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Marmonte Men's 200 Meters

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1.12Terry Pagano21.97awCANewbury ParkCIF-SS - Division II PrelimsSat, May 12
2.11Gabriel Wirtz22.63aCASimi ValleyMarmonte League FinalsFri, May 4
3.12Dominick Wright22.65aCACalabasasMarmonte League FinalsFri, May 4
4.11Gino Riccardi22.82aCARoyalVentura County ChampionshipsFri, Apr 27
5.9Mitchell Sagely22.89aCAMoorparkMarmonte League PrelimsTue, May 1
6.12Alex Tolliver22.98aCAMoorparkVentura County ChampionshipsFri, Apr 27
7.12William Kern22.99aCAWestlakeMarmonte League FinalsFri, May 4
8.12Doug Wong23.01aCAAgouraMarmonte League PrelimsTue, May 1
9.11Rudy Helo23.15aCASimi ValleyThousand Oaks/Simi/CalabasasWed, Apr 18
10.11Austin de Maille23.20aCANewbury ParkAgoura/Newbury/TOThu, Mar 29
11.12Alex Choi23.25aCANewbury ParkMarmonte League PrelimsTue, May 1
12.11Collin Gordon23.28awCARoyalDon Green Memorial Track MeetSat, Mar 3
13.9Stephen Hernandez23.37aCAThousand OaksVentura County ChampionshipsFri, Apr 27
14.12Devonte Riley23.43aCARoyalMarmonte League PrelimsTue, May 1
15.11MJ Nelson23.47aCASimi ValleyDon Green Memorial Track MeetSat, Mar 3
16.10Mason Rohlfing23.53aCAThousand OaksMarmonte League PrelimsTue, May 1
17.12Corey Lee23.60aCAMoorparkMarmonte League PrelimsTue, May 1
18.12Bryan Avendano23.62aCANewbury ParkMarmonte League PrelimsTue, May 1
19.10Rylan Hansen23.68aCARoyalMarmonte League PrelimsTue, May 1
20.12Jake Maranto23.78aCASimi ValleyMarmonte League PrelimsTue, May 1
21.10Henry White23.79awCAMoorparkLa Reina v Santa Paula v MoorparkWed, Mar 14
22.12Edmund Garrett23.80aCAMoorparkThousand Oaks/Westlake/MoorparkThu, Apr 12
23.12Jayce Foster23.81aCAMoorparkMarmonte League PrelimsTue, May 1
24.11Clay Boer23.85aCAMoorparkCalabasas/Royal/MoorparkThu, Mar 29
25.10Cole Settem23.86aCAMoorparkMarmonte League FinalsFri, May 4
26.9Cullen Thompson23.87aCAWestlakeSimi Valley vs. WestlakeThu, Mar 29
27.11Devin Doyle23.88aCACalabasasCalabasas/Royal/MoorparkThu, Mar 29
28.12Ryan Valencia23.97aCARoyalMarmonte League PrelimsTue, May 1
10Chase McIntyre23.97aCAThousand OaksMarmonte League PrelimsTue, May 1
9Michael Purdy23.97aCAWestlakeMarmonte League PrelimsTue, May 1
9Alex Barry23.97aCACalabasasMarmonte League FinalsFri, May 4
32.9Jonathon Cantle24.01aCAWestlakeVentura InvitationalSat, Mar 10
33.12Brandon Myers24.04aCAMoorparkCalabasas/Royal/MoorparkThu, Mar 29
34.11Dakota Philips24.07aCAThousand OaksTO v RedondoSat, Feb 25
12David Bateman24.07aCARoyalMarmonte League PrelimsTue, May 1
36.12Kenny Feyh24.12aCAMoorparkCalabasas/Royal/MoorparkThu, Mar 29
37.11Kyle Ewing24.14aCANewbury ParkMarmonte League PrelimsTue, May 1
38.11Jeremy Vandenberg24.15aCAThousand OaksMarmonte League PrelimsTue, May 1
39.11Corey Lee24.18aCAMoorparkThousand Oaks/Westlake/MoorparkThu, Apr 12
10Patrick McConnell24.18aCAMoorparkMarmonte League FinalsFri, May 4
41.11Ryan Silva24.20aCASimi ValleyThousand Oaks/Simi/CalabasasWed, Apr 18
42.12Dustin Kowell24.26awCAThousand OaksDon Green Memorial Track MeetSat, Mar 3
43.12Jordan Rudman24.31aCAThousand OaksAgoura/Newbury/TOThu, Mar 29
44.12Anton Linnemeier24.32aCANewbury ParkMarmonte League PrelimsTue, May 1
45.12Eric Irshay24.35aCAAgouraAgoura/Newbury/TOThu, Mar 29
11Zachary Levaton24.35aCAAgouraMarmonte League PrelimsTue, May 1
47.11Allen Chiou24.38aCANewbury ParkMarmonte League PrelimsTue, May 1
48.12Akin Wilson24.39aCAWestlakeBirmingham vs. WestlakeThu, Mar 8
49.11TJ Aaron24.40aCAThousand OaksDon Green Memorial Track MeetSat, Mar 3
50.12Adam Augustyn24.43aCAWestlakeOak Park/El Camino Real/WestlakeThu, Mar 15
51.11Anthony Freeman24.46aCACalabasasThousand Oaks/Simi/CalabasasWed, Apr 18
11Julian Arellano24.46aCAThousand OaksMarmonte League PrelimsTue, May 1
53.11Ryan Pelaez24.47aCANewbury ParkAgoura/Newbury/TOThu, Mar 29
54.12Refugio Reyes24.49aCASimi ValleyMarmonte League PrelimsTue, May 1
