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Indiana Women's 3200 Meters

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1.11Ashley Erba10:24.94aINWarsaw CommunityIHSAA Girls State FinalsFri, Jun 1
2.12Brenna Poulsen10:36.69aINNorth Central (Indianapolis)IHSAA RegionalTue, May 22
3.11Corinne Cominator10:39.88aINNorthridgeEdwardsburg RelaysFri, Apr 27
4.12Renee Wellman10:44.18aINCarmelHamilton County ChampionshipFri, May 4
5.12Heather O'Brien10:46.58aINIndianapolis Bishop ChatardIHSAA Girls State FinalsFri, Jun 1
6.10Kelcy Welch10:47.34aINCarmelIHSAA Girls State FinalsFri, Jun 1
7.10Mackenzie Caldwell10:47.71aINColumbus NorthIHSAA Girls State FinalsFri, Jun 1
8.11Bobbie Burgess10:49.27aINWest LafayetteIHSAA Girls State FinalsFri, Jun 1
9.11Victoria Schoettmer10:50.18aINCenter GroveIHSAA Girls State FinalsFri, Jun 1
10.12Allison Jacobsen10:53.58aINCarmelIHSAA Girls State FinalsFri, Jun 1
11.10Abby Hostetler10:55.21aINFremontIHSAA Girls State FinalsFri, Jun 1
12.11Kendra Foley10:59.10aINNoblesvilleIHSAA Girls State FinalsFri, Jun 1
13.12Katelyn DeVries10:59.83aINValparaisoIHSAA Girls State FinalsFri, Jun 1
14.12Kristina Galat11:00.82aINPennIHSAA Girls State FinalsFri, Jun 1
15.12Helen Willman11:03.47aINNoblesvilleHoosier Crossroads Conf. (Girls)Tue, May 8
16.10Elena Lancioni11:03.80aINLaPorteIHSAA Girls State FinalsFri, Jun 1
17.11Anna Aldrich11:04.86aINFremontIHSAA Girls State FinalsFri, Jun 1
18.11Anna Meyer11:09.64aINRochester CommunityIHSAA Regional (Girls)Tue, May 22
19.9Anna Rohrer11:11.04aINMishawakaIHSAA Girls State FinalsFri, Jun 1
20.12Laura Bess11:11.07aINBrownsburgIHSAA Girls State FinalsFri, Jun 1
21.12Shelby Carroll11:11.45aINLake CentralIHSAA Girls State FinalsFri, Jun 1
22.11Grace Lachmund11:13.36aINWest LafayetteIHSAA Girls State FinalsFri, Jun 1
23.11Ericka Rinehart11:14.67aINAngolaIHSAA Girls State FinalsFri, Jun 1
24.11Melanie Ruich11:15.99aINCarroll (Fort Wayne)IHSAA Girls State FinalsFri, Jun 1
25.12Anna Reibs11:17.42aINFort Wayne Concordia LutheranIHSAA Girls State FinalsFri, Jun 1
26.12Jesse McNealy11:18.21aINAvonIHSAA Regional (Girls)Tue, May 22
27.11Chanli Mundy11:19.17aINTerre Haute North VigoMICFri, Apr 27
28.11Hannah Lies11:19.90aINBrebeuf JesuitIHSAA RegionalTue, May 22
29.10Lauren Pottschmidt11:20.34aINPennIHSAA Regional (Girls)Tue, May 22
30.9Mary Abramson11:20.50aINAvonHoosier Crossroads Conf. (Girls)Tue, May 8
31.12Taylor Smith11:21.08aINAvonHoosier Crossroads Conf. (Girls)Tue, May 8
32.11Becca Conley11:21.72aINAndreanIHSAA Regional (Girls)Tue, May 22
33.10Nikki Thiede11:21.94aINTerre Haute South VigoMICFri, Apr 27
34.11Caryn Wolfe11:24.79aINColumbus NorthRegional (Girls)Tue, May 22
35.12Chloe Heller11:25.60INWashingtonISHAA GirlsTue, May 15
36.12Lydia Greene11:27.46aINPikeIHSAA RegionalTue, May 22
37.9Ashton Bosler11:27.64aINNorth HarrisonIHSAA Girls State FinalsFri, Jun 1
