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Nevada Women's 100m Hurdles

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1.10Gabby Williams14.11aNVReedNIAA Nevada State Championships Day 2Sat, May 19
2.10Tiana Bonds14.50aNVCentennialSouthern 4A Regionals FinalsFri, May 11
3.11Courtney Robinson14.51aNVCanyon SpringsMt. Sac RelaysSat, Apr 21
4.12Katy Hufford15.10aNVMcQueenNorthern 4A Regional FinalsSat, May 12
5.12Shannon Forman15.12aNVRenoNorthern 4A Regional FinalsSat, May 12
6.12Katie Harris15.26aNVRenoNorthern 4A Regional FinalsSat, May 12
7.10Amari Norris15.52aNVSilveradoSouthern 4A Regionals FinalsFri, May 11
8.10Brittany Veal15.70aNVCanyon SpringsLas Vegas Track Classic Day 2Sat, Mar 24
9.10Malary Reid15.78aNVMoapa ValleyNIAA Nevada State Championships Day 2Sat, May 19
10.12Sierra Hooft15.85awNVReedSacramento Meet of ChampionsSat, Apr 28
11Natasha Black15.85aNVMcQueenNorthern 4A Regional TrialsSat, May 5
12.10Hailee Carattini16.04aNVCentennialSouthern 4A Regionals FinalsFri, May 11
13.12Taylor O'Neal16.10aNVThe MeadowsThe Meadows InvitationalSat, Apr 28
14.10Madison Foley16.23aNVDaytonNIAA Nevada State Championships Day 2Sat, May 19
15.12Denesha Trammell16.24cNVCanyon SpringsSunrise Mountain-Canyon SpringsWed, Mar 21
16.11Macy Helm16.30aNVFaith LutheranFaith Lutheran-Arbor View-Moapa ValleyTue, Apr 17
17.11Haileigh Willeford16.33aNVCentennialRon Resler InvitationalFri, Mar 30
18.11McCall Grajek16.38aNVVirgin ValleyD1A-D3-D4 Region Meet Day 2Sat, May 12
19.10Elena Murray16.40aNVChurchill CountyLowry InvitationalSat, May 5
20.12Megan Shill16.44cNVFoothillBoulder City-Silverado-Foothill-Moapa ValleyWed, Mar 21
10Morgan Mavroudis16.44cNVCoronadoCoronado-FoothillTue, Mar 27
10Kailani Killebrew16.44cNVFoothillFoothill-LibertyWed, Apr 11
23.10Melanie Murphy16.55aNVRenoNorthern 4A Regional TrialsSat, May 5
24.10Parris McCray16.58aNVRanchoSunrise Frosh-SophFri, Apr 20
25.12Annabelle Liston16.65aNVCoronadoSouthern 4A Regionals FinalsFri, May 11
26.10Brandie Barton16.69aNVValleySouthern 4A Regionals Day 2Fri, May 4
27.10DaNeice Dixon16.84cNVValleyValley-Desert Pines-TrinityWed, Apr 25
28.12Zoe Dodd16.86aNVBoulder CityD1A-D3-D4 Region Meet Day 2Sat, May 12
29.12Brittney Moreno16.88aNVFernley1A, 2A, 3A RegionalsFri, May 11
30.11Sierra Forvilly16.97aNVWhittellNIAA Nevada State Championships Day 2Sat, May 19
31.10Jazzmin Bryan16.98aNVYeringtonYerington RelaysSat, Apr 28
32.11Jazzlynn Wilkins17.04cNVLibertyDel Sol-Liberty-ValleyTue, Mar 20
33.11De'Ja Demby17.13aCASouth TahoeBig George InvitationalSat, Apr 28
34.12Jordan Crow17.14aNVPalo VerdeRon Resler InvitationalFri, Mar 30
11Carina Gargantos17.14cNVLibertyCoronado-LibertyMon, Apr 16
11Grace Moore17.14cNVPalo VerdeCimarron Memorial-Palo Verde-Cheyenne-Calvary ChapelTue, Apr 17
