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Bay State Men's 1 Mile

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1.12Ben Groleau4:14.53aMAFraminghamAll State MeetTue, Jun 5
2.12Justin Keefe4:22.12aMANewton NorthBSC ChampionshipWed, May 16
3.11Aaron Klein4:23.03aMABrooklineEmass Div. 1 ChampionshipSun, May 27
4.12Mark Perry4:25.04aMABrooklineEmass Div. 1 ChampionshipSun, May 27
5.10Gabe Montague4:26.95aMANewton NorthBSC ChampionshipWed, May 16
6.12Bijan Mazaheri4:27.39aMAWellesleyBSC ChampionshipWed, May 16
7.10Mike Schlichting4:27.58aMANewton NorthBSC ChampionshipWed, May 16
8.11Jesse Fajnzylber4:29.20aMABrooklineEmass Div. 1 ChampionshipSun, May 27
9.12Ben Lueders4:29.32aMANeedhamWeston Twilight InvitationalSat, May 5
10.12Chernet Sisay4:30.87aMABrooklineWeston Twilight InvitationalSat, May 5
11.12Matt Goroff4:35.38aMABrooklineAndover InvitationalSat, May 12
10Joseph Mears4:35.38aMAWellesleyDivision 2 East MeetSun, May 27
13.12Zach Ganshirt4:36.35aMAWalpoleCoaches InvitationalSat, May 12
14.10Daniel Alpert4:36.62aMANeedhamDivision 2 East MeetSun, May 27
15.10Daniel Palladino4:36.90MAWellesleyNatick vs. WellesleyTue, May 8
16.12James Eisenstein4:37.00MAWellesleyBrookline v. WellesleyWed, Apr 18
12Chris Conley4:37.00MAWalpoleWalpole vs MiltonTue, May 1
18.11Nolan Parsley4:37.10MAWeymouthWeymouth v. WalpoleThu, Mar 29
19.12Tharindu Weersinghe4:38.90MABrooklineBrookline v. FraminghamTue, Apr 10
20.12Evan Sternstein4:39.63aMABrooklineAndover InvitationalSat, May 12
21.10Chris Ulian4:39.94aMAWellesleyBSC ChampionshipWed, May 16
22.12Chris Saccardo4:40.08aMANatickBSC ChampionshipWed, May 16
23.10Adrian Amaya4:40.90aMANeedhamBSC ChampionshipWed, May 16
24.12Justin Connolly4:41.00MAWalpoleNewton North vs. WalpoleWed, Apr 18
25.12John Maher4:42.98aMAMiltonMIAA Div III State ChampionshipsSat, May 26
26.11Tyler Hagen4:43.00MANeedhamNeedham v. BrooklineTue, Apr 3
27.10Matt Murphy4:46.62aMAWeymouthAndover InvitationalSat, May 12
28.10Anthony DiVirgilio4:47.04aMAWalpoleRte. 228 Freshman/Sophomore InvitationalSat, Apr 14
29.12Connor McLaughlin4:47.90MAWeymouthNeedham v. WeymouthTue, May 1
30.11Brian Gilligan4:48.40MAFraminghamFramingham vs BraintreeThu, May 3
31.10Aidan Lehane4:49.50MABrooklineBrookline v. WellesleyWed, Apr 18
32.12Brendan Butler4:50.08aMAWeymouthAndover InvitationalSat, May 12
33.10Alex Peebles-Capin4:50.90MABrooklineBrookline v. WellesleyWed, Apr 18
34.11Jon Long4:51.50MANewton NorthWeymouth v. Newton NorthTue, May 8
35.10Jake Simon4:51.90MABrooklineBrookline v. BraintreeTue, May 8
36.10Christian Freniere4:52.00MAWellesleyWellesley v. MiltonTue, Apr 24
37.10Jon Kelland4:52.96aMAWalpoleBSC ChampionshipWed, May 16
38.12Andrew Gramigna4:52.98aMAFraminghamWeston Twilight InvitationalSat, May 5
39.12Anthony DeTommaso4:53.00MAWeymouthWeymouth v. WalpoleThu, Mar 29
12Jonathan Maher4:53.00MAMiltonNatick vs. MiltonTue, Apr 10
41.11Mike Newfield4:53.07aMANeedhamAndover InvitationalSat, May 12
42.11Will Taylor4:53.20MABrooklineBrookline v. NorwoodThu, Mar 29
43.9Zach Prescott4:53.49aMAWeymouthAndover InvitationalSat, May 12
44.10Ben Pollak4:53.60MABrooklineBrookline v. WeymouthTue, Apr 24
45.10Ben Griswold4:53.80MAWellesleyWellesley vs DedhamTue, Apr 3
46.12Paul Abbene4:53.90MAWeymouthNorwood v. WeymouthWed, Apr 18
47.12Benjamin Franco4:54.00MAWeymouthBrookline v. WeymouthTue, Apr 24
48.11Sean Herlihy4:54.70MAWalpoleWalpole vs DedhamTue, Apr 24
49.12Jared Kimler4:55.00MANatickDedham vs. NatickTue, May 1
50.10Jordan Safer4:55.18aMABrooklineMSTCA Frosh/Soph Large SchoolsSat, May 5
51.10Jared Freedman4:55.20MANewton NorthNewton North vs. BraintreeWed, Apr 4
52.12Ryan Matheson4:55.50MABraintreeBraintree vs. FraminghamTue, May 1
53.9Brendan Wohler4:56.70MAWalpoleWalpole vs NorwoodTue, May 8
54.11Kevin Delaney4:57.00MAWalpoleWalpole vs DedhamTue, Apr 24
