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4A Women's Discus

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1.11D'onna Robinson139' 4.00ORGladstoneTri-Valley DistrictsSat, May 19
2.12Ashley Agenbroad124' 2.00ORLa PineLa Pine vs Sisters, Sweet Home & ElmiraWed, Apr 25
3.11Cherilyn Bunker120' 0.00ORNewportPhilomath & Newport @ CentralTue, May 8
4.10Annie Victor119' 9.00ORBanksBanks InvitationalSat, Apr 14
5.11Kacie Hargett117' 4.00ORNewportTRC East Linn/Central Linn @ ScioTue, Apr 24
6.12Kelcey Cook117' 0.00ORYamhill-CarltonY-C All-ComersTue, Jul 17
7.10Haley Bell111' 0.00ORCascadeOregon West ChampionshipsSat, May 19
8.12Heather White110' 9.00ORScappooseSt. Helens HS Lower Columbia Inv.Sat, Apr 14
9.12Megan Crumley110' 6.00ORNorth MarionOSAA 4A State Championships - Day 2Sat, May 26
10.12Brittanie Sarin110' 3.00ORAstoriaCowapa League District Meet Day 2Fri, May 18
11.12Madisen Ransom107' 11.00ORNorth BendWally Ciochetti InvitationalFri, May 11
12.11Tricia Ingraham107' 6.00ORCottage GroveWally Ciochetti InvitationalFri, May 11
13.12Kate Tooke105' 2.00ORLa GrandeBaker InviteFri, May 11
14.11Erica Lund104' 3.00ORCascadeSisters Rotary InvitationalSat, Apr 7
15.11Molly Viles104' 1.00ORCrook CountySummit InvitationalSat, Apr 28
16.9Olivia Gulliford104' 0.00ORSouth UmpquaWally Ciochetti InvitationalFri, May 11
17.12Ashley Hensley103' 3.00ORHenleyWally Ciochetti InvitationalFri, May 11
18.11Alyssa Taylor102' 7.00ORNewportOregon West ChampionshipsSat, May 19
19.11Tori Romig101' 9.00ORPhoenixOSAA 4A State Championships - Day 2Sat, May 26
20.10Danielle Alvarado101' 4.00OROntarioOntario JVThu, Apr 5
21.10Chelsea Sound101' 3.00ORGladstoneTri-Valley DistrictsSat, May 19
22.12Morgan Stone99' 6.00ORBanks25th Annual Tillamook InvitationalSat, Apr 7
23.11Dara Kenady99' 3.00ORCascadeTaft/Stayton @ CascadeTue, May 8
24.10Lara Crane97' 6.00ORNewportThe JZ ClassicTue, May 1
25.9Jensen Haigh97' 3.00ORHenleySkyline JV DistrictWed, May 9
26.12Alexis Tilman96' 11.00ORLa PineCentral InvitationalFri, May 11
27.9Cheyenne Partlow96' 9.00ORMolallaTri-Valley Three Way LaSalle/N Marion@MolallaWed, Apr 18
28.10Ashlee Cole96' 8.00ORSiuslawOSAA 4A State Championships - Day 2Sat, May 26
29.10Chrstine Brown96' 6.00ORHenleySkyline Conference ChampionshipSat, May 19
30.12Katie Catalfamo96' 3.00ORSiuslawSpringfield, Siuslaw @ MaristWed, May 2
31.12Jassa Gunn96' 1.00ORScappooseCowapa League District Meet Day 2Fri, May 18
32.12Sarah Landtiser95' 0.00ORScappooseYC at ScappooseThu, Apr 26
33.9Ericka Ansell94' 9.00ORJunction CityCentral InvitationalFri, May 11
34.11Bethanee Penny94' 8.00ORMazamaHenley, Mazama @ Klamath UnionWed, May 2
35.12Laura Mauer94' 0.00ORSweet HomeLa Pine vs Sisters, Sweet Home & ElmiraWed, Apr 25