37.10Kimmie Plater17.17aNVMcQueenNorthern 4A Regional FinalsSat, May 12
38.12Angela Johnson17.24cNVDel SolDel Sol-Liberty-ValleyTue, Mar 20
39.9La'Kiya Yarber17.32aNVCanyon SpringsSunrise Frosh-SophFri, Apr 20
40.11Noami Argabright17.34cNVPahrump ValleyBonanza-Pahrump Valley-AgassiTue, Mar 13
11Gabby Bailey17.34cNVBishop GormanBishop Gorman-Sierra Vista-AgassiTue, Mar 20
42.12Brittney Faircloth17.40aNVFoothillFoothill-Green Valley-Boulder CityWed, Apr 25
43.10Josilyn Daggs17.43aNVCarsonNorthwest InviteSat, Apr 14
44.11Taylor Smith17.49aNVCentennialArbor View-Cheyenne-CentennialWed, Mar 28
10Tristan Radley17.49aNVBasicSouthern 4A Regionals Day 2Fri, May 4
46.11Rachel Stewart17.54cNVRanchoRancho-Desert PinesTue, Mar 27
47.11Allondra Hodas17.56aNVSilveradoSouthern 4A Regionals Day 2Fri, May 4
12Rachel Earnhardt17.56aNVSpring CreekNIAA Nevada State Championships Day 2Sat, May 19
49.12Jasmine Zachodni17.57aNVDesert OasisThe Meadows InvitationalSat, Apr 28
50.11Azia Mcbrown17.59aNVSunrise MountainSouthern 4A Regionals Day 2Fri, May 4
51.12Sierra Holloway17.63aNVGreen ValleyLiberty-Silverado-Green ValleyTue, Mar 13
52.9Emily Mills17.64cNVMoapa ValleyBoulder City-Silverado-Foothill-Moapa ValleyWed, Mar 21
11Kathryne Murphey17.64cNVRenoLeague Meet - Reno, Hug, Reed, DouglasTue, Apr 24
54.11Jasmine Herring17.74cNVCanyon SpringsCanyon Springs-RanchoThu, Mar 15
55.10Kathleen Cousineau17.79aNVBonanzaSunset Frosh-SophSat, Apr 21
9Kationa Baughman17.79aNVMojaveSouthern 4A Regionals Day 2Fri, May 4
57.12Zara Colthart17.83aNVCoronadoRon Resler InvitationalFri, Mar 30
58.12Raedeen Callaway17.84cNVSunrise MountainEldorado-Sunrise MountainMon, Mar 26
12Breanna Robinson17.84cNVCoronadoSilverado-CoronadoTue, Apr 10
12Heather Conway17.84cNVCoronadoLiberty-Basic-CoronadoThu, Apr 26
9Megan Farrell17.84aNVGalenaNorthern 4A Regional TrialsSat, May 5
62.10Megan Cousineau17.86aNVBonanzaSunset Frosh-SophSat, Apr 21
63.10Miyah Wilson17.92aNVRanchoRon Resler InvitationalFri, Mar 30
64.12Tasha Herr17.93aNVElko1A, 2A, 3A RegionalsFri, May 11
65.9Shatoria Lindsey17.94cNVCanyon SpringsCanyon Springs-RanchoThu, Mar 15
10Ariel Fleming17.94cNVCentennialMojave-Faith Lutheran-CentennialTue, Apr 24
67.12Stephanie Davis17.97aNVClarkSkyhawk InvitationalSat, Apr 14
12AJ Johnson17.97aNVValleySouthern 4A Regionals Day 2Fri, May 4
69.10Rebecca Matley18.04cNVCarsonConference Meet.BM,Reno,Carson,SSHSSat, Mar 10
9Cheyanne Strong18.04cNVDaytonDayton InvitationalSat, Apr 21
12Andrea Rathbun18.04aNVPalo VerdeSouthern 4A Regionals Day 2Fri, May 4
72.9Kelsie Gailey18.05aNVElkoElks InvitationalSat, Mar 24
73.10Janet Masanz18.14cNVIndian SpringsBonanza-Western-Indian Springs-AgassiMon, Apr 16
74.10Jalen Price18.15aNVCimarron-MemorialSunset Frosh-SophSat, Apr 21
