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AAAAA Women's 200 Meters

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1.12Felecia Brown23.59aGAMartin Luther King, Jr.Region 2-AAAAAThu, Apr 19
2.11Jada Martin23.65aGAMartin Luther King, Jr.Region 2-AAAAAThu, Apr 19
3.12Brianna Vaughn24.33aGAUnion GroveGeorgia Girls Track & Field State ChampionshipsThu, May 3
4.10Erika Banks24.64aGADunwoodyGeorgia Girls Track & Field State ChampionshipsThu, May 3
5.11Diaja Oliver24.78aGANorth SpringsGeorgia Girls Track & Field State ChampionshipsThu, May 3
6.11Precious Hitchcock24.87aGACedar ShoalsGeorgia Girls Track & Field State ChampionshipsThu, May 3
7.12Shunika Jarrells24.95aGASouthwest DekalbGeorgia Girls Track & Field State ChampionshipsThu, May 3
8.-Asha Stegall25.06aGAWarner RobinsGeorgia Girls Track & Field State ChampionshipsThu, May 3
9.11Kayla Tyson25.09aGAGreenbrierGeorgia Girls Track & Field State ChampionshipsThu, May 3
10.-Idraiah Thompson25.14aGAWoodland (Cartersville)Georgia Girls Track & Field State ChampionshipsThu, May 3
11.12Tiffany Camper25.27aGAMartin Luther King, Jr.Historic Boys High ChallengeTue, Mar 13
12.12Alayna Famble25.38aGAHeritage (Conyers)Region 8-AAAAThu, Apr 19
13.11Charisma Green25.43aGAArabia MountainRegion 5-AAA ChampionshipsThu, Apr 19
14.10Niata Alexander25.57aGANew ManchesterGeorgia Girls Track & Field State ChampionshipsThu, May 3
15.9Anika Carter25.58aGANew ManchesterDouglas County ChampionshipsFri, Apr 13
16.10Maya Marshall25.59aGASprayberryCobb County ChampionshipsSat, Mar 24
17.-Heaven Briggs25.66aGANorthside (Columbus)Region 1-AAAA ChampionshipsTue, Apr 17
18.12Sadia Yansaneh25.67aGADunwoodyWesleyan School Home Meet #2Wed, Mar 14
19.10Tia Williams25.68aGANorthside (Warner Robins)Region 1-AAAA ChampionshipsTue, Apr 17
20.10Sarah Thomas25.74aGAHardawayWestover Relays (9th)Fri, Apr 13
21.12Tiffany Barnes25.75aGACharles DrewClass AAA Section WestSat, Apr 28
22.10Vanessa Providence25.85aGAArabia MountainRegion 5-AAA ChampionshipsThu, Apr 19
23.11Kaitlyn Lucius25.88aGAGreenbrierTaco Bell invitationalSat, Apr 14
24.11Keosha Parker25.89aGACedar ShoalsClass AAAA EAST SectionalSat, Apr 28
25.12Charlotte Williams25.96aGASouthwest DekalbMiddle Georgia Invitational - 2ndSat, Apr 7
26.9Ghnerya Hicklen26.00aGACharles DrewRegion 4-AAA ChampionshipsThu, Apr 19
27.10Dejah Johnson26.02aGALoganvilleLoganville QuadWed, Apr 11
28.11Shacurea Dowdy26.07aGARobert W GrovesRegion 3-AAAAA ChampionshipThu, Apr 19
29.12Sade Bowmen26.13aGAMaysCrossKeys/GAC/Lakeside/MaysWed, Mar 14
10Kemor Anderson26.13aGANorthgateRegion 3-AAAAThu, Apr 19
31.12Kcrieva Walker26.14aGAStephensonRegion 2-AAAAAThu, Apr 19
32.12Jalice Parks26.20aGALithia SpringsDouglas County ChampionshipsFri, Apr 13
33.-Imani Epps26.21aGAForest ParkPerk It Up Sports Track ClassicFri, Mar 30
34.11Delaina Sylvain26.22aGAWinder-BarrowRegion 8-AAAAThu, Apr 19
