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District 5 Men's 200 Meters

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1.12Joshua Richards22.65aWASouthridgeCBBN/GSL Regional ChampionshipsSat, May 19
2.12Corey McLean22.76aWAKamiakinCBBN/GSL Regional ChampionshipsSat, May 19
3.10Ben Kelly22.82aWAHanfordCBBN 3A District ChampionshipsFri, May 11
4.11Trenton Osborn22.89aWAEastmontCBBN 3A District ChampionshipsFri, May 11
5.12Joseph Collett23.12aWAHanfordProsser Rotary InvitationalSat, Apr 21
6.12Josh Finger23.30aWAHanfordRichland / Hanford Dual (Non-Scoring)Thu, Apr 12
7.11Tyler Perrins23.37aWAKamiakinCBBN-Pasco, Kamiakin @ HanfordThu, Apr 19
12Dan Miller23.37aWAHanfordCBBN/GSL Regional ChampionshipsSat, May 19
9.10Jeremy VanAssche23.45aWAEastmontCBBN-Sunnyside, Pasco @ EastmontThu, May 3
10.9Luis Leon23.61aWAWest Valley (Yakima)Cbbn-Em, Kam, Kenn, Wv @ PascoThu, Mar 29
11.12Reyes Cuevas23.67aWASunnysideHanford & Prosser @ SunnysideTue, Mar 27
12.9Bernaldo Madrigal23.69aWASunnysideHanford & Prosser @ SunnysideTue, Mar 27
13.11Michael Ballard23.70aWAEastmontCBBN 3A District ChampionshipsFri, May 11
14.12Tyce Lee23.79aWAKamiakin27th Kiwanis InvitationalSat, Apr 21
15.10Brian Burt23.86aWAEastmontEastmont InvitationalFri, Mar 30
16.10Clay Gonzales23.92aWASouthridgeFast Times at SouthridgeSat, Mar 31
17.12Max King23.94aWAWest Valley (Yakima)CBBN-Sunnyside @ West ValleyThu, Apr 19
18.12Anthony Powell24.00aWAKennewickCBBN-Hanford @ KennewickWed, May 2
19.10Brenden Kelly24.04cWASouthridgeRichland JamboreeSat, Mar 17
20.12Marco Moreno24.21aWAWest Valley (Yakima)CBBN 3A District ChampionshipsFri, May 11
21.9Lee Walton24.23aWAKennewickCBBN-Kennewick, Southridge @ EastmontThu, Apr 19
22.11Robert Ellsworth24.24cWASouthridgeRichland JamboreeSat, Mar 17
23.9Austin Gutierrez24.26aWAKamiakinDavis InvitationalSat, Apr 7
24.12Nicholas De Leon24.31aWASunnysideHanford & Prosser @ SunnysideTue, Mar 27
25.9Christian Young24.33aWAPascoCBBN-Sunnyside, Pasco @ EastmontThu, May 3
26.11Matthew Jones201224.34cWAHanfordRichland JamboreeSat, Mar 17
9Eric Orange24.34aWAPascoRichland / Hanford Dual (Non-Scoring)Thu, Apr 12
28.9Tanner Pope24.39aWASouthridgeKamiakin J.V. InviteFri, Apr 20
29.12Israel Davis24.45aWAPascoRichland / Hanford Dual (Non-Scoring)Thu, Apr 12
30.11Abe Martinez24.53aWAHanfordCBBN-Hanford @ KennewickWed, May 2
11Kyle Isaacson24.53aWAEastmontRichland Twilight J.V. ChampionshipsFri, May 4
32.9Brandon Zane24.57aWASouthridgeKamiakin J.V. InviteFri, Apr 20
33.9Payton Garza24.62aWASouthridgeRichland Twilight J.V. ChampionshipsFri, May 4
34.9Spencer Calveard24.63aWAPascoDavis InvitationalSat, Apr 7
35.12Tarron Clark24.64cWAHanfordRichland JamboreeSat, Mar 17
36.12Lucas McGill24.65aWAEastmontCBBN-Kennewick, Southridge @ EastmontThu, Apr 19