75.10Alexis Romero18.17aNVWoosterNorthwest InviteSat, Apr 14
76.10Marlene Johnson18.18aNVGalenaSierra JV Championship InvitationalTue, May 1
77.12Emma Clune18.19aNVSparks1A, 2A, 3A RegionalsFri, May 11
78.11Lacie Johns18.23aNVSmith Valley1A, 2A, 3A RegionalsFri, May 11
79.10Savnnah Lawerence18.24cNVCentennialLegacy-Centennial-Indian SpringsThu, Mar 15
80.11McKenna Bush18.26aNVSpanish SpringsBig George InvitationalSat, Apr 28
81.9Kaylie Cha18.29aNVDamonte RanchSierra JV Championship InvitationalTue, May 1
82.10McKinley Nevins18.32aNVSpring Creek1A, 2A, 3A RegionalsSat, May 12
83.12Nicole DiCamillo18.34cNVPahrump ValleyBonanza-Pahrump Valley-AgassiTue, Mar 13
11Brittany Fallin18.34cNVElkoElko Kiwanis InvitationalSat, Apr 7
12Aspen Holland18.34cNVArbor ViewShadow Ridge-Legacy-Arbor View-Indian SpringsWed, Apr 11
10Jamie Mejia18.34cNVCalvary ChapelDesert Oasis-Bonanza-Calvary ChapelThu, Apr 12
10Janay Lewis18.34cNVMojaveLegacy-Mojave-Virgin ValleyMon, Apr 16
88.11Tori Foutz18.38aNVBasicSouthern 4A Regionals Day 2Fri, May 4
89.9Destinee LaFleur18.42aNVChurchill CountyLowry InvitationalSat, May 5
90.12Kerri Fullmer18.44cNVWhite PineLaughlin InvitationalFri, Mar 9
10Cheyenne Jackson18.44cNVPahrump ValleyThe Meadows-Spring Valley-Pahrump Valley- Word of LifeTue, Mar 27
11Emily Casale18.44cNVDurangoDurango-Bishop Gorman-Spring MountainWed, Apr 18
93.9Monique Rodriguez18.49aNVLowryLowry InvitationalSat, May 5
94.12Caroline Hart18.54aNVDel SolDel Sol-Green Valley-FoothillTue, Apr 17
10Amber Kuhlman18.54cNVShadow RidgeCentennial-Shadow Ridge-The MeadowsWed, Apr 18
10Lena Mahavong18.54cNVValleyValley-Desert Pines-TrinityWed, Apr 25
97.9Chyann Campbell18.60aNVSilver StageNIAA Nevada State Championships Day 2Sat, May 19
98.12Michelle Robinson18.61aNVFoothillFoothill-Green Valley-Boulder CityWed, Apr 25
99.9ZaQuae Downton18.64cNVCimarron-MemorialShadow Ridge-Cimarron MemorialWed, Apr 25
11Sandyy Larios18.64cNVCimarron-MemorialShadow Ridge-Cimarron MemorialWed, Apr 25
11Jenny Seyfried18.64cNVShadow RidgeShadow Ridge-Cimarron MemorialWed, Apr 25
102.12Kelsie Torres18.70aNVDaytonLowry InvitationalSat, May 5
103.11Shauna Groven18.72aNVPalo VerdeSouthern 4A Regionals Day 2Fri, May 4
104.11Carey Johnson18.74cNVBeattyLaughlin InvitationalFri, Mar 9
12Tori Bakken18.74cNVFaith LutheranMojave-Faith Lutheran-CentennialTue, Apr 24
106.10Ali Comella18.76aNVBishop GormanSouthern 4A Regionals Day 2Fri, May 4
107.11Quiana Forbes18.80aNVChaparralSouthern 4A Regionals Day 2Fri, May 4
108.10Stefani Freeman18.84cNVEldoradoEldorado-Valley-Word of LifeMon, Apr 16
9Niccola Beedle18.84cNVRenoLeague Meet - Reno, Hug, Reed, DouglasTue, Apr 24
110.12Jordan Andrews18.85aNVGreen ValleyDel Sol-Green Valley-FoothillTue, Apr 17

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