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Men's Division 4 400 Meters

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Standard - 380 Relay Splits - 79 Wheelchair Ambulatory 
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1.9Austin Sandusky50.91aMIMorenciMHSAA Div 4 State FinalsSat, Jun 2
10Nolen Bright-Mitchell50.91aMIAlbionMHSAA Div 4 State FinalsSat, Jun 2
3.12Jason Marzette50.94aMIDetroit LoyolaMHSAA Div 4 State FinalsSat, Jun 2
4.11Zack McGowen51.11aMIWhite CloudCSAA Championship MeetTue, May 22
5.12Jacob Kohler51.36aMISt. Joseph Lake Michigan CatholicMHSAA Regional 31-4Sat, May 19
6.11Zach Rummery51.417aMINorth MuskegonMHSAA Regional 35-4 at GoblesFri, May 18
7.12Jason Jackson51.419aMIMuskegon Western Mich. ChristianMHSAA Regional 35-4 at GoblesFri, May 18
8.11Nick Fox51.65aMIMayvilleLakers Rotary InviteTue, May 8
9.10Jeff Rumsey51.68aMIHesperia34th Annual Meijer West Michigan InvitationalThu, May 24
10.11Jimmy Parks51.76aMIPlymouth Christian AcademyMIAC League MeetTue, May 22
11.12Josh Gendron51.92aMILawrenceSAC ChampionshipsWed, May 23
12.11Dakota Fike51.94cMIColemanMHSAA Regional 38-4Sat, May 19
10Dakota Walker51.94cMIMayvilleMHSAA Regional 37Sat, May 19
14.12Zach Reiber52.14cMIBreckenridgeValley Lutheran vs. Breckenridge/MerrillWed, May 9
11Alex Lodes52.14cMIClimax-ScottsSCAA CampionshipsTue, May 22
16.9Andy Duddles52.40aMIBig Rapids Crossroads AcademyRegional ChampionshipsSat, May 19
17.10Zach Hudson52.55aMIAlbionSMAA Jamboree IITue, May 8
18.12Nick Howard52.56aMISand CreekMITCA Division 4 Team State ChampionshipsSat, May 26
19.12Alex Toben52.65aMISaugatuckMHSAA Regional 35-4 at GoblesFri, May 18
20.11Tyler Floering52.66aMIGrand Traverse AcademyRegional ChampionshipsSat, May 19
21.11Alex Prado52.72aMIHesperiaCSAA Championship MeetTue, May 22
22.10Josh Golkiewicz52.90aMIPetersburg-SummerfieldMITCA Division 4 Team State ChampionshipsSat, May 26
23.12Zachary Beckman52.91aMICentral LakeMHSAA Div 4 State FinalsSat, Jun 2
24.11Josh Vance52.94cMIPittsfordSCAA Jamboree Wed, May 2
25.10John King53.00aMIMesickBrethren Bobcat InviteSat, May 5
26.11Niko Monsivaes53.01aMICentrevilleMHSAA Regional 31-4Sat, May 19
27.12Caleb Kempf53.02aMILutheran HS WestlandMITCA Division 4 Team State ChampionshipsSat, May 26
28.11Mike Mortimore53.03aMIMorriceGAC TRITue, May 8
29.12Nick Rubley53.04cMIReadingBig 8 Conference MeetWed, May 23
30.12David Dantuma53.16aMIBig Rapids Crossroads AcademyWMD ChampsionshipsWed, May 9
31.11Cameron Jones53.20aMIHolland Black RiverMetro Health Sports Medicine Scholarship Track and Field Invitational a EventThu, May 24
32.12Brandon Gochis53.31aMIDansvilleMHSAA 34-4 RegionalFri, May 18
33.12Kasey Poel53.37aMIBellaireMHSAA Div 4 State FinalsSat, Jun 2
34.12Robbie Gonser53.39aMIMendonMHSAA Regional 31-4Sat, May 19