38.12Brooke Morgan11:29.18aINHamilton SoutheasternBill Self Invite Fri, Apr 20
39.10Sophie Seward11:29.34aINEastbrookIHSAA RegionalTue, May 22
40.11Cailey Daluga11:29.43aINWest LafayetteHarrison/Western/West LafayetteTue, Apr 24
41.12Lauren McCarroll11:31.85aINCrown PointIHSAA Regional (Girls)Tue, May 22
42.11Jennifer Schrock11:33.12aINNorthridgeEdwardsburg RelaysFri, Apr 27
43.11Emily Lux11:35.23aINIndianapolis Bishop ChatardIHSAA RegionalTue, May 22
44.10Amy Carpenter11:36.50aINDecatur CentralIHSAA RegionalTue, May 22
45.11Taylor Austin11:36.64aINGriffithIHSAA Regional (Girls)Tue, May 22
46.12Whitney Wiist11:37.78aINWinchester CommunityIHSAA RegionalTue, May 22
47.11Delainey Burnett11:38.07aINCenter GroveIHSAA SectionalTue, May 15
48.11Mary McBride11:38.83aINNew PrairieIHSAA Regional (Girls)Tue, May 22
49.12Lexi Hunt11:39.24aINYorktownIHSAA RegionalTue, May 22
50.9Cailyn Adams11:39.87aINFranklin CentralWest Lafayette RelaysSat, Apr 21
51.12Emma Mirwaldt11:39.88aINFort Wayne NorthropLime City RelaysSat, Apr 28
52.9Allison Rollins11:40.09aINEvansville NorthSIACThu, May 10
53.11Jordan Timmons11:40.3aINCenter GroveBloomington North DualTue, Apr 10
54.12Sydney Lesko11:40.75aINBrownsburgIHSAA Regional (Girls)Tue, May 22
55.12Tiffany Rauch11:41.53aINFort Wayne North SideLime City RelaysSat, Apr 28
56.12Kelsey Kluesner11:42.68aINMartinsvilleMustang InvitationalSat, Apr 21
57.9Lexi McCann11:42.75aINFranklin CentralRegional (Girls)Tue, May 22
58.12Claire Ehrensbeck11:44.24aINEvansville Reitz MemorialSIACThu, May 10
59.10Meghan McCann11:45.03aINFishersHamilton County ChampionshipFri, May 4
60.10Sarah Billingsley11:45.90aINOldenburg AcademyRegional (Girls)Tue, May 22
61.12Hannah Moore11:46.47aINSouth AdamsIHSAA RegionalTue, May 22
62.9Jenna Halderman11:46.52aINNorthfieldIHSAA Regional (Girls)Tue, May 22
63.11Anna Burton11:47.10INCenter GroveNorth Central InviteSat, Apr 21
64.10Briana Leonard11:47.38aINWestfieldZionsville InvitationalFri, Apr 27
65.12Sydney Chapman11:48.80INHamilton HeightsBig Orange InvitationalSat, Apr 14
66.10Caitlyn Chastain11:49.36aINCarroll (Fort Wayne)IHSAA RegionalTue, May 22
67.12Randi Ulmer11:50.28aINZionsvilleIHSAA Sectional (Girls)Tue, May 15
68.9Courtney Kerr11:50.37aINAvonDecatur Central InvitationalFri, Apr 13
69.11Sarah Wagner11:50.53aINEastern (Greentown)Zionsville InvitationalFri, Apr 27
70.10Paige Logan11:50.78aINNorth Central (Indianapolis)North Central InviteSat, Apr 21
71.10Michaela Harrison11:51.13aINFort Wayne Concordia LutheranIHSAA RegionalTue, May 22
72.12Kelly Swift11:51.26aINWest LafayetteHarrison/Western/West LafayetteTue, Apr 24
73.9Courtney Pfanstiel11:51.66aINHamilton SoutheasternBill Self Invite Fri, Apr 20
74.11Christine Sparks11:52.08aINBloomington NorthBloomington South/Bloomington NorthThu, May 10