35.12Mikela Spencer26.29aGAMaysCrossKeys/GAC/Lakeside/MaysWed, Mar 14
36.11Dejane Oliver26.30aGANorth SpringsFulton County ChampionshipWed, Mar 28
37.9Paris Habersham26.38aGALithia SpringsPatriot InvitationalSat, Mar 17
38.11Fallon Reed26.45aGAR L OsborneCobb County ChampionshipsSat, Mar 24
12Chanel Garcia26.45aGARiverwood InternationalRegion 5-AAA ChampionshipsThu, Apr 19
40.11Kaylyn Braddy26.50aGACharles DrewEarly Bird InvitationalSat, Mar 10
-Tierra Wright26.50aGALee CountyL.C. Smith & Winfred Benson RelaysSat, Mar 24
42.10Tearnee Harvin26.52aGABainbridgeL.C. Smith & Winfred Benson RelaysSat, Mar 24
10Desirae Betton26.52aGAMartin Luther King, Jr.Perk It Up Sports Track ClassicFri, Mar 30
44.11Milan Golding26.53aGAAllatoonaClass AAA Section WestSat, Apr 28
45.12Candice Blair26.60aGABradwell InstituteRegion 3-AAAAA ChampionshipThu, Apr 19
46.-Sydney Wright26.61aGANorthside (Columbus)Region 1-AAAA ChampionshipsTue, Apr 17
47.9Allura Robertson26.69aGABradwell InstituteRegion 3-AAAAA ChampionshipThu, Apr 19
48.9Elisabeth Folsome26.73aGAStephensonRegion 2-AAAAAThu, Apr 19
49.-Katara Burks26.74aGABradwell InstituteSavannah State HS InvitationalSat, Mar 24
50.10Aszonia McCoy26.77aGACreeksideRegion 4-AaaaFri, Apr 20
51.11Danaria Merritt26.78aGAMaysCrossKeys/GAC/Lakeside/MaysWed, Mar 14
52.10Jasmine Price26.79aGABainbridgeL.C. Smith & Winfred Benson RelaysSat, Mar 24
53.11Nadia Lee26.81aGAMcIntoshRegion 3-AAAAThu, Apr 19
54.11Rachel Fannin26.84aGACreeksideFulton County ChampionshipWed, Mar 28
55.-Shunterria Griffin26.87aGARomeRegion 7-AAAA ChampionshipThu, Apr 19
56.11KeAndrea Ladson26.92aGABradwell InstituteSavannah State HS InvitationalSat, Mar 24
57.11Carissa Tipler26.94aGASouth PauldingRegion 5-AAAA ChampionshipThu, Apr 19
58.10Jamila Harvey26.95aGAWhitewaterRegion 3-AAAAThu, Apr 19
59.-Nausche Dawkins26.97aGAForest ParkClayton County ChampionshipsMon, Mar 26
9Ebonee Echols26.97aGANorthgateRegion 3-AAAAThu, Apr 19
61.-Khadijah Johnson26.98aGAMundy's MillRegion 4-AaaaFri, Apr 20
62.12Tierra Watts27.00aGAR L OsborneRegion 5-AAAA ChampionshipThu, Apr 19
63.11Chelsea McIntyre27.01aGAThomas County CentralHarmon's Viking / Vikette Invitational Sat, Mar 31
64.-Keaira Hughes27.14aGAForest ParkClayton County ChampionshipsMon, Mar 26
65.11Keonie Johnson27.15aGACharles DrewClayton County ChampionshipsMon, Mar 26
66.11Ashley Franklin27.18aGAThomas County CentralRegion 1-AAAA ChampionshipsTue, Apr 17
67.12Jasmine Norton27.20aGAClarke CentralRegion 8-AAAAThu, Apr 19
68.9Sydea Armstrong27.21aGAGlynn AcademyRegion 2-AAAA ChampionshipThu, Apr 19
69.-Mckenz Delgado-harris27.22aGASprayberryKell/Sprayberry/Harrison Quad MeetWed, Mar 7
-Jasmine Banks27.22aGACreeksideFulton County ChampionshipWed, Mar 28
-Ashlyn Dumas27.22aGAVilla RicaCarrollton InvitationalSat, Apr 14
72.-Miesha Brooks27.24aGAHarris CountyRegion 3-AAAAThu, Apr 19