35.12Garrett Salsbury53.44cMICarsonville-Port SanilacMHSAA Regional 37Sat, May 19
36.12Devin Hartnagle53.54cMIBreckenridgeMHSAA Regional 38-4Sat, May 19
37.11Kevin Pioszak53.57aMIBreckenridgeClare InvitationalFri, Apr 27
38.12Adam Schafer53.70aMIBeal CityHighland Conf. Championship MeetTue, May 22
39.12Mark Wajda53.74cMIAddisonAddison vs. Napoleon & Michigan CenterTue, May 1
40.12Mitchell Thelen53.77aMIFowlerAlma College Scottie ClassicSat, May 12
41.10Kenny Burnette53.78aMIMancelonaTC Record Eagle Honor RollTue, May 29
42.12Lovell Walker53.84cMIDetroit Allen AcademyEcorseThu, Apr 26
43.12Justin James53.87aMISand CreekMITCA Division 4 Team State ChampionshipsSat, May 26
44.9Joe Brown53.93aMISaugatuckSAC ChampionshipsWed, May 23
45.12Dylan Hunt53.94cMIFrankfortFrankfort Panthers InviteSat, Apr 28
11Zach Kerr53.94cMISaugatuckBangor Vs SaugatuckWed, May 9
47.11Jacob Chovaz54.04cMINorth MuskegonNorth Muskegon Best TimesFri, Apr 13
9Justin Jones54.04cMIRavennaWMC - Whitehall, N.Muskegon, RavennaTue, May 1
10Robert Morse54.04cMIGoblesSauagtuck Vs GoblesWed, May 2
11Ian New54.04cMIWaterford Our Lady of the LakesWarrior InvitationalSat, May 12
51.10Ethan Russell54.06aMIMarionPine River Quad w/Manton, Marion, ManisteeTue, Apr 17
52.12Kelly Simmons54.07aMIHoltonReeths-Puffer Rocket InvitationalFri, Apr 13
53.12Aaron Dear54.14cMIAddisonBlissfield InvitationalSat, May 12
11Derek Martin54.14cMIMontabellaMSAC Meet 3Wed, May 23
55.12Corey Schafer54.18aMIFowlerCMAC ChampionshipsWed, May 23
56.11Bruce Cartwright54.20aMIHillsdale AcademyWilliamston InvitationalSat, May 12
57.12Tanner Nichols54.24cMIWhite PigeonUnion City vs. White PigeonWed, Mar 28
12Trevor Hurd54.24cMIBurton-BendleBearcat ClassicFri, Apr 20
59.12Tyler Crane54.34cMIAkron-FairgroveAkron-Fairgrove InvitationalFri, May 11
60.10Nick Butts54.35aMIMaple City Glen LakeBrethren Bobcat InviteSat, May 5
61.10Khari Sanders54.44cMIDetroit Allen AcademyEcorseThu, Apr 26
12Francis Buggia54.44cMIMayvilleAkron-Fairgrove InvitationalFri, May 11
63.11Austin Carlson54.45aMIEau ClaireRiver Valley/Dream AcademyWed, Apr 25
64.12Steven Koehler54.64cMICarsonville-Port SanilacNCTL League MeetTue, May 15
9Taylor Rodriguez54.64aMIWhite CloudMHSAA Regional 35-4 at GoblesFri, May 18
66.12Isaac Pappenfuss54.69aMISaginaw Michigan Lutheran SeminaryTVC-Ithaca/MLS/MerrillWed, Apr 25
67.11Ken Goldman54.74cMIFowlerCMAC North JamboreeWed, Apr 18
68.12Evan Bloch54.76aMIBellevueLittle Guys InvitationalFri, May 11
69.11Kurt Kalis54.84cMIMaple City Glen LakeGarland RelaysThu, May 10
70.10Trevor McDorment54.85aMISand CreekMITCA Division 4 Team State ChampionshipsSat, May 26
71.10Lonelle Langston54.90aMIAlbionSMAA Jamboree IITue, May 8
72.12Michael Young54.93aMIHolland Black RiverMHSAA Regional 35-4 at GoblesFri, May 18
73.11Parker Eldred54.94cMIMontabellaMHSAA Regional 38-4Sat, May 19