37.10Josh Faith24.67aWAHanfordDavis InvitationalSat, Apr 7
10Jesus Magallan24.67aWASunnysideKeith Jewett InvitationalSat, Apr 28
39.10Kellen Hietala24.68aWASouthridgeCBBN-Kennewick, Southridge @ EastmontThu, Apr 19
11Jesse Salazar24.68aWAKennewickRichland Twilight J.V. ChampionshipsFri, May 4
41.10Mark Bradley24.69aWAWest Valley (Yakima)CBBN-West Valley, Southridge @ KamiakinThu, May 3
42.11Amjed Horieh24.74aWAWest Valley (Yakima)CBBN-West Valley, Southridge @ KamiakinThu, May 3
43.10Braydon Shields24.75aWAWest Valley (Yakima)CBBN-Sunnyside @ West ValleyThu, Apr 19
44.12Ryan White24.78aWASunnysideHanford & Prosser @ SunnysideTue, Mar 27
45.12Elon Staten24.79aWAHanfordHanford & Prosser @ SunnysideTue, Mar 27
46.12Arturo Gonzalez24.84cWAKamiakinRichland JamboreeSat, Mar 17
12Quinn Harris24.84cWASouthridgeRichland JamboreeSat, Mar 17
12John Wehrer24.84cWAEastmontWalla Walla - Eastmont (Non-Scoring dual)Thu, Apr 12
49.11Sergio Lugo24.87aWASunnysideCBBN-Sunnyside @ West ValleyThu, Apr 19
50.9TJ Faamausilli24.89aWAPascoRichland / Hanford Dual (Non-Scoring)Thu, Apr 12
11Zachary Boss24.89aWAWest Valley (Yakima)CBBN-West Valley, Southridge @ KamiakinThu, May 3
52.12Jeremie Grandemange24.91aWAKamiakinKamiakin J.V. InviteFri, Apr 20
53.12Tysin Reyes24.93aWAHanfordCBBN-Hanford @ KennewickWed, May 2
54.11Garrett Stoker24.97aWAHanfordRichland / Hanford Dual (Non-Scoring)Thu, Apr 12
55.11James Swanson25.02aWAWest Valley (Yakima)Papa Wells InvitationalSat, Mar 17
10Adam Scrimsher25.02aWAKamiakinCbbn-Em, Kam, Kenn, Wv @ PascoThu, Mar 29
57.11Graham Bourque25.04cWASouthridgeRichland JamboreeSat, Mar 17
11Bosco Lopia25.04aWASouthridge27th Kiwanis InvitationalSat, Apr 21
59.9Brian Yale25.05aWASouthridgeCBBN-Kennewick, Southridge @ EastmontThu, Apr 19
12Jose Sanchez25.05aWAKamiakinKamiakin J.V. InviteFri, Apr 20
61.11Ramon Hernandez25.11aWASunnysideHanford & Prosser @ SunnysideTue, Mar 27
62.9Jose Moncayo25.20aWAEastmontRichland Twilight J.V. ChampionshipsFri, May 4
63.11Lucas Brown25.30aWAHanfordCBBN-Hanford @ KennewickWed, May 2
64.12Vince Rodriguez25.34cWASouthridgeRichland JamboreeSat, Mar 17
65.12Robert Mendoza25.37aWAPascoDavis J.V. InviteThu, Mar 15
66.10Seth Cook25.46aWAHanfordCBBN-Southridge, Sunnyside @ HanfordThu, Mar 29
67.11Eduardo Cuevas25.63aWASunnysideCBBN-Sunnyside @ West ValleyThu, Apr 19
68.9Derik Hamilton25.64aWAHanfordRichland / Hanford Dual (Non-Scoring)Thu, Apr 12
69.10Ruben Roman25.67aWASunnysideCadet J.V. InviteTue, May 1
70.9Austin Adams25.70aWAEastmontCBBN-Sunnyside, Pasco @ EastmontThu, May 3
71.10Willie Merry25.78aWASunnysideRichland Twilight J.V. ChampionshipsFri, May 4
72.9Awad Kori25.80aWASouthridgeRichland Twilight J.V. ChampionshipsFri, May 4
73.10Jacob Galindo25.86aWASunnysideRichland Twilight J.V. ChampionshipsFri, May 4