75.12Haley Baughman11:52.16aINWarren CentralMICFri, Apr 27
76.10Laura Johnson11:52.73aINTerre Haute North VigoMICFri, Apr 27
77.9Alison Mundell11:52.93aINValparaisoWest Lafayette RelaysSat, Apr 21
78.9Kaitlyn Warren11:53.00INWestviewWestview / West Noble / Angola / FremontTue, Apr 17
79.9Rhyan Sloan11:53.18aINPortageLime City RelaysSat, Apr 28
80.11Emma Manchess11:53.20aINPendleton HeightsIHSAA RegionalTue, May 22
81.12Adrienne Holland11:53.43aINWestfieldHoosier Crossroads Conf. (Girls)Tue, May 8
82.10Erika Chelales11:54.17aINNorth Central (Indianapolis)North Central InviteSat, Apr 21
83.12Samantha Turley11:55.10aINWhiteland CommunityBill Self Invite Fri, Apr 20
9Delaney Barber11:55.10aINWest LafayetteWest Lafayette RelaysSat, Apr 21
85.11Rachel Kacer11:56.36aINNoblesvilleHamilton County ChampionshipFri, May 4
86.11Elizabeth Cook11:57.27aINMt. Vernon (Fortville)Zionsville InvitationalFri, Apr 27
87.11Madie Royce11:57.52aINNorthridgeNorthern Lakes ConferenceTue, May 8
88.9Kayla Casaletto11:57.62aINElkhart Christian AcademyEdwardsburg RelaysFri, Apr 27
89.12Julie Riggins11:57.63aINBloomfieldIHSAA Girls State FinalsFri, Jun 1
90.10Abigail Horn11:58.79aINFishersSouthport RelaysSat, Apr 21
91.12Jessica Banks11:59.08aINZionsvilleZionsville InvitationalFri, Apr 27
92.11Phoebe Bauer11:59.31aINNew AlbanyEastern Relays-Day 1Fri, Apr 27
93.9Samantha Ruppert12:00.70aINRochester CommunityThree Rivers Conference ChampionshipThu, May 10
94.11Brianna Huckleberry12:00.90aINPerry MeridianIHSAA RegionalTue, May 22
95.10Erin Crone12:01.30INIndianapolis Bishop ChatardGirls cityMon, May 7
96.9Morgan McCarter12:01.86aINFranklin CommunityBill Self Invite Fri, Apr 20
97.11Madeline Cramer12:02.73aINEastbrookIHSAA RegionalTue, May 22
98.12Sara Hussey12:03.04aINTri-West HendricksIHSAA Sectional (Girls)Tue, May 15
99.12Rachel Daugherty12:05.72aINWarren CentralRegional (Girls)Tue, May 22
100.12Arden Burch12:05.91aINIndianapolis Bishop ChatardGirls cityMon, May 7
101.10Mallory Sanders12:06.82aINTerre Haute North VigoGreencastle/Terre Haute North/West VigoTue, Apr 24
102.10Anna Bearss12:07.07aINWarsaw CommunityIHSAA Regional (Girls)Tue, May 22
103.11Marie Ditzler12:07.30aINHuntington NorthNorth Central ConferenceFri, May 4
104.11Morgan Abernathy12:08.05aINGuerin CatholicIHSAA Sectional (Girls)Tue, May 15
105.10Sarah Koester12:08.07aINFort Wayne SniderSouthport RelaysSat, Apr 21
106.10Monica Medrano12:09.18aINLafayette JeffersonZionsville InvitationalFri, Apr 27
107.10Danielle Muse12:09.23aINWhiteland CommunityBill Self Invite Fri, Apr 20
108.9Taylor Stidham12:10.52aINFairfieldWestiew/Fairfield/Central NobleThu, Apr 12
109.10Kate Morris12:10.76aINCarroll (Fort Wayne)Lime City RelaysSat, Apr 28
110.11Karson Rowe12:11.79aINHuntington NorthNorth Central ConferenceFri, May 4

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