55.9Andrew Wink4:57.62aMAWellesleyMSTCA Frosh/Soph Large SchoolsSat, May 5
56.10Mike Van Der Linden4:57.71aMAWalpoleSouth Shore Principals’ MeetSat, May 19
57.9Daniel Leavey4:58.00MANatickWalpole vs NatickTue, Apr 3
10Ben Galgano4:58.00MANewton NorthNewton North vs. BrooklineTue, May 1
10Max Brandl4:58.00MANewton NorthWeymouth v. Newton NorthTue, May 8
60.10Tom O'Connell4:58.03aMABraintreeMSTCA Frosh/Soph Large SchoolsSat, May 5
61.10Matt Gramigna4:58.10aMAFraminghamLast Chance MeetSat, May 19
62.11Zak Heier4:58.40MANeedhamFramingham vs NeedhamTue, May 8
63.9Derek Howes4:58.43aMANeedhamAndover InvitationalSat, May 12
64.10Tomas Aramburu4:58.87aMABrooklineMSTCA Frosh/Soph Large SchoolsSat, May 5
65.11Ezra Coopersmith4:58.89aMABrooklineBSC ChampionshipWed, May 16
66.11Ben Baron4:59.66aMANeedhamWeston Twilight InvitationalSat, May 5
67.11Matt Thibeau5:00.00MANorwoodWalpole vs NorwoodTue, May 8
68.12Tim Conley5:01.00MAWalpoleWalpole vs NatickTue, Apr 3
12Andrew Berardinelli5:01.00MAWalpoleWalpole vs MiltonTue, May 1
70.9John Sava5:01.18aMANewton NorthMSTCA Frosh/Soph Large SchoolsSat, May 5
71.11Noah Mertz5:01.20MANeedhamNeedham v. DedhamWed, Apr 18
72.12Grigoriy Gressel5:01.30MABrooklineBrookline v. WellesleyWed, Apr 18
73.12Daniel Jamieson5:02.00MANatickNatick vs. MiltonTue, Apr 10
11Will Whearty5:02.00MAWalpoleNewton North vs. WalpoleWed, Apr 18
10Pat Connell5:02.00MAWalpoleWalpole vs MiltonTue, May 1
76.12Chris Lu5:02.47aMAWellesleyBSC ChampionshipWed, May 16
77.11Jon Chester5:03.00MAFraminghamBrookline v. FraminghamTue, Apr 10
11Nick Culhane5:03.00MAWalpoleNewton North vs. WalpoleWed, Apr 18
79.12Ryan Morris5:04.00MAWalpoleWalpole vs DedhamTue, Apr 24
80.10Steven Gustus5:04.02aMANatickBSC ChampionshipWed, May 16
81.9Joe Keough5:04.09aMAWalpoleSouth Shore Principals’ MeetSat, May 19
82.11Anders Kilham5:04.90MANatickNatick vs. WellesleyTue, May 8
83.9Mike Orsi5:05.08aMAWalpoleSouth Shore Principals’ MeetSat, May 19
84.9Graham King5:05.50MANatickDedham vs. NatickTue, May 1
85.10Yongyi Zhao5:05.60MANewton NorthNeedham v. Newton NorthTue, Apr 10
86.12Chris Day5:06.00MAFraminghamNewton North vs. FraminghamTue, Apr 24
87.9Ethan Goroff5:06.90MABrooklineBrookline v. BraintreeTue, May 8
88.11Jake Jensen5:07.20MAWeymouthWeymouth v. FraminghamTue, Apr 3
89.10Jack O'connor5:07.90MANatickNatick vs. WellesleyTue, May 8
90.10Chris Ricciuti5:08.52aMAMiltonBSC ChampionshipWed, May 16
91.12Andrew Fuchs5:09.00MANeedhamNeedham v. BrooklineTue, Apr 3
92.12Matt Zampi5:10.00MAWalpoleWalpole vs NatickTue, Apr 3
9Tom Helm5:10.00MAWalpoleNewton North vs. WalpoleWed, Apr 18
94.10Tom Bogue5:10.30MAFraminghamFramingham vs BraintreeThu, May 3
95.9Mark Jaklitsch5:10.40aMAWeymouthMSTCA Frosh/Soph Large SchoolsSat, May 5
96.10Jimmy Martin5:10.89aMAWalpoleMSTCA Frosh/Soph Large SchoolsSat, May 5
97.10Chris Dsida5:10.95aMAMiltonBSC ChampionshipWed, May 16
98.9Timothy Buckley5:11.60aMANorwoodBSC ChampionshipWed, May 16
99.9Jeremy Margolis5:12.00MABrooklineNeedham v. BrooklineTue, Apr 3
10Alex Fabry5:12.00MANewton NorthNewton North vs. BrooklineTue, May 1
101.12Chris Alonzo5:12.58aMABrooklineBSC ChampionshipWed, May 16
102.12Steven Michael5:13.00MANewton NorthWeymouth v. Newton NorthTue, May 8
103.10Tommy Kimler5:15.20MANatickDedham vs. NatickTue, May 1
104.9Max Young5:15.35aMAWeymouthMSTCA Frosh/Soph Large SchoolsSat, May 5
105.9Andrew Harrod5:15.60MAFraminghamFramingham vs BraintreeThu, May 3
106.11Andrew Single5:16.00MAWalpoleWalpole vs MiltonTue, May 1
107.11Nathaniel Davenport5:16.20MABrooklineBrookline v . Newton NorthThu, May 3
108.9Jackson Cote5:16.30MAFraminghamFramingham vs BraintreeThu, May 3
109.9Brendan Campbell5:16.40MAWeymouthWeymouth v. Newton NorthTue, May 8
110.9Emmanuel D'Agostino5:17.20MABrooklineBrookline v. WellesleyWed, Apr 18

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