73.-Danisha Lawson27.25aGAClarkstonDacula High Track & Field Community ClassicFri, Mar 2
12Paige Hector27.25aGATuckerJerry Arnold ChallengeSat, Mar 10
75.11Oquanna Suggs27.26aGAMaysCrossKeys/GAC/Lakeside/MaysWed, Mar 14
10Monique Hanniford27.26aGARiverwood InternationalRegion 5-AAA ChampionshipsThu, Apr 19
77.-Danika Stevens27.27aGAMundy's MillNorth Clayton Quad-MeetThu, Mar 22
78.-Jasmin Askew27.28aGAWoodland (Cartersville)Region 7-AAAA ChampionshipThu, Apr 19
79.-Brianna McQueen27.29aGAMundy's MillClayton County ChampionshipsMon, Mar 26
-Jada Bentley27.29aGAHardawayWestover Relays (9th)Fri, Apr 13
81.9Jhordynn Datcher27.32aGANew ManchesterWestlake JV InvitationalWed, Mar 7
9Shanya Harden27.32aGALakeside DeKalbCrossKeys/GAC/Lakeside/MaysWed, Mar 14
83.10Haley Hollimon27.36aGAMcIntoshCarrollton InvitationalSat, Apr 14
84.-Brianna Kaiser27.37aGAForsyth CentralRegion 7-AAAA ChampionshipThu, Apr 19
85.9Crystin Robinson27.38aGANew ManchesterNew Manchester InvitationalTue, Mar 20
86.-Shantell Luster27.40aGALee CountyWestover Relays (9th)Fri, Apr 13
87.12Erin Sherrill27.43aGAEvansRegion 2-AAAA ChampionshipThu, Apr 19
88.12Victoria Alexander27.45aGASprayberryKell/Sprayberry/Harrison Quad MeetWed, Mar 7
89.-Ja-Nae King27.50aGANorthside (Columbus)Friday Night LightsFri, Mar 23
90.12Tierra Hill27.51aGAGainesvilleRegion 8-AAA ChampionshipsThu, Apr 19
91.10Mya Robinson27.53aGAHeritage (Conyers)Loganville QuadWed, Apr 11
92.10Marlena Williams27.58aGAClarkstonRacing The Comets JVWed, Mar 7
93.9Alexia King27.62aGAMiller GroveEarly Bird InvitationalSat, Mar 10
94.12Quadaisha Tarver27.65aGAJones CountyStarr's Mill Senior NightWed, Apr 11
95.10Brittany Purvis27.69aGACreekviewRegion 7-AAAA ChampionshipThu, Apr 19
-Mckenzie Delgado Harris27.69aGASprayberryRegion 5-AAAA ChampionshipThu, Apr 19
97.9Tavoy Richards27.70aGAStarr's MillCarrollton InvitationalSat, Apr 14
10Dayzjah Loving27.70aGAFlowery BranchRegion 8-AAAAThu, Apr 19
99.10Alivia Cromartie27.72aGAArabia MountainGrady OpenerTue, Mar 6
-Paige Ferguson27.72aGAHiramRegion 5-AAAA ChampionshipThu, Apr 19
101.9Airiyunna Burston27.74aGANorth AtlantaRegion 5-AAA ChampionshipsThu, Apr 19
102.-Yasmine Jackson27.79aGAWarner RobinsRegion 1-AAAA ChampionshipsTue, Apr 17
103.12Janai James27.81aGANorthviewJerry Arnold ChallengeSat, Mar 10
9Jazmine Burse27.81aGASouth PauldingRegion 5-AAAA ChampionshipThu, Apr 19
105.-D'Asian Walker27.82aGAMt. Zion of JonesboroEarly Bird InvitationalSat, Mar 10
-Breyanna Pitts27.82aGAVilla RicaCarrollton InvitationalSat, Apr 14
107.-Princess Holmes27.86aGAHouston CountyRegion 1-AAAA ChampionshipsTue, Apr 17
108.9Rena Jenkins27.87aGAWhitewaterPatriot InvitationalSat, Mar 17
-Krizma Goodson27.87aGAForest ParkRegion 4-AaaaFri, Apr 20
110.-Kendricia Tate27.92aGARomeRegion 7-AAAA ChampionshipThu, Apr 19

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