55.11John Soltero24.52aCARoyalMarmonte League PrelimsTue, May 1
56.9Spencer Segal24.55aCAMoorparkMarmonte League FinalsFri, May 4
57.10Austin Hansen24.56aCAMoorparkMarmonte League FinalsFri, May 4
58.11Jacob Hodges24.57aCAThousand OaksVentura InvitationalSat, Mar 10
59.11Jachwa Dolne24.58aCAWestlakeMarmonte League PrelimsTue, May 1
60.11Dave Herron24.59aCANewbury ParkMarmonte League PrelimsTue, May 1
61.10Byron Rackow24.60aCAAgouraAgoura/Newbury/TOThu, Mar 29
10Cordel Frovarp24.60aCANewbury ParkMarmonte League FinalsFri, May 4
63.9Andre Baccellia24.61aCAWestlakeBirmingham vs. WestlakeThu, Mar 8
11Caleb Madden24.61aCACalabasasCalabasas/Royal/MoorparkThu, Mar 29
65.10Nile Chau24.63aCAThousand OaksMarmonte League FinalsFri, May 4
66.11Andre Levan24.65aCAMoorparkCamarillo v. Ventura v MoorparkWed, Mar 7
67.11Dylon Dunlea24.66aCANewbury ParkCalabasas/Westlake/Newbury ParkThu, Apr 5
68.10Ethan Shahrokhfar24.69aCAMoorparkBuena, Saugus, Moorpark Tri-MeetWed, Feb 29
69.10Willem Shuster24.71aCARoyalCalabasas/Royal/MoorparkThu, Mar 29
12Denzel King24.71aCAMoorparkMarmonte League PrelimsTue, May 1
11Vince Ullrich24.71aCASimi ValleyMarmonte League PrelimsTue, May 1
72.11Garrett Gonzalez24.75aCARoyalDon Green Memorial Track MeetSat, Mar 3
73.12Rumaan Ahmed24.88aCANewbury ParkAgoura/Newbury/TOThu, Mar 29
74.12JJ Davis24.93aCAThousand OaksThousand Oaks/Westlake/MoorparkThu, Apr 12
75.10Rola Adedigba24.99aCAThousand OaksThousand Oaks/Simi/CalabasasWed, Apr 18
76.12Robert Sojka25.01aCARoyalCalabasas/Royal/MoorparkThu, Mar 29
77.10Alex Antzoulatos25.05aCAAgouraMarmonte League PrelimsTue, May 1
78.11Cody Banks25.11aCAAgouraAgoura/Newbury/TOThu, Mar 29
79.10Derek Lance25.13aCASimi ValleyThousand Oaks/Simi/CalabasasWed, Apr 18
80.10Will Webster25.16aCANewbury ParkAgoura/Newbury/TOThu, Mar 29
81.11Tyler Morhar25.18aCANewbury ParkAgoura/Newbury/TOThu, Mar 29
82.11Braxton Polk25.19aCANewbury ParkAgoura/Newbury/TOThu, Mar 29
9Phillip Ahn25.19aCACalabasasMarmonte League PrelimsTue, May 1
84.10Auston Kniseley25.20aCARoyalMarmonte League PrelimsTue, May 1
11Zuhair Sheikh25.20aCANewbury ParkMarmonte League PrelimsTue, May 1
86.11Simon Kakembo25.22aCARoyalDon Green Memorial Track MeetSat, Mar 3
12Daniel Sozzi25.22aCARoyalThousand Oaks vs RoyalThu, Apr 5
88.10Joshua Erbes25.23aCAMoorparkThousand Oaks/Westlake/MoorparkThu, Apr 12
89.10Terrance Hayes25.26aCACalabasasThousand Oaks/Simi/CalabasasWed, Apr 18
10Jake Robin25.26aCACalabasasMarmonte League PrelimsTue, May 1
91.9Trenton Atkins25.27aCARoyalMarmonte League PrelimsTue, May 1
92.10Sean McCormick25.29aCARoyalMarmonte League PrelimsTue, May 1
93.11Vincent Hutchinson25.30aCACalabasasCalabasas/Westlake/Newbury ParkThu, Apr 5
94.10Brandon Nordin25.32aCANewbury ParkMarmonte League PrelimsTue, May 1
95.11Giovanni Florenca25.35aCANewbury ParkAgoura/Newbury/TOThu, Mar 29
10Brandon Esswein25.35aCASimi ValleySimi Valley vs. WestlakeThu, Mar 29
9Ryan Taylor25.35aCAAgouraAgoura/Newbury/TOThu, Mar 29
98.12Daniel Sage25.40aCARoyalDon Green Memorial Track MeetSat, Mar 3
11Michael Getty25.40aCARoyalCalabasas/Royal/MoorparkThu, Mar 29
100.11Johnny Frye25.41aCANewbury ParkAgoura/Newbury/TOThu, Mar 29
101.10Logan Collins25.42aCARoyalMarmonte League PrelimsTue, May 1
102.9Tyler Owens25.52aCAThousand OaksAgoura/Newbury/TOThu, Mar 29
103.10Victor Perez25.56aCASimi ValleyDon Green Memorial Track MeetSat, Mar 3
104.12Tyler Denton25.57aCARoyalCalabasas/Royal/MoorparkThu, Mar 29
10Nicholas Fink25.57aCACalabasasMarmonte League PrelimsTue, May 1
106.11Austin deMaille25.58aCANewbury ParkVentura InvitationalSat, Mar 10
107.12Leo Bugtai25.60aCAThousand OaksThousand Oaks vs RoyalThu, Apr 5
108.10John Halstead25.61aCARoyalMarmonte League PrelimsTue, May 1
109.11Alex Picariello25.62aCAThousand OaksAgoura/Newbury/TOThu, Mar 29
110.9Jason Centanni25.64aCANewbury ParkMarmonte League PrelimsTue, May 1

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