74.12Jesse Lang55.03aMIEvartMITCA Division 4 Team State ChampionshipsSat, May 26
75.9Alec Badgley55.04cMIPottervilleCmac SouthWed, Apr 18
12Darrin Williams55.04cMIBig Rapids Crossroads AcademyWMD #2Wed, Apr 25
10Marquese Reeves55.04cMIDetroit Allen AcademyEcorseThu, Apr 26
10Michael Roebke55.04cMINewport Lutheran SouthMIAC Meet - Lutheran WestlandTue, May 1
11Erik Heckel55.04cMILitchfieldSCAA JamWed, May 2
80.9Randy Johnston55.14cMIFultonCMAC w/ Potterville, SaranacTue, May 15
81.12Zach Klariter55.22aMIMuskegon Catholic CentralMHSAA Regional 35-4 at GoblesFri, May 18
82.11Matt Nadai55.26aMIRoyal Oak ShrineCHSL C-D ChampionshipWed, May 23
83.11Dequan Alexander55.29aMIEau ClaireMITCA Division 4 Team State ChampionshipsSat, May 26
84.12William Bridwell55.30aMIEau ClaireLittle Guys InvitationalFri, May 11
85.11Josh Weller55.31aMIFultonJonathan Nugent InvitationalFri, May 11
86.11Jake Ogle55.40aMIPetersburg-SummerfieldSand Creek/Morenci/SummerfieldTue, Apr 17
87.11Dylan Cage55.42aMIAlbion32nd Annual Stockbridge InvitationalFri, May 4
88.10Matt Sila55.45aMISt. Joseph Lake Michigan CatholicLittle Guys InvitationalFri, May 11
89.9Elijah Klepper55.50aMIMendonMHSAA Regional 31-4Sat, May 19
90.11Parker Kokowicz55.54cMIMaple City Glen LakeGarland RelaysThu, May 10
91.10Adam Schafer55.57aMIFowlerBlackhawk Inv. Sat, May 5
92.10Newman Harper55.59aMILutheran HS WestlandMITCA Division 4 Team State ChampionshipsSat, May 26
93.10Reilly Merrill55.64aMIOnekamaBrethren Bobcat InviteSat, May 5
94.9Lucas Smith55.71aMIHesperiaCSAA Championship MeetTue, May 22
95.12Martin Leon55.74cMINorth MuskegonNorth Muskegon Best TimesFri, Apr 13
11Dustin McLouth55.74cMIPittsfordSCAA Jamboree Wed, May 2
11Hj Dermanelian55.74cMIAdrian Lenawee ChristianMHSAA Division 4, Region 32Sat, May 19
98.10Caleb Bennett55.78aMIBig Rapids Crossroads AcademyWMD ChampsionshipsWed, May 9
11Ben Snyder55.78aMISaginaw Michigan Lutheran SeminaryTVC WestWed, May 23
100.12Wes Towne55.81aMISaginaw Michigan Lutheran SeminaryTVC-Ithaca/MLS/MerrillWed, Apr 25
10Thomas Dinkleman55.81aMIHillsdale AcademyWilliamston InvitationalSat, May 12
102.10Jacob Bailey55.84cMIPlymouth Christian AcademyShrine OpenSat, Apr 14
10Alberto Guerrero55.84cMIRavennaWMC - Whitehall, N.Muskegon, RavennaTue, May 1
104.10Dewayne McKinney55.94cMIVestaburgFulton InvitationalSat, Apr 21
12Deshawn Richardson55.94cMIDetroit Allen AcademyEcorseThu, Apr 26
11Parker Saenz55.94cMIConcordConcord vs ReadingMon, May 7
12Nick Ludwig55.94cMIAkron-FairgroveC-PS InvitationalTue, May 8
108.11Tyler Drenth56.00aMILawrenceSAC ChampionshipsWed, May 23
109.10David Brown56.01aMIHudsonville Freedom Christian (Closed)MHSAA Regional 35-4 at GoblesFri, May 18
110.12Jack Jamieson56.02aMITraverse City St. FrancisTC Ken Bell InvitationalFri, May 4

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