74.9Trever Hammermeister25.88aWAKennewickWalla Walla Big 9 JVTue, Mar 27
75.9Eduardo Estrada25.90aWASunnysideKamiakin J.V. InviteFri, Apr 20
76.9Roger Brunson25.91aWASouthridgeWalla Walla Big 9 JVTue, Mar 27
77.11Dakota Aldrich25.93aWAEastmontRichland Twilight J.V. ChampionshipsFri, May 4
78.10Tronson Donnor25.94cWAEastmontRiverside Christian/Wenatchee/Eastmont/CashmereTue, Apr 24
79.9Conner Grigg25.98aWASouthridgeRichland Twilight J.V. ChampionshipsFri, May 4
80.12Matt Smith25.99aWAHanfordCBBN-Hanford @ KennewickWed, May 2
81.10Trace Cornelius26.04aWAWest Valley (Yakima)CBBN-Sunnyside @ West ValleyThu, Apr 19
82.10Jordan Reyes26.05aWAHanfordRichland / Hanford Dual (Non-Scoring)Thu, Apr 12
83.10Daniel Sanchez26.07aWAKamiakinKennewick JV inviteThu, Apr 12
84.9Austin Palomarez26.12aWASunnysideKamiakin J.V. InviteFri, Apr 20
85.10Micheal Mendoza26.13aWAPascoKamiakin J.V. InviteFri, Apr 20
86.12Guadelupe Negrete26.20aWASunnysideHanford & Prosser @ SunnysideTue, Mar 27
87.11Victor Sandoval26.26aWASunnysideKamiakin J.V. InviteFri, Apr 20
88.9Shane Lemieux26.35aWAWest Valley (Yakima)Moses Lake J.V. InvitationalThu, Mar 22
89.11Collin Doneen26.36aWAEastmontCbbn-Em, Kam, Kenn, Wv @ PascoThu, Mar 29
90.10Wyatt Wallwork26.49aWAPascoKamiakin J.V. InviteFri, Apr 20
9Tyler Hager26.49aWAWest Valley (Yakima)Cadet J.V. InviteTue, May 1
92.11Joseph Schuldheisz26.65aWAKennewickCbbn-Kam, Kenn, Ss, Pasco @ SouthridgeThu, Apr 26
93.9Zachary Salinas26.70aWASunnysideCadet J.V. InviteTue, May 1
94.11Forest Hill26.73aWASouthridgeWalla Walla Big 9 JVTue, Mar 27
95.10Chris Manalastas26.94aWASouthridgeKamiakin J.V. InviteFri, Apr 20
96.9Miguel Calvillo27.03aWASunnysideKamiakin J.V. InviteFri, Apr 20
97.9Mitchell Garcia27.08aWAEastmontRichland Twilight J.V. ChampionshipsFri, May 4
98.11Erik Rotness27.14aWASouthridgeCbbn-Kam, Kenn, Ss, Pasco @ SouthridgeThu, Apr 26
99.10Jaime Abarca27.16aWAEastmontEastmont J.V. InviteTue, Apr 17
100.9Tristan Hauck27.20aWAWest Valley (Yakima)Moses Lake J.V. InvitationalThu, Mar 22
101.10Christian Patison27.24cWAEastmontRiverside Christian/Wenatchee/Eastmont/CashmereTue, Apr 24
102.11Enrique Salmeron27.36aWASunnysideCadet J.V. InviteTue, May 1
103.11German Sanchez27.42aWASunnysideDavis J.V. InviteThu, Mar 15
104.11Brian Arroyo27.54cWAPascoRichland JamboreeSat, Mar 17
105.9David Barr27.57aWAKamiakinRichland Twilight J.V. ChampionshipsFri, May 4
106.9Derek McClune27.66aWAEastmontEastmont J.V. InviteTue, Apr 17
9Eric Moore27.66aWAKennewickRichland Twilight J.V. ChampionshipsFri, May 4
108.10Victor Villela27.74cWAEastmontRiverside Christian/Wenatchee/Eastmont/CashmereTue, Apr 24
109.9Jose Macias27.76aWASunnysideCadet J.V. InviteTue, May 1
110.9Mario Rodriguez27.91aWAKennewickRichland Twilight J.V. ChampionshipsFri, May 4

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