Chance MeetWed, Apr 25
45.12Austin Judkins4:49.27aAZCombsBuffalo StampedeFri, Apr 20
46.12Cody Sangster4:49.76aAZWinslow2012 NPA Skydome ClassicWed, Mar 7
47.10Fox Stone4:50.13aAZSaguaroNorth East Valley ChampionshipTue, May 1
48.12Ron Homjak III4:50.49aAZFountain HillsValley Christian InvitationalSat, Apr 14
49.12Eddie MacKay4:50.59aAZFlorenceSE Valley ChampionshipWed, May 2
50.12Egide Nduwimana4:50.68aAZCatalinaChandler Rotary InvitationalFri, Mar 23
51.11Andrew Anaya- Lara4:52.12aAZBuckeye UnionVerrado, Sunnyslope Vs. Buckeye Wed, Apr 18
52.11Jeremy Ruano4:52.29aAZEstrella FoothillsWolves ClassicSat, Apr 28
53.12Marcus Begay4:52.38aAZPagePage Last ChanceFri, May 4
54.9Tyron Yazzie4:52.79aAZPageLions InviteSat, Mar 10
55.10Mario Molina4:53.02aAZSanta Cruz Valley Union60th Kiwanis Invitational (Casa Grande)Fri, Mar 30
56.11Shawn Tsinnijinnie4:53.09aAZTuba CityMVHS Sunset MeetWed, Mar 28
57.12Justin Yazzie4:53.10aAZChinleChandler Rotary InvitationalFri, Mar 23
58.9Justin Littleman4:53.57aAZPagePage Last ChanceFri, May 4
59.11Ben Chapman4:53.75aAZWilliams FieldSE Valley ChampionshipWed, May 2
60.12Darnell Ben4:53.96aAZHopiCougar InvitationalThu, Apr 5
61.11Ricky Larez4:54.28aAZDouglasChandler Rotary InvitationalFri, Mar 23
62.11Binahnii Curley4:54.37aAZWindow RockPage InvitationalSat, Apr 21
63.11Robby Hutchison4:54.42aAZYoungkerBrophy AMDGThu, Mar 8
64.11Channing Nez4:54.58aAZChino ValleySedona InvitationalWed, Apr 11
65.10Klye Nutumya4:54.79aAZTuba CityPage InvitationalSat, Apr 21
66.11Albert Ryan4:54.83aAZShow LowQueen Creek InvitationalSat, Apr 21
67.10Scott Jarriel4:55.01aAZFountain HillsDesert Vista Last ChanceFri, May 4
68.12Damian Mitchell4:55.54aAZSaguaroWednesday QualifierWed, Apr 4
69.11Kyle Nutumya4:55.59aAZTuba CityChandler Rotary InvitationalFri, Mar 23
70.12Shawn Secody4:55.85aAZPagePine View InvitationalSat, Mar 24
71.11Alex Lawson4:55.94aAZSaguaroScottsdale Distance ClassicFri, Mar 30
72.12Jamie Wadington4:56.13aAZPaysonChandler Rotary InvitationalFri, Mar 23
73.9Jordan Bramblett4:56.25aAZMingus UnionYavapai County ChampionshipsFri, Apr 27
74.9Rene Diaz4:56.38aAZSedona Red RockValley Christian InvitationalSat, Apr 14
75.9Joseph Strunk4:56.51aAZSaguaroScottsdale Distance ClassicFri, Mar 30
76.11Kyle James4:56.80aAZPinonMVHS Sunset MeetWed, Mar 28
77.12Terry Cartwright4:57.10aAZSaffordEastern Arizona Rotary InvitationalFri, Apr 20
78.11John Hoskie4:57.32aAZWinslowSnowflake InvitationalFri, May 4
79.11Hayden Cullins4:57.40AZSaguaroScottsdale JV District MeetThu, Apr 26
80.11Tony Whitaker4:57.89aAZHigleyChandler Rotary InvitationalFri, Mar 23
81.11Hyrum Hanlon4:57.91aAZSnowflake80th Annual Winslow Track & Field ClassicFri, Apr 27
82.11Zach Ballard4:57.97aAZChino ValleyScottsdale Distance ClassicFri, Mar 30
83.10Bill Clem4:58.07aAZChinleMVHS Sunset MeetWed, Mar 28
84.12Evan Prestwich4:58.52aAZBlue RidgeRound Valley InvitationalFri, Mar 16
85.10Trey Koble4:58.54aAZSaguaroScottsdale Varsity CityFri, Apr 27
86.11Cordero Salazar4:58.85aAZFlorenceSE Valley ChampionshipWed, May 2
87.9Jonathan Abramovich4:59.52aAZEstrella FoothillsWolves ClassicSat, Apr 28
88.10Kyle Hardy4:59.98aAZTuba CityMVHS Last Chance MeetWed, Apr 25
89.11Michael Anderson5:00.21aAZPaysonChandler Rotary InvitationalFri, Mar 23
90.9McKenzie Nez5:00.50aAZChino ValleyYavapai County ChampionshipsFri, Apr 27
91.11Terrell Twobulls5:00.80aAZHolbrook80th Annual Winslow Track & Field ClassicFri, Apr 27
92.12Melcomh Chee5:00.91aAZHolbrookSnowflake InvitationalFri, May 4
93.12Ryan Brancati5:00.96aAZSaguaroValley Christian InvitationalSat, Apr 14
94.10Christopher Honahni5:01.08aAZTuba CityKingman InvitationalSat, Apr 7
95.12Colin Garttmeier5:01.20aAZMingus UnionWrangler InvitationalThu, Apr 5
96.9Hayden Brecto5:01.63aAZFountain HillsDesert Vista Last ChanceFri, May 4
97.12Kevin Pino5:01.66aAZNorth Pointe PreparatoryBourgade InvitationalSat, Mar 17
98.10Christopher Honahnie5:01.69aAZTuba CityPage MultipleFri, Mar 16
99.10Xiaija Schuldies5:02.08aAZPagePage Last ChanceFri, May 4
100.12Jayson Morgan5:02.32aAZCactusPeoria District MeetFri, May 4
101.9Sawyer Sprung5:02.81aAZSabinoSouthern Arizona Distance ClassicFri, Apr 13
102.9Aaron Gourdin5:02.90aAZGlobeSnowflake InvitationalFri, May 4
103.12Joseph Peterson5:03.20aAZSnowflakeSnowflake InvitationalFri, May 4
104.9Nick Gaitan5:03.57aAZBlue RidgeScottsdale Distance ClassicFri, Mar 30
105.12Eric Gomez5:03.94aAZCoronadoScottsdale Varsity CityFri, Apr 27
106.9Robert Bybee5:04a.0AZBuckeye UnionPeoria, Buckeye Vs. WashingtonWed, Mar 28
107.9Kyle Sumatzkuku5:04.32aAZTuba CityMVHS Sunset MeetWed, Mar 28
108.11Mika Clark5:04.64aAZGanadoMVHS Last Chance MeetWed, Apr 25
109.10Korbin Ottley5:05.00AZYoungkerYoungker vs. Shadow RidgeWed, Feb 29
11John Davis5:05.00AZYoungkerBUHSD Relays Wed, Apr 4

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