36.11Greylin Rice93' 9.00ORKlamath UnionSkyline Conference ChampionshipSat, May 19
37.9Cierra Mann93' 6.00ORSistersJunction CityThu, Apr 19
10Sadie Gordon93' 6.00ORSweet HomeSky-Em League ChampioshipsSat, May 19
39.9Angela Sprecher93' 1.00ORNorth MarionTriValley Gladston, NM and EstacadaWed, May 9
40.11Maricruz Gomez92' 11.00ORYamhill-CarltonTillamook at Yamhiil-Carlton/GastonThu, May 10
41.12Alyssa Brown92' 8.00ORPhoenixPhoenix, Mazama, Hidden Valley @ North ValleyWed, Apr 25
42.9Kindel Bailey92' 6.00ORBanksCowapa League District Meet Day 2Fri, May 18
43.12Julianna Peters92' 2.00ORCentralOregon West ChampionshipsSat, May 19
10Samantha Hage92' 2.00ORBrookings-HarborFar West League District Championships Day 2Sat, May 19
45.11Charlotte Weaver92' 1.00ORElmiraSky-Em League ChampioshipsSat, May 19
46.9Katrina Linenko91' 8.00ORNewportOregon West JV District MeetMon, May 14
47.10Rebekah Cave90' 10.00ORSeasideMcKenzie InvitationalFri, Apr 6
10Kaitlyn Watts90' 10.00ORSweet HomeSky-Em League ChampioshipsSat, May 19
49.10Rachel Sheldon90' 7.00ORNorth BendFar West League District Championships Day 2Sat, May 19
50.10Bailey Thomas90' 4.00ORHenleyHenley, KU, Phoenix @ MazamaWed, Apr 11
51.12Karrie Kawamura90' 0.00ORElmiraSky-Em League ChampioshipsSat, May 19
52.11Jessilyn Sayers89' 9.00ORBakerOregon Trail Invitational (Full)Fri, Apr 6
9Taylee Pratt89' 9.00ORJunction CityJunction City @ Cottage GroveThu, Apr 26
54.11Katie Goins89' 2.00ORSouth UmpquaOakland TwilightFri, May 4
55.10Kat Brecht89' 1.00ORLa GrandeGOL DistrictSat, May 19
56.11Christina Mac Donald89' 0.00ORSutherlinFarwest League JV Meet @ NBTue, May 8
57.11Brittaney Searcy88' 3.00ORLa PineJunction CityThu, Apr 19
58.12Ashley Boedigheimer88' 1.00ORStaytonOregon West ChampionshipsSat, May 19
59.10Jade Corliss87' 11.00ORSweet HomeSprague vs. North Salem & Sweet HomeWed, May 9
60.12Valita Volkman87' 8.00ORJunction CityCentral InvitationalFri, May 11
61.11Veronica McClenny87' 5.00ORMolallaTri-Valley DistrictsSat, May 19
62.12Hannah Johnson87' 4.00ORNorth MarionTri-Valley DistrictsSat, May 19
11Ashleigh Clugston87' 4.00ORCascadeJumps/Throws MeetSat, Jun 2
64.9Katherine Oglesbee87' 2.00ORBakerBaker InviteFri, May 11
65.11Kiana Murray87' 1.00ORNewportThe JZ ClassicTue, May 1
10Jessica Aho87' 1.00ORMolallaTri-Valley DistrictsSat, May 19
67.9Sierra Snell86' 7.00ORHidden ValleySkyline Conference ChampionshipSat, May 19
68.12Marrisa Sanders86' 2.00ORSeasideCowapa League District Meet Day 2Fri, May 18
69.9Paige Young85' 11.00ORAstoriaCowapa League District Meet Day 2Fri, May 18
70.12Jasmine Lapat85' 9.00ORPhoenixSkyline JV DistrictWed, May 9
71.10Melany Deaver85' 8.00ORDouglasWally Ciochetti InvitationalFri, May 11
72.12Alex Romero85' 5.00ORCascadeTaft/Stayton @ CascadeTue, May 8
73.9Sierra Fortado85' 3.00ORCrook CountyIMC ChampionshipsThu, May 10
74.11Robin Long84' 9.00ORTaftTaft InvitationalWed, May 2
75.12Ashley Beykovsky84' 8.50ORGladstoneGladstone vs Centennial vs ClackamasWed, Mar 14
76.11Kaitlyn Mitts84' 0.00ORBrookings-HarborBHHS TwighlightTue, May 1
77.11Chelsea Burns83' 5.00ORKlamath UnionBasin RelaysThu, Mar 15
78.11Montana Gay83' 1.00ORElmiraSweet HomeWed, May 2
79.12Victoria Bunn82' 11.00ORSutherlinFar West League JV @ SiuslawTue, Apr 10
80.11Arden Jones81' 11.00ORScappooseSeaside at ScappooseThu, May 10
81.9Sai Tapasa81' 10.00ORCentralPhilomath & Newport @ CentralTue, May 8
12Sophie Means81' 10.00ORScappooseSeaside at ScappooseThu, May 10
83.12Bree Porfily81' 1.00ORCrook CountySummit InvitationalSat, Apr 28
84.12Makayla Sanders81' 0.00ORNorth ValleyCrusader RelaysMon, Mar 12
85.11Karena Foust80' 9.00ORMazamaSterling Bank InvitationalSat, Apr 28
86.12Ashley Flores80' 8.00ORSeasideCowapa League District Meet Day 2Fri, May 18
87.9Beth Duran80' 0.00ORHenleySkyline JV DistrictWed, May 9
88.11Brandi Rodgers79' 11.00ORBrookings-HarborFar West League District Championships Day 2Sat, May 19
89.12Amity Elliot79' 10.00ORNewportTRC East Linn/Central Linn @ ScioTue, Apr 24
90.11Erica Wosley-Searle79' 9.00ORNorth ValleyRoseburg's Jim Robinson Pepsi Twilight InvitationalSat, Apr 14
91.9Tiffani Fisher79' 8.00ORBakerBaker InviteFri, May 11
92.11Baily Williams79' 5.00ORBanksBanks vs GladstoneWed, Mar 21
9Sanora Howe79' 5.00ORHenleyHenley, Mazama @ Klamath UnionWed, May 2
94.10Jessenia Tadeo79' 2.00OROntarioHeinz InvitationalSat, May 5
95.12Tess Stolle78' 3.00ORElmiraSky-Em League ChampioshipsSat, May 19
12Janelle Davis78' 3.00ORTaftOregon West ChampionshipsSat, May 19
97.10Denaly McAlister78' 1.00ORPhoenixSkyline JV DistrictWed, May 9
98.12Timara Steele77' 8.00ORYamhill-CarltonAstoria @ Yamhill-CarltonThu, Apr 19
99.11Janessa Mitchell77' 7.00ORSiuslawFar West League JV @ SiuslawTue, Apr 10
100.11Shaelan Jaehnig77' 6.00ORNorth BendSiuslaw IcebreakerThu, Mar 22
12Karie Bernards77' 6.00ORYamhill-CarltonAstoria @ Yamhill-CarltonThu, Apr 19
102.9Ashley Heeter77' 3.00ORHidden ValleySkyline Conference ChampionshipSat, May 19
103.12Macy Cockrell76' 11.00ORSweet HomeSprague vs. North Salem & Sweet HomeWed, May 9
104.12Alyssa Ray76' 10.00ORPhilomathPhilomath & Newport @ CentralTue, May 8
105.10Sylvia Dean76' 9.00ORCottage GroveMarist Track ClassicSat, Apr 7
106.12Andrea Urbanova76' 7.00ORNorth BendBHHS Rotary InvitationalSat, Apr 7
107.10Shania Rice76' 6.00ORMolallaTri-Valley Three Way LaSalle/Estacada @ MolallaWed, Apr 25
10Naomi Morgan76' 6.00ORStaytonStayton TwilightFri, May 4
109.9Amanda Barrett76' 1.00ORMadrasTriValley LaSalle/Madras@MolallaMon, May 7
10Josephine Hunt76' 1.00ORMadrasTri-Valley DistrictsSat, May 19

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